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February 13, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-02-13

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Time Table (Reaised) Feb 71897" : WHEN MADE "FLEXIBLE FOLD" Is EST. A: Is'
-M l n x__34 .Y pca.. 00N. Y. Special... 4758 Mail-......8 43 ®B NT O N A O LY11 ','_
Easern Ex-l-e1Su5 N. SLimied-- 92 *IN THE..C..~ '.
Atlantic Ex-..7 5) Pacific Ex----«7-7 12,.157B o"°@
D.NExpress-5 5 Weten Ex -_1.E5
t3. R. Express 11 0 Chi. NtNa - ill.*... If7107 >
. W. RI-GIL <, 4 II W .ee * p iC
G. P.&T. At., Chica. AgI Ana Arbor 41 < 7
I i : NT d~ <7ZPATENT
TieOnl Sieep ing Gar Line Ili*n-
RAILROAD. O h s Ldaand 4Calumbs.
Tliie Tab-, Ian. 1 18117. 7TI'O Oni111ep "g arDa~ing Roe
ns'naorn. YS tdGUARAv TEE_ iLine bt .'a coldo, oinml
7: ai . i0a..in 8 N4 j Mda itla
*11l«?5 a i i c. a , ®-- -Teig011Dawing foeom ar Line i tnl-6 1 ® ® tS®a i D9 ®ai~'® ci ~r Jd9A8
4 05p.m. 1 i pm ___ in,________________T__ od, al nleandoi hara r
Riiii butwcen-ii A rbr oi l 01cdoc culy oe ovraoq m@ ovgeaoaiveo~ mpa.@l----i-- -
All trins aily t 5i.cl S ciii) welli oe nceeapt l clm vecirsbtenLlme
E MS ; . 8.GI ~i 1710 Aecnt ®®®D@ .! dcl, ilsal TEGNLY LN'\wi4ll in eel wgrF
W. II BENNETT G.P. A. Toledo 0. ~ otat o r e ewe' da~ aabs
HE LYepend t <o.Icae ciitho3be n 'ach. l a
IL3, 0<-odcP Si e ITREONL ILati liore
bSSl<1117i,s1<1ulice succn 3s. c I.TOe on.Ce¢.
vim ---____ t , THE OGLYI'lTl e',r ta-ins eiachloin
To 1e IlayedliBetcecii TA e andis UN TEIA NLY GIiLT -r LL,4Hbewen Ii _-
opaedvO ®010&0P40pp4@n~~anae.n-ODA ianO©7+ cna!SQQMnn 4@'r@®6 a-,.n 90® ndted 151,1rccl
February________________________________Tin' GPL.ISi ICllo <nTedol k
A POSITION I ri c 0,.c~r U e ndN e .
fteriiooii 1111 lEvcinig. ' s i nno nt' tieorte =
Co.Mo LhnrySt.' eured wA 1 nl.0 tly c titwilble td tln 0 Agnt o te i el rI7l U MA
______________________Al' cc. 7111< ips a11111r1 Illllltloll. ~OLO TOLEDO, IX
e 4r ~~~~~~~~ obeeicNV Tociex lc I llC e lccdil 'Iiccscidc c i riteGrn.OeaHue
RAND, McNALLY & CO, Chicago lie Pess
S phou ] :J.0 l~b l ,.r)ei 1 V.J j1). .aRK R F f 3: ln nPen '11 eeichan o madc ,a Teccas Mc e. A ,s
NoHmei Rely Cmplee GanclDoubleBil 11.l T e icgicne c
1) Y BenjSOorni 'ifloo W at00111 c1ttr i iii tco the Tiycloc.Aleiict i 11a11111 ~ti lobylle e PiclX0c
c eli cli1d1 z1 , r "l t<- J . .FREUD, 'Gi, 47 S. University Ave rnineir ilhI 11 Ii, SIeer a
From $i5.a Upe aid. 1 Chaneges ef Hurs in Latin. U, OF isMCALENDAR.I pollelcd.
c l ,r, 1 1 0dl,,le< it1< 11 l iic 111 I I 1 i 1<, - - Pricis, 35c, 0c, 5c and-$2-~L.
«iit r e , .<0I I r. el 1 . all '-17 nL i-
1 t O t 1 1 . A IotlI i o r,1t 111' n1it
a tt h it -ic 11-elIl-it<11 1 itol Hp.I TANN AR'.QBR :ICH
i l r.. lcin en i 1olc l- lilt 1) 0 t l « « " F 1. 20 A <-t'r1,rer1te ,<<-s1 I
la'elly ioart l oie. il i 0 Ii lillll I<ly ,Io l -1- 0 1.11 Ioi<lIn I t u' O 1oil
1t l YON &u l l Ii t ]ii \1"1<' -~lii li 1 ('lii II I'
170. Ic-. I\oil. ic11<1 Iitcl- el ~\ ~~u
%/ i(1 'i i ' ~~li< 'll 01 ". I <10, 1<<iiioa-,inntl li toI. lont1e<111t
Atabunipoewihgau ,a a!ttIN11% tX. 8 <11110 5.; l17I 7<.111111 11<1r P." 1 SFelTJPPL ~e4(r , IE$.11tnBlc-
:75 t that increases in value asies- itos-ceLiieahio .e b}. 7I
iPl rlllylwrthiHnry-ties it iert.iiI15. 'I1l1;0<11 liolt 't), lli-iiiriiRooic clr~ ;-ea' L orotlAIlle11sAc~iilil A-i IiT
LYON & HEALY li piiilil 1001<iio. -epic11tiltiti F.le ItrST
I Neil T. rachlL.iLn1;.LP'cme 7
11 Prot I~71 7 ('1 <TVl '11 ANCI Nl.
r b 1. 1'1 ,An1 tli It. s tIoti-sey o r w it lic -Yioi-i 0< tiito'lO 110e R T S O STII
cull-1i <Fto ~iIofIhisilt0. siiii 1'.1<11 tiT'.i<<iig.114111 1bu,-liosic11 tA0 IO V~t TllSIN
F e d it)'. uo.hO 11<1111 citslis AcLteiag.uii'ihia<il, .0.l itTION
lo .1 . I 1 itii - i1. Ael Co11< urse 11117 .1tl~e 0 c ls ol lts. 5);i~t Oii e:l Sholld emfo s p siiitcl2
NOTtol I'l ! Ifl, l .1 o l Oit of file - icllit Stncicltr Slo Cil G ii 0C lky , cp k1.11.lill ciec nro a
- i 8T1<DRN~Ilti . 1 10 'ti~ ics< o I on i t ct, ilse ic,1111bi s in ci rtrn a oefii or -s-
a <:,PII tIIran t rt.cI 1,li' ion-t 1"t lilhoellca thl.it to ee 1os l Ca t rigu o p. ring aedosilleeuld'Icy e
tie11 [it . 1 '.w IlR om !"I o nly -t2p lt - n- t alt ;(1 1 sHI fee h tia liii, lil ne orcc
S ~~~~~ ilt.,11118 si. I ics I iL~c.<c h 1 Ic < I 0071cta g ingon 1IC l A .SADIG&BC_~
WA N R & CI eN S 111 o, iN eingTic. s11 oom :10sill ticdc~ ni 11er.ily(. Maceli ______________
1 i Ssllliai 101c1 bi Iiic New Y lik.e hicaE g, e wi
I1S ANs. t., so oil tIRN YSC II IP ~iI'OIiti lia IdY1 li Linii11110wpaer

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