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February 02, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-02-02

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( TITL D , ATHLETIC PROSPECTS. ly Michigan, from the ead oh to I l)ECISON REVERSED.
- . the lowest substitute and i must be
Le1i~ u T io Michigan Meets Chicago Both1 on ° jrie ti tutu out test~, tild Tlhe Law Department Victor in
leadiand aialond. oiug but the bet, uot ony fron teFiaDbt.
iracad lnn. an amateur sotoint thint frntii te thFiaDet.
AND IMTPORTER' 1uinu i iii ii I stiiard o vut na s ruii .i f rehodmd h i
FULL UINSS SUITS A SPECIALTY. Football meinan woil71mK<tmem i'aleiataiv;as i'telde
luttouch with It o t an ion iiagi- bt e
NO .WSIOO T RMI.nents. hs taken bails to incu~tiate lLtas~itc.flttainsil 't tiiitil ercna iyn
NOii2sEpiWiSslNtGTtNjSTifHEARiwMinNlolgte lnextt FearI iienawliip ii lieraryiii'
ii'uiial te tim f the i'alii' will be
" lit 'ourlathletic lropiets or tn tohi t temnitihp o ora. nsunipiltiuisolrid by all slit officers
S We c got a tasosrtmet of next season or two tre iismal in the InOcuitsil hclo preset hat tiietipatment which ht
* good ars toilet soais, no pr- etem.n w of the three honor men had won
fame ia them, just soap and all eiit Our prsectoFiiitlii ltriiif it Itik
soup fr og a akei, 0for 25. Try!0 rihe aionlbyiichtigaiiio ii the u~lelibte. 'Inll lieious contests
a cake iiext time. sig n e autuo pousi ihli'i tsos ar ttey bright fr ts _ct- i s iiiltn ii oe uin u
stic rle aainsiy oesonl; ltsouhtd ibeesth s ie d o otal
PALMER'S PHARMACY. d ha lft s f o discosraged t tog(i eesr otr h aa
46 S. STATE ST. itheolt rueutitasttall ta Ic adta heodre acso f ik ydpricls
15 W w + iot what it Iva50last yetitbutsingI up liill oil fon. 'ttilappe Oil o nakincg ilt ' eco int
to not entirely tie to the iew rulea 1 hlieo'r it 1111ilttremarktili lenldiuocutMr.
o l ae mao f the old t-5 tre iot i clt -e tndaveylid :anllutiug-t le tlan'department
C losiingi S le hils yar. It isto ititrue i tht llll~ Il 'uteIIi poit itslca. 1Tis, owever,
te ixisting feling woii't ll ipuii tiicnet thi we.' 511d hms noit clitlliathIllirilii-entattoua i
STILLiONiManet h . "5 s-il i llt..iOii-i
nitL team1'1n5 the fili.theuebultule it w I tttgi h C f . As n-
P RICES CUT DEEPER THAN 1'lesident RlItts. f tilt Althl it i i oucofi Itlutihy ettuig our repr-
EVER + it 'e hole been aske to ejainth
hl ssnessciic: " 1t i iimst retliz t t s In'Ibaeacete . bbott goes to Chicago 00stlternate.
illoiaIit we iare t lttiig';ati 5totiil "Li the ilhiistoy of cillege ciebttesI
il 1w rih Oictit, a rio- po'i~ sitiin. tei iicii itll1be l in'ii i il-'ls o t
JACOBS & J L'L 1jAN'D, sepl rgt iecinrdthat ,_ avontknowns'iu slia .cntes
WASHINGTON STREET "I hosve s titttilgi'i a dul ieet -'otaociiii tsillet
ofi tit he bsright wr~y. 5' I('ii- ' B allei tht the trst hioi'11011 lli
lye ac out of tlioi ct ui Ilti- t- iib' ullii n io he rlterntie cime fromiltiel'wtis' li
11 oli ay' G~~oods ctt'ei i iiil yht5''-''ttiy iii Juini. iciltintilloulil sab' ~ al otm it
1 1:n i' tar.l n ou'Itlghit ~ t ota c tndii'tg odishwising oil lii'ru-klue t dontuor me'iifomn hit eitr tpar-
3rowv='sDa ug Store. aid wil msin;in itui it ae slot' 'o i iiisiludeiiuiycrtland thtthe ideptmentii'etwtn
torser of Mlaand Huron us. iTheel ent i iltliislt lniobt ke i r lt'i' in i r t,"e (oar . Il.ic.'iotefiue
EM h i ads t u l'a I ihtutout ttl-siltet a t b I Tl uitopttubiii-'ct tcla l ished in ysedys D iy wl
we s'tu. Nis s'i ii'uiii it tttis tori iuutiliynbi.vetltStli i i' e out u ithe tuboe staennts''
K Baylos toal is THEF iEST. m aiitte ri tlsee ils to beu'pl ntitiutn-tni i ___________
Al r tsofmdsd uCol tnauil agsii tte liiblst t i t'ct iiiof iii'
! mjC Pr 010 eIiiut i cs' t itult ~o. Wenley Acets.
