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April 08, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-04-08

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WVV IL D N vel-Pres. A. S. IDraper, of Illinois,
Received a full line of aste, fr S in Snitel. Has Been Secured.
and. Trouserings It l;been. announced that theliiiUi-
vetrsty has secured Andrew Sloan
18 0 7Vapes,,L. p.,iresidlent of the U'ni-
-estity of Ilinoj, to deliver' the rain
G0. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEAR MAINns'cccss'ut oration 'before the brad-
hatinig cia-ses upo-n July 1st. Dr.
tisaper is . graduaiste of itie law tie-
A C M -__ -. artteent of tUnions Ti iersity and for
$ that swill wearsixottmonthsisascotl -everil years tpstctied ilasw itt Attany,
use. iWeagveyo asCobtthat
to warranted to swear 1 sosntths N. 1Y. Itt ISStilie wsaelected sper-
ordinary usage. We've got bitg
eombs snd littletobshorese itliteiset of stblaic instrsictioss in New
# coms andtfieecomst, good coms
snd csheassomso. York,.asditnsi18'92 ilie beealse sitterist-
- - - i. tseiis'ttofshoioils int('Ceeland, Ohio.
PALDUER' PHA11KACY. Fsse:vs ciall--sto lulsUniversity of
0 46 S. STATE ST. 0Illisisa as pridbent it 18J4. The tie.
' t ree of LL. 0. seaseontfserred upiont
10ins its 1890 bsy Colgsate Univ'ersiit-.
PIts' is isvs'ry warsm friensd of Pr'eside'nt
Befuseyott select that paic of
Shoes for Spring, suppose yost in- i-ll uidt ed sei5Otis of the judges
sectour offeritigs XWe helieve in tseuse 'it eratoriesal costest.
in securing only the Latest Styles of _________
goods each season andi early esnoughis
to permsit of careful inspection anti1 Senior Swing-Out.
decision before actual neesd is here.
our tin.' of Spring Shoes asid Oxfortis
in thae new shade of Bottle (Greenit Phe- ,11s11si salt andstgo-sits swiig osit
and Chocolate is stow in stick. Theitos io tr c sns iwill oselse this atter-
prettiest effects in footwear you
ever sawv. nonat: vespsers..Alt senioiros ainig
r~pandtes-ownsare lurgetly -retisiest-
'Ji idts isseet iisass 5'Csit 0 p. us. sharp.
IT isstopedsthassrill tillturin sit in
____________________________________ rder tsto stiks esisti ansissii as
S0 P 10gP [hUeS I iso t; a sss tfo r . c es- t - a w ill b its' s
0 IAti tDtiItN INISLISII (It).
" 'lasses. 181 . relutle--Alle-rel Is
0 We have its stock, six tilt- .1ais.Amlfcti .Goi
°d ferenst kinids of violet. We 0 l~so5 hasiia t " iois
s thsink that "Garlsad of ('f~~tltiasi)
0 Violets"' is tse sweetest and 1 tae-y. (81t-15S')}. Ihia"Isis1 al a
a cheapest. evens at $1.00 ass 0 rr
0 ounsce. Souse are 10 and 75
v cessts ass ouncse. Lilac, ® fl unti sis.Diiisti its h'.
® Lily of te Valley, Carisa- 0 Ssliis'ass.Sessteince-"I ;icard the
o tioss, Crab Apple andt May- h- it iasts say."
++ bells, are all seasonablie 0 ili.(52-) Psud-'ta
stow ottd cost yost 50e assll isn 117. 'slttn sis
ouncee. Come its ottd coin- cM1aids.
parc thesis. iistiA IhtsslAM.
0ieszntit It Slti'1i175). itas'rti'll
0 0 fcst oniIoths liiansotCtnceto.
o GLKIT° a°:-PHARMiAIY. o 00tlint. Aistaticon nto.
e lilssh9'sss'st'. (I1S2187. Atiio ge o
t' saajtsr Soaa.
--AT-- Asi Ibrit fromin"hteili.'
iSma,-. Assdinst in iiA. lestis's

