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October 14, 1896 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-10-14

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0© '\\IIL D ,O SECOND DAY'S PLAY Yesterday's Practice. BOARD OF CONTROL
I ~The 'Varsity practice yesterday was
jLeading Tailor In the Tennis Tournament Was very interesting and at times sme Meets and Reorganizes for the
L hiOne of Brilliant Work. god fast foo'tball was seen. Pigee Coming Year.
j and terhes t each made a very bril-
AN D I1i PR TER'LL Tin second days play yeserday in tant ran fr inarly the leigt of the Tre Bard (of(ontrl met last even-
p ( thte tennis tornamlent ievalsped at field. Ott batsocasiss they were tng and reoranized fr te coinling
FULL UIILSS SUITS AMSPECIALTY. atntiber of sirlrises. It the first tplcer aided by seie excellent Varsity inter- year. Ward itughes retigned as tbase-
L___________ amb, 1I9i, defeated Danforth, wits ferenece. toull maager because of Iis drties as
l T MI ast year gave i. wardi Satoy sobliCaptain Seter played Iis cnd inthein footal mtanagt-'.Hiis sucessr will
NO. E' WASINGiON u NEAR a (lose al ts the diuals of thes ping early part of the practice. Of thie be atlett at ilte netseetig.
m ® o taut itaisett. Ttett followed le veitnew tmets Paliser. Bettet, Pig-ee. 'hl'oitBad of Ctntrol as ntow cat-
$. ~[ A O! OTIBU81 tory of Rusell ovec Adail nd athte Seel Gordonanad Drutthleller tll did stitted consists of Peat.Knowvlton
at a reasonable price 0 wts deft,%ttdini tuItitattey, Tirv' tar te lt c rves ope, it' aten2401 list, Prof. Patit~gill tind Dr. Nnree
tansn' always easy to get.
f For 25 cents we give you Y' atttItetIedy. vitoris whicht avere tattittnd itan,. itatle litttelf felt at is'faesulty tmettttsr; J. De F. Rch-
one that V0can warrant to initie rt'ttarkatble by theusei-cristi uagird, atd Ars an tt icstott alo an.ids ad~oe Illl.1. H. P'retiss andi
Sbe satifacty Bettor look
Sat'ean net tine. citlti ite shstwnu by file cieter. stiowed iti wel. Wardicttliles is stdetem ueibers.
--Ittits'eittitieu-itDanfarithtd i iIIe practice fit' tiess lised itt) at 'T. Atitsont. 'it L taley.19(),
# PALMER'S PHARMACY 0 itiitte victy hitngedt tpo ue firs usfollows:lattt iluy Nillet' 'li,,were leted as
41.SAES. firt tset bitt Lambttplahyed t' stedier 'Vtts'sty esrves. ntiew smebrs ofte athletic tbard
,atdspltledtout te iseit. After-th lisets ' . . . . .'tantd (x. B. I-art aiwsmd iiei
P, t tl 'k't'i si ~ssi atl ill . 1.t. . ntowvpu-siist tsruhws ae thlt
INI ' atr 1- osgtstr
IiLrSi]s3i;YNI ti at e. tyot it-Assit titlicier....... .iStvaget' thradate lmemibers (f itheAdvaisory
Wse will ive a discount of tenHeslt....r.g..... PpComte e aoied eeGoge.
per cent frostsonr already cash ehtos sintlesavwhire itt' ctsily dtlt'f tl Ilcrit ttgr ..r. t... ttultisssoss i'tut, of DttroitCh'ias. Btirttand
prices on Reliable Footwear Ftnt t -0, i il-i2. lit'te c the layed'the Pl ilttt. . .t-' ... .FrnHasltlsrry AI. Btets oat(itita.
on thse following goods: $6.0tolad ...uaGd . Le
Shoes at $5.40 $o Shoes at $450, 1 In at t(f inue 555thcitt hRoyIl iart 5I. uts i- ~ ~ t-
4 hos t$3ad$ Soe t ~5~s hit is5 Ii r tit . I.t.1. . .Dumhetitllr Among the Colleges.
$270oe ,$2 atsoes5at $1o80 t v iSd tc P lo pspne r i 'at' ...is. .b....Gtolt.
at $ 1.SosltX.0 1 .50 Montaittfiicctiltsets apieice,'.nttsetl allasst. .b.. . A havurtl4 sstitia 5-oese
jf p r t Ii i tenedi iutitg. Thissvit-try ill 00L -neenetsMet tt-tselveo a asititisofr their'
hi ithel i rst i"5t t'iitttt of frt cttsltaass
JAChngOS 8. asLingoAst bng in l'cih ttoKney A caucurs of thecintdeptcenets, itir- WIillitts liarbent e-est fea mn
'.l'ltt' tout tou. ttt't-tte t nd o-t er nat'tl frtic-year clIts of 1222. Iehligls113. 'sioss 50~
SHOULD REGISTER andtit1he list si-s i tiicila, 11-9,avohidtetti me(that NewbesrryItt11l Pt't5 00. lut.i'itttll 3-50 C'tltmbtia 142.E
-AT- gasish-fibisctl- cometcst's. yetsi-'ltty ;situ odtust'te tfollowig At Hlarvtirdl ilst'athletic otuiaitee
3 ~ Stoe 'llte ts hy I-ti asts si--it liss- siasitoie :s tttr ltt' -lectiont to bttts'atslliointh-tass Intititor its base-
it ~ ~ ~ sl catyo oiau atobter t t 13 sltsI t-rick andtlLtminut stilts eldsi itirhist stblstlAll ohtudtets wits so doittsie may
Icotyo nohig.us o na isls tc t sotis-e t 'atst Pcitist . . 'seilt.-lhsi. li nt-i tusitatl gtmse.
