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October 13, 1896 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-10-13

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T ® ~TENNIS TOURNAMENT1BEGUN Itan~led thao~ioe sttemted to,'gitp WESTERN GAMES SATURDAY
__________ ( 11tcc 0t 11 1 iii (liollail'. - Itloo'vr. _____
Herrck lay TweMache, U tor1{hit oil exOeionm_ hcao Iw isosiinLk
Winnin; 1Bth. Rceeeot irowie]e'ei' Forest, and Others
inc.Ccodciy ws gieco a Very
AND I1iyid, pt, ll til.-
*.t1 110 wtitti 111'1'XIit'l1O'Ot 0of____________I sti'ltll' s- W 0 a iiumber of iport-
00t p ited cleoto tste 111101 fall No Iowa Game ant foottlill g-alies phila1(l to the west.
FUL +HL SISU V'APE A~ LlY 111110 storn n111nent1of te EInit eec t(aIairIlohoho ~eicltl alTereult, ot' tros(of the mot h-
(10opnedt ,,otie entl li t st'aht n0110 I , t ro p. sillto octa a m(onc to 101 l ee 0 e re ias toio'o (heao C',
~ ~10~ 01 1111311 eer tbefore a1 I'ii01'tle the 1010s1ly with ti t ong Io11101 1(101011; Xieolietn :14. toelFoirt 0;
NO, 2 tE 1 10:,. G +V . E1R1111 91.0 11 'uiheeof Imi 'Jo'uso t e ptao '4 eal1 il ' editlodoyof 1t1,is ektl t 31ttt 11' l2.h i tI; setoet
~ ~ ' 100 0 (It iii '1j I'll)e111101 Belotiti0;1 I1l11noisiilaglK1n10111
ou~s i( hei h1)1 eenunbleto t hem 11(r(
111 11 L 1sa en (1 0 Ilenoo t atte (111 .(}f11 111 110 't h .111'(I tl' 0111,1.pek ' the m Iio o0'1'o e stJ1 '-
at a rasonabe pric 1 111 11110I tt of1sit)h 011.1 (I di tb) I'l1( 0) 1 let i'll a 1111aa~1 0 -111, te 1''t '1(1' 111 I o'''.011'tl
E1 ut i lwayo caoy.s cto go t. Dit, t Iow.Teit'is tee14
il'O 2t ol atos 0as0 o'i e t.on eat asto (t1 1a ) lttit,. stets11 1 r~csli il ( 111 11111 111w1ould 11' 'norIt
0g 11 1111th (10o 1111 111111 t stlt' 1 ,.
Fo 5cnwe 1 ive o si t(tohefr tdi lp12to 111it.lviI (''1'11 (11 (tetIl (1'inl-t ) .1at
one that we call warrant (tI 1 01111(1 t 11 0(1111111 (of lt0 po11-'1(0 11 11 s so (1s11 n1 1( ter the('1 ( 11) t o 11 11 n i i .t ua,'
flit 11. 1111(1 i ci t 1 -1,101111 1(1ank
'Noat lletal e tter 01lo~do f I e1 . '110 11 1101ll'l1Va . (n, m th i.el 1 ii 100 i rnl e o aidot n te.in
athemIol to, tnietlao 11 1 11 ('itIll~ (t(t ('1m0ek.O ill~lst01 Mou(-.antit o ft h l ic. -iii111111'
Bull.I(nl: Dogi amu c t~r
a~ildII Sh . cniitc (001 11 011. 'Ili o f t 1 11 (1 li'01ic1) ' 1' 1111 it t
J A ME ' AU b AL AC%'.. '('. le (1011'The C t (Il lii c o('0) tl,111 111 I 011111u1t1(11
The moot higl ro~tntat 0 o it 0 clas ' . 111 1 .1 ('11100 oeiite'o el 1 0listii e11irit(11(1u;o 1''04 llt lsl111101 al fll
hon o m anogooo1(000 a 0 ( dlyoll '(i'l i ' In.'11 , 1 1 (' i ll(' toil I ' cinl' .111(wi, 10 i ii 11Bots (1(10.111.Th o porcit
('1100 I).Ilc 011.0 e11 Itol oft(111(1 011 n(I''' roils t all 1111111w1111 refia 111,tle.lcsuc r ~i
3w ' lu oe 11r Boluit~~ ~ridol it biri golsi o~o, rtil 1(11')' liii 0 1111' 1 ito'' oo 1(101 11
t"" t 11 w o 0in 1'( e Ieal nl .' (111'' . rikl oad.01(10. Ity11(10 aliii' e11iu hi 10'l-
'It'o the olm1(i- I'l 1a'lt ioof10 tit' (11' 01111'
