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March 08, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-03-08

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ilBabylon Coal is THE BEST. and get the best service.
1111traes o had ad sot Cal.U. of M. GUITARS. Office and Stable 32 Forest
Cancel Coal aad Coke. Ave. 10ehoe 6Oi.
lv.SA B ER a h u n a d ln Branch Offrice at Palmers' Pharmnacy
Telephone No. 8. One dear East of Amerl-
N HEEUIMETOFAWASHBURNS-- $-- 15.00' AND UPWARDS. CapitaliSteck,Sa$50,ell. Snrplus, $150,000.
INTEEQIMNTO OTHERS -------- 1.98 AND UPWARDS. Resources,.$1i100,00.
STUQE~fS OU~gOroale under the General Banking yLnws
sel n u i othin sState. Receives vsdeposits, baysprand
yells rxchange on Ihe principal cities of the
STUDNT' ROO, /nnUrorteSI States. Drafts cashed aeon pe
[ tis. eerzdcly cceded that a stringed is- / identification. Safety deposit baone to rent.
strums ncis s~ict artasolute necessityy Tt dI;.:', IastWashngtn ioctirel .OFFICERS: Chriatian Mackn Pros.; Wi. Di.
seo.ure Itcheciaect enjoymnc om a:the -____"__________________ice-Pres.;____Chas___E.__Hiscock,__
urV ac fc . etihe best yaauraoneywls forli d .dCashier: lii. .1. Frito Assistant Cashier.
tj"iccclas: al lient hensthe scadDOES YOURAnnMArborE
cc cocatceaoacestis hy R L MPSMO EFIRST NATIONAL BAN K~rAn ro
rgaoed 1863
An exclient instrum'nckisttic I TPY RED STAIR OIL---NO SMOKE, cou~ltal, $100,000. Sarpluns and Procits, $40,000
STAT 10 0 l Torascs In genceral ibanking ibusiness.
BAY ST TE$1000 Ni0Chai i clWicks, No:Offesivesc.Odcor, No Foulinog of Chiimneys- Foroin: ell tge"sight cantdasold. Purnish
AINJ ~.L \ VsWite Li. lcl-Brlsc freiely to lice laot drop ccf oil icn the 1-ampi E. ). NNE, Presc. IARltcISOU OLE,
thi=,cuttcco in o Icci Icnl lici a cbspee gaillon-els-eFred icc oar cans, C. I. CI.Atll(50 Cashier
,,l.isru et talcceprice, :no ccc p comptly-Solldonly icy
44 SRaciln in;Street.

