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April 07, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-04-07

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VOL. VII. No. 146.

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They Elected All the Oratorical
Reoeived a full lire of Novel Association Officers.
ties for Spring Suits, ii .~tcontat te shoar oe
and. Trouserings tfil e ctics1)t1at t'scld oaoe ast
it repird to the a110001 electio of the
Oratorical associatlion held last might.
NO, E.WAS9NOTN ST NER M IN, tkoon it4waso«ravdell with student
NO.2 E WAHINTONST.NEA MAN.pourilcians. tiostly lawo , and everyo
$ . N s.... +was to retohitake lan active tiatt. BTte
A CO MBlmetinlg tas 10 a conistant ti:llolPao d
$ that will wear si'xmeonths is a coolt cnuso5n dsrerwa
one. We can give yeoi a c mbtat c t 's that lit aptiitleal hnomifatilig
is wartied t'ito wear12 monothis '
ordinary osige. We've got ti-tt conventionl. 'Theie's controlled the
comibs anl little comb', coaree
combs and fitt'e mshogod comibs election and 11ot1 a literary stilent o'a,4
aol elieaposolis. to aii otfice. 1The liii'rs lrs.tet
PALLYEE'S HAI MAC. i veryitarr'low and selfish policy, their
PAIVERS HArECY t~ohl excuse hit gthat the literary
..tideois had acted neai~ly the sam.ne at
tie election last year whencr theycoi
co-trolledithte electio. Theiniost int'-
Before yotu select tht tpair of esl ip' otilii'5l5 iveiceover ' liii l:irt-
Shoes for Spitg, sopposo you iii-
spect our offerings. We helteve (iti'yi of tih' assctiatio inthelii tres-
i seetitg' only the Latest Styles of torcv of theNorilierne Oratorical
goods each season and early enough
to permntt of careful inspecton aintd heiatiii. The io-inies for presidenit
decision before actual need to here. ofitheCOratorial Atisocialioil wer"e C.
Our lito-'of Spring Shoes and Oxforids
in the new shade of Bottle Green 1". K1111 90 1, aid W. B.Itarioni,
and Chocolate is nowv in stack. Thre 't;. 'Ile lzlrgstItailot of L11 iceeilo
prettiest effects in footiwear yoau isofc nItr lw
ever saw._,.Set frtiofceadhely
-addtreieiv'eid 210 vsles, while
(. JtA P 1.LCandidate of tlrc literary idepart-
ircut riccceied72.
__________________________1__,__ 11. Itft Iinions, '0T, andciS.'L. .Tat-
eaQea c~aai~saaan~omasa sa~a11nllt, ' v .15 v ere the inal uohilit.c05ill
np~i~ p[Hr, a iii' i'he otettfor tint presideniiy of the
0 -ortiern ri atorical iLcague, till 'te
a 0 " t a lAtcrciig .4rts e have in stock, aix di f- 0Ii',titS llitlii'i1189t.
v ferent kinds of violet. We 0 'th,' litter oflices of the Ot torteal
o think that "Got liii Iof 0 ';sociatIiou wire tulled as fllows:
a Violets" istheswveetest and p
d cheapest, even at $I.00 'in Vice irresident, . 'C.VBitr, '93:L';"cc-
0 ounce. Somte are 50anud 7- 0
0 corts an oirnce. Lilac, 0 1 atC .iait.'I tft-otr
Lily of dtre Valley, Carnia- 0ntL. C. IXlittoan,'t}: L, airil ielegate to

