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April 06, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-04-06

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f D. Rolfe, P. S Reek, C D Ripley, H Rus-I Easter Sunday, Apri l 10
at u ,W RcadoLryRbno,;S RusI . Riegelman, J. De F. Rich-

Published Daily (Sundays excepted) during
the Collegeo year, at
Orsica: Times building, 329 S. Slain St.
Telephone (New S ate) 181.
J1. F. TnOMAS, '00 L.
0. 11.FI~ASs, '00 L.
ii. B. SKsLsM~AN, '08 L., Athletics.
E. L.. Gmssuno, 'OS 0L 1,.. DANrunbo, '15
Bten cRLAne,'~ T. R. WonODow,'50
1. 9. CAPBELL,'00. Allan (AMPrieLL..'55
F. Eoetosen. '11. F. D. EAIAN, '0
P. W. JONES, 199.
The subscription price of the Daily io 92.500
[or the college year, with a regular delivery
before nose each day. Notices, commuelca-
tiono,anod other matter inteeded for publica-
lion mast he handed is at the Daily officehbe-
fore 8 p. in., osr mailed to t..e editor before 3
P.mof the day previous to tlat on which
.bes are expected to appear.
Subscriptions may be left at The Daily
Office, Meyer's or Stoffiet's Nesstand, or
with iiosisess Manager. Suberibers will coo-
ler a favor by reporting promptly at this
office asv failure of carriers to deliver paper
Lit of Athletic Asao. Members.
(Continued from first popale).
.. Of. Harrington, A. (G.IHouck, 13. iar-
rio, II. K. Hurlburt, R.K. Hlall, J.
(G. Hamublin, (2. D. Slodnoltt, H. W.
iiayes, WV.171.lHutchings.
P. Inghams.
C. 0. Jordan, E. S. Jones, J. Jerome,

. _ . o

ardls, C. S. Roe, A H Raymond, D. N.
Rosen, Floyd Randall.
C. C. Sisayer, F. M. Shepherd,, R. C. I IO u f
Scott, H. W. Standart, 1). Strauss, Chos Dntpu f

Some of the articles you want for Easter Sunday wear..

Simons, Edson Sunderland, A. 0). Stan-
sill, J. Sill, F. N. SavageI3. Stevens,
(). C. Slocm. H. C. Snmiths, W. D.
Smosuse, H. H. Simmons, Eact Scott,
S. A. Stein, W. J. Stone, F. C. Sloane,
F. H. Sherman, 1G.1D. Schiller, H-. Smal-
ley, E Schreiner, J H Smith, A D Stev-
ens, P. P. Sherwood. J. C. Spaulding,
J. T. SI. Clair, F. E. Seas, F S. Simoons,
S. K. Shoemsaker, K. Shaws, W H Stray,
T. M. Sawyer, J. ii. Sawyer, (l. C.
Shirts, F. F-. Sabin, H. BI. Skillmsn.
O. C. Taylor, A. F. Trover, C. W. Ti-
lo.s, L. J. Tef I, Leigh Turner, Thomp-
son, C F. Tryo, H. P. Treadway, T. C.
Treood, 3. IC. Thomas, H. W "Turner,
V. K. Toggle, Frank Teott.
P. B. Upham.
L. Vosheis, L. Verdier, It. Von CleavQ
11. S. Vernon, 13. E. Vail.
SC. F. Watkins, ID. H. XWagase. C. M0.
Wocdo, 3 J Walser, Whitecomh, C. W.
Whitney, I. A. Wilson, J.1. 'sood,
L~eo Weiss, Hf. 1H. Wheeler, G. (G. Whilt-j
comb, F. IH. Oilkoes, H. Whittelsey, E.}
C. Worden, It. C. Woodwcorth, H1. White,!
S. Witttenmeyer, C. K. Webster. 3. M-
W~etmore, H. A. Warren, C. C. Walln,
Chos. White, 11. . XWeinstein, T. 1.
Woodrow, 3. . XWodruff, H. C. Wil-

Your Easter Suit until tho last
day. Buy it early, so any little
alte n cani be muade. Our
Suits and Top Coats at $15.00
anld $18.00 are correct in fabric,
style and price.
Men's Modish Neck Dressings
All the pretty patterns and
colorings8 that give, a natty ap-
pearance to the -wearer are here.
All shapes 50c.

