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January 07, 1897 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1897-01-07

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24 + f 4 1+l Society Progras
The Jeffersoniaiu Society has tale tol-
cublished Daily (Sundasys excepted) during lowing programi announ1ced t or S:itncl-
the College rear, at dlay inigiit: Reading, A. J. Lacy; dec-
The UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, lawcation, A. S. tKepnler: essaiy, 1). C .
A)F emp Timese building, 79 S. Main St. be- Doiiiicbers', orationi, It. N. W0illiaviis;
twen onLiberty and William Sts. sceytte;F 'ais pc i .
J. F. THuMAS, 97.illianutan; tbiograilIy, IH. J. 1I.
iilSINE'iS MNA(ER right; imnpcoslui diocussion, aiieiii-
0. 11. BAsS, Ot, iee J. It. C isleiciii, .licgativoe, T.
EDITfORS Itayek; debate, "Resolved, IliatCon'l-
E. L. GEISERo, '9 L. F". 0. SMONSo, '98.
B. B. lNIEtHAsY, 'o. iH. 13. eiLAIAN, '08 L. gesshould rccie tce t.' C('bala is
F'. MI. Loiioii, '08. H. it. COuWIN, '9. cielligerecnts." atiiiirnlive, J, . 8' Ouch
C. Mi. CottN, lb. Atbletic Editor.
- iadiiHi. hP. L:iieicls, ilegIiie1, 1'.\Ii.
W. W. Hugbes, '",. 0. W. Sioiti, '07. (OtenI'lnd11( P.tcers.

f-\&; r ),t
d< 1 tom

wins the jury of shoe buyers and it's-
ours by taiheas'y majority. Footwear
should be lop quality. Tile feet can't
stanid anything els. Prices should be
low, so as to. keepth le shoe tax withian
boundo. You won't feel our sboe
prices, but they will make you feet
pleased. ''iere are no eoru gru-wors'
like bailsoeso. Come to us anti get
something that you caii weair yourself.
instead of the oboe wearing your fool.


