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November 12, 1896 - Image 3

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U. of M. Daily, 1896-11-12

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Time Table (Ilevised) Sept. 27, 1896.
Mail and Ex ---34 N. Y. Special--- 7135
N. Y. Special--.. 4 (15 Mil ------------- 815
Eastern Ex--1017 N. S.Lite.-925
Atlantic Ex----733 Pacific Es.-----115
0. N. Express....-I500 Western Exs-_ 5.R.Epes-- 1 ( h.N.E--- 1
B. . s pes ..il1 0G. t. Ex----- 55







0. W. RUGGLES, B.W HAYES a° 5u
G. P. & T. Agt., Chicago. Agt Ann Arbor®s 0 . -' o°y~
T*a 3ssec y TV RJ5 A e rm<
Y Y f t A 0I :ID arc/ c n 7 1 ,_ O , M s0 A.
®* The Oly Sleeping Gar Line between fa-
RAILROAD. *,O H AR lds nd Columbus
Timer TableOt. 27, none SNSS O H I9K \J\ The Ony Sleeping or Drawing Room Gar
NORTH. SOU0TH.ul~A Line between Toledo, Coleumbs sad
7:10 a m. 710 * Ane, T S A GUARANTEN P~ri ': aita
115.30p S b.,Ptm m®11A1A9®®"O O®i li461E A ®®' a9 The Ony Drawing Sem Cr Line between
4:10m 1 ___________________________________Toledo,Columbs nd Charleston,
lRon betwrcn Ann Arbor and To edo on]y W. Va.
Al rlsdiyE.cpS.noy Teri.UIEKY tCJIVE of rho AT~D ~ f Pullman Sleepers between Columbus ni
E dS.oILitL. getSiphon Feede is to tbe Agent£Lb.L4b U1a1 Ln Ohnos
W. I. YBENNETT G. P. A. Toledo 0gT ONLT LINERKERbFountainPenanbweydngy
TE ONYTLINE wilE 0 rais ec wy n
ANN ARBOR & YPSILANTI ST. R. SndyabbeIs !TEOL s t eenran eachwa and
TE ONLY LINE witE Streaineachbwtayl
Whbot.iBall Biooosare tolhe Bicyc. A prfct Pen andl wrrotd bythec Prer bewen Toledo, Boling Green and
TieTbelay1.19 en Compony, Janesvill, Ois.TH Findla.
TieTbeJay1.19 . FRE UD, 99, 47 S. University Ave.TH ONLY LINE with2train ecE way dey#
Levyp at rmCscess. :0 :0bewen Toldoad Charleosn, W.V
and 1Leve:0 Ysilntifro Cogres _330,5: U~s., 45,S S3(S3()THE ONLY DIECT LINE beween Tled
so 11a. m.; 12:45, 2:00, 3:3:0,51, :4, 8a7nd te Vignis.
and 10:15 pm. TE POPULAR LINE Aees Toledo, Fse.
1Leave Ann Arbr Janction, 7:00, 8:0 and r T.~.~eu,'E% a, Bucysn,lrnvilend oeene.
1:10 a .;.:1:1, 2:0,4:0, 5:07:15, 9:00 and Try O r Perumes!~
;145 p. mn. JFsl nforatio relative to trele, time o
SUNDAY TIME.itrtin, e., will bo ceercully furnishe by any
Leave Ypsilanti fram Congress st.,l:3, :0, we have a very fine line of Perfumes which Aen of te Oio etrl Lnse.
5:00, 6:30 and 9:0 p. m. ewilb.eadtshw oe MOULTON HOK, . P. A.
Leave Ann Arbr janction, 2:00, 4:00, 5:30, w ilb ldt hwyu TOLEDO, OHIO0
7:10 and 9:0 p. m. StrITE -si~o
cents; rod trip tckets 25 cents. 1ViUL.LIOJyfe1J UCo thA.
W. F. PARKn, Spt ________________________________
THE KINDERGARDEN BLLIARD HALL 39th Year of the S. C. A. i 11:13 1in lits ill 3 11ear1and ill lar-
11 is true1shat1there are177:get 'llmolly wiltlt'e co-toductioll:1 lc icaisreervof
RALRADTIKE RESIho'1loloelsitleit a:101l:::crli lua'Osliaor This spacei eevd
mal2l1 rd0111l1'l who d0-i: l}li -ss d-oi o
Wholesale Cigars, Tobaccosand tadstl 1711:11bilhi,5 tlol:0111101' the lcprcslel:13 Cstdtlls' fo th Grn Op a
Cigarettes. :I13.1' 3'ven trig ito its bpte05an111 1111 relilgious ognliationsiis su11h it is
Cor. Main. and L.iberty Sts.lot,,10u11illis equa11lly ru atthe )1714ii'o3(i the:1oiuty of lihe Olstudens 1to113veit House.
RD lo lParlors of Ne'wboey11Ilanoarethe fI- v OIITI('AT ECONOMSY: blrofessor1
M iL A oi1('1hauntis of ifiinly 360011g,:1:1 iand eAdtams11ma13be' coslt~ed o 1R00m1(, HURRAH! Ann Abor ut last has a fnea
