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February 08, 1897 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-02-08

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Time Tabe (Revised) Sept 271896 ®1TlIREE INCHES TALL AND CUT G
'il-and Ex ___ 347 NYSpecia----75 SJCOLARCS TE PRFETIO 7
N.a.Stecial...478 Mail_-- _8 4 I OF EVENING ' " <'G i 1
EsenE _..10 17 N SLimied 5 'Isfr + J' . . , "''%
A. .P M 0ISHAES, ^31 I9 gM IC
1) N. Epres__ 5 41 West ern Fx-'-i S :fi. . -.,-..s w77 - oc
. i. Express _l5 hs. Nt Na __9 10 i 9 f' w -
OW .RU SO A, . . HAY S 53 < i t, " felE I
i. P. &c T. AgO., Chicagoa, Age. Ana Arbrha S 771twL",o
RAILROA~D, The Only Sepin Gar Linn between To-
fi ,fNItTW/e leds nd Colusinn.
Tins Tahfer Ja. 31, 187. 1 1S1T 04 F_ e R14 Tne Oni Sleeping or iDrawin Roms Gar
NORT IOUTH S IT@S'A GUrRANaEE.Lin etwensTed,Coniumusandan
7:;15a. . 10 . . ~ l ., - eC r-, 9Marietta.
14; a t sa~-" ' '' "" " The Oniy Drawing Rom Car Lien ietwnnn
410p 653 ~ *500955,e555,,,s*@@ eeeOSS Tled., Columbhus and Charstn,
*Ran betweentAntt Abr andlToletoaonly W.V.
All trainseditily except Suday. .omaaaa ova~~ wvq...vo a~~~ ua oaom Pilwan Simepers between Coumbnusn and
5. . Gi.Mi,10R Agent eeS nt. a saple to Chian.
W. IidBENNETT G. P.A. Tleda0G. U ay adres. Pintt3 THE ONLY LIx0Eith 4traineachWaydiy
_______________ i ~)f.4Ttr psAund 0 e TH ONLY LIND witcpsieeeaa(1hweyen
TH INEGADNBU AD ALSUSIIIG, 115 cltaa na etweenTld a chWayaitlmye
!tetBeni THE ONLY LINE witt5 traiseech wadly
THEKIDEGADE BLUDHALFitelay LTa)ed Ted, Bawlg Geeneantd
RAILOAD ICKE BROERS dd ee OTHEONLY LN ith551 Sei s each way71aily
ad the Viias
Wholesale Cigars, Tobaccos aid ~ ~Ta POULAi LINE t~eeTl, Fsi.
ria, Bcrua,,Granile anNeak
Cigretes Ti e i s to 1119Pal G . EO. S. PARKER Fountain Pn P11informtainreltive tarate; time of
Cor. Main and Liberty Sts. 5tpattncsleetc.sitewPnllghta heeeiaUmrfu eyishe byannp
________________________ MOULTON HO0UK, G. P. A.
_ -. "'c,0- - WatttBal t Hcae ietthe ttBicycl. A pecectfPUS atItetteettnitttby lito.Pakriln itay tc~rle is ~xa d Op r 1 u e
+J. C. FREUD, 99, 47 S. Unveaity Ave___
AT' THEGRiAND) OPEiRA hOUSE. Naicy ( ihlk1, HltitllSill.er, lilFl A EBUR
'i y1q 'fihec. I no tl aSeteI in(.li loi I t st 1 500 131 t' I nhtd E IE i tniylit
,1 i tait x 10o1 ' lc i 's it dItt ' txiip 'tlIct ATE S 1iit0 1 WAitii-Societys Favorite Actress,
515't ll'tlttl it iOtil tt'l'l ip ixii-r "~N iAT (8 B 9-~lThe Ditieaauis ied
7 l uitar, Mandolin, I' is 10ith lis rettisoithalxi t t e tltottittt' tnttl'l~ t t tlii'i Nsl 11ii
S1 iP iII Banjo or Zither. (tJttl ttii'iue L ltit't' of lt'e iFet'cthi.hur-t i u9-t'.tt' I. 12.i9111st-tl tltcursi Adittiiii'aiaiaiy at ilixers. Sin-
I- ben tcaeddo n s a restult of tie ^.5 1 y it11.!!.1iti:c1ti l leut. lRle, l ti lti tt titi('t e tot-rri li Sill(1150 1 1 itii t acatIf Gt EORGE W.911 AEE
.r ~lit' itittal liinowtcan ton and rtu tilt n 'ie.Otfapaeteitortthes
xahnnfhvr acott re n l liiI r11gIati ,rhotti t rtlls l;iiiie'lli i ttt It'It'JOSEPHINE, EMPRESS OF THE FRENCH
