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March 31, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-31

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VOL. VII. No. 140.



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' f t .



SUIEI iC olIF 'lirOntiel~e' ertilizatise of the Eggs of Athletic Notes.
-1L M Unio C('smplanala-F. It. Lillie, Atn
C~~~~ O~lilldfo Pbrloaeii LeRoy will coacit the broadl
Retivtla ul lie f ovl'h'itllh Thrsjutmpers every afternoon froes 3 to
tis for Spralling, Suov-I _ atoI'ly SCiNO IAIAlYStSC . 5110k. More caedidates aie needed
- tt~~~~~~~~~Ienry.13. Baker, M. D., vice-president,.n l r re ocm u e r
an T'rouserings ' lie 111001111 of tile MichiganilAed- Ti .a ioiil All candidates for the track teams are
ci f f 1111(0. vThursdaay Morning.liI
tw (f ' t ce whihl ws, pbselow. AliliIs pn oexsiei pected ts stay 4here during te
.ior-teirais tli.bed Pibelow(tr. ons i Dik gsprinig vacation and practice daily et
It ill toe seen thit the:Scilooelmaoter-.' W e . iflllall r tile i tilelieCld. Dr. tiabetilge ill
4 ® q cb F hnursday - April 1, 9 a. ill S 'its; A. Birawnl.110o11, where track 11101 maly see the.
0 A C)O E- - - - -. Lh oeoo ilb-evtdt h Distinctions bet-eeosthtie Typiheid a111111 aceordrs
d he,1i of plpers before 1110 severalClnbcliG
tha will we11r11'ix1' 100115 issa;os 'sei lcil-f.D. Porkins. Itihis beeno iecidedl to1111111tile final
one0 ~. e iita hie youe a c 111511t1t1t r i-i Olios.,iwhichlnih l IieS ill rooms to Ali Il i.S.teliill I C n
is warranted115 to sear12ot llllsnions--+.Al 'I ioi 1.Drlly 10e111race 'netweenli98 n 0
odiay us-e. We'esgelit 1id, o,,g11111011at atprirose session.I
cobs.- and little cornb:, co r e -Dot roit. fere i eoclass champanlion oi n
c omibs ailS Oitie combls,g5-ood01105 I s ii'ltc liers o lb e llrooellledm"re11s fiil- ieelt fr lth s efA ltO li 'l'Iigtef pil 1,tle lao fse
---- IFrederick (1 ovStG . , Aer-SIhale Trophy coneot.
PALNER'S PHARMACY. bo--rv.oprolen
46 S. STATE ST. F. C iAedomll icepO. del.Some Vi1t1alitistiee of Mici-an- Tile first practice iflihe iiaseball
Thnoda Slrnig. rossy L4. Wilbulr, M. D., Lainsin". 11101 at ithe Athlitic Field sias 11011

Xi il )IIl)l' spen tois icussos.
A. Shoe \Vell Fitted ! ! Commlltentsonlithel1ite Naeof tIeie Sork
'oil cli io a Botlanical Chub of an Ag-
citns dolohe tile weatr and there- Irilitr-il tlillige--11"Iii. J. Beal.ll
fore a saving of 1010 per cent, lnt to
mntiont tile rimfort and appearance 15.. n ricllIilrail College. (10 ltiiir
which iiitteimselves are of tie small li.tst.
importance. We give special 0a1011
tione tothis feature lft Or-ut feet, ire 31 Seelilhlisinl(if hoiot ('ero-iure-
prefer to lose sales rathler thailtlouNe .1,1a IeoiB. Pl'oiek. .1111Aribor. (211
improperly fitted foitwea to leaveI
0111 store. "iues)
I N tllrss o ileoriiilg tillS' iiapiiytic
J A roRI IL., I Fi grown,1in iitile Vicinity of ite
Smrellturtol ('ollegei' 1. (. Tiicg-
___________________________________ year.__ di gic11111 11111Colle'ge. l(1i5ii
0 + + 'rs + + eTis' IluisailThistle 11111Tuminling
Q-Agricutural College. (10 mintes).
s A ).SltardSigIeit1(il--C.i.'heiplerof
Yoi ae001 tn;vttsel 1:- 5E. Langlilli, Aim Artior. (15miin-
in the Magacino i v$ 0 110)
0 aind $7.50. SWe sell t0e00hitor 11ilrkeiile Forest ill Stichigatl, not
a week at $4.50 and $6.75. iilol ~ov-S lxneli'
This is offered ts a piemi- 1
0 tori on hiuyitig early iin the c ilgtii (C iue)
seasonl. They are wortht ya toicle Alplena County Plants Observed
i toe full prices. Collie and to 101111 C. 1F. Wh'ieeler. (5 nititlO).
a see theiet. a:
r ------ 0 SEC T10N OF ZOOtAPiY.
tALKFS° e" ABMA t ®a.i.'isli ii tigtitlied, Phi. =D.,viepsint
Thuirsiday HSorinig.
-AT-7- ll"ts on Miciigait iolliica.--Prt-ani
A BOO S 0 K S'I I 54 T:?'11 sof flie ii'ricrnar tDeposits