.10"iN '. iXIIXY SS& CO., -. .= -r_*..__Cor. Alianccii uronaccstreec'.
453-463 5Va4liccgicen Sitre, 1108toin. ( O IVRIITY NOTES. (.ziT 1'11III IAND OPERIIA 110_SE.Lap 00. geealbninc busines. Tc c
IF_7____-4 . IioMer. Pros. C. E GREEcE, Vice Pres
ic ,: ' t1itencill itI':tc+:; W* c th , .FRcc~~*c~* i ueD. II. RotaSe, Casiee.
1% 1 .:JocI ci 1 cc.li c' idc i c cc(s sii ll icc ici i 'cli ccco",',Ict ~
flonI llsccc (c ic::: 11111c-cc. c ciiiic(',l111 c ftrlithe id t ct. Thcc F . Ji le
MAKsESTO ORiDERII),. c\1rci 'cccis relit:'~ ilol\Ilhso oI
cci' ii:n.e cf i cic's:c <:-.-: c ci iisicl-i:Illii lci20 S. STATE STREET
ntlOE - a doe i~s c cv ccliiclt c 1'si cc l-c-
"W O ME a d M N' u l II'ie: }"111 ' l;; Ic t :l Scclls a ' c Solid GldliFountain Pen at ;;1.00
Fayv1''ttil<Y hoesillallthe '11t t n it ',1 4,e 1rc i.I1. oaiM.Sceness-and Profscorc 31,lis.Lici-
cc nI1111.7Slcc ll11e cc7 cc cc-::. cii thcc e ll'ciiti-lil is cccci, licci utii: ecc Pcape or 0ce cnts.
Lali-st Styles. i.ic-s for' t 'iit, c c ci: iii:t::: cdi p iic :- rccc'-inc Nuroc'lilbecr- is roct vs Nate Raoolsl5cents and upw ards.
Best Place ccc''icic':' \1c'i ii ii>: U ii ii. Ni 1lic isii.:1:115 :1:
Bc.\liCiscl'cc. cIiin i ll cabyss o:t5:1: s O~tL~owney'S Chocolates.
lit1ii c Itscic. iii:iicic ci : li'cli 1c iist.' o un h
x-' forc ofIll l 1cm. ii i dcliii: u- 40-
Itepairing I i isiicca' It i1:ofci\ocicciicihecl'.i'
....n1;'0. tllt ,tt Ilt,'E;S?11g \1'1 <tltlteli'' lpi~tdTU TTLE'S te b48t (. StateS St. St
00r cdocli d::. 11.-f iis lcc. iihlic-. eptc t.IS Ga
Cii I,4+ cii: , : ):. 77. I;.' lii'v t Xiii1 cc I '110 ic diR eduction!
ii 'Dnill. ilitlccit8.
ciii lii cc, il ciciciciii- - - i i' -(Our price hcereafter
1 5 ii a (cc: uiiofc:fii' c l:: li --ic:-ci--l9iccccfor T1'. of Al. ib ttoos
-- I c ci c 'ii ii ~c~cc:--. (c llccall patterns, will he 50 Cents.
fil]i 11:. 1 : cc: iiic cciii ('t. cia s cic i dI-ci'i'ii r 'I ) ie Iil ta
43 S. ;main St. - Upstairs. FI icc--iroci M 7 s1 it(,ci lci-Icy i }reic ii-:'lf ci i WM ANOL, LADGmEWEER
--______ NERCULLE 'IAl E' c ,justiii::- ii iticc<Us ngty UN i lt IVEMRSITY SCHOOL
BUREAU FORf ,.ci1t,1th :111 fi W 1i ll" the ii :c; f 'oi;:ic bo"l'Itc d liiills OF DANC4ING
Caps. Gows and 'ccc cc ,) 5 :tile:llccibctwIecli;ii. Ills Ocp1oile :l aceBin.ce 300 cetil 'May 1st
ccii: cCite -bccst-. Iti'iliecrs Cc 111n''l"icc' anay 1twoclansss.Ofie
I:- cci' i cii ci IK ccc c Iici. c ' 5: Kicci ds-27 Thoinnson Street.
Albany, N. V. - 1'i: iii~'e~ lil -''i.'lii _______________________________
A k z I 'cncninE-.re, Mceasurleer. 1(r Iett I1 ;' .3l Itr i 1 : '111 ;Inli et iis fully e lqc'c' i o fci
44 E. WilliamSt . ccli: c Iihou:'selSuiable i' ccl c rir , c'ii 55 l. 111:t1ter t ic'teplt tts:1 n y L ~
]1< fL l1 A Illicca Il::ils'- (: c;I i l 'icisili -eil] 'l.olsi 'ol .1pot w t
i'C'i~irNo 0.rfil( I(ioel,' Ind thei:' c Ind l y P 'ercsonal ['ropesery. Watces.anod Isiw-
--i(ic 1 i 1cc-c-los iiciy: acsll.clil' es yRepaired. Office at redideni'e, 31 Ei.
Liibert~y st, Ancn Arbor, Mlieic. All icc-i-
I(a I _I dch 'lc r ~ "]ht (:nI clinivt, iterpet11'c1 inc. Thei's'c-nil: eess sonicieltit l hcodr, 7 do iiaIc. 1 ccld
sim lyni.-ilicit." iciSecccecch~ad Wacesn ndOiamnc~eds.
No sailing Ice Cclumbiia and Ilartford ISicwccI('s oili c nlci-i 'ccc l cccliii
bicycles. No delay aod cancequentlannoy- l INSOc I)liA N (I IsNei(xn .g:nOElc-o
ancd. Allnmodecls anid patterns now ready ILs ni iili.'dll lci:-cilver111c c on11 I' J'u---llilci-'. I1:1a:1Mar1neiand iEliegant
hoe icccciedials deliveey. 1857 c. 18,Ii~ 5..I.X i:idl-lc-ii~ll (lli 111 51 11115 iiilllicy~i
N.7 'ocl~i cciiSt. lii- dl]sialic dccii ciidi l lIc il ~ ,ld.l:ciIlc 3it celd Cold ilnenchlec at ill hceae. Agents
S-""cir iHaylen's ad Williacmc cnd i'ere s Ca.'s
E tcilhicg tolea1:csc a1 1 rsdly-ccici's. lii5cs;- 11cfr Ila's -cci gcc~i entle l eni ---Chocati~eBato n cins
t Gcod blialidi.gcod seecvice.ad ceilU1c' 18.1:1 i l~d d v lcligSNow c- R. 1B. 5J'OLiL Y, & 0CO.
posteeS ii d d411 c onitics lruic1(1bc/ i ycc ic'lci-ccju1 lcidsc Ie201S.State St., Sagesrlack.
STANDASRD OF THE WORLD lcstoli c Ict inicccg o .c t ' cci clc ti h i .1 r1,1li i :11:ine iblock
a, iidc ch i.ily oh 5 per cent Nickel grac -dl -- ____c-c-s-ir cii'cicic_'cI ..A,. n 'lT eufel
Sledeli 7,11cc cuse etiepro- TO ALL Scubscribei-for 1ileidccl'. Subscribcc'forthle 1Dilly ,IHEeADQUAncTElc FOR
duc of cwchcsic e control.$0 LIKE.I
aarefratrprices j- T[unks, Valiss, ]bss Suit Canrs
within rechincleasesofae oryonei COLL ARF'1 G F
0560M10 se AND TIILiC OPES.
I I Trnnks ad dalises Repacrecd leaily and
Caicio::ie ess:ro cianyColacebi'c ouIrCancy Shtirts can otlbhexcc- I Chealply. Nao. 5S.ManSt
cia ep.celled inc style cicidibeautty. 1,.
HarfodCon.A Slesh 31 i e c oc ashr
14- yrNJZ A A - sSntctimse Rey ilcr Fa
Greatest BMATINclenFacIoirectorlClot
Brnc TilselodalY er dreveredr21esothMaineStreet. GLEANINGCoffins EmainaSPcIRINo11
.6 __d' ui Cconiencement far--$ L2 o t nSree.l'- ourth eve.

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