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February 05, 1897 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-02-05

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* students. Room C can be dosubtleso
P . of aI tu* oolly ;seeured for tis jos-ie and if
the mseetiago are mlade informal, oni
Published Daily (Sundays excepted)i during thle plan of "smokers," for inistitoce. ______________________________________
the Collens year, a there will he no lark of attenoda.ne.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. 'The remedy is certainly worth atrial' U E' t A
(I rvica, Times builing, 79 S.linlaSt. be-1H
tenLbryand iWilliam Sts. andid the AtleicAssociatiot s or- LADIES' JA 9
i1NAGa1NG EDITOR reeds, other 01rtatizzatotto tao fall
JF. THOMiAS, 97. into lit,,, Iand P A PF . 11Ufl m i -r 0l

O.HIIANs3, '05. Communication. at Half.
E. L. DEISMEn, '9s I. F. S.oIMons, '98" 'f:1 ott'e'Edititr of the U. of M. Daily: Never a time more opportune than
F'. M1. Loos, '9s. tU. D. OSILANis 51L. ttt r It Iodttoi requtest tte use of now to provide youirself with a stylish
H. H. CORWIN, '90. BLoEit kos,i,'00.
0. M1. GaEsN, AheticEitors. ygur roltititis t britig before thte stu- Cotat or Cape zat so little expense.
ASSOCIATE EIITOIIS dlitleat haitter whichirit ay at hersl Wre have now in ouir Cloak 1100111
SV. W. llughes, '98. S. iv. sitl,,'9'lit, lt ;lre r tiilb tAhc i
F'. A. Forth, 'hOE. I A. Campell'00 'ttatirrIrshtmbtattnttOilly 'aeltets as elegant in design,
IV. F. iorril, '50. (G. 1). lladnast,'hi. ill retlity-tof smle illltoritlnt held- make ,and moaterial as this country of-
A. A1. Snith, 'O7. C'. Loll, jr.,.9911, cu it. h at sa d ont e
___________________________ii' rtt:1lr:il ltllttit Cfords-than whichi us large city eati
N I fir 'to tilel'actk of vi'ttiiiatiittt it itt' boast better- all of whtich are sellitig
<_____ i s, somls. 'T10 veutlktti ttOf te
The iaubsceipiion pilerof t he tDaily i si 2.t0I .tlw at
tarth rolei' eo, ,it, ir ii iiae l i~l'ittinttei' iaiti hall has alays
tiones, anti othiematter iiteiicli-ilftr ptiar' ttttrstl 1i itlt lt1tt ___________
ion aiust he hansded ini at 'lie Daily 't'te e- ill it is 110 beiteiri. Da rin-' ti'elt'es-
loie ep mi.,soraiildto theeditorttefotre t 1-
pM., iithe day preiious psto thlat on 0 licheii :cl efte h odiino LADES.FU, -
thrre xetdt ~fa.sbciptionsmay beiletrtat Thie'Doily ir2s~ G >L DI FR C PS
Offies, leyer's or Stattlet sa Oroator 'al . tuteu raatIng. iReently
with BasineslManager. Oat erit-r5 eill on- r I. lCnd, ol ell~J
ler a las-ority ireportiiieProptiiilyat i t litig- ilt 5 oiteletrer' iithour -srahn Cuf' ooSelhMne
officerany faiure at carrieristo dusivraer iiti ii iteilsxoto ts 'atnd Electric Seal
Ctnnillill isi lionia' -ti iii trth iy-ottcedisixiuttiofg.' l itofe
Cllithsa~~y i-m rmfe officersof tiii'as-oubis studelnt or- if thei'lit-ct-i'. T'l'turtte wsit it- Oz -a~
gaitintlits Of lark of stitdent supportlt.ti--' u.ttltl'a ietei o ____________________________
Whenuttiitarefats 'are itiConsiedtheI Clatss sleeti bights, bit t stttbreat'atof
jul-ri itt these lolllll ito tititanntttie rll lilt' 0.15illtill.intouhelit,'oisti. r n
tried. 'flit'Stitltts' Lecture >Am.-'Iisrtttotatlfesflttg-t-
itetit, tilte oiitt thcetylilthely't ti itiant s bni i t beintrtinttt i toit'DR ' G O S
- lte eti -'- erileevtiiolo itot iist
ll sls ofatotisnd.aithi'rlist;as-
thgei, to ethri-o ttheiip-uliainsO itt h 'sr 'ol fth D YG OD. 5
oand all 'i-anirtvottheitie ~- titus'bit in i s s-uhtlhatit:litrsyitiuttr
trait, lak iin tiitirrsec lls it'tus enit itlt o f it' ott asi lo ljgy
stuIl tis tie frmtog ldtir exipel ti s i d t s; t a it'siti T HsEtttN UAumsN]

can be dono poorly or i-an lie
done well. There nosy or maiy
not be muelh difference in the
price. We never make1(0a
price so low that we cannot
do the work well, Otur up-
holstering is clotne by men ex-
periencedl in thtelie Grattil
Rapids factories. All work
guaranteed. We mlake a.
specialty of buildling furniture
to ortder andi repairing, lup-
hoolsteritig antd redinishiug old
f urntiture.
Furniture, Rugs, Dt'apery
anti Chiita to ront.
6-58-60 S. MAIN ST, - FURNITURE.

