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February 10, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-02-10

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Time Table Mix, i alli ]oa., W7 18
wiser andEx.... 47 N. Y Specil-- 7 0 yr<v u e+
I Y Special - 4 58 lait 8 43sa
asternEx ----0e3 N S Imited - 9025 L'/h eo/M IlJ~ '
AtilnS~c Es----753, Pacific Is: - 2150 - Ii, ^ r 7 / s
O. NN press - 350 WestensE .... I15as
G. R- E apress . Ii 13') Cbs Nt Es ...515 s FF 1 ,
8(=lasie I- 0I es 5r -
} a r i
t< + PT a a 7i tiae Car Lie botseena To-
RAILROAD 371 1 155ad Cltmbus.
Time Ttlei. fn 3, 1n2J iTilon0 i si ir DraingIloom ar
b / 3tsoal. is scesTle, Commbus and
70 ai m 3rlta
x~l ,,i , m 11 . i. FtS El' 051Drawi n esoom Cr inbtwnnn
4.1t 3 o p. in ~"Tled,Coluesbus and Caresten
Kin ettwes AitasAr~os oe do only ' a " esoo w'i ' 'eoea~ *0 5*0 5s .eo ao- oa .Qwo'no ® a a ,o enseesmS > 1. Ha.
All tser sdli l~ctSteday We0iateansis o 'ii s. a o era baissosa Col s asand
1111111k91 Ot ,t l ' A t 9 asp addes. rPcs ml tisaot
N. PE NIT 0P A'I~led 0pond, *5.l; qa. 'TO' ON Y LINE sllSwth4 gains eh y dlly
W. 1 BN'VTI . VA. oleo Otee psan, a59oe etesTleolandClbs
® $ z ~~~ ~ ~~~aSpsslps eeTEOL N ih ltan ahwyo
smetona oldsid, i Cs Sys bleecs To)l o ndnd Osmn
A MATCR3ED GAEME ® btee oldHolngGee n
Fida.00-TRIMONLY LINE ihl teains eahbway diy
'Ps ip I '351 11,100)1 i i os idetwelens ^ o 1lcsdo ed Carleston, W. Va.
Toli fayd leivco raFr tan D"Ta O LY DIRECT LINE betwenToledo
d'°!ebr a y.& ' St~d,.TOE POP ULb 3iN-,1, t1see'To] ded, Fot.
xf®IA PO ITIONh r aocrucao, Os ills and Newark.
Afternoon013And 1Lvcr hgf;. A 1 r 1 1i' Fun lat a tereltieeto rts, tome of
Can1 , se i rd v:thIr od,;tcNaty &LeCo.tht ill 1 it god e rssol a lris, e., w i eeefllytaurnishedby any
Cor. Min and Liberty Sts. 1r i ~ ~ SraabRpeeatoa~orAgensf sOiolonOessa inLes.
c+30o, 3111. 081acd oer p t li rizll. MULTON Hi'OU, . P. A.
By idbert NToiike II.,o Lc, 01eicafuleutsu, i Cte z'0aDnd O eaZ ue
bokfb Ic Sltm11belcls Ctalu and 4 slla) ss eias napplcationjO eaH'~ie
Ixpo aenasst Lfoe o) n1.11,10 ol ll es tone,,i Calic past o eer ilence.I t
RAD CAL OISociety's Favorite Actress,
r: )-rss~io"'OaUseie lca 'eCKY01CORY1I'3athe GEO. S. PPRKER Fountain PenI Teis in tiecammirn rte'i1,bru°Spio edrist l- EO
ENo hom in Really Complete
Wilisut a new 191 Model
Bot GuiahMnoi ~ s atM l ps inn - se o te Bitcycl e rs07071Ps o e a i t ;anled 1by 11h7Par i Aai 11eComposn Pltpy.Sls
t Banjo or Zither. Pen Cepisy, jt.,illel is X. gemeitof aGiElOREI. MAGEE.
as a rebeenlsca1ed'd. . FRE D, 99, 47 . University Ave. l er Napoleale bSuces,
'118, n g-"lnelle olbopsofIiheeylites deign i
From $I.nnUpward. AT THlE GRAND OPIlA iSE . OF NM. CALENDAR.Iy Alted Hoalodiae. RHA
1 i.1ttshsbeeaclalia lerdi l eeseill- -_________saJOEPHI NE.
