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December 14, 1896 - Image 2

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-12-14

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If T3+1 p% rrtf generates into a mere matter of sys-
f f l i t . tematir noise. This condition of af-
fairs originates, doubtless in ite ef-
Pu blshed natty (Sundays excepted) during forts of freshmen to secure their
the C011egb year, at
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. Money's worth, but it is supptoried
Orgient Times building, 70 S. Mats Sb. be- and nmade worse by those wito should
tween Liberty and William Sts. know b~ettetr. Every audiencee should.
M11ANAGING EDITOR out of setf-rcspect, ftowtt dowe sutch
J. F. THOMAS, 97.frnalcs
O. it. HANs, '98 Competitive Examinations.
N. L. CeISsuc,'sS L. F. S. SiSoNS, '50. The American Intitute of Sacred
B. B. METH-EAaY. '50. i.H. . StLLMAN, '98 L.
F. M. Loots,'98. . H. Coowoo, '99. titt'tltre of Chicago oilers tel the
C. M,. GREN, 99, Athletic Editor. year 18i9t6-97 six prizes for lhe hest ex-
ASSOCIATE EDITORS anlillatiossill Hebrtew, New Testa-
W. W. Hughes, '99. 0. W. Smitl,,'57. 12n,(re n h s1lszBbe
F. A. 'uelk, '98 E. Louise Dodge, Itlt tt'k ldtil9.gil Bbe
W. P. iborrill, '55. Hutler Lambt, 19009. 'Thte examinaltions are optioI all (ol-
A. Al. Smith, '97. C. Loll, jr., 99 Al. lg e id~mno h ,iie
-rte Stales tnd tanadah li t'e111iz(s to
oiwirtiddlit'91111)foi St-e bett 1111 r
The subscription trices of the Daily it $2.50c
for the college year, with, a regular delivety Iald $9)0 ftelsectond 111beetst pape'r i
before soon ech addy. Noticescomu i
tions, uud oither matter intendtedlfor publica- edliiof thlithr11e stobjectis m1ionllled.
ion must be htandted is ut thte Daily otfieelie-
fuie 8 p.sm., or mailed to the editor lbefore3TIiet-0'lt 0s of fi lit'siucce'ssfultil elllst-
in ., of the day pr-evious to that onshc
they ure expeted10ouapeae. illS 111and tof the ilietiltiis wthI
subscriptions may be left at Thte Daily
0ffcr, Meyer's or Stoets Netwttand, or ssli-lillte' cre cl'lllil11'l ti till it, ipub
twith Busisess Mlanager. Suberibers will coo-
fer a favor by reporting prosmptly at thit lislittil inllSlit'st'llhI tcitd 'li ionis
offic any failurerof carriers totderive paper.
________________________________________ PresoftSilt' Stled l itt's .iiid (ans.


Russia, Enamel. Box and Ameri-
can Calf are World Reaters.

Those regular $18. 00 Suits, in the
newest Overplaids anti Plaids-
Green-Brown, Brown and Fancy
Mixtures, the clotlaes of today
made in the fashioni of the dav.
Not a detail slighted except the
Clearing Price--

1111ldlunanlimoullsly Ilassell. -"lesolsedl,
gist',r(' tlforlNorik dtneiic to tllcjc-
Why 1-9111101 1his port lt'lieitrotduced'

w~riinigti lit' lilericall in litlt' of
Sav-'ldLileraliit'.191' Plth. Cli-
Second Leap Your Party,.

Nnhlp.'R Star P.Inthinff hnsP..

