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January 19, 1897 - Image 4

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-01-19

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W-1i1sndancept A LE
Hot W ater 9 of40o asup A10 nyars Fi:4 : TOR
Botle ... 0 nl 46 S. Main Street.
06cBottles ta et " PATRONIZE OLES' LIVERY
C Bottles thatariide :IDOES YOUR LAMP SMV'OKE? adgetebsterie
$1.2 of the very best of a Office and Stable, 32 Forest
i rbbr ad vil waras on iTRY RED STAR OIL-NO SMOKE,I Ave. Telephone 106.
o as rubber can wear-oi we re- 0 No (Zlland 'Wicks, No Offensive Odor, No Foling of Cimneys- Branch 0fficc at Paiters' Pharmacy
S place the-gm.
X20iiaMtlslein0 A White Light-Barns freely to the Ilat dop of oil in the lamp [EANABRSVNSBN
~ J. one piece without Ite -Clear as spring water--0c ter gllonl-Dlelixve ldiin or cni, Capitl Sel, Wt,1e5 Sapeis, $15,W
crack o seam. ere5 $ otecco
crc rSii.prom1pty-Sold only by tiganzed u ndrthe Geneal ankigLw
-x--D]DEANIdelthicSate.safely sdyeoitsbsade-& C A . e secag ntepicplcite te
CLIS 44 South Main Stret. niteid Staes. Dats cahed upen proper
llaem'a, VhsicePm ackhex s ac.k,
p44444mam44a444444 44 444v UNIVERITY NOTES. I First Year Prayer M~eetngs Iaxrimla 5 1 V icere.Ca F. iscoc ,
Beooin Sitewthet tienrl 1h eldloC.l, i ouiCo tlr iifo"how- FIRST NATIONAL BANK O An Aher
be el it ight. till, 'Ichji'ia e ii,ilw4rih'i ";.ieCapita, s1e,O~t. sapls and Frsit, $40000
ITansact a genal banking bsinen.
litv'arsiy c n vi rll liold ;tweI I YO p 1 l i'I h utu Ci teit ii S1Foeeig echange tught and eld. hrih
Yitueveryight etterifisedit
'vnc~ti ie Io ch't a .x'mtetin. t Nytc le'r illll. 81 iiuo tlit C. . 1. IINNE, Pse. H I'ttSONSO0tLF..
\Lt ili i si thli'iellsp Ier in 7 tm 780 to ' int !Vice Pre.
On Fotwear luthste-na fr'ixcii'in ir'tsiyi-nl i. 8, "V it'xi rut'it is t e lx
all.r. i'tistti tar Mark iii'21S-30.1Aicekdir- ' 4FIlfs g eh nr~ nk
Ther'xlea o isin 5 ithe trade' asd Tiiitoiveqin g ci lieball iiixltrultih'Sitti
they're praticlled mstr ouitYdthin, ' itn iOor. xi Strts xi tc B.IaiitI't~e e t t ieinMdiad liasalitretx.
biatitiarlashratre. y w s . - 1eb tith Ti hr ii-pci ofets
This ster iela es yausure y'est' lit 'I oilellPhil ''' -lit;. lMr. E'. IX_. liii"'.geeral batking buitessi.
This tsere gearantees yeua esate ivet- , -liiR. Kihrlii' 1 P e es . rC. E. GCuria, ViecPies
mast of every dollxryiou pt it sit" It it ti. 8..-rtt e iiii1-1 i-Fta iirenia.i
at Ii, It isa geod So tin'otee, tll v f cliiif ie a 'Ix u sin t l ee nuliintiui txtc'.x I 'ii. 1: 1-6 i 'li" Wi I
gaad Shet at priettay dawn lx siixir- il'i~rix i ili'lit'.Lowneys Coolts
('1111) 1., nlieit yefcliiiihtni
Good iubbe, too, i1 .utwant tem. Allre r i', sot L.unches.
VV'. .Reinh1"ardt, lii l iu tid DIlin of. xLxi iiii8t k liter t8-i1:rlilies ,1. 1on
Trp"a eue yC '. NNOiih' xxiii i 1'iriiihaTUTL 8S. StateSt
42 S. Main Street. l pno lat;y 6 134 . 4 p N YIn' txicin 1111'he iA[ L '.eillri'lfrie,xIy I
OUR LINE OF CHOCOLATES I:111 jEi1S ANyef tii ci Ii't'.. a _i OL QR~WEC
are something flue. Havxie you ever nx i 'i e Olex l iii' lxilxixr ie~ l xexioo 1111Wr e xn nslxer nei' 11101. iiARNO L D ING JEWELER.
nthinivetixi' in seixievexri'ii'''idi i Stxrn i oli ng. diel 1
