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April 01, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-04-01

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A& AN161


At Wild's
Spring selections- Just arrived
from the East. -Call and
inspect our....
Suitings, Trouserings,
Allegr etti's
Fresh every week.
Only in package-
0Cca pound.
Lowtey s if yon
Jinn reeeved a fresh suiDl y of Allegretti, and
'Williams andl WerersChocolates.1 Largest liae
in the city.
Lunches at all hours.
R?. E..JOJLbY &t Co.
3()S Southl State Street. '
Every daty at our Fountain.
Strawberry crush or Staw-
berry Sundayjkc
10c when herries get
chea per. .
fText Books!i
For every departnerit in the Uni-
versity. Law and Medical Books a
spiecialty. We can supply all .your
needs for the Second Semester at
lowest prices.
Second-hand Books Bought, Sold
and Exchanged.
Best Linetn Writing Paper 15c and
26c per pound.
The A. A. Waterman, Sold Gold Fountan
tp Tows Down Town
s. state at. Oppostn (outn ose
Ann Arbor" matn at.

I CLASSICAL CONFERENCE. Today's Game. Schoolmasters' Program Saturday.
dThe baeal season opens today with IVIDRiN LANIUAG CtONtFER-~
An Interesting' Paper Read Yes ~ay city. 'Varsity practice yeserday ENEt
terday.was the eel thus far this year. The Saturday, 2 P \I., It. one 2, Tpan
batting was stronger and the, fietiing Hatt.
better. The in-sit for today's gas. "Tee itliicat is sof the igh
Newberry j lshwas weltiled y iell tas not beein (efinitely ttcitt d lfttup holTaeofnoen,~ssae,
known edtcators frsm alt parts of the ht walitl oal ea ots :Bn ii*A ~tiahaeNentCt
United States at the opening sesoion ofMosadHvycthesLhrni
monoantiHovy, ctches; ehr nt ege.
theClsoi~t oneroc yetrtayteCtnnis,pitchers; Codon, ytot Ptoe;"Thec for tar core'e in rtdern
liooning. Prof. T. . Seymour, of YaeCe tytr and Ianisnn, secosnd tbate;togiae ithlitsShoSp.
l'oheroily, cliotenan of the cmmsittee W itf thirit base; Gilbert, sort ,,to); A. S. Whitney, agli 5w it.'. reo5
of twelve, introduced the tpreiding of- M cson, eft feld; Mc~Niel or Dais, fWolf, SoinasyI. S. St.1,t.
flerifth otott, reidti Caresmiddle; Suttler, right field. 'PThonpspon, Saginaw, W. S.
K~entdall Adams, of the Univeroityof~F~Ab '~t'bl~'t
Wieconsin.Ilie spotie briefly oitt the Caedonian Society. Satrday, 2. 1.i., tculttyioom.,
workt of the committee of twlve. At
the C'aleedonian Society siw ibod 1 iiCitiroi ly l.
the conference held in Aim Arbor ini
Scttiosentertaimcint fte the beiehltGeneral dosoe iiof qimetisga relt-
Gecemer, WO, te i'isnsitec f tweve S. C'A. Sattrlac cvreting, April tuE lit the taching of the itgaitoi an-
was ppontetlsitit semslak re p.n 9ittUniverity IBtlt. ftroldr vieotage andtiOterattm e. Tcihers rc
longito its birthplace. T'he ctmmiittee-
oo ~e el sem'1.20 retir o foef tetrit, swil sing, Prif. Wesley swilt ittviteil tti coe prepaie. ttsugest
thrugoutth contyallshvvigi ilivet tn adedress, tPrf.eStaly wildiffiutiesinditae prt i, the
cicect inoret i th clssis. n C la ptsoplr abs n the Clumbia or- feence.
ca'te nteet nth casi I i-ga, atd thereswilt be Itag iintg atd-___
fitinia tiic general g rivt ifsbjectadacing. Gl~ItttttNtCl.;IN Ctit EIiSI-Y.
tas 35te rcet and in clusical lles -----Stuetrtay, 2 I. tt..ttt t, themial
2 ter cent. Classical Conference Last Night. Lbtoratoiry.
tPreident Adinstptesided it a .t'r2- TIhsre twa a gttdtsieiluiene in te elictsisontsoittitestiioscn-
happyismainner. He iitrtdttcetd Mr. I.1 ttes -crening the ttit tiing itfCemisoty ii
C. Otottiharel, i tlUniversity It[al lst ecniing'atlcs-
CGodrpresideint of the Michigan itIhe Secottry Sthootts. Pricit'lttl, anti
iosn oit the Classial Cnfeence. tlro-
St'holmaster''Club, whit welcomed the jtchtters iare initeLeli sgest iltihetl-
guests in behalf of that club. tPresidentt 1tcotr Andrew F. Wet, of PrinctnTiiesa teda rsdn ficer.tieantkeprinhecx*ec.
OHut chins was introduced-and gracefully ijiestaedaspednincr
ielcomed the edatotrs titthe Utimver- 'roOpri cital ddres iUt"ceseiiti
