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October 12, 1896 - Image 1

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-10-12

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VOL. VIIL No. 10.


W L , T SHUT OUT GRAND RANIDS. toicalet with tihe iban on Gratnd A BRILLIANT LECTURE.
1 L Raids 40-yrtdlite.
n.adjnni Ta ® 1n 'Ta okGetyIpoe- ilthe ecottd hailf tie G(1w-ott titt,'ttoChauncey M.Depew Speaks onr
Team ork reaty Imrove -tt ~mwats well worn ot anid tileWar
Lar~ Crwd reset. ~ lsiteoreit about asth iey itleasiot, ol- the Money Question,
LaeCodIrsn.1 ,1AND IMPRTER, - tnn-tit a score of 24 itoints tn 'teit
__________________'Ille Warsity dei-itethe tleve1n(1 tmintes la ly. Ieitiau tito illlcid-tot Loo4tSatturdaiy ev-elnilg niversity
flolil tile (tattd tRtapis Itti ol ett d igroatty here 01111 ttllrel'. steel. ItHtllwats well tilleti'to itear Chtatuncey,
FULL UHESS SUITS A"SPECIALTY.( Saltttoiy by thte score of 44 tc 0. Tile Villa Henittger ototiFarnhatm madenetle . Depow. wile-wals gre-etedi wih en-

_____ _____- c~l i II-l lnttcupovl-ll on5 iliratiy inl tile 111001of
NO, 2 E, WASIIIIIT Ol ST. NEAR MAIN,. ii 0pittiw0eek, 111n11thi111 rcferewo-c inlgerl.tPingt
iorthan1-11tht o wn01001ill till' Normllt Siel 1kickled
111. il re n lE [1 er ])'- T e leiiWill be pure acud fccliie l 11 lr tll l5im , Iiinl'lt I1 000' 111al l tli- Mil-iliL-n.
* antd thte prices will be
f ight at our store. We Ibuln of 101111' lxcellllnt Wook :t ite11- '11111 c .. ..-
woond like to show yellu f10lltcl. 1111inllst 111 1111111 1111 0l-illl .
ottr stock of Coumbs, 1 1.k
Btrushes, Soaps, etc.. etc.O1 d ecpinly«-l W ub hr '11 ahr
Your htuey back i ;ef nd1rnh1e alosoN( tp 1nct.,..
yolu're lnot satis fled. , i i 111tl111-i-c111 .ieitl 10 111t.
# PALMER'S PHARMACY. 111 111-iniform. tiill'1t.
46 S. STATE ST. Te(m l hi wal W11,ConllOn1<U
~ 1o ecaiuse yoit are afraid of ao1'1t alsthiey 111111- '11li -xcoi"iclli tIii 111000
get a pair of those inr-ict
StOll11011'l\l" 11; 1-loll 1111-111 111111. 111 1 Oh t
Bull Dog Toe Shoes h ,tlo -nt o le'b.rit
--iTi ho 11111' 10nd 0tlu 1scored "ii' tolc - M U M -
J AUV~S & LLIYIAI'4' trd11r11 fbt lix.th il- it 11 clio'1team Varsity- M
Thoetast lhight repultationl of thtis «5a15ab11111' ii ony1 11110 1 0- Oli41'cs b'
houtse means good goods at reason-lt- ltillg. jy
EVOERY ST'U DENfT offafter «-i1X1 MIchligll l iltOaill'l
SH.OULaD REGISTER 11 10111111 1-01,1 tsi-,11, loetis
r ubs 11 - lhtd an11111 in-' ii'e 111111i ol s
33row'S Drug' 11 llllllI015illil 01'tll 11 Itll 1' 1l,1
Oi ' lI5 l~hlO 11 elIetc i t efIrst 11111 1Nvas10 pus210 dl olllil°foil-ctill-e
I cost o nothi.. s o t i, nelc i fir 1 o (til \itts ?'0.) 11111111' )1af0111111
l C oriner f'ain,..andHo n 'tose. 111 Illiig tc lllilel l, N kind-'r 1111
YadGt 1CB radheeso.ad 1111 gftim .'-N gol.1he nttlior
EIY r fr hei r t 1 sr-it111 111 11)1111e 01 amu
OPST AWBULDING heIt - l t i 1 gti lii It itstff Tu-rd i
,oaplaverrs callll
27ic: T . hmpson s tr'Poeeto. s till a l for Ithettittochd111on.51111'.-100 utcll1)tt
Meri',it10it' g111 i Schoo1 l intookl .l1 is 1 10f
o f~~c s e c o nFlt a ngUeti e r s i y T e x 1 1 1 1 1 0 l , ,i n h i e r l y e tsPO I E L W B I D N r i k s l e e l l f h i k o f h r e I i t
Booksifoa lt teo epatm entes. F rtttt olg' u nted, ats lockrtnidhO' l ittt- ls t't'ttt-tttd
La aMeiclr all os. Gr a atOl-ti t.ln1tet'isit.att le t i -s isottl
and Frencht, he alClassics.t 'o
W s e l t e b s s t d t t N t he c o d f r . o cbhk u soe ~r e l - T h " I s t i 1t h e n1 t o o t- h1 0 a l l. 111 11t i T erif t i e si
Book 20 entseachor010e 11t -ke il a o n t',1110-. i t 2e Snda-c ol
TAh bstinnOPpeK20cTsErd ie e- rn 'apd otlistir5itr1,lit
pou vteeey dnd.to 1111'tth etalltto tta1kick, (at o roke l. st ttfCa
Wu trs e buy aeclategecodCituppltyufl'awa tirdd by
ha end hndbooks. ex 1ito ai
Agens for lthedWatens.oun 'TheIlotelotucltledbttf Ie hlfoa .. of Dela
Mathema thcaleIn srumentsNated toatedito' pnttg fort3in ards '111(1tANrititghoobKe
Drafti0 ngtps secialty. oroitticd lif ndtnealy oV-litidseSetodC
The best pices topev 0cteryby'o haicagosh
Givousanria.te h-ngfl of tand ley iced osadedScot d o'D
We AHR'adSexOOKgesoE' os-olner11lly by tee-lel. lekna-Bo.
UpTwhonTw tBete .Ooe hdgal. oos.teesall
tain Slaen. nOppositenree Courtlian rnoosels-
ApTnon hl T.own oBnnafteyis ekicko ifoalTe fi