Men's Ulsters

Fi. A. Fucib, 'l8bE. Louise Doige, '99. I
W. P. Moreilli,'l8. lioter tLaomb,190O. "'lie W'tiste Soceu' lvwill iii"'t Fartai-st
A. at. 5Smiti, '97. C. Lolljr., 9 M. J n
___________________________ day_____u a'niprest thlii'following tiet , E ' * onaT Uo
*ih)alol _ll ic 1 :1I-. .ii'le i' hubl et
The tubscription pricerof tbe ttelly is', e5f)t.-
toe the coleoytl i eo M eici s Caleto i deb il I'.tt'sttlt''i, '"hat .Smootlt UI'te
before n0o0 cacti day. Notices, comuinica- .«t'bei-li ofet'dg(~.*eiiuiuld l it' Orl~tIs.
tions, anobother mitacteiicter i ten eoulica- "3itleso i
tionimuttbethandeinot i lie Itailyttchic ebe bdeS ft
forop. ni., oromailed tiothi' editori' beore 3 (tieff tor'outt I test' ljuly ii il tiet'r
p. in., if the lay srevioustto b 0th tiiwhii
theyae sexpoecte'd O to ee. i~11117 11llolls oluac'. tfibeim
sOffice, Mtec's oaytile oteoe l tef'
's~~~ atTeIal V(
fec a iCtry ieiii s proaics ~ti~t lyitul tobr tt'll. .11i'.111,ii1Itl-Mi'. Nel'ihBsns; ci.bbc~e' il o_ erafvrb rprigpomtya hs eaie ~r totad i.'ef
office any failureaofcarriersttodiverespaper., e- ~' Iuluun
Every ()x'ercoe
WIe Nshl again tt liee tiitoi lie bill Death of Francis A. Walker.
dtf'ttbiody ll'iihttilti the(i'll.loartis.ce uofhci' pi''cidii(yottto buy yoi
aging Orneir h(ibl'sby ttcaiendingte sa l itts"nsiue ~o icifci r< i' p
ptrelimnlary cotuest,. 'the .bdelili oiiitra-llll(1 on'lelofl~ie of mst'(c'- f
and Alphao Nuu mieltin liooil '>21,. wil'ty tknuwn010' ttf Alitlls, diof
nigdhtgandlthewroot'shouilmibisfitiled o
The tques'tionlislbiv ie one atdtli i-lii
teresltig discussionl imiyO'bt' cxpecle I. r~nBotJuy2180Asa
lt'e chair of classics (a):Wilhltitncliii'
Ti'hfDetroi Non's aii Thie Detoit
I''liiilre seemi ttoo'e leel~nilied to lie lliay, l Iot cf itoliticil i'i'oiti at i ________________________
I iiht'ie be t'lil c licooul, auid thlt
thit legislatue'n111w' in sessiott badiI(;ii
iiilti'osilisof it'0 iit''eshy o' )11sith'cl~' yof Oiascthused s' I loll.
titeof 'i't'ohuiobtg-y. As a puiblic llit
Miaps 1tie motibbi etcivis'' eauts tof.1ac
lie h u'-sredu 11f fth ura
e'otupiishiiig thuselei ye' ttoevsod o esiittb'yof h it iiea'
thooe eeatio'~ttleili ioIfio cht. 0tiii stict'' of I ~ siotllli' I di a 1 ut',sal
Anthehs'teseeraee sist'.eito,_ i
lfioiilie' i'fteu tale to (f'ie 'ilse-
'StoriS orlg t'yitudAntifekthoil
ai thenaliotieii o'enfeid Oice.1II~i
T"teriesrt'llentl i ut nniArb'.i n _tinalmonearyconfrene.__
Th eosaedukaltehoaddirect all their efforts twardt ot iiuiig From Harper's Weekly. / A
other ip'e~o' les oey. Ti' he ct''huo's 'Ii ttb''ttt o antne tjth
are' written ini tie lanigigelofitfhe' ilt iI.i'll'i'it NO l itrtoecVte 1ly.,i
guttier. Up' n oneiw01111' ws'hiu it155 le I('i° I ' 'iX lii) ily ha-,(t'e folloswinug (1to "'
facto chic talc's teave tie iiuireissionisl'
that the hpapes pulising thieii ue ltiiith'u-elasiNt'c'c '
pohung fictiots toattain thit'e('lith111y'fil baseblli se'iausowsis ,'cd n
hsase Cciiutiatit ciecioi 1 ~ l'iot otlllllli 'ill'ft'atturi of it:55 vas
tug to tiell thi' trithl. The ii''' ci3 ' 1thi t dleend'c lil O~id itaction te ho'
mus bedisredtedsomhow nonia-t ioigait fuio'uliy illiexellitig cs'eal
tel' bysuhsaltimeans. ht'lOiiii'itt mi'iiituu'es 01fthieirniinewsoi
Opinions of Professors.IN TH R
'o'Tetesiews'oh' tiesshas tak~eni51G"E F
Harvard WinsChsToraet
paius to ohitati the opinions of't - 'I'A'NeTT
rei'e''su'lifltis'1 studetits If pllhic'Al Ihelb'tilteu'1'llcgiaf te hss 1'otust ''n'a-' I Y
tiiautee in thto e laitg Anoeioi ultil-Wetl, swhichlisconicludcedin iiNeuv
versities eta the dity of'ConTelsci'- York Mionday, Haurvsurd swas first, with Wthti pc o
gauodiig the nautiottal res'enueis, tic' clue-uuscori' of 10,, leinoeton second, swithi
uciseyi, aeto the bankitug sysiobti of lt'e0, ianid Columithurd, uit?) I' , The LUCKOY CURVE of the /
conttry. Professor ihaltley, Ilf Yale, 55'lil' Yale swas last hasving huht'4 to Siphon Feeder is to the SiL .
TuLt~usig, of Hlsr'lirl, leuks, of Cot'- hiet'cili. htletouritamoents '. ue lalim
hell, Lauighlini, If GCiago, Shsers'oocd, toliai iasidisawne, siths
of "felis Hopkins, itoos, (If Lelanditdohtl of 92 gameos to it for Coltmittua, What Bait Bearingu are to the Bicyele..
'.Sian'frd, blwll, f Q~innsota Dan ",e01i in he lst.Pen Company, Janesville, Wis. J
ie, of Princetont, antis Pr;sictetts Lost-Betwyeen William ni d Wasb-
Adamns, of the t'tsriversity of Wiocon- ingtet ott Fifth st., a pair of glasses, D ANDALL THE PHOTOGRAPHEF
sin, and Slocumn, of Colorado Collage, gold niose piece, rimless, Leave at Washington Block,
take part intshue tesies's syinjessicil. Dalily office. Resward $1, Ann Arbor.

Febtutary is the tinte youushoutld
r.Now is the time. You can buy
WX'e hoave abtout t25 Rotughtattd
i's wich we will citse at ai price so-
air v'alue.
at reuced in price. It will pay
)us next season's8 Coat flow.
Ann Anhor Light Infantry,
t2th to 16th.,
further announcemestts.
PARKER Fountain Pen.
A perfect Pen and warranted by the Parher
CFREUD, '99, 47 S. University Ave:
OF M5 . SHAVING PARLOR, and, Bath-
R .rooms. All appointments fSent clams.
Imported and domestic cigars. Ladles' artis.
tic hair deming and bathing parlors, up'
stairs. If. R. Trojanowshi 30 S, Stale sut.


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