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March 30, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-30

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VOL. VII. No. 139.



Receveda ful He ofNovl-Franlcis G. Peabody, of Harvard,
ties for Spring Suits, Lectures on Ethics.
and Trouserings 11"Lilth '0- V1~ "islac-5t (Tf he


Athletic Board Amendments, THIRD ANNUAL MEETING
At the last mneeting of the As-hilefic-
Poard, the following addition wa Michigant Academy of Science-
0010.at e It111o III of the stoensog Full Progr;am for IWednesday.
1 nices:
15) fis i-tiaii-inass of eacti sta:~ieg T'he tlid annual meeting of the
comittee sm11l-make a written se- _Miehig-an Academy of Science will he-
11 rf to Itle bhsacd at flh-last rlgnual gIoithfis city Wedisday afternocon,
ncis ho in his termu, which chlti so'larcht 31, and continne through Thurs-
vii he works-tof hiii ili-icent ill ds--cand Friay

thlat will wearsitsmoiiths is a gosh
oce. Wei cn ive yousalCoalbtiai
is swarrantedito swoar 12 sacs11to s
ordiinay -uae. Ile'-e gostSt
eombs snd titusecmscoarse-
S omsusesaineomblsfs, ooobs
ansdChsesh asious.
A Shoe Well Fitted!
Meassdoubsc lecheswe a ssndthere-
fore a savingix f 100 per cent, snot to
mention the coinftort sndtlalpearanse
whicla iilhemnselves are of no sniall
importance. We give special attens
fLoss to this feature oh 01t-in fact, Nve
prefer to lose sales rallier t han allow
improperly fited footwear Is leave
our store.
y 0
0 0
0 e
g Yosnlhays seen it advertisoti
a in flse Magaizinss 5.0
and 57.50. We Sell them for
o a .week at $1.50 and $3.75. a
0 Thits is offered as a proumt- 1

sculilst isody ini the tlilss pt-al " ic
p ssc7l lmt of the f ssisscs,-iiyhas 1ls-cs
ss hyiiforth. Testeo-lis-a oilci-c


1 t.iii? of, TZ?(? :317di{s11ei', i iIi lt 1l.iti

f>- 'r lilli cithlse ictusre s1si-11 , i T-stsain -clS i hll ias in his opiiin c-as i 1.1t _tI lisetlnsswoill b iso sl t elos--
H al gccete-Fccranocis 0. Poahly, 111to0 Vst fI: tirs clirmschoftics cosnisiffee. folr rosailils-e Unto- -rs .y Mi-c 550
li-fsircail "I tElisansd use 'Se-at d::0iripr I icI tsll le lma~de tart oftse hollisig.issless otluerivtoe -ills: c-i E-
fQcl(-tion." IThe esminient tshiiossa)iss-r iiiits of thse leet issgyltheuse co- ciircises lieg-ision local tilo. T!-e coms-
,,s-k essenia~lly as foilosws: tsllo"vcetaryv. plete- programssfor Wedniesiday follow-c:
"It seems aloItant-is tfrsssisc to TIhe cl::irsssss if the stansinsg cis:- Wcdsliccay Afternoon, Mach31.
bi<7g Itic social questions esh il sthi I llss sisoret i .rlnsltors of tlhe re flesnesal Scssion of Acadhesmy: Muisesu
i pc-is ad uel cssslssssss ous1no thle -'-ll cieo epartmntss o f itathletics. Lecture Rou.
,,,h:,, lto diy quietl -sdsi itfilsssiitili 111islihi-foosatissl maunsager is cls-sis- 2:301 lsiness mseetinig.
hissmodserns site demandsis is; soici-ety lliin osithe1ftblli csoiftee. 8:39tBlaickc UhgnO--iefor C. Vaughan,
31.,0.Also Arhor.
sitili iis dsisurin~g sissestoasis a1 e i;jci -sf lteiiddition : 1to list
lii ils soHumanssislifsesissst eiher be 5 s 'is i . aaei s ill tse isasiogsec-f i:110 P oles ansi Ohoervatioss legars-
sssllscl;; inithitss-s-ilinig vacl xos tisr liitielis bylisivinigos rs-csir-d sil opilsohehiits anti Clasosteris-
iss ftrssisqsiilly osi she ssirface of thiss rie- Is sisssc lseof Is- lileliole lla- tics of tse Stassasasiga, Sisirli-
rarsu c-. ~e ssso015 bu - 5raris aeaussBduring Capisi-
t--eryS Sin, (reenville.
is'l usrssselvs-sswith tily- llssolsglcal iy BlyS Sln edioal Faculty Abroad. 4:15 Discssssionu.
ilt.sfltoils osiv 5isis sifstra~ctiosss;: itis -4:30cs-Newtos's Thsirdi Law as a Factor'
iwiir lio t dcnloevusa isci-a lie. ii-a oft ciheifissocsof flhesisi- ii OcglsisicEvoluioin-Manly
<;,W1 Viouspintls of vln - si-ial fac-si-s-ill5-11spiendsitue cinsilac MilicaSM. 1D., Lanssing.
- i -isl 1 gci 11555h110e0their eay + S -boi r. Nivy eaiiecis to csaiil i4:45 IDiscssesioss.
iscloacli.lWe iiisy conceive of sociology i 1. 5100r1e0eek, DOs. Docc siwe--l
rs rsss-ilvtssiasllier Junelthey williibeil7 ediseoday Evening.
r s invoiving eithir ii tichue lucyo55111 li siRiosii 24, -NosfthWinig of University
or phlilioophy! toiici-t f oses 1 a lulsi 1 iiSssgsss.1Hiciuiiall.
if its thois-sof iclioli But ili iii- 1?P-ttlIis seciaullineisof 55551k as - 8:00 Illiseislted Lecture by ti-of.. Is-
i-ill sici lsaicfliisi .sss :.-Iiesine (i theii-gri-tsitls-.rsili; il-: rae ssl C. lsseell - uA scent of
of ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ h lii ciisl llllS 1.00ht ii 154 s-I 111 11 lotvri 51he- Iil Ifoif t anier."
sssi10110 that show:v sossi-ss-si-cly thiris ii ilt-I iso iifousiioil Issiltli,'ils- ed 14sidal cDaily l tciionti eisii
s-sisiiisip tIaeticis. toithits bsanoh0 -
of 00 11111 ciw 1111tun11o fill l Th1110 r in the Ilsic vsscsasls dei-is doisy s meti--