You'll want a Hat
You'll want it right in style and
price. You can't go wronig if
you buy an. imperial, $3.00. If
you don't want a stiff hat,. we
have plenty other styles.
Men's loves
The new glove for spring is the
Slate Suede-well mnade, moeant
for dress, not for drivisig.
Also plenty of Til- atidlRecd
Shades, $1. (0, $1.50.

Mel Gillespie, head er of Mandolin, Bano
and Guitar. Instructor is she University
ISchsool of Music. 18 years esperience as
a teacher. Call at Ann Arbor Muisic 1.3's.
SStore to arrange for hours,

it. N. Jeresgan, Rt. K. Johnson, M5.E
hiams, WV.P. XWillios, . H.Waldron,.
JnsnJoey.Lafe VYoung. . Fine Confections M N YL A E
Keena,, Carl Kennedy, F., C. Kinsley, M N Y L A E
13. 0~~. F. Zimmeensan. o on n
EA. Kinney, A. H. Rissmuid, Winm ~ . Bn -s nd Oa Watches, Diamosds, Wheels or other P'er-
Kettieman, A. H. Knighst, F. A. Keels, Chclte.snaOrpet r. C. H. Norton boo been chsen as05 WATCHES AND JEWELRY REPAIRED.
it. K. Kitley, K. Kirchberger, XV. I?. the representative in the Northsern Or-Ofceteadc,.l.IbsytAas
IKilpatrick, A. HT. Keith, C. IV. Kent, atoricol tLeague conlest. Ofic LUU EAST h.Al h rsiene,4i}itii4 . onidntal LbeSTREET nn r
_____________ Soll:30 a .and 1to:J0osdit to1p. m.
W. KrkK. X. Kife. , OTIE. 36 SUTHSTAT STEET Bargains in Secsss-hand Walch s and illa-
FA esF. S. Lee, ('has. La Feys- NTC_ m U AEtoods.
ec, H. 03. Lsud2, R.1G. Lewis, Hutler hr augemoents committee of the Sense
L~amb, K T. Larned, L~evy, F. J. Lain- Lit. class in Room 9. 13. IT., XWedns- INTERCOLLEGIATE BUREAU OF ACADEMIC COSTUME,
ed, 5. (G. Loomis,1- 3.Lehr, XW. J dyJ. rW:6,F. p BENNKTT, Chairman. COT R E1..j&, L IwE ON A RD.
Imor, S LK+'Loeb, H. tLevy, XM. Living -________________-"-_______
ln.ALsnhftW.I.Levy, _X iF1 UWATTlEBS 472-478 Broadway, Albany, N. Y.
stun, Mr.A . LwPh. I,smW. ). WI I O v\1 iI' 3S'.
WTATIONRY 51 erssof theCArS andGOWS.itoUni mlly of Hielcan,
Lob r. .P obrD. I FRATERNITY STTINEY !U- gChicago, U.of Ain nesta, Corsel1L hrih, Uof lens-
Yale, E, . S. Lockwood, J. 1'. Lyster, FRTRNTYSATONR t Sylvania, Horvrdr, Yale, P'rinceton, Clonsian, Willi'ais, I Rp cy- ,.. t'le'y rnM wec
L Lyste", 0. tLang, XV. W. inidsay, 1E. BDS OR IiNSI Ciass contractsa, ry a wwspecialty.
Luon, T. L. Legg, Ge::. Lowry. F. T. Send to
ooi. MIc,0 .Hris alM-SMITH, STURGEON & CO., "'" iiS e F e
Win. Mc~e, 0. M Martin Pau 0, 239 3, 201 Woodard Avc.. Detroit. l~I4M ust B e F ee
Designs rD.J c urih .U lzs- and estimates furnished os all soon:
soon, W. Morris, 3. T. Mee, D. Xv. Hat- of tisi kind. erge httece eyo h AL antb
teon , E. K. Hedler, H. 0 McMillans, L. 1 TFE-iaca esn ~eet0Ctreyt 1]lr
