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October 26, 1896 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-10-26

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If Yo uAre Think~ing of 33uyriig a.
(10 not neglect looking over our immense large line of the choicest grmrents made in this country. We know that there isn't a better
and more complete line of
in il pity and we claim that most of the merchant tailors cannot give you near as good a fit although they will charge you doble the price,
w~~Sits ait from $5 to $20 are simply elegant, notning in the read-made line to match them. Ilammersiough Bros.' Overcoats
are t wweoellest made and only handled hy us. You will want one of these.
TieTbe(eie)Sp.2,19,EAST. EST. The Gel) S Pirket Foulitin Pen is not the oldest pen on the SI
P.M.A.Mmarkt, nid ytnaly 200000 have hen old.1(I hy Because a_
MaladE__.34 .Y pca-- 5N. Y. peeial.... 4 ;a Mal-.______5343 peni soldlhelp illo sll othersPeople who tse their ecolmmend Ithem. -
Eastern E-M--A.15m17N. . Limied rM5I.Te .olowng letters riimigentlemien well known tfliroiighout the e
AtlntExr--._ 7345 PwcsicreE._1 2 cunty in their respective professions are to) te oint: - j M t1
a. . Express -.11 12 Chi. Nt ....ill)) "Mi'y Parker Foiintaiii Pen is shmply perfect.Afe snsvra
G . . F tA--Y-E 5 S. .. x
G. P.& T. Ao.. Chicago. Ag. An Arbre nosilhekadyt is alasray for tse. I carry it costant- 2
ly." GEO. 11. EIoT, I. 1)., 228 W. 11th St., Nebw York. ,o. .. ..p
"Withot cex 'ption the Parker is the (lest Fountain Pen I have rxi~
iO ever seen. Its the pen I halve been looking for these 20 years.'' - la ^
y . R . .P.A.IVIN, Troy, N. Y. o
R2 ecommendedan 111 ulralteet. Your pen cheerfully exchanged ,.e 1~0,
RAILROAD. until your hand is exactly suited.
RAILOAD.The Onil Sleeping ar Line between T-
Tne Tabi, Sept. 6, 18196. l eds oldClmtus.-
1-,,OTH. '" ~_,,wTie Ony Sleeping or Drawing Roin ar
N) a in . .7:04 a. . ____________________________________ Line between Toleio, Clmbs an .
1fi2p. m. 7:15p m.g
'Sunday only 'between Tledo and 11a- i~ I J XO ~1 Toleiot,Coutusa and Charlston,
brg Junecten. W. Va.
Diyysleepers between Toledo an That s bvhat we wsill do, if you buy one of ts that does l Pullman Sleepers between Colmbus ad
Frankfort. *pr1 hiao.
-Daily ecept Suuday OL3~I Aet not ~~Oe stsfactoy, bwe' igibe yott anew 01ne tor it TEONYLNEvlein m eyal
W. H. BENNETT G. P. A. Toledo . j era Tolede nd Colmus.
_______________ N7-7L4 17 E. Wshington. TON ONLY LINE wih 9 trineachobway n
ML ..ummery's D..rug SZJtore, Cor. 4th Ave. TO Sudapeseween Tleo and Iolmbhon
ANN ARBOR & YPSILANTI ST BY. sksIa-sfe ii 11S' TEOLYPd itho srin ch arln
-AT.7TSI RA1lND OPERA b.IJOLSI. t 1,j1lil0lll'is eaisl 1" ll~ll1lillTB ONLY LINE wt rinloseberyde
Timan'Table, May 17. 1896 - nkslae rlite1 e. H ONLY DIRECT LINE hbeweees TsdeM
Leave Ypilati from Cngremss t., 6:30. :55 ~ tt (.-d. lllerso5ll. despiie e ili'I ow nd te igim
and 11:00 a. m; 12:45,2:00, 3:80,:0, 6:,415, 4( B ore MurrisinE Scores IPOPUAR LINEeieen Toleo,F5'noo.
and rSipi.aiillit5 iO lt'21Ils 111151 c~a yrs,Gravillend Newerk.
Leave Ann Arbor Junctio, 70,8::30 and' i s . Isscrdb leC1It ltFl nomto eatv orts iet
1I:0 a . :5 :0 0 :00 p.15,9in.ndI "Th lad1i I~ll 11 :11 tC . l y l trin, te., will beb erflc funsihed y ay
1:5pm, SUNDAY TIME. 51o111d. is :as i'ily te 110 I llllli: 111:111 audyrsldd a oli sAgent onIthe Ois letrl Lnes.
