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January 26, 1897 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-01-26

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Adk 7
= i
Ilk h

W DIL1D,@o
Leading Talor'
'We'sve got a fioe assortmeot of
good pore toilet 50a1s5 n0 per-
fome 10 them, just so00w sod all
ooap for 10, a Cake, 3 for 25. Try
a cako onet time.
d 46 S.!STATE ST.
$.00 'SHOES
Still on Sale for
Holiday Goods
Brown's flruc Mtore.
Corner of Main aod Horon sts.
Babylo Coat is THE BEST.
All grades of ha rd aod soft Coal.
Camel Coat and Coke.
Telephooe No. 0. Ooe door East of Amei-
cain [mse
Opposite Law Baildiog. 0i.001a semester for
twrolessons a oweik
27 Thompson Street.
Now is the best time to boy
We have the best quality and
at the lowest price.
Sporting Goods and Gymna-
sium Supplies a Specialty.

HENRY W. ROGERS ACCEPTS ground for years sod io a great ex-
p10110 to the state. By conabining
To Address Law Students on listhesieo with the University, better
resoits would be obtandined and e
Washington's Birthday, state would save money. \Ir. LuskI
PresidenitHenoy Wade Rogers, of inferred that flits idea entanatnad tromns
Gov. Pingree bnt believeo that the
Norfthwestei-iiUniversity, ltas actepted
time is list yet ripe to bring abolut
the invitation of te last classes to de-
litser the address at 'the Washiftil's jsictoa cine-a tns Evening
Birthoday celebratisli. Ptesideiit Rog.
ers stas fiortierly tissociated sw-ill 0te Art Collection Notes.
'ttiveoil ofidilliall tiisiig itice the clod of the last college
pled the Tappianicthairof laws before
yeaor no adiditions either in the way of
tie swas calledh to tie presidenocy of
paintings or inodels have been blade
Norlos-esern - to toe art collection: It is entirely
The follostilig letter swas received probable tiat the collection.swill lost
by, the committee sionrrangemoentes:
be re-arranged until an art building
X-v D -wcon erotane. Tisiss-gea-ic_

General Progress and Status of
1 the Work to Date.
'VisTe Miciganensian cosopeti'tions
closed Friday' night, thle results on thle
wshole being very gratifyinig. Between
40 slid 50 contribntioins were handed

obeg to acknossledge the recefi ta cl eotie.Ti sagetne
fess days <olga of -our litter biigsiat fpresenot. Thtevaluie of tile tesis
lne to give in aod-ess 011 Washing- collections of fpainstings is putt at $200,-
toll's Btirthday- before tilt stuadents of f000) and tile remisoider of the collectioni
toe lawssc'osia of lMiciigals f'iis'cr..at itboult $,000. 'T'he plotoograps
'teiniato .Zr a tir- lid casts atrc usedaso illustraitiossof
I accept fo nstiil eIl str
ances of ily-afopreilaitol of floe eoii AncienottGreeksind lionsa' art in ocv-
plinst ss-hichi3-nyoss-cvepati me. It ieroilof 'the tids-anced courses in Latfin,
esill afford 1iineincfolasuore-los greet Greek aiid History, patrticulasrlyill tile
floe studtenlts of floe laswschool ssiwithoous oniiGreekait offero'd by trof,
whlichi for moanly -ears I wsas connsect- D,)fsei fo is eoose. Ml
edl. Youtrs very trluly,
HENRY WADE ItOGERS. lasts, is-e needed, espo-cially illfloc
Anlothier psleasing <allllst lluleli~t illustraotive ssork. ]PutI little 11se is
madooe 11y the 'coslitittec is that floe imade of the collectionl by- those taking
Glee Club loss consentedl to ftirishsli'fle tile cousres inl drassisng, as floeswoik
-mussic foir the occasion. doine in thosse courses is of sin intirely-
___________________ Idifferoeot natoure. Thleretire,lose-e-c,
Favorable to Univblrsity. a tewss'tusdents stho quitefrequlently
Thoe Unis-ersity commllittee of floe sec rsi lesotl.Aoo vl
H-ousse of Representatives at lausollo oeires, is allosted tot oo sltietilig 111
still visit floe Uniscrsity next week. the rotomsodutringtthflt-housosin hich~ft
Its chaoirmsin, George A. L~usk, be- floe collection is opti to visioos.
lieves that floe sentimnent ill both Washington Alumni.
hoonses is favorable Isothe U>nivrt-roty
anod that the bill rtceintly noticeth teft- jSittoofers oft tile Washington Asso-
tiog dhoswnlfhe apprtloplriationss frcio cltion of the Alniiii of thoe'Uiiivr-
oneo-sixth to oiie-tethlof a mlu lol ily of Micisigais sill hold!ftheirl
finld 'test supporfers. "The got--urle s k-s'evnth oannulal rennions aisdh dinnler
aoinions on the Usoiveroity .irt-etchl at Williard's 'sotel Wal llntoll. D. C.,
knownl," sas M Sr. Lus11k, "and lilly litt Wedisday evening. Presiohent
bills that msiy be passed giving it as-Angell is expected to be a guest ofI
sistance still certainly be signeid by the asosciation 015'tfloe occasion. A
him i. The ptrospects now5 are (htotShe bunsiness 10001ilg seill be held 'at 7
ri-gilar apiaropriation still iot he oclock,- and floenmaiich to the bsansquet
csanged, bu~t the commsnittee muay, vot- hotll still be takess up of 8. It is ox-
tetr aproper investigation, reco lnsad beefed list at number of loidies still be
ltha special appropriations be madhe present. The officers of the assocfia-
for specific purposes." tioin sre: Arthur A. Barney, president;
31r. Look believes that the day Senator Cushman K. Datis, tRepre-
wohen the looioll'..re aonoo sodl to seo'tative SMarriotBrosius, Senator

