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January 29, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-01-29

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VOL. VII. No. 84.


uz IL D o UNIVERSITY DEBATE. ' one year inan lin the department. Ie WRINKLE OUT TODAY.
- I~ D received hisa education at the Univer-
I "a ig alrThe Contest Is Expected to Be a ctty of Vtiriiia aiid Tulane Vliver- Our Funny Paper Is as Funny
VeryaCloseiOne. sity. Newirlerians. At the laier iiistt-asEver.
Very___RRtliitoihte re''tv"ec a gold cicedta!ci
AND IMPOR ThR hi.' litver Itt"y~a tltiorrow winner of thlIi iversty oorietoal Wetulile appheraaint-to clay lt ito
ici-ti tosue tc le arloe cidticr- ciii I I(. H rtis tieein ccia lcture tour cittxrti iiter witht a very new and
FULL OitSS SUITS A SPECIALTY.eiugcnesaii1ter1 ai i-isogi ig lictices cci its "Ilpiciteld iclever cover,,very iilircrtitet li
itotit ticit stroiig iiieniilulibe ctioseii I~ei'sc i I p,iiicitiie'wa on ciii 1. Itto i tcotciieil by Wal'ter
io recresent the lntversityiyn ~te ulIliat t-rcc turingthe iti' ihir lt' Wt~iteicd. ithciliar furutn'ied
NO. 2 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEAR MAIN. o(iniiiidetectiith ttth(icago. Alt of 1iilit. Weickhle withi a larg e iiiiiber of clevrer
iie i outestanito have won ini two orir Phiosophtcal Department. draing4s. Ttits nuicbter ts a great iii-
icie irccuncrte a ticos1t1ofrdem toryiteniipcov'iici'it ciiithiiilasi:oiie. The cuts
SO P! arehabetter ciiiitrelimoreinumerououscind
SOAP!! ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~ ~~~~Itoiiif unantcituersthattemitly-lice ibctedn mriiiatte , ,ndoatr w'ego fn asrtenoted eat.CainofIunvest le mietllhepinelile.rmreradbe
Weo re toi leetsoptnof aciThelrpeettsoftebati'.: Liithe achteveiienits of neicibers of itto
sod pone oreli e1-Tiiileihae cltnerawa
fminthem, just soap and ill dfacultyenii aritI.eSi Lathecs Iittttli 'lticeatschocars.eIniiiise tt some-
soup for l0c n cake, a foe 2ie. Try t1lelncitmestiirerestinS.tLatnceesthac, tX.
cake nest time. (Carmodly intl..Q.Adacmso. M r. drtenwrgmth io~~la tiini i" y1) ittiig on ciiciorc tasty
0 Lactherms is aosentor iindt also ci gratd- ii lc cespatii'.ti'citloiiisc lctir. Ill fact itt ibginint o is oool
ilMRSPHRAY epccrtmcentitstodtipliyig ixtranri-cicrItetefaci.Ti'ittil
PALMER'S PHRMACY. n<cte of tie' MtiigancNorimal Setiiccl. ir'atvt.Pifoo emc7 laei it cc otrBxe.it
4b6S. STATE ST. lieIsl A, .T~ mdl
In ic litosencior yar atYpcsilanctihe woicic t ll;isu s yB xtr n
__________________the__________ 'i'Normacl coratorial co t.treceitv- tcitiiccc a.tioc-y oiu ii -ec ]callis is t.Icis. It
andiilThietim,"theif tiii;.o rci rc' of lti
DEEP CUTINBNT 'UHOES tug a gocldil u~dicc. List yearictic' -icc ilayclcry- a-pctly tiiistate ocitjlitgo
