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March 30, 1898 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-30

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Exhibit of Swell. Spring conceits
3 k r ."..tadies' Sits, Skirts, Jackets, Capes and Waists.....
Never has the advent of spring brought to ourlirscheean ilTAh.AIIOAP, Lde
1'ear-ing Apparel, such ItAQuLsrE EXCTINI:VEN Ss as we re now showing, in our clak room.&
1' ery' garment Is that thorough TALORED nTY~islINIIS, that air of nixt:I.'isut DEBONAIR So
_ muun desired by effetive, hobby, dressers. t
rx, vExtra -Sa mle UL e
1 r_ Representing the Infest idEr s of three of New Yor k's foeosmt diesnakers are now on sale at -
ONE-TI11Ri LESS than reglar scllin prices.
ee or Hancisono3i, ae New iks and Cotton Waists
Skirts,Cae and Jackets. 0eeeived Today
Dosyou bsestIat the Call and See Us, AwhleWidw zl. _TdAL.ORS
WALIANDO.IN THE PHlOTO1GRPHER hl ino al Ceaning, Pressing snd IRepai ip
_scth-ti--tesE spTSHI.ER Work enlled fin tod delis-itt
dladolit s aroyu 'oslhat TWlphoe '.0 AN AI.O id.. j E~tL t 12S. TA .L 5i'.,oer losyc,
it is cssrsid is the sase 1o NNPhii~i iioee No.2.,NewStt,
priu:ipscia ed violisthatisls auw i Asab tt-® . I1 ,
20-a .Wshisgto St. ~7s Embalming a Specialty.
No.20)9 1i'OUrEI tAVENUE.
Anilsance ight r cday.
teiee,02 Fifth Aeiiss.
ANN RBO 69 llodes fr ') iat FOO. t3 .1odes, v~leCteyiastai ndas Bll iCAN FURNISH MUSIC OF FIRST-LASS.
TmTalSnay, epB04189 . -Aiit Brc)-wi's IDru' tore, o aStes. Orders fos ellFaternitypiesi,, cle
Tances Tab.leveSunday, Septrbo
TIME LTABtLE: SMicfCo.oa5 iedne,i7lS0ddee
Taiss leave Ass Arhor by Cetai tasdare At the Theatre. Yae-Princeton Rebate. ( 'S-Witae ppls os Paiond'ina
Timie. I-.-Isght readieg at atovessamedtPlaes,.
8OT.46.m I l9 . icisescs7 Ieodle is "votler Se- Vl lfee i rOUF yiit A..-J . Johnston.
"i1:15 am 11:2 ..a. . Pics YIlecy a e ItAthens The ir ,is l isib te. Tilielqueisidbteitd cicwas; _____________________
1:4 p. . s J 84p.m. i u ight. Itielrd, Th silt n ti..ial laty line' .o .hvn Prosad ahIom
'Bum. between Aiis Arborsiend Tleio ly 1 -.- - Uo .Saigarrsndtl os
E. 3. 01I AORlE, Agent I 'fleeDeriteelViePi*-. .s sac iis dlii "1'coiulilil lisregrded i hrehice ci 32 SOUTH STATE STREET.
W. BIBENNETT . P. A. Toledo . cI .I Ceeer'. iasle trese, 'tier hei t's:5iouncsiil l l(]irist fic~ialsisLa.die' aritie LaitDresig up.airs
______________________________DiOd friends all aain. We ii len ii' e
1(~T~n.M""mTpL ," isheseeois'seassatiig cit of il-iii Aelri anecitlie.' Yelchad the .if- oes. d. lt ThOtANstwhi,
tiaordiary Ipiwr iaid it tiniii C
Ce nra F _Ra ,dys lciies: t eieEicci « $; t. O7eanc pesi The Lowney's Chocolates
TRAINS Ar AiNINARBOR toe. lng~ir i iis cseslns ~sgsci'Wtiaii.'Niii ss-m'wm~e
EAT . tL . M t1cri Smi, aelristti'andcidess oioin i t e>Iel i f W eigteisasdsI [ee Isi iv- . 'W . .1,JState4L S,
AIattoand Ex - t47 Ln, N. Y, Ciii i th l alg. lbuii allitheceseae tei i irn - ci tiis , >i
N.Y. So iai ... 58 AaL-- it----- is st Eeet os Itele AdPr- LLEOPETIS, if you wish
'N 5 Linitsd....O ti tPaiic E -- 2 eeifru l ire s when set tiiitalnisgi ~ ileet it~esn c
Eastern En..x ...t47 i '51 -tt sturelest flisrtle t .Ii t itis a eis e:,tn I.i1 clino B o nUu
5 5. e l'esier Es er'sdt
It. N. Eapiressa--i50St GLiit.E&Ii--5 , lcatiems csfr i5siase c sV.________t
At 'a'e.F ..7,6 Cii N. En i . 74 isa'-ciitps eitl, uotic..awftul calsise 0 p r c n
. i. Eapre~s.'10ii s Maselsl isi sacl' t hea-ta efMt)tehroro pa e
*bea hrtietrLimirSd tIs Sinetranl ie tals I its .caereut dis.ecsIc i 'I I l:heidsDISCOUNT ON ALL
t e a isigti 'she to Ncs tla han 5,y..ea sgs,> tc hli n c ,ae it.asri i -
iter traiii-(sip;ten'sidafiri i,iic aindiTestsntsee, ischarte seiilherte ii te east. ' yyyTS
0. W a~iv L snn i. IAvES. Eneglit s ess o-tsaie.Callisp - nd ties Pricesieuuiielui.C
i. P. A. t.,AAn Chiago. As.Ann-Arhsor hI C.em s hiptes Adler, lse asSd t)1g a l-- - T'o close them out.
