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April 06, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-04-06

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A t XW ild's ORATORICAL ELECTION. List of Athletic Asno. Membr. 'li YESTERDAY'S GAME.
arvdLaws Carried Everything Last vToatheslw ineronsthe Ahetitled TheUof M. Team Sows Up>
Spring selectons just voeatthrletonofteetlei
from the East. Call and Night. isiat. Any persois whose name has Well.
Inpenigt tetOrtorcalA.o.iateibeen omitted from the tst ciii kindy tlcsscniud hrninn
}}r1 Las niht te Ortorcal ssocatin reort he ame o th trsamer atoicthencotreasurerwinnnat
Suitings, TLrousering's, Met aied in one of the stornmiest se-l once: streakc yesterday y defeain the Bay
Top-Coats. sionsO helid here for a long time elected C. B. Anderson, Win. Arnold, B..1. City trai for the fourth time it sue
_________off sicers. As soon tin the ineeting nwas Adams, A. H. Akinsoin, oy Archold, cession. The game was the mot inter-
HO, 18 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEA[> MAIN rlled to enter Mr. P. Y.Ahright, '985 A. E. Allher, 1E. J. Anderson, A. F. Ash- esting of the series, the score sanding
EAR___________________L, hrought forward as. amendment to arker, B,.1. Aterson, A. Armstrong, I6 to 2 at the endi of theanee. While
Ithe effect that the ofies of president . C. Apted, L.. Amasst, . D. AtenI the wether was still pretiy cold for
ondt secretary and vice-terieit ad C. C. dans, Fi. N. Aer, Allen, Ar:laseball, the fll nine inings wer-e
A[ I Ieshree.}4t /S tr asurer soutd go cto the L its a ind tnold, G. F . A xtell, W .1B. Ayre s, J. C . playeid o t .
Latwo is aterinate ,years. After costid-, Anema. Lehr was ii the box for the 'Varsity
10 p erahte disusesin the atendment was, ltsn tatter, W. P. tBaker, C. A.itht- .d pitcheid a very giiod gmne. What
ttabled.Immnediatey after lhiss another:) op, E.B. Beal, B-. l. Bwematn, A. Bras-1itits the State Leaguers ihi~ined n-er
Frsheer ee. amendment Is ave the presidency andilatee, . . Bcitvcle, J. F. Brain, TA. etcatterrec through liie ine itinsg, ant
nily in packages- the ofhee initthe Northern Oratorical Iierkihle, C. A. Barkmeister. C . F.' Cod fielditg at critical poitts sarwid
eec a pound. ' League rotate met a sinmilar fate F- Biyle, .. W. F. Bennett, Bulel, 1tececialtirsbaie tns. Thompson's
Lowney's if yon mlly, aftr aboitiaslitorif discutss- Best. C. tBrst, F. G. fBachelclr, f b t'. stoi re celara c on
iglonicamnedments and poitsiof ir- Batlow, Lym an Dieotn, V. E.Butsh, iF nmbmnerofifies in god style. Tae
P 1LESPAMC der, omnationsere c-stled for. Fred 11.Bach, E..fBemeint, Thoimas Beath, fielding if both tesiineimcproving
F-ItBsuetrs'99 L, wits nom inated foc C. Bacicts, WV C. Byntotn, J. C. lar- -,cand thie garnest-oi-irit-itoI-igrwv
prsi dnt ail eleted y aclanation. ida, I. J. Berry, . B. Baldwin, G. W. !nun' ineresticng.
PIP E SJ S ~. ~The Lit leaders seemed lti think that Biwe, F. L. Browte, F. TI. each, J. Iieb1s i 2.t. 4g 5 6 7C4ID B H
Alr i;:n.. 0 0 " 1 5o ? i0 5iy
FOB THlE NEXT WEEK. by altowitng this electioti. they might W. timadhawcH, Btishop,i. I. Biop, 1gay Cl y -, 0 o 0 . s o i i 02s7a
Just received it fresh snpmlt at Allegretti, and ave a. beller chance usnlt' ret f lie lit.V. Bickl, 1. C. Bader, C. Basin, Batteries - Mirliiga, i, tLehr icio
'Williams an t.d Werners Chooltes..Larest line slc e.Fi i -ieitn h is-F .B~et ' hukuhtB .Tnmirn a iy laitstcsi t
,I the city.-rsdntte isF.H eint .Bcighm .P hopo;By iy actl n l
Lunchies a' nil hhui. noirccimaeid F. F. heifrnk andtidlie lBowen, E li. Briwn, M. Bety, E. F. icn, Umpire-lndus.
R. IEJQLLY'&C Laws L. B. Ehlich, 'Os0tL. The result Beiger, C. M. Burtau, I. C. Butter--
308 Snuth Stale Street. f the balt n-sn heinfrank 18 aidield, J. M. Blake, Blckhurn, Fed Be- Prof. McLaughlin on Spain
Ehrlich 15. R. W. Means, '55I, was ier, B. W. Bachelder, A. J. Blealy. crseetsrand eliosvti
eleted secretary, and . T. Jones, '05 E. F. Cooley, If. 'r Clarce, Cha.I
minaed or ice-resden citthet~sk, F ~ liaho un, . C Spain caused Prof. McLaughlin to de-
Ins ?part froim the uscal lessn ic his Ame--
W'I I N W'. northern OLatricalLeague. FAorter I. H.Con,5-. A. Clai, C. .