w="ttltw'li'h lie hail been sufferiag for AS MINISTER TO TURKEY.
over two years. Ito gave liberally of
hits wealth to Northiwestern and built McKinley May Appoint Mci-
te hiatidsomenrewxvlbrar buiilig gai's President.
which ornaments the clirilits.tHe Ras_____
abiout 52 years of age. Northwestern The Detrott'Evenig News prited
xwiii be closed i ali deiartutents con the foloxvng disatchs hist ngt. Tie
Thurday, the day of the funeril reort has rot yet received ary official
Philosophy and Poetry. cnfiriaion, ard Presdent Agell,
-' xvien seen last nght, ad that he had
Yesterday afternoon, Prof. Jaries rot been notifid of any action to his
Seth, of Cornell, lecttrerd before ai behalf. As ittts stll unsettled, no
large nuiernce in Tippan Hall, onltie official statement can e made:
"Ibitiort betxvenr Plirlosophy anti Wathington, April s.-Senator Br-
toetry." Prof. Setih is one of the rows acoriparied Geni. D. B. Atger
leaing teachiers of philosodihy in thits to the White house this rmorinrg to
cotutry, andl his lecture waxsa. rost wsh tie lt' ais of Prof. Hamilton
interesting erie. tte spoke iii part ats tfig, of Olivet Colege. for corsl
fiollowvs: geera~l at Afierrs, Greece, and dring
'tioxrghirltiosiphy intl1ot1' otih the( cotrse of titir talk te two ger-
belong to tile siiie farmily, it ofien leitei receix'edia tip from the iresi
tittitiers thtat tisptes arise :between centwiicir made tiritrenble for
tiim. Allitostratoir of tire rifrr'rice Prof. ling's chtance, ardrilsob for
btitver'nthtleri is exhiitttclitn tI'tooitose of every other aticlngan asirtr
differe'nttatiuon fromr Plato, the poaet, tit for "a god foreign axpointmet. The
Plto, tilt'philoisophler. Plato wase presdent sad ie couli give no assr-
tiaro a poet bit was iraide a ithiltso' rirces regarding Proof. IKing, becarse
liter by liii teactinrgs of Socrtewstieiad it n rmint to apoint President
Tilpt' O was taiughto dtinrguishi be rngelf the L'niersty f icigan,
twe'i'thte pictuire and (ith ouietrt;inlitsmintrstee to Turkey.
othter' xxordstie was taught C ittito r iio. iiriaro rncemietxwasoa stritrioof
Pltlosoiiy dffers fesumpiety inth iemioo trifontld character. Noody
lie foliawitig' whys: 1. Poticite Ollticfrot lithigait hailaiy intimiationa of
hit ioof truthliis ierpetal; ' urit sd te nexws spread.iThiee swere
tat itf philosophy ts dieticlic'1 u yiwlioisaid they tdudrot believe
P otry tfes not argure or discirss. It Dr. Aigel x'worl aceplt, alithioutrghie
ts o. the miss ionrr of hpoetry' t foriir-' tlct'fays X0000 a y'ar.
latethe mliii inig of fit' uivierste. I CGii. inger atnid seeral others whvio
Philtosoiphty tiers this. 'Tile hot itch esO want foretgnt aitoittnert%, ineiding
ts Cilii'silti or, btrefirestiosho'is'J . .Coni, tf Fliti,are icined to
no the xw'orktgs if t i iroiturea'rr tat Dr. Anrgel w'ill accet. Tfhey
Piilirsophy on Clii'othe hanris 5 te ietalthat ie aepiItt'ila thlitati'
knro'il-edge' of krio'ii'edpt'.itiaci' in C'hinrit abotut 12 yars -ag,
2. 'ielittle appirehiernsiiftruthiiand point to te frt tatithlii'dlcir
is nt intelewcuai btrut'iiottiio t i tts ha''ys een tistrietrof iter-
is -conrtoledliby te feetinrgs, x'ihtirasrnational eatiori.:
philosophy 'is icontrole'd tiy re'tson. Tire Mithigan seatrs w-t11Iprohabiy
'TheIoti sheats fromt his ot "Slit'call ttponr tie lr'sll-it thus afe'noor
tinier, turd tills howrxth itng seotemrttorthe il'purotset'ot pssiig'himrt hat
huit, tthuscoi'uli'lig tisto shareid' iS the selt'ctiiorrof t'treident Argll is
thiourght. rgri'i'abii
Pt.tilosophy mit tneids bhi'ntintn-
ti'rpretatfionoftlifte;hut potuery muttt lI Wisconsin Oratory.
bent unly fillut iialsoe a rtrotl te- K. rot tFriday e eing' icurred tile
Itint oflife. to'ine(', poetry mrist sit' iuuitl or'tel-tal contest t te Cnivr-
life at its hest. iy f Wiseonsiin. Te Daily Cardinal
. 'The' primalry fiunctioin of poetry luoronrrces t "titoeumost ethuistie
is otdisovrybu: ceaion A ortuortcal cnntest 'wxhicr has ibeeni hell
potett nti mginttati dots nt aciknioxx-- for miany years" Thie hall wtao pae-
edgi'li th ictatitoni of fatst. tiuiosu- ed ifiornbalcoiesc to floor, andi stand-
finy doies this, siree it is a desoverrinrom asta eniu.Rbt
ou retmitly. 't'eorlrutfjotry itoinn
tlitican henitfuf wrldan instWild, of thiceoeseria Society, wiiti
adhmutristei' furthe iigher esthetic rneedsoin orattionuoii "The Americanin Jtgo,
if mni. seured first place. Second andt third
"Tie lessoniichuepiisetry teaches to honos wre wovn by E. 'T. tFo, 'iho
phtilosophiy is that it munst nt be c0tn-spee on "The Isnacs of Mai-kind,
teintwiithi rationalizing, bittmintctin- and IV. . oore, whoe subject wos
sst uon perceiving and sympathizing.
The wovrd of trth and the wiorld of "Characteristiee of American Cvilio-
beaty must be seen as one. LCon.

