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March 09, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-09

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TimeTabe (e~ied)eb.18THERE IS PLEASUREN M
Tie abe Reisd)Fe. 197 t39 8"1 .COLLARS ARE NOT >-
P..Sca.M. 18 all -AL41ONE5T SHE .BUT Hii
Mail and Ex-__3 47 N. Y. Special._ 7 30 A
Eatern NE--105u5 N. S. Limited.--19215 i~0 O i
Atlantic Ex____7 55 Paclic Esx------l5 II
ONEx peess---..50H Westera Exs _1 55wA
G:R. Express __11 10 Chi.Nt. xH --- 1101 X ~
E1. W. RUs}i.n, 11 W.HATIA.4, [TT,'~ci
G. P. & T. Agt.. Chicago. Agt. Ann Arbor
RAIL OAD ,IN. A'(v7TbeOii JSleepi, eng orDr uwS ea Or
TiTe'PrJa.il. 8a"T A G AR NTyLisItis Toleda, Oelss an
All, tcssclrcptu5y31 ONTLN bA esco 51
.H BENET .PA.Toed . SI/. iip idilti44liii i- The OnLI NM it Otar inebweysTo
The OnlY 1.1eepi olawigsoomsecyar
Toldocali 11:i a MMidy l'sdc. 5tl..i n io~i.sedntepb-le. THE olYdol umbhItusa Cthalson,
4:30proe8:5npTolc. a c. a h snW s
THE ONLY DR LINE ih4 oris ehwaTdly
RALOA IC E B O ER APEL RESNA TIVES THE PO uaR between ol odo els.
Whole~ae Cigar, Tobacos andtAwDnMTALLYd& O.,dChiago.stn, W. Va.
Am WEte wColl eg ca esnaies. in, OthCle NDA F r.i Tto i, uyu, rnile adOe0ark.
C2?an . Ope e. HO ~ e Anel~ci xipebiene rng ial'i ishou1l-write tiy once, 2staigcpast expei ni
W ole N igHrT oNL.ac ios aenedi rclllci i y.Full- t leceinfokis iiMrkati na oulestmeonl
RANDi, McNl-ribi. ALLiY1& eCO.,iChii cag. ris t. lbckeru l unshdbn
T EDY AC T. Amnig he iCleges. i . F A. (iCALENAR.wOLtEDOI
Ecic.Maib 21111 i (i ll
(1i(K Iiiwouildeidlct'beidnisiitirilili (ccii 22le -eclat~i
Nersk c ;satrtoal lh t lll- i i L.iil SA. ( ('nr e. r I£YO webaeour uslefo
Ae CnBeautiflfal tory of tbe South. A Sa- le ivi 11 eitiS 15li iiii 7 ihetou try i- 141 Sr lr-l 'i -_11 Aim l iin111o11 i L
iciyourselves, so
P RICES 25C, 35C, 50C AND 75C bliii iilnoderraduaiei. jFriday! Apiril . 1--. Ilill-i . L. becomes necessary to slash
Reserved Seats on Sale at the United FRENCH. Ciil i3. .April1<3 . m. K Il in ii0 ui ITll? fight and loft
SaeFprcCo'Ofie Course A, Seetlica I Ice Engineeriiig i'I..b iis
stunt s will be given H. , b, cliiiand -ridaly, Aliril lii Slinivi2 s-,ii2 iuil
F'. illn leIiiom2, 'at 3 o'clock. Courise 7,ililialci icciei.I T order to keep oii top. Con-
F.llci Ioc wllti gse il llSll ____ ______Iis eqiet l
,*si rsewl e:ivni om l(y18, 'Niceili Wing. Nrb Hall it 10 A. A.a. &LYI Sf. S.t. IL i.LA . I
1 ts oclck, INNIandtih. ____ lIAIBALNOITSi2TBE{ 7 E h atecyi .