i eats history class yesterday, and delis--
treasererL.JFrnh '99 n .W Cool iha.Cobrn, Win. Cioper, H
- tr lectre upons Spain and ter rela-
Caer wth ishan, '99I, aere nomin-te. FerCu; mnF . odn .H hn
1,-A folding CameChcitrchctonsttoF.e S.ieCondon, il. te.pCht
a. ime it seemed as if the L its would ey, 'T. Crnbach, B. Campbell, S. tintLh.aie ttsii h st
plat hoderandcarr- wn tis lacebecuseof hee pinted out that sice the time oit
plae hlde an cary- winthi plce eraiseof hebitter at-_ rhainbers, E. Corbett, C. Croftn, B. C-
tack mae o Di. Gnshw b me I ~na T.R. ampell T.P. obb Cobu-Queen Elizabeth the Ango-Saxon race
ing case for $7. tnsmd0o.r hnha ymn na.B apblT ~ CbCr nd the Latin reresented y the Span-
es of the '99 lawy class. Bt te loin B1r, W. A., Comsck, Crothers, J. madS aebe.nrahit toetm
Takes a 4X5 picture. was made goad by a contingent of lit)I Coul, I. H. Chapman, . A.Cn
- viotes for Ganhaw and he wsa elected, verse, W. . Carpenter, J. H. Ca theniewsrnempeewate
°? -A 4x5 Plate Camera for the vale standing anshaw 159 and sywright, e. Chandler, S B Cicnger, F ptipr ty of Siea, granted to her by a
Papal Shll ma 149. Tie Spanish Ar-
French 1I5, The votes aim lie repre- 13., Cooley,It, A. Campbell, . P. Cole,
$.0'Takes good mlc rada ic ya185 was the real beginning of
$3.00. plc- sentatives of the lit classes were as fol- 0.1,CakI mS.CCoetBB
lows '9 Li, Oliner 4, Dlbrdge90;Cooedg, C D. arterJ. . Cmpbllthe history of the Uited States. Spain
tetoo. '0Li iOhae 4 Binde9;CuegCh. ateI.B apel acsade a miserable failure as a t.o-
'0 iRash 9, Hudnutt e85. (has. i IJ. De Young, N. W. Danoth, I. .
Van Keren svas elected by aenisma- Dennison, . S. Danforth, C. Debidge sating power. Driven ram the North
CALKNS'PHAMACY lio frm 'O Li. F ( Deiug, . G enb, J W.Amnericanr continent by the vigorus
CAKN'PHARMACY. AthanSxofrompes'5healLit.s he
The whle meeting was caracterized ODwye. E. Davis, . Davidsoin, L. G. AgoSgnpols h lols e
by intenne partisanhip and bitterness Ongg, 0G.I. Dreiske, Dsy, C. J.Dovel,SotAmrcnoliebyhra-
barus treatment of them, And this
and at tinen the greatest disorder pre- .-B. Dickesn.
vailedl .R figr .1.Ed,7 ~, cruel colonial policy has continued in
As a result of tie election there is Eheltli h5er tretment oftCCabsIt is nit lnger
m oo p much bad feeling abroad. Many threasn question o Cuba's freedom, Anglo-
3O E"~ were heard that certain lits who voted . A. Farristone, Fusck, 0. Fischer,
________ with the laws wuld be expelled tr P. . Falter, A, H Felker, E. Field, SxnAeia re u o e ees
that essnaram organizations to shich Geo. Fay, H Frank, W. . Fster,.W. rmanto o e wkndfo
NEW AND SECOND-HAND they belong, and that a class officer ofAFodBFchl,,C.edem, sixteenth century ideas atfjcustice and
the laws. who voted with the ils wouldadistton tisnltobhpe
T e t B o kK be requsted to resign,__- C. eHo. Green, W. Ciaylon,. J. T. Bed- that the freedom may be accompilihed
The.Whst Club, er ,T odred ,F reR without resoting to war and its cnn
For every department in the IUni- 1sieuent disasters, But it necessary the
'ersity. Law sod Medica JBooks a At lihe usual meet-tag of the Whist IB, Giffiths, A, B. resbeck, H B. -
specialty. We can supply all your "Club last Thursday evening, the club GamonAeicapespfeor tereaysandfwillin
nteeds for the Second Semester at vted not to send representatives to the It, H, Henry, C B, Hle. Harris, A,otk.u rsfo h as fFe
lowest prices, state turnamentat Grand'Rapids April W, Haidle, It. B Hitchcock, JIt. War- Cuba:______
Second-hand Books Bought, Sold 2th, It, was proposed to bld a ban- 0u--
and Exchanged. de ntena uue owihrp la n, H., Hogton' T, . Harvey, . V. The faculty oencet, which was In
Best Linen Wrting Paper li~c and quet in the nearHfuturedtoawhicharep
26c per pound. resentatives from Jacksonu, Ypilanti agtre,-H .-ognn v t have been given Thursday eveing,
Ths. A. A. Waterman -Su.-Hold1 Fountahn and Detro'it should be invited,. and a Htil W.W. Hughs;s T. Hole, . B. Hill, A~prB1 , has been"a potoned until
Pens r $.25". iommittee wan appointed to investigte T. Hleald, W D. Herickc, . C, Hunt, Thursday evening,' April14.
the usater. 'he evenings play ran E. 0. Hildne, WJ. Hor, R. H. Bar -_______
au'bg quite clone, Ellsworth and Russell in -
WAHU, D BOOK S O Ea 91:Hrman ' lazts .
in'~ lg the highest score North and Sot, y-HAata, f it thletc association electon, Sat-
Up Twn Down -Towa and Dillon and Church ic-giest REas. tlfHa an, J, H. Harris, W. H-aro;udY pi ,a.13 "+~i
wannAbeB ad-WI. >(tC nn o Seta e). Room C U. H.

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