Fower aCpairhiftiosae La y Sts iii 111110 l i1. t liis hors2 1(111 I 11'1(1l'1l0I''11' (11 f 1 I 11:1l~ 11"1 ' lu111 t01 r0111111
1011k h al len (i'. h 1.11111 t T h l oll t I1111111ils' 1?1( 111 hltl ai,.k 1su111'' 1
U LHI1ERS o T oe Sh8 F o esI t11he otcon ull<t leie r to < t d aest AI 't 1(1011citlloio 1111 ~'.P ' il l i titi o io ther l (Ill tgo1111t oen
OPOO TI L ST BiLI IN 11111toti AtO110111.Iti. IllilitiI . 0111 00(in' ('Ii00('u I 1il'in ttl in p si. obr o .lo
--AelT -r':e.iiol M tco ll'ly 1i l' 1.0 spirit111. I1 'llmh1~c e t oalliltllliiO I'lt1111 at' 0 1 h o 'ruii(ht2Ic I I hIa i ll 11 10111cell11 I 111)
2 7 T o p o t e t '1 0 11 101) c Al.ort a 00. l11i1,l 111 ll0(i 1 1k i 1'd r t b n i i r r t el o .cf I t ;o ( hct c 'r 1( t i
-AO S & A A D S 1 1i .111)1finish 'd't't' in l teli 2 (1 'a ptoo Soutind list n .Clbf lr fti-Itpol illl1101m1'le(111qu 'ite iiig
g Ad -m80wasKa51 01 00 01011(1s ot Oloileuy sl teo i e oiron111' org' ite rt N'l1100l'tri '' ti, l e pi nterI (1(w'ho
'Wep evelygh sudtato vtisidf~td i totl 11(10 s. ve onD Cing 1 7:; 11 111'('(1111 1 ofm ad Iho h a. it r 1111tIlal 1(11a hoRIllft(for'1
hofusecoode an od Moo rsty ex n 1 t lllronie'hfite 001( Oai1ll1i'il11')tilrll'I ltolltlr li 111 oeool._(11 (cr
Books forl all(all victcdepartments.l
a low an p dialBokscer.ma n g'Iles)' O'])1'("LtIOi i toft len ( s tiilO' to to o pllil'Sliit 1 110101 1 ,11;(.g' 010 0(11'IltltI 01 1111 fui
'VERYselltl e s suenI ot ntr plug plooretl l'r'Ol 11 1 st 0'eiio te 3110. Itto lahs- N to, e o-thbe ol e Olti t&twit L.n
SH1LD R'IS''E ct o. idh caI. n lelali brgtll. Sill'et od in mir cci (ntwlliooo'ogtal}
Books 20 ce(itsieacl . 20 cents per '1111a , 11111eatlie~gl'ss i IIlrloo t ill 1' Tl trel I o al crill' ,0b1
The bestLiioeiu Paer 1110-o d t lt slc'nritast , 10-0tl ill, the I lbttfmothuill ii ito' Ollo to otithln
poond. uiiedetetristllias on
"Y oeo rad exawiHrne sec o eiterno tr,1 iestonei''Iii'loevy yea. 00'lrsile osl ii 0caoi-
haa o k .or h l 'iii W ratns h e- I o-l e (fin leBr d. o fl~t~tl ' leIel.It i its he'll'. i501' oil,511do1- .
Ag-Edor aeT a dem ..o.- ioll os-oust o ute i o fl'r, lollAcet ls oioo ( uis'111 Ilhsth i r'l llabli opplilonetforthe 0-nlot i 01111
M11tlaenatmcal Tosruments n 10100. These ose1l tre iit- l irer, to AN-rnkdlbo tl Ohhotliuits firtii li11100o soieio'eto11'joy
Theepr miestioneverybdy.t tandl . hitoical beatciations.t No; city-2 l euit aof theol eai t iio eir u h oaiilel icuinInlc [o s -
ive us ao ria en es-beigto eeBioy1011' loiidhfgl-cwigue 0'arsty ua goolltCluepsr('4110"rne in1110 (1111 10 iili't
I'Tt beRSaOK ST Rtiid10101 lnt ;Buret ildc l' to db e arih e.tguime . lShe i r s er 11110 of liii' stI toluicot i lu.110 Alse 00'havenoa
105. Merika. yend8it. Opposite1:1 Courtr H l ite or t ne t anoose, be gam
ANVIss Aebor. OL MatsRoh. kios-os-on, rand oftn soin1exricoldy ot na uintel e s1 a.l: 1 .o te hg o r." too-autlouiessatgoodt otlunitorl

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