Is it tuoss Csis-pti.First ric Itresidtent. B. i. Amies 'the iic'ci'ity of Clsragohtas e-
Colwi- o d 'I a d ti. 1 g~ pis auuuiiiisit oitttelt tutu talus-uda.eciveth a titv55-iff t alueiat hlfita
Fowler Comnhination. Lady Fits Fi-'sttlassssigles. ltr'iit rys itt c'hesr-iden-st. I. Lund;lsttriillionitolasc. t cosisits of 3.000t
Behind. Jor Rent By rotunittMaerctttbett lsrs-y 1-fi ,ii tces of lasert aroudt Wol Lsike ad
iip~Uf-4; fitstsoutsit.Russe-llit--t titus tn l iRettrisgs t-i-iis y, I. t. Mitlle. Ithit' osseeiig casnel tot Lke ich-
TUCKER & CO, FIFTH AVIE. - A . Aihga.ial hsl
UNIVERSITY SCHOOLfI F ~DA~NC It1.-l; tLaibbetitstDtanforthi S-. -2: eisi positinseacrety. lest ,lit.hhgift itt $1.tt00i-i0)tfor bilgical
silh~ttI UIU ecotudetclasasigles, icpsiss-scttvi isut.Newta- Teds. l~otoaiessbty giing het' Uihersity
Spcial atetianpai to hgiases. Fo
particulars et t Atlinsoni1s-beIa sstload'it 6-; eitttatAttis . tGi.. ili'lolc-ty. hri est sttutatinitsthewoirli. Such
27 Thlompson. Street. lt-i hbeat Frank ihsi-i,(i-2IBlunt sit Ktasa.a1sationi a-ill ie of grest eefit to
=AT-ittvlts thetiult-i fir utodo rs: Itpurry is t'gift of llts. Eticsas-
{// Fts ra, uilo, e i-in l au d ' llereuu' cill I u t' t li'islilh sui usas s itio ,y, hr.C. B 11 liaulil s tti . t.A
W AHR'S BOOK STORE. frittr s.<SIgles, aemb v, l s el;Imsudo ude teaupce f hehld f E.A
'stI\tttiiu tilt' ti' tialh'' u luihtsi. o lhagi.
We ivieevery student to visit scn cassigeprl inayYussllrDilt-us's ipuutilist ubhltt-- 'it 'he icni's-~ivo a t P-islc-tith
our stores. We have a large supply morrowI-Friday) evenini igltthepru'ruuutiisusiryhacc-etI-'litadiptecc
of second sand University Tet rundss-Bluint s.Ritipley;:frItroundlisr sis i te-iitti hl si 'iitt~ dpe
Books for all tedeatens tre-uia s cs. liasisiur lilsiler vs. cii- cut]os, drse vl emd oacd feiiiiy codn
Low ansd Medical Books. Germanit'c
and French lassics.tur aof Blunt andsitpluieysmatich; Watr- -by Jsies I.flitays atititalis-c. Thuac i'hiie'Iu no0stut cill bte' illvectito
We sell the best student Note rne s.Udrod, hrluaiv.iterlu' d re u i'reqsts-sI cito sris-ieplythus' 1--tyorevnprctc
Books 20 cents earl.ciiecai'orvodttihuuius.- l ii ttshu-'suhyttccuslil'-i'
Thle het Littnen aer2 cnspe1tmiusu.li 1uiuiiutit ul'inordtriadtlu liciti esty loi i. f he iisbees dropeditilfrissi
pound. Ii' -iIsisge' iettndanice. onte'tlsss toi a -i'ser lias. r if lit' its
We buy anud exchsanuge second 'Thec iuatchesiniidotiubles ccill sot hi- _
hand hooks. playedt ntsl uh ur'sda'ity. T'otrcowaSilvertes. tllatlgettfrom oiu tutu' tleliut to all,
Agents for tisa Watermsati Foun- eihrWtotf-~.l
lain Pen. the il'a-ii-finatls Iulis clss sigles Iiursc1usstls ii si si si-
Mathematical Instruments and cud the fist raoundilof seconid cs 'ITheBryantsI"riu-I'Silaer ilubtccill fac r xasinsitsttittu lhe se sre the
Drafting Supplies a specialty.setilgitcorhostoih itsrkesrusinfreaay nv-
The best prices to everybody sigles ccill e lsay-ed.steitthu-tsfusistahgistariltnt'iiftc'ltsii' iie-
Give us a tri' 17251 olocik. All ccwhoilieeillii]hu-ixhtyin thflt itf' thi'object.beig
WSA DC A.H 'SBO K T ORE thue a stenctsclushcauitof the Iics' stuelalias its-eurugetily regiueteultotokeou:ttliuvhenrte
Up TawsnI-owa Taiws departmfsien ccillsuet toeay st 11 a. le' tresent as biusies of iuloetteiii _sip a'shu lue
20 S. Slate t. Oppoite Court Ihouse.
Ass Arbor. Blain t. i. and organize for flu ecoussiug year.cvill be transsit ed. Subscribe for fle Daily.

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