tried thmemmliA larger assortmn t illl'llxxi t IchiixiiMte t l i l cxinmi 1th' lilxrte ii ,ll ,
every nday. (lily your goods at lxitvfli'ttx'ex itoxtviofieti1c1 lixt 5IaSi'IUDIO
Ill ix'i',ean twtoalit tifCal11 iXlx'iiolciitItiiI eir, xxx'iic tsrxilais tmel i ll ime PIANO AND COMPOSITION.
h'tlspiing' hry Y'xile e ix' .- te o glenll t~Ilolx ctti 5i5 1111' Ii
COR WASHINGTON AND FOURTH AVE., i, ecrxxl ru's' f thel Paitie lir 'y'illig ao811 'titlerlivcule. 1 i I ( Ii i~iF
A25 SOUTH STATE STREET 1- it l hir ltlii 'i'iiem ~ ct---'FremStutitgari Cnervxextry, Gemany.
AND tixcllyPccct titcccp cc 22 S. DIVISION ST.
xxixre ii Ii t te xe vgttlxmlic, Itli Liing Ihotoixe litgx Vei, ts lue SVita- _________________________
Y i o r Taior ! xei x sii ili ii~rtrxr t i cate cv imcotxoptie. Three xtlljct JaitiReceived a iare and legant
ut. Te "Qairlcl" "illy Bhte Ls ef1e Ppe
Hax'e yu !,ltiose o bb illt Axsi i)li' itilt. ttanav tory' d" 1tiT le aki 1) Ic. Th1 o1 adCleLnhsatalvur.Aet
. report laid thtithee , i'irayeat Asn
Suits MLiltm'd is turning o 1Cut. xr' tt lv nx'ri t s ffl. Psiito " etfrHulrsadWlim idWrri o'
id~rle tlt' cto mnlitec,1111e i D cit-mini'e l'alili Noely C., I18 orn x . , hvlteIatcx
I[TYvEi'ARD 40 State St. liii' xramgcmxt xive aliii'.ltaleVi- OCicag, ii. R.B. J10L Y' &Co.
u___20__ iS Stat st Sage Blck
I -- ''r - ts f rtxtlli_ gaxtr ilisew'xx' 'Stile, autii ilt ttxi rtu' urlihe t-a elrtt.u1 ita t
IVi one L.oan eci ! n itsnitur of ' i'turtu'rc iUs t iel(lrt xi "s .1I tu 'xi' tiutux'a Gr~foceries, -: rovisiols
on watthe le I a s al' r othukrIth hl tt t rtit' I tI xl .ciahs ' torktluu.uetxxixittrti hx' te ''ieai Ikua mi a aimm
Personal i rlperyi t aihsIt ndv emew""-til cr),t'(, I F 'oos om' sale by
eley epitaireI, ) I i. C'u'ul a cnw guu3xidE. (. ..1 11.11 I pt. lin
Libety'.lAnills Si tAli lt bs i- f ue ab c otc lIse onh
neat iln t~a l ml 1111, 7tohelit. mta id 'The ii ,11 1 rvt'chau Immniii. tiI.l i h t 'iS 'ii!luC't irlixhlat&Ol-&aC o.
7 toa0p . ,usi'ii WAS x. atrcaitunii' iuil lisIii'. i tl c.t. 'liiy'ti t tn Nli l I 3'4 S. STT E.C ST..
U'. roams, Alt'ippaitmentnirst assat. scribuedi xithi wourhs atf ishdarle t, li' xtelC~tctchlx's
Impaeted anddometicneiears .Ladies' asli- I - .- -iQAiTceiEc xFO
tie hair desilseand titttne palostup l'rv prpryaSttxd'eti', 2 Sberb cr iaym' n o
ntirsa. d7CR TeePusveakioleS.yState xi. _____________2_Subsriefortheain y'rnks Yed((8 S rSsp it ases
Tuns and Vulyi.e lipai red Netly and
FROTOCR HEXER a.y f'emAA Citeau Pry, Naiua .
0. M. M~tIIC~ n, alsir tec'tr, Clh
ANWRO.MIH. hereto.r fr . adliietall c Ckeiianal Fine Oraa
-'',. your 'wor-yot iu ti othtwell md ourth eu ~igaSeily a 75
D ANDALL THE PHOTOGRAPHER 7 '- .z.'. clothes cst nottmre t ashop FULR& IX N
U ~Washington Block, +I1 sop work - We se only the hestFLLR&Ex N
Ann Arbor. material-the most thoroughytaco- A Slash Ien Prisrs. Cr ailmeit
r t iae swlit
'170 RENT--A desirable suite of t' d prtosSud_ ac_ uorn PRESS SUITS FOR 25 CENTS
rooms heated with ht water, statioa- fit it- --___
ary bowls with ht and cold water. ' /CLAIGNDRPRN.
Bath room on same floor. Enquire 5at' QO flSPi L 5 55 tt aDneIaeysBilad.am
47___._Divisionstreet.___ 'W 15 S. MTAIN ST. Subscrib for the Daily.

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