rom $S.o Upwaird. lot lhe:I:1I tnot p1e, ''tI iii of iuh t t i litiid ip. 'itli s sill ie sldtiMtrei iBy Alrdlt itttd t'lrs . tHFA
It'asltt aeu tid st ir deie Ii tsti c j'7 t 1 lit ilad 3d ii it ti r returntoit ttas JOEPINE
-'citii Cs. t is iue tcc.tet ' t t' i llit 7'- ti's.l tt'11 l1(,itti'. ed b- ]( 3 C [(1 IQ,
by t.t \ 1 ma .1be -it l_1_li_!tic__caI, 500, d i , $aI 00.ll
'' t'.ittlitit t1Cetia Y'SitttiI99Sit _________________
"otitt'ts atuttlcdtd ttl it11-wtti itttiit'it it tlst ta
lit-i ,e'l t'. ettaittitig p ce s bytilatc 0 1.ct
1.11, 'I',iatce. ctdtestheri, ci i til I r lii' Xiiand i the tt't ellso I 11111 liii iiiOtt' t'BtitsPlid. ANN A BOR. ICI-
pttitttth l t'ri xc s weldsiti 'slitndr t he itfii 1111 h1,O tt'tti utt' l.s lii f i i h t ietbl oad at110Iiil u
At WshI h nra ie e s th a e n makes a tl ticotllthlP s 'i clt'0}l'5 ,' IFt'e nvnI'Ct e nd ol 1s: e ei. ''
31' 1 ABASH. AVt , rie & ADAMs L S t c wi llCAC gO thip t Sf~r. Ii x''n.l i' p odut ioni 7ytili __ _ _ __ _
lt lt itt .i'tist'ititiitt'st 1 110i tilln it1 c.till I It I a -it
LY11111 CL , w e is t ti els xi l i- 'V i ii ~lbd ilws-nt ot p~i 75el Ail nSit ArSli rti
ii-i t' ittAll ut tiCl ii 'the tie c lit ' l l c nt. hititl eto lt ie
pr uhr ihpil dpc h -lid for s1 a yafeoit obltycs. ie is ' i
(r '1r o 110 nCiii'ra stod lt 7a h w h ico oppaI i pc1t1rls1031-ttiii iiItt~
.hi i1 t.oly itehiti oeMlle. iioi aten llt di i I It3Si 'SlRe turnto' R.lii. 255, i nsit, 'itae tSisi iS sSat
undtiter tatill l~lil 011'rtilit iii ofill.i h~i 9i lieu Ptiius eiC ant d b reseivetltl re.r50- N t i C a Mt
litl tC ii iset'g' i t lilr 'in 1 the a o ittiiiie ilb oo IA .S PAB L L B O .
tole fiti. lll lltilt it ibte t19 llthaiiin i isoto iches' lie ii's' Ns Y . Uiaeeaiia 25a
-lnh 0 evini s h'1t1Cti'ttl h'erll la s o ldsiitw o n ick ils, p acticale.a itl r-
* I iii lii'0 1-;a11tii t'icit' ite lb. (leenilt . Ever bod wti~ t i l wearon__Post
.I plttio ttliiofi911the i'il, li Jvlt.e i of - o9''u clihit e s 5ineaghtoruury12a l 'n i rs37f bai
I~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~pl t '''etl' tti it ag~ iiiiuifotr 15il cents Youtin e iiltli o.iuManugrs shouldO Miens ir S.a s L.d.
I ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1 Derbr st. Chcao 111 Goi ha i-ittruttl ul110atysFRRN- 'r eial orde t Src retan's onel N.ymn-
4tulr0h a th'i e deprtitsmpaoth is onf 1 Frs ven. a eoly avpne sandwilltfi itie Dailyt
her.i Hi o 1r iiu'iti nftir ft he en tii rtIuiy o tb l bord. Ji. ia od Cter e of re in001 acd aymerSpotsoi
e I 11ls iili iyr 0 uuutii T. ic i tses t "A S'ssondi Fs-' t iuuuls tre te S h t a e1) HeSS'Sn.
Bfrs, ToielineFrand ter ur, oed M'"IiT-V''uisly-Fb 1 ap
WAGNERtll & nCOrntho As' o - Swan nien aScaefirm, peainsei.ea r, Fner lea iase elpth1ia.
lili nie tt ge rno Itnd ll be3111101 C. o l 1 ,______ ae.________.___MC LEN AR
2i S MAIN ST Bow ee fla ies charionr a Dhe Jbran, I ce ha een' benhu bfr. ThyrS.,adb rsadd

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