11Siligl t~s successftul 111botilltially'1(1 PRINCETON SACK EU Ui0IUU J LUIV U U III 35 El U UtU U
As till'Daily initimallted'onl l rSIla~y :11lly. 11here'woet'about, 175 1til-ltIs w I"?M
ilgoth tpt'lre'lliinary detbat's 11101 night sod1111 tttr lottr. (111o' thlet' ea- VVV F E K %A8 0 N L Y
,Showetl lackhotaiitailiarity withI111'i it-e palts. ATouit 1) lnumberstiOall -H I F- r -A~
toting were q1u11ittonoice'alelt. How- St'elhaperonellls wteoIrt l'eits Deantt Those Nobby $1. 50 Shirts are now 98 Cents. Don't fail
ever, this 1is119 reasont for tiscourtge-aitilBarbouri'.Prots. llltllills. (i15'Qi to look over the patterns.
nilent.'fTese prelitmintary 'debates 111' 1111 XNt'ilt'y.
tteittg rtuchedlto ge thlei ttthe11' M B noilss I A P "s A T t

waly before l t'et'llrisllias Aval-atioln
prteparal'tion tOisimlpossible.'thte size of
141e attienices 1111d tteenctlusiasm~
mantsifested shtowed thait te ilupolt-
.tnee of ltese intellectual conltests is
at last comting 1(o bt'reeognioet th ie
U-tuvt'rsil-. T'he Adellilia1111alpha~
Nu o lddseconlld Ittelimintalrie's Iloliglil
.andtlobthIballs sold aI gatin be ilt-it.
As 1100 bect remalrked ses-eral timelts
befort', it is ptossibtle to have too ttie
osf a gootd thintg. Thtis applies plartic-
ularly svell in thte tatter' of alauseltlt
at -the entertainments in University
Hail. The BastonI tadies' Synplolly
Ordhestra uindoub-tedly lpr'esentedl un
esipecially ine programlnFrida~y itight;
but, tvhent it t omlss to encoirinigeigilt
ntubers ottt of a program~ of elevetn,
lte discrimintitoi thtat applause is
sutpposed to shtotv becomnes ratther a11
mtknown quantity. Moretotvertte
repilition of numtbers beesitics tire-
some both to iperformners and audience
and tihe appliause, instead of exptress-
ig appreciation and appsrobation, dc-

lti('rittt r'eit t i'(1_14 Off on any Hat in the Store. Popular Brands in-
legt' Itaers of the Unitted MattesItleeld .
Nilt meintionls hreIntme nerlty-14all tiheD A
speaks liltrtir-tllrly of 1he1'lntdei.
Aft'r 011015 notie'ls of 1111n1y of tilt THE AN'N'U'A.L.ANNOU'CEMENT
e'tellrnl publlica1tion"1. iit t"lithe-n
Ioildel itott'1110 llcer tot' Mitligan
it one of tilt'lbtst, t 0 i toS theet. v-el-
loet liagaullies that ('0111' 1111uttfShe T1



Important SMeeting.
'T'he class of '97 wvlill eet in tRoom
tD, tilirl'ersiy Hall, Mondaby, Dec. 14,
at 4 19-11. A secretary stitt be elected.
Thtc subject of capl)aittd oltih.5 and of
,Ias mem iocorial still betdisctissed.
'Te 1co-mtmlittee onthle 110111- Systemh
St t'xaliiilttioihfrttittthes'91991-.T(latss
Ield a meietting last wseek at wiihl
letters sw-re read ft-Sil ses-eral in~sti-
tutionls where the systeml is in opterao-
111)1. 'rie commltittet' is iLardtiat stork
forimtlatiiig a plan wvhich they hlope
to be ready to present at a meieting si
Ite class to be called Itis wveek.

Boston Ladies' Symphony Orchestra--------Dec. 11
Charles A. Dn----------------Jan. 21
Ex-President Hrio-------------Feb. 1
Luther Laflin Mills, (Chieltgo Alumni Nuimber)-----Feb. 12
Imperial Qatt---------------March12
Oratorical Cnet--------------March 18
Lucius Perry Bills------------------------------- April 2
John Kendrick Bag-------------April 13
'11\61E ADMISSION .50
Hlarrison Numbher $1.0
Ora'uricalCnestb Im
TICKETS NOW QN SALE-eserv-ed tickets on tale Thursday ;Oct. 8th, at -Plme's-
drug store, Stale ,street, and Wahr's book store, Main street.'
JAMES H. PRUITT, Corresponding Secretary.

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