X.hotBERieIll rrs-us hel itput t tiig1
TlpoeNo 5.Outeioor Elast of A u i- tamliriitilt'fil.
lan oe iblcu iusttuu usulhlt i in- as' th uhti ., ite tultihihes ltiiii Of Prof.1.
tili -- - i is Ihiuuc that liii'tpluiliu'-ante fii
p ohs t ti liii iihtlay iou fi'M r1 ttttalvi, itr Pi'netiin, ilt gi -
UNV RSIY C O Lii tai. (continued on Thr P~e ettl tiitir, rot Wi'nlit' thts cotseut-
OF DANCING "lTeitis work o o ne I'alilttili- tch pupils Reital a Sucess. tit Iiitake charge ocut tiesecioso.ni
tppisle L so n iidiu " 0th someter fr tils to be tiltd, ateiril aleu'tr'sur't'Ph~ilsuily of iReliion. onjinlyu
1-thitof'lMuthmolIhulii^,lmI thle ihli tin. Ornoiid, cut I ilitton, hut
27 Thompson Street. ,i]loreic Ihieruhl'ew litheii'furlal tst tv'inlg hit' tll andilitlct iutlacssembledilh Piti-ut'o
lii aid the ggoduiut tuseIn ee' su - toi lu'uui'thei'just coeit l irt ft'(' it'this Iih iiiii'tn Ptc oot"' lO 'It'
-A T-way-- 51'ilt'eti'lpuinits r.tht iii, 'u erits'
1 Ii 5 It I ' lrthre ihrtd by a ilhlillettof A e-
,IU I. m ustbe e reed by''i ihus- ss ho Stiai i tui' tiechju t it ouunund urstian exhichts.
usunsider ilt statllltotlso idelor'ale, reit r a susistoss'w thircuressofut
Nosyis the best time to buy thwil i itine- tiat ouur teanfit puihlTatisau asngcc-s Harvard Student Fined.
-auh E it' te ss-ttkentti n iuuc or les fur sts thhtu ithta Pot'u~htt~uc tur tttirvanu stletst, aiiiuiig twen
s~asu, b thencyv:eginc~tere ac, himtu c~redbeitortheIliyrg swas liii cirinesad frminess all land ollite, of hio 'vusitc
We have the bst quality andlothes. Mhcehigai, althotughi thitout exeution. cres, sere ctlled ituo te municitpal
telwsprc. pinein iithiso reforum, wsil inot oiffer tBeethovens(Coicrt ii C iuor. ourt at Cmbrtidge Sauray, tiniu
at telwstlie ily mort by it thani will Purdue, peforned byt' ;iss Elst Stniley swith t~e o leal iciign icri
"Sporting Goods and Gymna- Illinois, Wsonsiii tnitl"Minuieota, all ogilil aconpaimiiiti, sas especially i eertolo ltcoco h cl
siuma Supplies a Specialty. of whichl have adoted these ruls. worty of Inis. -h. Louis Riel's ,Sege hal year. They were reprhlh-id-
We are going to make a sandard renderhng of Bethicuen's Sonata, Op ed and fined. Oler arrests are ex-
ot or aihletes lire at Mhhigan, oand Sa, exhibited artitically all ltepi- peted
W1 A HR.'S BOOKIS TORE it lies with the stdeit ody to choose sion potusyd in this masterly wok
Y9 L r VsoAiG letitr it shall be a high Or a losv On the whole the coacet was most Fred H. fod, IP.00, sho his beeii
Up Tuwn fown Town one sathsfactoy and must have been gat ehk for he last week, resued Ida
20. 9,State sP Oppsite ourt Ituse
Ann Aror lMa ii. Our tenis are going to e thorough- Ifying to the instructor. Uniersty work yeterday.

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