Igreat adsvantage of that hotly. The
onie year direetors are to be Professor
Spaulding a.3ad Dr. Moshser.
Sonate Cup Contest.
The anstual contest for liso senate
'sit, offered fsr .all-around atilalic s-xj
cellenee, still be hseld its the g5'isna-
s-test Ssstsrdsiy ev-essilg it S o'ctoek.
Sevessitsve esnteredintliio tse contsti,
ss'hiecs prassises to lie one of the msost
intlerestiingev-er heist. The list of the
cestas wsill be ipublishsed intsotmorn-
rotws's Dsaily. Its addiitioss to the sigu-
lsar constest for tile essi the fissats ini its'
ri'~ rs~'iases, left ov-es- frost the sindoor
mieetsswill he russioff belts-enu '98,'Oct
ansditile sdents.
There ssill also be s's-ratlisatcet
swresliinghoists, itswih-isthe issn still
its is welcl issatetiandsiot ns-u-e11l'
etqual w5eightas s tstse.
Tickes-tacats be hsad to the i-sutest
upionsappilicasi ots at tlsc Stewsard's of-
ficc or at I(he gysnsasisims of Ds-. l'isa
ot-aid. The~re wsill be iso charsge fat'
theat' ticksets, hist tilt stssiber ssittii tc
lisiteti to the scatisig caplacity-, o-Filt
siill bte s' sue asst thse sisittar lu t.
The Michiganerslan.
'The firat numssber of the nstws'cats-
ttb t ined istisitl, lt"e lticigssssnsiau, ssill
be' plsacs'dositsale about Msay lot. 'Vito
shtapte of thse basalkssill be tquite' sif-
feest fro thatsiof lit'eCastslians, buts
its sitter typtographtlical respsectass'ill tse

Campus Improvements.
A Daily reporter interviesed Sispt.
Rteesves yesterday afterstoon in regard
t, imsprov'emsents to be msasde oiltile
camus liandtiintshlst'buildings d'urinsg
thse rcsisisig sesons. He said thsat noths-
lug of imoportance could he settled tsp-
eta utiltthe IBoardiof ilegeists inset.
Tue isoartd will decide swhat ness salks
art' to be isat in, whlat is to be -tone :ts
regartd to thse lentisrosirts, st-lit at-
teratiasost-ill be smatic in the busildisngs
andstill ssetsitests of interest.
As regasrds those tislig whiiichicorie
uisterisiscottrol, Suptt. IReesves ,-itd
lie liosasasly pit its50 trIs -aL.uthe
stltic fieltd andt abasit the samse issist-
tier at thse losjtils. As sotonsac lise
casrptes catsbe osasredl froist the
i o onsthtie W'iai's Gyms. hic i-lt
itave ticy-cis'rascks usade isolihat esvery
ttuilisg tnay-lits"'an *aseqitait' snumi-
her. Its a.stuart tinsse tse fountain n-ar
lit'e library Ni-it bt'stsrtedti o sunitig
andti ttdetiastat'sujoy thoerfit1sit
Ansas Ar'bsr city si-sl undes' the its-
liser'ious lustitcasts-ss floail ptrivate
iing. Ghainilii is ronsstntly taring
static ou thuersamsps,it beinig Suptt.
ters-es dsire to hfiishithat tat Iang
Stale st. fsrst. 'The aneigluborhooti of
thie g-yitusiultitisill be tile lust sat-
If is-c gut she tess electric liablting
isiant, suittiri's siill ite slaidsutter
grusi.itiu wichs itill takse the isets.lii-