ill, the ltargest inumber tsr soy one
peize Ibeing 20 poenis ini conspetitioii
for Sef'iboer's -Magazine.
0100 of the mst attractive features
of thse literary ltsrf ion of the volume
esill no doubst be a negro dialect poem
stritten eslticially for the Mh-chigaoen-
oioio by Ste. Fedmrsi lon ~iBrooks.
thesot--liillorist. Alr. Brooks ap-
peared oii the Studeints' fLteture Asso-
elation course here test years sago and.
lois reatding froml his owni pocisinoadle
0100 of thit 110sf enjoyoablieeeninigs of
floe course.
The evork of smoking' uf)fle coos-
pite class hosts is bteing greatly hilt-
dered by some1 of thle senlior class seho
tdo not seeio to unitterstand the neces-
oity tsr filling out and returning at
onsce floe postal curds senff lihem.
Seniorn, Attenstion,
.A11 senliors of floe literary,hIle'and00
eligileicefbg departuientostwho havi-
n~ot alreaody- filled siltansd returoetd the
postal earths sent ft-on by Milcigan-
eusiso, ore requested Ia do so at once.
Thte se-ek of compaoiligfloe various1
statistis is great enough in itself,
wtithouttsaving obsacles throwon in
thi- wsay by the tory classes wthomn tihi
book is io represenit. About 25 pee
cent of the cards ore yet tos be re-
ceived, slo thfle editors oare %-ely aux-
tOlls that they shiouldobeisenoit in oft
It bmsy be that 00100senitorswee
olinited in sending ou~tfloe cards. Any
mebob~er of the literoiry, iais or engin-
ocring departmnlts swio expects tis
graduate 11sfs year, -and wtho has not
received the blank caird sent out by't
Nhiciigaooensiaii, is askedh to wyrit-
uison a postal card
His namin in full.
Homne address.
College hbonors.
And niail to the noo100giug editor, _'Q)
S. University ate., 'City.
Seniors are sftrongly urged to doi
this miuch tosward making tie Uait-
versity annual a sguccess, end to do it
Ex-President Harrison has definitely
decided upon Starch 22 as the date of
his lecture. The subject lie is h,
speak upon still be announced later.
'The next lecture in the course, Feb.
12, bhy Luther Laflin Mills, will be on
"Lincoln's Birthday." This, Is the
Chicago alumni nenuber.

floe University has pasoed. IHo es iu
predicts that at somae future time on
effort will be made to abolish the ag-
ricultural school at Lansing and the
mining school at Hougloton and in-
corporate them in the Univeroity. The
wiodom of this course is apparent, hLe
thinks. At present ft Is costing the
state about $5,000 to graduate a stu-

Aithiur Brown and Rufus H. 'Thayer,
s'ice presidents; Duane E. IFox, tress-
titer, and John N. James, secretary.
'Tii list of members of the associa-
tion contains mniyewelkanown names.
-- Detroit Free Presso.
The season of '1)63eras a disastrouis
one for the finances ef 'the Athletic
Association at the Universify of Min-;
nesota. The seasen closed with a de-
fict of $710.03.

Up Town'
-108S. Stae st
Ann Arbor

Down Town I dent fromi the mining shool. The ag-
Opposite Court Hoose, rclualh-h benlsn

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