nelte ; .r t e inyla. Iis mee nesI doatet ,tP IC S 5 ,e5 5C ,~
Is t let ilellia moetisbei ad itslop 51I5111e017. I ir lst ea l it fulghieidr I ill si c1(. l ly 71say1.IsloP81 Ul P IE 3 0 0 ,1 0 1 0
# u11cet111ebruairyi i12Ielilvaslletil.hall1
nIsi ii tt i silsiisaprices isy ll el, i s r il I rti l Ils 1 3110tii a is l- T uil tiss' I ailtil Mill3 illS a I.A
sretile irbuisslested tndardsf li111 Wol. a slcil favoiteill eve'r13 sitI i7c1u 10e. Clilesgo Almilnuml~btrIOO H IT
ieeY and OepI ilbs. Or nelse 5,'O rc Iii (ti sll r7 sill hlii'err(11it Ils (1<l t
anief sltr iisispiee, edrsesreales,ecltt i oo l ilonsa'. Ir tF siyie'lll' h For)1N"1 11. -i.'11 3 H
sl, atef aplicatlsioieiiIf ysurl c srer7fa;fr a l r 1,tl lilId( A I l A B R Yl II
sol tot uiivi sel seiiol siilaiees C.0(.1). i 1117er gatet 01Setil' , llii'licslls 111Ils be bad 1 17C 11 I A t R O I v C
A Wshburn improves with age and makes a -111i1and b soninilcd.i NALTEPOOAHR
Gilt that iecreases in value an the years g by. 1 1-lilil' Milei' healIi a l i e iv 1 i 1-1_1
I is rally earthnny times its os. lrsgi«si eitseiil ilh 1111311 t \sl'm ii' l'siilS 11 (ei B1lAlio, bo
LYON & IiliA~~l.'i',aitois tld'lt'tis'e 1. iI l lth s' 5'l n ii 11) brseiiti evcxt h il it 7 iIn ' sttI______________________________
C015 SWABASH AVE. &ADAMS ST.. CHICAGO. 'I11(1el t - stto it ti lt, a r'ia l ols 2011. lyiett.S tu ' r n 0 1
1111 odlii 7 sii lsin tl in m lillis lirs woit511157asill eing(4C ~ lc
1 " B3163'0 I It I ll1311a t f 31111. 1f sl s' o Ills' i laogis vait lseo Ast l m Ilx 8ltr
11fbu1 poor1 ort 'P llq i to11111 Tille V 'fla 1
l e trai' 0 aeo e trkftIk IoTt nedyFb. ap UPLI±E
1 11101' 1d si rtiloSI ill1 e's deil illl 1u 11l} FSii'ad1710i'ng sIc ePll. H~era mpl7s6-et.:e
poilsis te1' t11 i lland litiltsslla it'll(ITsat so r t. lastbe rwarded.1 I a i rss. i n i y es foslie ni i es,
- of I~1151ic t -o; 11pro' tol, ln-GofCra,:t1 ran fil, ym-- n metslyIs ter queenils "areln I0 TT T tieslsy itrl n arolfol C m E iiu eels atsd oti. Coaplete
itiraalo uesof paian.ed ummsoeSparts
is.) r'olnsrlisae.id11511 ilatinirliil, I;gol 331 ll with Ilh aaPi loon-11ree. 5"ie NametuaOtratei."
t 'stiletthu Ind lgoetO hve esilbedilsgllt's l'siil Ilstia It. 512 '3 A5 . (3SPALDING & BROS. h iup 'ihue n eev e
* l5 i' i0l1-sl 1 S Olt.Nesv Yrk. Ciag, 1'Illaselpsa.
Ii .ch ra t l' lio= red'tiig i"le b , urd
,' 15 ltl~arllg grsl'iandlioll evlio'e s. 11)OS'-A Iey rHg wih trIe ly I. ECIEbSIOvnHAT ES T ASH-
I . l Oatevir 1 sheis lwly.sleligt- jLitittr will pleaseP lave asit heiPly I'I INOTON l7FOR THE I-
t I I ftil l i' j liy- will bep beaittifilly' eI of i. I A TGURlA'rioN.
stalgd asill 'Ishutlal 11.5 Mle. RheasS 1O01 RENT-A1 eSyy dsiiir lei sie fth
13)11ll ave 1111supitoIf 1111lelrgstof oni, 18/ i~oet aene. Best sligeiratioO Pceremois MacelI4thi, te
an ' I1111d st f iIO7 lits has Pever as. Iof table bard. Ann Albr R.IP. sill mll exeorsrjn
S09 Saura, an 0,a (od Gla siop117'of "A S~t he ' Hatdsiltiksets from all satiols to Wsssinl-
ItllWithset of golt beads atsettaMd toilanlIetrne at one fare for the
' 11roi;und~ 51 vl b isat N'~1171I~I a~b 111 ill 011 trip. ePikets aill be sold Marcis
1s chain, o1strs rams1111llNdlinenlrats maeforareturn to
WAGER&NC , S, oninside of back cae. Finder llease lle.1t dad3,Inie:frrtr o
AAGENTS, 1returni to 72 Wi'sltenaw al-. 1011re- I SwanoLs illili-1ap1r is i s hte. r10' MarlSth.
21 S. NIAIN ST. cele rossad. I tiisiuesiieen5P l 11ikeSa ienPpaperpi'Have you ever [een hin?.

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