Maiteislltse saute. It still betdiidedtlt'l-si'ills'he ssuperintendetnt of groauns
iso difft're'nt 'deparstmsents 1anth still bsr it aasy fros th~ler si-ads asuideonso'suessl-
lissi color.A sit-is'featuise stillite Is' lters'e ano tbe so tuumuhweisk sleslt
use issleahtctiosu of scuts saf th is' flfer- oult Is' tampslsss tbas ' etstssi. us
c-itt latruty an{th ossarl i itliust'swistilsd athleu-st-ls' hro asaesa. No ussw
loi~ts of Iuthe sttses of lt'osdifferenut ltilci lteAsill It''erectesdIfor thssac-
fesuti 'tuties alsd sororities till at instbit' r-tsito sislsaus ofat a ight ug- his sat
gustslst' utuestl -ill as'sttttii the tbtis's' htuses sh'sal'listyhs a s-cost
ilustin sf tshe stfferent bililisobu far turthi tlsass -
sitI ts'ecsusuutsss, lust ofrths' siffesiut S111if. ireesoittaks u s ta essesti sc-
cole;o ogaizaio".I~trol2 herip {lsitthliat ites' t itt'sts it-ill suet ruse
ius'stusius'so1'thes' susatei:uEshsist", t'ealt- suer-sea ilsent' tsioof su 'tthe lptus thiit
iatnalisill lists-clsthe ii'gsood tisinst asof ihaits' is cts i ciei tssi-iNuhOolti
this' t':alhsuu sitttl ' lsutiittisianut wle , so losas tile)-Ais-ill catttsui toIttoitu.-s
of lt-eit' fusta. Ihiass'skti-ill be' sitlittle' until.
Enginering Society. Pluket tiroeeo.
I. . 'e t;C'. -I. is ill :altelcso .Me. lh'ltuittttGrtesneus'e. s lslesus
tte l-,iuitielins; Sotsly Sits' {lii, I lis-~ -. is to itt t estr onthis' Mtorali
Apri'l 11)111. 15in hhstatti oiitt, etsgisus' lg i tlist easliettaiirAss'eveninhsg, us
bltiibtsg, 1lilt ilb'l 'te sus )es''st t ssrno tstimii hut tsstrtluhots' oftlis
ttt -Lsac'kusis' vBase Lute."'PTho stil- cotsuntry-eits hulsis'ola siiterprter' ot
is-rI isots wich t-Is M. Ixst't' luss been'ti os sumeltieis. Mit. th it's ue's his'uouus-
rs'suuussteslto1stp1e51 ak sitltuccoiunt(if Is
tutul siuccita intsissotaritIs's i-log
the is' d luis otsrkshouts'last:t aititict'ilt
thus Mtlitisit'Ilae, i its hls acte as-ss stit t'res-i'asonsaketisiuastna~is
its inesisthue sassisuls. s-iri' ftamillsiasotheussutstshssica sbic.
lie (alleg e Year-bootsand Atislic Hils 1reIstte'is xrsttise, t-
I t-corsi far the 3-ear 189E0-97 is nsow ' utditug alt the sssadar oratorios stud
lust. It cosntasis muthu.svaluable in- isuany of this ness'operas, German
fotrmsations itsregartd to thse ssseroi- leiler, old Itlian ,airs, IFresnchssosngs,
ties, stcademsies, asnd colleges of thus Hungariass nmelodies and nit strous
T'ssited Slates, gisving their consplete Englishs Welsht, Scotchs andtl.Manx sat-
ochoastir and athlietic rerords. lods.

Juast roceise I asother lot of
that fitte U. of M. Mostogr aus
Ptspir, tha popuilar shsades
Bltue aild White; also a Nosy
Stock of the Varions Highs
Gradoe Correspontlonce Paper.
Visitisng Cards Engraived,. ansd
Plate Printing.
Up Town laownTown
205 .State it OpposfouatttoslHouse
Attn Arbor Misn st. I

S. C. A. Directort
ThssSltst-sts' ('heist n suit tatlut
lisuss Neius"-eli's-test ttru'cttt's hisptisce
CT those sse hse osasexipired thu-sfirtt
of Aiul. Thisse eelete for Itis thru-e
yc-sr a ri uusart'ProfeissrsItBomia si)t
Thsonisutosandsi li. (Iosads. 'thIs it'-
tsr takses the isc~te' of Professor Neti-
sey, wshiose greast amunt of 1'is'er-
oily stelsrktcompelled lilua to gives ni
thus coussection sw-iletihe has so long
maintained twithithte S. C. A. to te

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