-roe, tPalmter Illilt tan,-NNcird afterfPrcsideit Ailgel's brief
11111e a1tol11h100lt 11a11 woerds ofintrodution. 1H0 sauidhis
11: ll~taddress inl Dclroiitthe 1111l bcfote to
Grand tt latlis.111attaudiece of 2.00.i peopl1 de.,1b1t1 it
c. - 1 - Ic7l1o 501 00v -ilt 0evidently 1re11111cca bingot
---1. t. - 0111. Afiill005cro0w11than thlt o 0mtake is 0001
---1 - VI-ItitOc -

. o. G illsclt
(l - a vhlls
11115011.. ..FO
-I. .v lll . TI 1 0-0-0111"s
10111iil NIalii 11111 11o111'
I111cv 1 111half,

It'o1opened bity- mentioningi the- tut-
110 1rsaicO tit Knox Colege wohtichItiie
111111ece-011 0111-1111111andti 11110111 t
ila o111110loroolivc- of loll atlllr-
1-11110- IiloglilcIOtlll coniiiqoulilttiit-
evo-i to 0511chlivas due til'hepresenit
tiilscoutll with 00 tin0111EturopeI, 0111

I1\1 EN I'E0LS TOl)AY 11 i11111 11111t11111thereccgass 1i11,'grell
J to IBe Compe'ted foir011' tiell- ors11i12one01115.0-11'Wthucre
1111' t'X~chl re i- o s 1 fl hpoI1'rs iill
J[any Contestants. Ill tleindsto (f sittesmteni. C'010c11lui-
tci-,lishl''I matter1of1no11100 risethaOtl
otl fal'ul tenn0 is i ot lolu''t
aftrlooh j'tl , ll; '1 111h11111001 15111 ill 1-suineve.r111ecots
h-itt cii's thei chu l '. - -
OutlittOftor acadtltloticldisculssionl.
the' u101'of Ifhlilh o'Ilatbeen
1111110 111' oll-ill 'lc' Buti titnill c Ull ited ti Stootcs it is 1111
01111 '1by the FI111a1110 111'O1't11115 al
ac t lI esttl till- 1110 llt tillpoliiti'-,
1~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~tnil t~'ctt''(r11il 10l~ of tI'1t 1111' 1 Depow0 fhu' then~l
- oilllloiig 111111 1 itc lotie hotsrotlsl'all
beoetill'snttlrfatlls, slot
11110010 fbe laidl out.ovinetarO tllltb
tdiscovered itAmercica, to ',2 to10 ,ot ite
( Io 015 to 11e':01 rl'.llilcos
111ilL ;ill'isscllt ltic-. I tic sitic- 110111 1o01e1
inte11 r~tm n 1111 , (tllltl' fit i ll of til t' lsh itt to, 1. 11111 ld-hart-d
fir th -buss sillgl-'011100 1ee11
1' 'i~lilo1.St~owat an11111lotics. of Nevada~i. As
ti ffeed re eryvloil- eIItlt'e "C'rimte'of '7, Mir. pe
1l wt-u-lthsvociiit for. '1111' ais- it t h000 h1110 'l~itloli t lt i it htadt
ollooo: I;;never 111eei cmib tteli bt l if 1i 11111
Sittglo s ."t 1I 0et(tli, il-I'l.,lih'e5,;t o.mmllh of Atieic.tfreon
,y Athletic XNess -iotillto'n 111 iit o NIxtt ''Ia9ilolsiu
the111me f1011x1ndrbt'Ih 110- 1110r
Wt'' (1. 1 lheel 'o~ lll tRa i ll ' hIprtyto l i.
r tllitb Osafe', prsted'l'lbitho Tih-lcurerIu' asked til l Ioainug battl-
-0' & ('1., of I)'O;ii. 11, 111Londontttthiicopittiout tiltthe
Class Slitghos-1sf. Folio 0 silo-I-c lestionl, 1111d soas 11115500lar'd
1'lrlsoet'by10-h htoiuit.&
utoit; 211, lluttttoitut' prize ltt151 ot lbltro l~lh hl
11111 h Sttitt. Sc-ctou i~los ,it so-oluildtoe- itttuuettot'10'to Ih.ng-
troil.hltit lau ls 'lhhtlltgc- for the tUtnit
1Isf. T0w-cSloritotil i-ocqIieto.Stites ho tatopt treecoitoage, 0111c0
by- A. (G. Spllling .i 11r11., Englatid os-flit her fixed staundaird
d 20.wbo sts't:iteto,, pre' -oti11-ureI' eefolInhe--
Altfteltell & Ce. and Clitr-
of Detroit. tent of Amtericao's coiage' Ilututihoo.
- ho beise-d100a r' theVi to'ur He toetticuiesi tneork's utlerauce
ned on fourth page.) (osufinued en second Page.)

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