-oll-issit itno «1so-isIlipr-lem-s.
ill scienceof clics irIsstuediiii
i::iit in asisidieidusal f-l ied it- iiss-wIi.
Ilil 1 tic- lressreOfithIlls- Iiiofsit
c uiiniandisl mosderni aivaiiciioiat is
last i-sis i u ew view.sAlai as seen-

i-oissNetilllod I egilarly. Intohe~
iyoiilsghil cshliisci c-iorse, Iis -isp
1).. ofVS issis sllci theIlls- l-cloo will
b Is- ve i bysocl i Dr. VaughanithelIii- ss
i1.:l ylsiocwisc f~ilill i hss~ fIs

DouesoAttractinsat Vespers.
'limo tollase-issgis theso llanifor
sesplicscrsices fochly
Stoescelosohu (1809-1817)-tco ludoh,

00o soaSol. lIne -are evorth h u-> t lliiuf s losne; fraom
thue fusll Prices. Co(a ouch (p10i-1illooiiii-Isevecy ciloepti of thei
ooe themus. Qpaiv1c1idus l us silmae while collid-
0---- i - ,11 - irs sutocriltsstioslitouvei illreas-
I 0 11 essvsuaus uents.
10 5 aa i :Ere ll ni i hiulsi ha IWshiirg~i'i-
fl o it. lu114-- ale fiiluc'il ussili-c.
r11 : lie ifIind l pO 5 555551-l5t1
Just rocoivo 1 anothser lot of yll1.s. Nstatei of trcue. WIhe-usthe
that fituc U. of M. Monosgramlsl sin is tsull-gcoss-u his-bahanicesluts
tgaper, ltsa popular sha~des ightl over aupainst sosciety-.Tlists is
Bisieansd White; also a Now fthe- ufituili- iinvauichlyl eu-sillhou
Stock of the Various High laws . A#stsate of service. The tsrie
Grareo Corresposnuence Palper. muansindsluileilos of -self flue uelargi-
Vssiting Cardls Engravedl. and lentc~ of sol; in giv ing huniself u-auc-
Plate Printing. pletely to society 'lic finds his hest
developnsoe lt. This 'is thus great POyiI~.
W AHR'S BOOK STOM dcuegsof huan life, "Thatperfect e,-
Op Tows nown Toes T'lue ,gseat lisicrical usanifoslus-
2S S. Slate soh Opposite Court Hooso.
Anns Arboerk Main et. f (Continued en Thsirdl P.ae.)

so-iss .luC. thlir (tee-a iloi1e~hiO4f)
uf'y to Coach tlse Full-Back- I1i~~ h--Aria Larid GoiS if Ahra-
I ts.il 1. 1nulus i--c I li:;i - us.e . 1 iill; llori. I(Adluatei);I : l-1?.n.
"Crt, ?fmtor-, Spiit bleat."
otl l i hs ti0 110 -.1 sl Isusss f rrtso Iluc-ifnu-l10r55
lulti1111 colie115i fr the-shrll"555 hrI-li -I Iaited fflu-the Lri"; Ssentee,
liii,, Theseic-<is1Is-allliuhilr IIt si 55i55 "t( i555t\ 55 sIv iissi ns:h t" puoylflhde
515511 sull oust, Iit fllitllforIlpuhllingus iconatain ssA uaj ir.
ssuarc(. JohIhiff';;-weh1o511 1\ Isl'i l- Phluliitt, Msias AI A lllsoil-h Sise Fell-
r ter.r. P-se
f5ilcl M11 filiill I',-ilb.~ .'o(1Ic
cxii 101 ii li sllli1 Ill111i ii5t15 aftticIls-sc-re-li-os III
C. .IL Cdiuilclc oftSagietisufl ',C ar-
esoil. Tis is a islsi l lisirtt 5115111 , idi
i-si~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~IE liiisisii s 1 s ci il-ss Il i 0 eereiy, will iNl-- ail organs re-
's(u1sf i. -(!Itillfilg tffolowlseingnumsblsrs:
-- ___________________ 1. iltusstua (SAesco suisi Adiagios) ... .
Sprinog Physical Examination.- - - - -ihseinhesges
linus PiOpSus. 31, fla.
}ir.Slhid-u rl 11- iciries ta.lu-4e111 fecaso Doro- -Esol
o sc as -io iin naO f osapi ass huassoer'- - -- "agsuor
f SlslortissIy esill alsoegte-en thosefonsata,10D fat, (Ohs. 154s1.lteinhe'ger
1. Fuantasia fllsestoso Lento and
IsIsshosere unahle to fake It in flue fall. Allegro Agifafo).
j The examuuiations evill he held by all- II. Puastorale.
psointlent boils afternoo and eenisng. III. isntrodsueiion ansI Fugue.

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