Moody, IT. 3. Mercer, L. L. Mires, Phil B Z Y'SStan(]. BtwvNe be~ leave here to alnnounce ouir Sirin(
fothersill, F. C. Hellish, E. Mcl~ini, SPRING VACATION is coining offer with the Polsiive Statement that it willi be the last of
..H. Marks, H. K. XMePeek, 3. Metzer, soon. Don't go home with a big the year. No more Special rates;- We (1uote you the paper
S.H uloey .F yrA .trunk, but buy your Dress Suit ,ae for the B3ASE B1AIl. 55-A ON-that is till endl of semaesler at
Win MngoeyC . Mack,. Valise, Telescope or Travelling Bug. ON DOIAR LevnaendmeytDilofce
Mciln .F cen z Mc,-T N OLR ev aeadIoe tDiyofcCarl Melhop, E Handel, V. H. Mosney, 39SuhMi tet eehnNwSae19
Paul Mines, K. H. Metheany, 3. 0. Mc- A. TEUFUL,-
ltenry, 3. Mountain, 13. P. March, A. 307 SOCTH1 MAIN STEERE
G Marion, 3. D. HastensMOason, 2sui- Fine LinenSofneods and Law Pricea. H OL'..J41asfild, . S'auhli,.4 I X. .^+LI1,. R'V', )
R. C. Mlroney, H. C. HeAllaster, W.o1
HT. Mills, R. S. Head, 1O3J Miller. * Athensa Theatre S 51 East Liberty St.
C. T. Nileo, T. F. Nolan, W. E. Nims, A
A. W'. Norton, J T Noble, S E Niffen, _hn 0 ETSRiEI B IY
A unaum, ashDr.JNnareese M\/usialOpeic G [* AXE MONEY"7'By securing'a county agency for ousr Meversile XWall Map
Paul Oliver, I. C: Osborn, 3. Osborn, TeaaeeMsclOeei "'"of the Coiled Sate's asd the Word. The largest one-aloee
J.A Opnhi.Comedy, map published; six feet long; elesen beautiful colors. It isann attractive that it'almost sell..
. A.OPehEin tte,.ItselfPll
H. H Pae, dwi Puter3 Ltel e~g.. C .t.~IT IS A PHlOTOGiRAPlH OF THlE WORLD
1. Pattr,3. .PrntssHPr. trs n~ j ~ Q One sidesohows a colored map of our, great country, witis ra 11 oadn ronties, rivers.
R..Poteh.e."arn Pttisn towns, etc. The other ide shows an esuInl eleg ant Map 'of the World, locating aS
-countries at a glance by help of a marginal is den It ais hows ocesn curenss, rotstes of
Parker, J. H. Pierce, F.W. Potter, T discoverers, and accurately, locates ihe scenes of nl curenatevents, such as boundary
$ RID AY APRIL 8.' disputes, Cuban battlen, Armenian massacres, polar expeditions. etc.
"S. Pratt, H. H. Poweli, 3 R Palmei, J Os receipt of $1.25 we will sendas asiple copy by peepald e. pres', and w il inform ysi
HI. Parker, L. A. Pratt, Fred Paul, P. loo to obtain a trial agency. Oar me-n clear from Sb to 'w senly nft en a raonti'a wvorl..
B00 Pend iil, O. 'Pressmani PRICES. 2C, , oc, 75c0 $11 RAI) SMCNALLY & Co., 1036-174 ,Adams St.. Chicago, III.
R. Roys, H. _H. Riley, J. D Ryan, . ' ' ,11 l y' "X i11 e alan need agents f or our fine line of Susc rip IsaSgoks, Atlases, Encyclopedias. etc

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