Leave Ypilant from eongreunt.,1:30,3:30, spelakinglthe11'1 g1shllaigua icgesdl:OUTO'bU,..P.A
5.00,6:0and 9:00 .n m n isll'aale i l: .a l:"l c II, l, I tlill5anb'ttllil-. TOLEDO OHIO a
LaeAnn Arbor Junction, 2:00, 4:00,51:30, c isapiit ___________,_1_________________Sae_
Caro runesn city tmeFare: oingle trip 5 ) ' ldeaJs eeie ag n lgn
cents; round trip tckesI25 cent. 27st, bhen'iilhe will deliverl' his falliluis C'I utRcledLso n lgn
WM. F. PAssE, SapS t di':lllt t litl"ibely o sf Mal11 iattill 13l':ioiiell . L=0e of New Ipeei_
\\,ltlul nd !hid, wil b a otale Yal 121' IlliseIndiiian l. Hot laSnd Cld Luceu at allhours Agetl.
Wo7 i 11 lld' s-l s4 llll'for iuyle'sand bwilliam ad wSb c s CLu
d'beielroison liet i lojiait(t(-lureh isteby. Ti:e b'lsillix 2, tolib':i:ili)I ChmclatBpsnlons
Grocerier, Povi tenhnic
Slid alt kiands of Sanitariuimia follobvilg lll'gl':lIhl bb':5 1cunt-.inei1nAlllcsi 411, ': Woreo 11 1':l~lcR B. ~J LLY $&0QCO..
Fo d o'nt y li in lngthy rev5i''ew f the 111 gesoll ins 111115'0. 20S. State St., Saer Block
s odsfo slebyWest oif1 I4. 1Union110.
Ntms n bC., " I(uicliati byItheOil' lti'', iBrowti ii,.Lillighli0. THE KINDERGARDEN B!LLARD HALL.
24 S. STATE ST.' 'l'Fa'ciig:11nl1111'11s' a_ 7',Lc(?fcan- NIIelbe'l l'eli iII. Itle:'go .e4 l -RAILROAD TICKET BROKERS
R A DA L HEPN TO RA lI R ped evry set n he (han O er R ion iui 24,Ginnuell (iMONEY TO LOAN ON VisO iNAL.
Washinagton Block, 1Mous1e 11:1111oc1hista 1:) (to1gaey -linneso :i 18, .5.111'S . PROPERtTY
Ann Arbor. tRotert G.II.'gecsol d:libvered lst U. of 3. Diniig 11111, 02 E. Librty Wholesale Cigars, Tobaccos od,
1 4th Ceson. NowtOpen.e.l'b11h115t moilst ol'lihrabll: lecturelCae'e. St. W e 5111 to please; if not, pleaseCiaets
nA G1 rund'fScoo. o. Sc xuess'iii llliilhl 1: tell us ahy; if we do, please tell your Cor. Main and Lbe t St
MyadSt. tl':uuglt of a 111111 wlho h lo g'tas'i d frieud. $2.0 uDer week. 25
ba____________________________ tthig thelio ilo:lteS (f llvatlion ( -
TT OP M. aHAVINe PARLOR and Bath- u tilt ' h Ic 0t1 S1-4Ybor'adel' tad:111a. 1-r IRent-abbo sallis (f'oSasit1
co.rons. All ppoltments firt cluband'111yet for 1a11 itbhlsI ptelt ihi theu'h11110a101 bath, 3.00. 2 Totipson St. R
Imported and domesto cigars. Ladies' sells-__________________
tie hate diessing sod bathidng parlo~rs, up gOSlpl of tiac a1111hapineliiss. of
stairs. . R. Trojanowub, 30S. State St. 'HIUiRRAH! Ann Arbor at last has a Oine
golllt 51111111 ai idal sisl~lc. 0ot. Octaurant and Lunch Couter,
M.MARTIN, FnrlDrcoCohserslb i lqeth
OtaayisTe. nd Metallic tCaskets nitFinecGreade tlltll b:5l' lllllleaw T ikZ' ePorttaoad Cafe
Coffins. Embalming a Specialty. No. 1 -hS. lnd thtbi'teuifully - uei sea cu- A a h+
Pourth ave. telles 0:1111 frothhi il611 R Se 0 . Main Stree. Anything in seso'1P
hislip a rue- also ttun ne~s fCable tBortinbcty, $3.50
Wanted-A Steward. Call at 29 14' fully titriie l'gliasses bendiutg dose-I per we. Re uar mels t5. Orns AT
Ass NGHT. 1'.S.-Dont foret-A spec- C L A
Liberty st. to aw'd'luouie tunte, grn~erlig enithiuu- ishy of Sunday 1Dinners. 12:30 to 2:10'. a M_________
Students buy the Best Fountain Pen in the market. Every one Guaranteed.
STUD NTS BOOK TOR Crane's ine Stationery for polite correspondence. Best linen papers
9 sold by the pound. Calling Cards Engraved.
SHBBHAN & zCO., ". - STATE S'fT'.

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