Sr)TE BUCK~eEYROUTE s esussaclcs iiutiitmsidc-' IFAitllhi ANT 'C) i-Il EXTt +/fA S^TAB BLER.
cey~.l. Certer les ouutossnes-nSIIT ME.11 V
COLUMBUS, IHOCKING VALL E idi TOLEDO RAILAIY sl nthis c cci e itnd p~dest lic s tage ,SIP t iitl.11 IW. Washigto Street. Phiese8.-
In the oiey line fotee Liii.leed Coon effect that iiesothee enei, s' Imcee Ciic ndche tieieily (lisesi form
Satie to C('bsin a ndipits beynd, Mic. ii 5.,ie. usmanos me -
using Unindeot termiina at Celm -ia s 5etuiled. Csdeed. his play s aA i dS i imt ntte
busandnriuns four fastLexprensetrainfs lil ssssfte stec~lisi Threes-I. S. Priss., ~i~s.5.,?i iNDit5'tiL. Sept,'ii cemieet
daly be tes the isintanmed.6tameny5itis,55 CLsuiiil5
them in itess preodenied time sftres tssiiei tehtelheeteie isade putieIb . ciimetIcscn tstcA. G. SPALING & ROS.
hons. iaror cars on dsy trains, seas 23 i ej isA'sscit (r~ra) :gi
ceees; Psisson silee3ers as nigiit trains. ie in. m ian y yars,. "f 55 TeNmeteOacne.
students 5' irlug uneualed faciiis U"nereie Dse omne" t te'AhesI tii'Cl. 'ci cO. Let icil"sTte Nams the GLeang tege. A
are intl-ed to ua's lie BoeReosmte anili Tests Cll Pep5 un, it a i
can obtain fullip"'artiulrs on eapiiatin Teaer Monday eeningAril S4t. I Ireei si eticisand Shol Teams of the U. S.
to local tickcet, agents. - Crek 45-ad o Every Requisite for Bae Ball,
E. It. 1AV DS0S, FOlR sALECHEAP. e hve very ismnyiiothee aeacineen Athletic Sportsand Pastimes.
Dist. Pans. Ag'ent, Toledo or cJohsns New Utiesal C yc.aelsirla lmSii etn heeee'ii l The Spalding Official League Ball
1.ISI ~t.2. and P A. F-uquir - atv5'3beetB& Claketi'eacher' n hmeAgeniiy ryCay Pll- Adoted by Nationl, Ilsr slg n
Coluombus Oi. to n tilee g. 11 I smtl 1315., C hag. Th ldest and chni iLeas~it
0 Sc iii icl.resgut iirete s iiit fi esme yc m Br.f ae al 1Eniformne, Ba, Ooves,
I ~Pits.a Chet iProe'ietoir, Snme, Etc...
ALIUniversity School of DanicinYg KPLMOwNE
Athuensn Theatre. Send for Ilustraed Cataiogue sfall0 T SREOPIELAIULD1.thei6pr,
_ 7/ /'1 ]Programx party evry Saarday eveniugm ithlie creietra msci. New York - Chicago
t OlvI mn Gei"LFCE :427 Thonaseat . 0FN SOTINO
INClsAttended Dayor Nght.e andi Metronomnes
Pt't epl' hny Bi t Fut . Ae. honA12.Vopries-thiss a hh.Te coda
'OErEoleY, M oy$CHi 20t tret tndeis.1, . 9SWAEERLE'SMIJSIC STORE 4
* ENSAMRH2.#RANDALL, THE PHOTOGRAPHER. 114 " Wet Liery t, Ann Aker. 4
Ony oosWealtoIMairSsL
+-. ". +..- . a aWASHINGBTON BLOCK ANIA ARBOR! lfsrs w o+

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