cii te lm-ichi ('ollegeiproihbtti Ciitr'o ci lceiitioncee.it-c' w t 'i it icliihe Iiiicilcit hit' ltlie 'at
cireerecidiotic-heic Ii of ititigsIdowill
lest, acid in tiefitnal itr-state con-lag, ndtu saeof hi sas hy
0 0Ii E tst of tlii Proibittionc Leaguc'of tol t- iccilt acrti-les candilrev-icsiili 'civic) reaclly eist-1. Tie t hi pagt' of chic
hige C ltbs lie u-ocithii lace. I -iiie c iocs ftli c-cpubl ctts. iiicact iin to des ci tii ccrelyty o0an-
Still on Sale ttc-sclii'iitfl1cc cli oe tey lie Psa-elo ictal Iht-i the Dictitoni- -te tlaiic ly Wicceal Ti'
cisaersetd te- dl)i oity t ntofNat iionlcittogrt ll',c h e ii Ne'w he-ia-tio r'tyBa e-, yc-
$l 8 9 ast vyceriiitheliitlUti'rsxcy dei- ohrdaig x yIati y
icte. twor-li, Ptc'-Loire',thi C riti-catl Picywccc- oil,' Mecall acid (ootier
m 8cliof ci iiiscity tsciiteratureia11(1ith. tic(, bsc'ccce of thiicshcoitt'orcy of-
c, clc i-ccouch Ihc'--is-". Itls hoopo n 'ccti-c' dsmoe
thei cpie iiinttiof it.1 citcctics C i c lr lst ''r'ia-clcciticocio c' sh ovefr vcere, jokein cu
I Acen 1oCu i e tctedito biii iiiohci tofu-ti.s"iwe cai"ldcif "Aeth
WASHINEGTON STREET. 1.001tsthicelpar t (ctiscmi iland icictoc idit ctofht'" v'"uAn't'liiic-
c(- ic elic 'Oi hoc isto iraitical clilta. -- W t ti 1c'sameci'styli' . 'heiluc cosh
jucc o ciccic 'i lto ictaikc elart iihe
lGoiay~~ oods li'ccicscl' hiccNctcli'itcl1ci i'iit 5c-,'.I . to1'Wcitig Ihoccec
1oi aIerprs te Alh Nuiltefnl "'el'cthei's' Sicicii r c co-oltici Ict 'ct-ic ii's
chil-iebelast c acr cndrecivedcilfoccrth fricJCii's,"' citgrcaftutercst, chiccilc-
y. OW ii{.. 1 1' ~~~~ Vti'ea-ic, iilic, ct cheic Scciiccc'('101l es oi-talloiciot's}'~de,
of I'llitooctlcvl tlhc'cmmcmcce' N. Y.
FULL STOCKC. LOW PRICES. iiier- dlliicti' c-nmtest. ti'ch "ii. S. '(-7
lIitswckc-tc icc' i int c t ciiicc'i- ci'ehciic iitiii li' htcc
Corner of Blain and Huron its. tie. Alcisgecidcic d iccstthclailis l h dtra .h.~1teJno
cit '14, andccl to wcii-a miclemmhc'of Ic' i cc1c01 cciiiimmiitec'is coacstedt. Thc'shunt-
K Babylon Coat is TBE BEST. icctc li1'ecis. r' icocmitcc'l tIcvit dis calsii shii l" cti v i-l-'ty htcctis mt'v'~c th ' ci
Al gadies nofIhacd acid softtCoal. iIii',ltli Nt s i t the scums' pucit cmctcinc Indcacii cle ccs c mci i-cc c iitcocmiici
Canieh toan oddCotle. gmcclccctm tll ccfr im chic'litecray tdepcart - - IccbtctelI;. '''igmcd', 't)<), wsc-hatccoticc-c
amcm mcy i' c'Xhiec-tc'clini mcrly
X. STAEBLER, ientciamid dthtishho ii' ciii 'r i int-mWeinikle's maiintaioia,tic rtitic . lot
Telephcone No. 0. One door East of Anei-rep-tresentC thact ccdeiment. AMr. cigic- ci the rit' ic ai cloco s-chl line. 'tI'e crictc' omm MNr. 1Wcatgmi'm-is
can House.(o-clciw.Ie is lso ccknown tic