ittiet' i'nusti01)(11i')tittliti11ti111'stslrhbrett .."'s wi.uu.i'tt wii caberieiistiOucand.tionsihave bee
nuadi' toibeat' t'helameli. But neiwotuldt itleattbe a patiltre'meidy.
gi'eat reasoit. atnd t 1:11o'AN-sthe, l"rs'wk o f venthitlitii- trobabtlyltduiiitoitLuther LaflinMills, (C1iictio Alutini iN'tiuoter)---------Feb. 12
hoIttressttss tilnIt'he 1t itt thl'
srsorsmaindtincotrrettodys.t'fitbyt'n Imperial Quartet-----------------Mrh12
htav'e bett ettlitr'ey iuerttttkeil. I'ttis ttirsO S ihlluh t-it'. fli' tt
cause is tilt'tact Itoatlthe'oitagiatlitns cihni' it is liii'to ittrignorn' htere ae1Oratorical Contest- -------------Mac.1
dii nitkeeti in clost' i'toutghtoc tii ny hh~ ittttitiir ittworks on ltybieiir ilit Ex-President Harrison-------------]hac.22
wit Iti'shidtitlo'.A ~. ~ seteetihiietirif111m'it hu ItiLucius Perry Hills----.----------------------------April 2
nt be execstedlto lit' prtcl'ititcally linriuffit, e. iltshilt'1will, 'doutbtlies,hib
iclse"t ttttttii vtitii tiw's55llgadittgaii y itighi'tti'rredJohn Kendrick Bangs _- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -April 1la
coliltaratis-ly tothtilig, sant itnwhoosi' hlit to i (t'theifactyto iitir itctourseRA xhlshil OO~ a-i
itititieutru te tar ht ia it o .githi. huittlit i'tl~~iitsoRESERVED SEAT' TICKETS thi5
thivesvoce. All our ot'g tttiiatioiis tire c111th I ilts th libehuo'etitontiis S~tI DOSO
utniatlly. AntI tte ouly- tii&e ii'i- "tl,''n'_RCF
bees hatve anythintg to say iis ii lit' Ohio Debating League. Oratorica'l Contuest :5c.
tittititelecitionus. Alt thi s'it of tih'e
Obei'n thits hiecomei a tIatti'br oithei JAMES H. PR'UITT, Corresponding Secretary.
teal'thue stiudtnts httust1;ra tii'illy' i no itItu'rul''au ~'httigte u'
voice. This thueit,uis tutr plinut, lack of swhich isI riltse'tofithetuuoll'ints-gAPSTO
sntpoi t is dtint lketa tuc hitwithAOSIIO
itie studeti' odyt 'huttuets- is ott'. tutu r uklligi's: W'i'siu'nhi's''rvr', OhioiuCas ti ecriIed wilt hand, MctNally a& to , thatt iltbhing goedirie-tuit
totySh tatet, atutuio u Wrsiiyto t ttiiu siti's. sttudents foe thits ieetduet g vaction. We wish Reprsentatives tin our
fit eath aesot-ittitit tthaveu'reu'ienuult Sittiisstt , Atlaseo, Miaps and othter pubieatios.
luiein'sinuvuiituhttathit ttttrotit'iity- utiutafes itt is 'ri hegi's aniALL ABOUT THE BABY
tre diioetussu' d vchsotedl up~on. Theit' owed sutwhonk'tus ('riutit tali tuose By Robert N. Toiiker, 0lii , of Chiicago Medical tollege just issued, has tie
Ai Ass' otcitioni will hut'most u'rii' u in,, ."iI lie ina lis', ci'iust' tour hookfoar OMedcal Students. Cattttogue and circuttrs send oappliain.
itumilneuttly befiure'thue studcents frouiuihluku' u-u'retit. SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVES .I., , . ,
We wtint a few specialhrepieseittives in the ('olige Farthiis position
1100 untilt the enid of thte year, bec'auoe Jl'S'T tOUT enxteeienced husk Dten sitould wuite us at ence stating past experitence.
of interest it bltiebati. Nowy let tte I'h(.'prettieist sonlgsvrittuen, 'A LSv,'ert RAND, McNALLY & CO., Chicago
associtilum guv-cthis planoi t riai l titace'Huntts Mlte.'' Onu!alt' at It i,4ie
hldting freqtuenu teisietig s oftis uenit -________YDON'_YOU_._._
hers. Victories antd defeats, tplansoan(id 'Mai'ch i0, 1M17,('omuedy Club,. ~ ~ ~ DO ' O
lrostuects can be idiscussedl aid thus Benefit for Fruit and Flow-er M"is- Ai'X ET/II JTb IbAiii.Y.
enthusiasm will lie creted among the 0100. _ V 1, k E-i 'he D I .Y1

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