Bate -In-- en and candlidatesi Scr lrst b acscgrctetpib ItfrOED -
tiilai"'ty Iieit edan cge wiery afterncon at 2 O' sic' Al 31 :0 ) :20, 3:40, 5:00. (:30, 7:5 30 folO ON DOAI
ickloyuply" gt a reshbcrnt" and 10:20 )i. iii.**~ L4 A"
o-ep-thernct~e 51c anDiidtets wNill reporlt sin the D A L V LR for rest
No Home in Really Comsplete - ynliici o-tt33 i o Leavs cirt hoose ill Ann Arbor at fya
Without a new 1897 Mosdel g3I~asl~lfora :0ocok
G. A. MILLIt Caii. 7:.40, 0:00, 10:20 -hid 11:10 a. ill., and ofya
7 uUar 1a:N20,.an 3:00, 4:20, 5:40, 7:10, 8:30, 9:50 a,, fact. We know it is
11 i HI.eating a sensationSU AY.
Pieav hbn Bcale joow osaresl Zithe Ccurse 13-Lectures cnl tile Private SUNDAY TIMEZ. and niakitig oul would-be
Wiashur' eorouise aity scthatt tnow you cnt Life of the Ancient Athienlis SSill be Leaves Ypsilanti at 9:20 aitd 10.:40 cmeiosfe
buy attgenuine.SWashburntof theereylatecisdsign opttosfe
Pram $tS.aaUpward. g iven en Tuiecdays at 3 ic. ill, ic~aci i., and 12:30, 1:50, 310, 4:310, 3:5.,
Teiner,- Wa'shburn Manolinis a radllel deiirte.iio- I elIond'ays at 2 p. Inl., in tile Dmuseuml 7:10 8:30 end 9:510 p. ic.
fromiLi iriee stleIs. It isthce nateest dainita I sor 2e but business is t. eS.
lighttest klctlolie inaginiablo, end itsteinepproahs builiding. 'Plus cirse is cipen t0 a1l Leaves Aiti Arbor at 10:00 andi 511:20
,vey neer totat it a finenold Cemnonatio lin. Wshi stude'nts. '1. L. DO ei. - .
burs e sosl tfixed and iuniform prices by ll first - a.hL I itl., 22 1 :3.0, 2:30, 3:10, :51). 6i:00,
-is sc dealersi everwhere.
Wacsh.-ursc cre the acolededt sitiltdard of thi PHILOSOPHIY 2. 17:0, 9:10 anid 30:30 1). Inl. I Send Cash and Address 10"
wol e a used exclusicely li e ili ______________
.'erisis 'ecers an Gtle1c Clubs. Our ew shi i ,- Seontd Cotirse ill Psyclogy. The liliiitt' frSertyeili0.HHA ,
ltitii'tt:-tittiig poertaiet oerel0oti~xistsin(<lt (1~Esfrterea oc It
and itl tiift-ion-i, piese, endoreetetc.,willI be hours have bieen 0hll1e1. iHereafter
-ttfr-eutcnre'eitoctappliationu. Iflyourlcatttlt le + t0 i Cctgic ci April 17, Aliii thleiu' Business Maiiager..
r -- ,ca 'Ii is Fan ie wiiclSti-oc .(.i. li ls stl eetill -ecndi 21.ibrn U.. 1_., he115 clts iitl illt in1cc asliai sp1r Ioil H.,_____________________
A~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~I Ibatrsllysc wlsaeadsae i. aitt l. at 1. A. 12. L.LOYD, ternnn ruka lsClliiii l~lfnlfu~
I.c1yC,.Ii i ± tig 'cilsmany timese its ect. by (111 SALE C \o2~t. Nii 3111onilay, Wclesll 111 i'ut at ___ADL THE 1nin
L..VIIN fir HEIALY, NCeiilliirii C'oncert Suitear. Address o'tuloik. ii .ut~,j Washington Block,
CotI. Ail ES. & ADAMS ST. r't0CAiiD ; 113 )aitiy. ITrack Captainl. An~n Arbor.
Headquarters for all College Tex B ooks, Law, Medical and Scientific
Agents for the Waterman Fountain Pen. ]Everyone warranted.
Largest 25 cent Note Book in the City. Best Linen Paper by the pound, 15, 20 and 25ca
Envelopes to match.__ _


20 S. State Street. Ann Arbor. Mich,

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