T~lE i 07110fo theiil 1176n. ii: lllil 11, 3cyltk''01 x 3301111-n.1 li 'clock. Thme Portand Cafe
DR I E 2 i1stig om Ilsor ebry INtiiIS'Il:Sudeits deig to 66 S. Main Street. Anything in ea' te
cosl3itArfssrDm o llalso tefnet T':br Board is city, ."t
1-1,11lis i 10111-0e1p1ovied by1103tuldllts 0017311 if~o elliB~iI per ee. eularmnoals1. OEN 0A
finolkilnlin ilRoo0m110, 'T. I., 2t 4 1. Ili. Asp NIsy.P.. iDo't forget -A spe-
oald 11the irinds frothe l'u1se of sn-da1i1. ialy of Sunday inners. 12:10 to 2:30r.15
det ro.Mc.Laughlinl gill b1'1 Iin oo 2,IN THE EQUIPMENT OF Ap
-- Illln Stl inlg 10:011n, 33110-1is the G: ',II, trolil 1145 Is 12;0 61.1:1, ollSTUDENT'S RD E.
host055 -00-11100(omle01el0puIlelo ladliB oo1100111 n llslltton reIsli 13,'o1033o0k 10 Aiiici-,
0,1 - 700 .It is geetlly coecded that a stringed in-
-Anii Artbor, aieto b I : otonlly 1110 l111 a0111- ist11120013. strment is almost tonabso lte necessity. To
I ecure the greatest njoys atross ihe-
thet( sloding odailies., leiotlio':l0. :110 and 0I101 Sattilorol cinoo sy l- purchase et te best your oloney wil afford.
FOOTBALLolSUP01LI1SkExpert judgment prnouloon s05 the Bay
Everything for the player -Jachets, e00011710 '11101 crtte pblici-an adtresOf owier. 50 bill, 901211 An excellent instrument in lbs
Shoes, Socings, Jersrys, Shin Gards. 0 O leIl:llttlio-l llc-bill iantdchanlge. 110371100 'will O l 1011:1Y T 1a 4 oa
etc. Spalding's noicial Intercollegiate ions from oiis1100 of thieleading col- to:'A10701111AT1E4 S$1,0,-col OG3
Foot Bal, ofilcially dopted oby the Inter- for-ts.reurnXt 4:tS. L verol. V3
clgie Aod OWiter Ascato.Sports CfreCl-.iI g ii5'111 b itli~l'0 ~~-olgit soito.CompeeCaThe ,logos.ong dress'ii-yIibiiiiniionel t7gcioil ew' AITT T
Nae h Garnee" io'Y~l [0 'bo I~ttiol31isoii ' at- ol 41. Fifith ais-ne.'WSe hove in stoch cheaerbanjon
A. G. ,SPALDING & 1BRO. e Ti'Cornl l alialiii, v1ll' Noisoiii teainthis,buoe orasubstantla, seri-
PE ' 0 .S. Igllost-One sigeoml 700111 able instumenest, at a low price, o
e alor, Chcago, P ins riluua. 1.it 1111t11 rin itto 11111113ooll trli ghti' ,lie. other intro u emaufacturedcae
New associatio starsIoutitt'tel. w'.c prsiis it,
R ANDALL THE PHOTOGRAPHER 3'li1 iiIil''liiof ont tlro1:n0-WOspts it le. n1117fr1':'raedctooge
wihablniesh JOHN . uAYNES & Co.,
Washington Block, lhuidredi'ood iills um ioll si1belmi-ibiati.23 Toimpson St. 453463 WshngtsouuStret Bostni
Ann Arbor. aeiilly ioincesedl 10- 1110 71111of 1110' I :101o 11ha 30'roomslo 1re7011 :dsi'-
OFM. SHAVING PARLOR and Bth'-or.io'1b Iil.
V room. All ppontments firt class. 'Thlic 11011nils 8 111131 iii 6107111111 -Mosic oswhileyo otatheP rln. '
Import d ddomestic igas. Ladies' aris' 01ets h oH-d e.o,-g1j'
tic hair dressing and bathiug parlors up M chga Teachers'@ Agency
stairs. J. R. Trojanossh, 305S. State st. ' "chg n
0.M.ARlTtIcCaunetsa Dieradeoth Up to date 11 it business mtiods Wide 1ae to le inteetsxxoCixs troets i' . W J,1II C f
and etalicCasetsandFin Grde easoable is its teems All thooe cot eplative teaching stnd those dsios of
Caffins. Embalming a Specialty. No. 17 S. advancemsnt is ther proession aut codially Invited to call aund see n. ^
Advertise in THE DAILY.., Room 1 and 2. - Ann Arbor, Mich. PATrNT rAPPLIEDB OR01.
Students buy the Best Fountain Pen in the market. Every one Guaranteed.
STUDE TS Bo xTTO Crane's fine St atonery for polite correspondence. Best linen papers
sold y the pound Calling ad nrvd

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