asshias ccii tcaken'a c};promcciinenctpt: hi-c cci ci hccadced' by accrti n- offgilt bmity
UNIVER ITY CHOO cncdcctccbeforce. btccithis'facet itatihesssilt, Itto Is-c'iery-c-li's-ir bcit si-icc-I
OFhACIs wcouoni icc Ic-c' mc ' rluiiiilomics shows cciancd shoiwo>thic"' gcctimccrc-ccccml. i
t Mr. lichie is hacrd cci iwork cil isi 1.tiprv m n
limiNCNG tatie hIrilis asadeaerMr .cIc'i's isorkt. 'lis tint cIp-
Oppcsitte Law Bntlding. $75.00a nenieter for itlO t icoiie. thesistorc i'ct 'dgree cit lh.D.,whtich
twso lessons a week. Thec'law tdiepartinon't hacs iii exce-epgae iITe I1h orJnay-1(
27 Thompson Street. tiociccy strainng reptresenctationccthits Icclthtct rPrivlI o
to___________________________t chic'sublject trceatedc. . Lastly, the - hccc'c ''itcl l'ctid i fcc
ATettr ticc i. I. tO'Leaury,IC. lF. Abiot-edlitocrspoike cit Mr. 'c cgcccr's skllhtill
-- T - _i..t.,r cNrris libracri- hics ticen htaen clit hand


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andi 1t'. Ci. ('tcsmclcr. Aie. (Otecary is_ .. _mssgshdwanpr iesget
apsbythseiiimemberccccs ccf thec'di-et menct, -- I Oiitiis ccliccmmieogc-i
mpotgraduatetc'las s tudecc nstl malso - thingsforCitehms. 'teire poudcitic ri-
-aniiithin'grceater hurt citit siltin' rc-
t gratduate of time Unive'rs-ityg of Rans- -nbrtatM.A- ir saAil
mccviii icoIRoomuc25, Unmiversity ilall, scsue'tcs i.'''tmcct iti
000. lle sias jnccce ciccs orcatcor at ,
whsi-hhwiill tteeterttT ' b sei ais acbaiiiammonsandiIwish titulsuoccetss.
Kasaos. He lids alwvays token cniiiic- a ThnetiseoWrklwllb
si-Iminary rotom, uisaiily toe geic(tste Ci'setioss i ccrskes-l c
pottant part icc tetbates sincee tenes-ouJnirHpi«e.Tebad
tereid theUnisersity authlice isas vmal- ho tthe phlcosophca-l nequctipenit isill hb'e ie suindersttandl isiuiliig greniim-et-
edictoriasn of time '96 lay class, felt to be a gre-it boost iy ill i hitaid'forttohi ha-ue this a nucsmber of unsuasccl
Thits is Air', Abbotnt's Benst year at thes~ tudyisng spcil subjcects; it ill also mrt rwnswl eue ra
U'niversity, bust'leid'toin thec'scenior provide acquiet memetisgp1ccc' toics-c
clas, hs-tg eslerdl i-ils ds-aicestesetrs sithstsac'ts.all aciabllte arhotists la cte thirst'
clas, avig nteed it adans-wek'ls that eluapse betssieen this issuei
credit. In '9:1,Ice received the degree ' Tonight tProfeosor A. Husliwill give usdteactsinllgs h ctir
cit A. B,.cut Dmartmsouths.anditc adtiids second address hooclue Engisieerisng tisme to thiusl somcethcincg ecclty
tthe hiosnor of beting-'the "ltrize spceaker'" Society osi."IThe Mi-thod of the Least fny
iW Iis senior year at that college, Squares" All stiuclets 11of usiatlcescmt-
Mr. Chandler is also a sesior asnd a it's are inivitedl to ittend.h,1 Subscribe for the Daily,

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