yesterday-afiterneon. 1110 grotundlis
7'llroday Afternoon. still soiness-hot soft, hut if ihe pireeni
Geineral Sessin of acadlemyi: wea'1thier' ceitius w1ill soonl be itt 11r-
MuueuinJiecture 110011. feet 0c1111tion.
0:00i O(bservationis ot the Methiods of
Distribuions of the Seeds of Thle practice of the football men yes-
5111111 Michigan Trees-Dr. W'. ierda afternoon1i1 was the beet of til
J1. Ili'al,Agriciliutial ('llegi'. sprinig. .10111 Duffy-towastiut aitd
(20 miutesit). c'111ioahedithe full back candlidttes iii
2:210 Discussion.,1111eil1g 1a11d illIllskicking.
2:411)Sin' Geographical Distribitionitof Yae110ieltithtni-rivo
i~lf, iiiSiletlginSS'~liet'it. V p's ppsitioni for a boat race
B'annos, Ag'ictilt uuual College. 111tn stti-l i ilt01Sly2)
liiiLak' Salteitall, where SWisconlsin
i'.lsvidthe diii freshmeon creiwnIlst

.0l .'l(i'ItfiiilNoesaitilqutiries.
4:0 BuiHsiiiess ISlilg adjojurnefl;21011
Thu11rsday -Esiming.
: t)1 heliinn itt itibor friendils if ihe
Acadlemiy still roceive the itietti
tiers anid iheir friends in 'ap
Fi'il}i- orniint-. April 2.
SinsiuutiLecture Hiooit.
1:110 Aiddress of Ithe Rietirinug treslihut
-Proif.XiW. it. 'ilteroim'-"Titi
Rtei~ltin if*lthe Acdemy1'livto liii
Elementary111-v chools."
(Continited oe Third iYiige.)

Sildings Oftla kiscI3isebll Guide'
foll151r 109 hsljs1tSiien recciivedi. Bc-
sietic he 'plyiiig rtules it contains
litmichi iilreiili diain andi ells of the
-legili' 11nd1leadinig icollege 1(e1110 df
-last yeti.
'Tere toill be itsolbtseball 2111110next
5atitrdaiis asdlttbee1011origilhisliy ini-
April 0aCdslay Addresses.
T hu'follow-ing ae'thu subjects fiol
te 1"dyIlioleilig-liaireo,;s atoNen-
beiy IDII,1':15i to 1(1:15. ,for April and

Just rtenoivo 1 another lot of
tha~t fins U. of M. Monlogpram

5 tiiI'ron Ceulty-Affreil C. Lneo
iiiogitei, anid Brytl W'alker. Do-

Paper', the o pu~llar sli-lies lt. iiliihtti5t of1ut aitApparaehtus for
Bl11 uead Whlite; 11100 0 Newto' leIeei'liieallly Passing ObiJeets
Stock of the Various High 'llTincl10-1151uid of Different Detsi-
Grae Correspiondelnce Papeor. te-I). '. Woeeseli. Ate Arbot'.
Visiting Citrds Enoraved. andl (5hltte)
Plate Printing. '11 Structe of the Olfotetery Lobe of
lime Sturgeon- J. H. Johnitont, Anni
'WAHR'S ROOK STOPES Xrbor. 110 nilntes).
tihemeripberal Nervons System of Ne-
thp Town Dotwn Towmn ll ieeFny ILI tangdon, Aten
r' irs-.jan .20 S.State sid Opposite ('sert flowte
Ann Arteol ISain 't It Arbor. (20 midnutes)..

Baseball Candidaes. Si-ty:
-- 111111l -" 'iiatt is Congregational-
Tiii'folol'lis tlof bmasebalcm i- illir '"lo. S. J1'. IHradsl4oo-. 7:50 Op.
111110 1110lilii l~sill atl~m ('011 i 111 ip io-'siit toHl. AninsualclA-
11115ooll Tii'XiI'llbe 11eted t 'i h 1 1 ) otdil .Disiglo~s SiaeKi'zie, uSf('hiego.,
tilte hilili'iii'ftell fit' Iiatelmee pr11111-iAddr~ess, Rev. A. Sictei,
ith. Aumtieo, .Oliv-i','.Sc ott, Coil- sMay2-1'lim o Semth Day Auloeit-
In ol.Se, 1'. Htilor, kboobey, AVOWfisis."
lie'ssell, Siullivman, Hisisop. Deman, Ile.- Slty J-"ChtritliantCitizenshp," mif.
'ltn andu Cnitiooright. A. C. Siitghmlit.
This: list is ntinstexcsivi o 110amnd ilibty 1f -"Christiani Sociology," hit.
ally caildidate wvhose nime may be J. D. Forrest, of Clllcage.
OlmititedI, -neeintSconsider liiiiself out QNIay 23-"Are St'e Stmte Ulniv'ersities
of -(ilie race. Giodless r" Prof. tO. W. Kfelsey.

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