oiy.asS gvtnby Prfeosr JcliiiWilliamso B~tlttt~.;I otiaAV.
rtf. I.H iweitWo m White, f bHarvard Tiniversity, who Saurdiay, p2 ini., Iianetitbia-
siie upoit the Archaological Istitute r
serve University, railthe irst paper it ts deieto Iitmake tio nrtt iornil
- -iof America. it which he is president.
o Portraits itt Virgil." Mc saidt a~ta hr tecesnycopi~
"There ire notiuhtsofittVirgil ta Ocn le tdwelt at length uoniitthe purpostes diiictltiesirhaeni cero tai t omltt
tf the society tnd wat it tha accctn->
e regaded aso autehntic. Tie three
tititatire i te Cde ~ pushed by its expedititnooad excas .giese nttitti ord.
minatre i te otxiootns o. Its in1istlprtmoite iue Variossteachers halve aket thai te
thtror little light ott the subject.flom' ~p<" ecsusd
i arliasitligy throsghout the ~oits titwit pybeeiciet
One of the estItothit fond in te 1 itn i aoaoy
it hIssno fixed habitation trnmuseuim It ~igtltaltoao
noitca in Tunis. I
bst the vaituahletiolections reslting 2Ielatitn Ietieen labrtitcv work
The pat is rlad in It toga atnd seat-
tims its expeditions are given ti te indtet-bIok.
citoit a chair, holding in his rightiiirsteansteeestutsri.iit heil'ist-tli
hand a scroll with the first eight lineswithfnsI.Wasoudb tngt? ht
f the Aened. ThetiusesnrClioiir
Courses of lectuers irebIeing given timay be omtted ?
Miepomne are ons either handi. It is i e is au spcsittesiit T'Ihefolttainn' teachers lve ,battiasti
eelntpiece of wtr,priaby takemn
fro apaitig.the. tprincipal citiesaanti universities oftheir intetittomnItntsepm-C iithe dis-
trot a pintig. -the.tountry, and the speaker announed esin, amit all othter, at's ited 'It
Prof. i. GardnerHalae, itt the Itnt--
that Prof Pey Gardner, of Oxford, lamrtiipate
verity of Chicago, read a paper aio oun oonlctr i n .mhirm liss Lenores timmoter, Central High
"The Roman Epwtinsnoncletureni itt 'Latin,"n
prnnitolo ai. etrtit. Schot, etroiti .
He said that a personm who reads pto
well will have no difictmlty with petry. In conclusin he entered iton a is-de iHoleHihShols, St. Jois
ide took a small class frons the Ann Ar- ense it the study of the classics, and Miss Margaretha IE.'Hrt,'iWetrti
hor High Shool std in a short time of the necessity itt archelogal 're- H-igh Schol, Detritt
had them reimding petry readily. He sac sottbyeomnheacc- MissiaRelen B. Kiniihi~ ut
dwelt upton the importance of care in
pronunciatito from the very egin- quinted with the lif,uM annr. and Saginaw, E. S.
ing._ customs of the ancients we nmay better Pr. Lemwis Mrbuch, Central thout
Pr. Thomas -K. Jhnson, itt Osetla, inderstand their literature. Schoolt, etoit.
Mo., discussed the "Neo-Piatorist." Interesting remarks were mtdm' by Miss Mary . XWebelr, Higi -iuol,
The Ne-Patonists are the true inet-I rof. Thomas ay Seymour, if Yale, W est Baty City.
Preters of Plato. They pursued Pitl-f
sophry as a serious business, s pan the work of the American Schosl Prof. Volney il.'Saling, University.
" Prof. . 1B. rake read a paper onl at Athemns, and ~y Prof. 3m Gardner Tomorrow at 2 p. it. tie Michigani
L araealla. Fie incrprated In his ad- Hate, of Cildso, upon 'ski work of the Academy of. Sienc will hld 'a bt'n-
des a prt of the paper of Principal American Schosl a Romne. moateofernceoiti 'Nitistithe S 'iso."t-
Shol.rot. f.teMasal ih Prof. Stanley rendered. several se- out.ters' Cm v, . ubect, "The Establish-
ThemoernLainpo , aricyn iohns on the Frieze itrgan', Inltiding ment of a High Shool Laboratory."
was discussed hy Prof. Austin O'Ma- Mach's' Phantasie and Fugue in G
e.ofNtePieUieny. mnor. The Annual Mbeetng for the elec-
Prof. Andrew F. West, of Princeton. ---fon of next year's Daly oard will
gave. a short address en "rited- Vir- Teprimnaylwcaswl
Iguis" itstrated by espies taken frm Th prlssnar la clsa-lbeedInomCnvrlyha.
the Morgan c'olletion of the Princeton meet Saturday April 9, ut not this on Saturday. Aril 2, at 1.30 p. m
tlibrary. week. Only paid-up, subsrbers can vote.

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