Lion, (irab Apple anMay.
bells, are all seasonable
niow and coast you 50e ann
ounce. Come tnt and com-
pare thexn.

u-:i -Ctii?; of tih' Northern Orahtrical
i.i'ntti' . I'.A. Blturxxi'r109.L. ~t The'
1''ii tc'uitll secSof tl(ntliticrary d-'iss
onrhn}e exutx'e iuardl ihecel 'tem
a.. folloiux tetunnuor iliass,C. Simtos;

OALIN~- : HAsoA 'i i tut m.1chit;;,. (I. t . t'<Ztii; fruetsi-
yL 0 0PAR AY iT t C s.S. 1C. nuger.l
" - 'i.tt~ .' ,'u :of theiti' I m"'rctr stirtil
AT - h i t huie' \'x1uS ui tr'huriuii n thelii'E'un
~ t fII T ry-i f x$ut.51_,thilt, 'ixinsi- antoineure-Ice if
WA ti BOOK IJ IN E* 1.0) lttfromu it f itrf list vt'tin',IProf.
ti t hiii trth .ti'or fa.nmmter:until
Jtlst roreix'o atothor lot tuf Mc('thImniu wine t ipnsti a s a coit u-
that fins U'. of M. Motoarl a ti'tt 0to I''rtisloliiiheire.strrr's 'eiuort.
tPaper, tht ptiphllit'sha~des
Bloc aid t~lito; 15 a oxv 'i'"censctituttmxvion at runrnrrhi'to tnt-
131e nd hie; ls a e 'neict' tue ionid retuiredl of Chic' riurs-
Steele of the Va riotr Iliglh tier frorm $7flol to $t,oooO.
Grade Correspndenco Ptptpo.
Visiting Cards Engraved. ansi florthwestern'o Pounder Dead.
Plate Printing.Or'ringtoumntm, founder of Evanst-
term, Il., aind time falier of Northw'iest-
W AHR'I OOKSTO 7 emnCiniversity, (Tied at hishcomme in
Up Town Tow n Town Evanston Monday mnrni. The
20 S. Stale st Cippooi Court ltouos"
Ann ArboraI an at. I caiuse of his death ivas a heart uislady,


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