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March 22, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-22

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U416 of..


VOL. VIII. No. 123.



At Wild's
Spring selections just arrived
from the East. Call and
inspect our..
Suitings, Trouserings,
Al legretti's
Fresh every week.
Only in packa;es-
60c a pound.
Lowney's if you
JI receveda fresh sulpply of Allegetti, and
Wllames and Werners Chocolates. Largest line
in the city.
Lunchoes at all hours.
E'. E. JOLLI1Y & CO.
Z308 South State Street.
Not the kind to hang, on the
wall, but the indispensible oval
Hand-Mirrors. There is hardly
a size or shape that we do not
have. White, hlack andl natu-
ral goods.
The prices are the quick sale
'Text Books!I
For every department in the Uni-
versity. Law and Medical Books a
specialty. We can supply all your
nteeds for the Second Semester at
lowest prices.
Second-hand Books Bought, Sold
and Exchanged.
Best Linen Writing Paper 15c and
25,ec par pound.
The A. A. Waterman Solid Gold Fountain
Pens for $1.25.

Prof. Carus, Editor of the Monist,
will- Address tile Assembly
The Philosophical Society will hold
its firlstmeeting this semester tonight,
at h o'clocko in the 'Tap pan Halt lecture
owm. Prof. Paul Carus, edto oihe
hissost, one of the several pulications
of the Uicersity Press Divisio f the
Uirsrity of Chicago, still reasd a pap1-
irontoe"Concetptioot Cod." The
itois is ao cknowtledged isti e the leadt-
ig philosophic'a1 joucnal of thees un-j
tiry, anoliti is duargetly to the effo'tu
it fProf. Caruts that it hats reaced its
1} ' t '1,cs tatsscrittett seteralcsidli-
o ophies I aod theological twocks, tnd't i


Is 15111u ~ h a conttrotversy' sith some
t'lc,'ttthetologians otrethe itdeas
lti'(eFe inl thestehbooks ttat hs leId
M~r. i'll 11 tillprepacettt thpaiterswhitch
lie stilt recttontiighti e intendsto;li
go1 5 to =rmeaity nestmnth10toipeptite-
for thte pttblictttion111f anothecrht'btottn
1o ntudy ses'ei'alif the present thteoloig-
ical problems snittybeing iscuissed
Thse society has pre pai'ed qitetaIt'lo)-
plete urtgramto tr the rest tt the sem-
eter. Professors Wenley, Wtlter and
Scottth'tie heen secetr edtottreadt papers
hefore thtesociety, aitd several prom)-
snent 1men0frotm otside thte stilteimay
puosihly or secutredstottdeliver let)ures
during April, May aiid Juite.Jsint
meetings hetwveen Ptse philossohical, sc'i-
entitic, senetit' and germsanic dip art-
mensoar's alsotteing arrang'd. tPa-
pers are heitng prepiaredt by several
itinibers itt the society swhich wiltl he l
ct-si at the students' meeting.
icroscopic Photography,
Sirce the beginnig oftthue present
year the ncienltie departmnot haissit-
tired a fheist ittworkt 1s5yet buttitutile
developted. Microsctipic photsgraphoy
hais until the psast test yearn hern a
fielid entered hy a 'comp arati, ely sllt
ntimber st scientists,
'The instueont used, ini its coplete
firm, is made tip of three parts, cam-
cea, microsncspe and electric tight, The
camtera belttnging tot the U'niversity"s
apparatus in of the best type nmade,
haiving a lteespicelheosnsinleest
1long, and s arranged on parhallel Carsl
titat it i'an be fncused both by meanI
sf the len and extensio of tile bet-
litws. The mieroscspe in of very high
power, and was mads by Zeiss & Cs.,,
of Germany, The eletric tamp feeds
automatically, keeping the carbos
cotinually in the same positio, ho
that the light in clear and very posser-

whilete otbjetitbe ptogiraphted is Schoomasters Cub wil Meet,
arranlged in its ustistpotumnttti othe-"
micrscoe. he igh frm te eee: The sprig sesintof thIe Mihigan
trit lamp ilumints the tbject, pass-Scolatr'Cu wilb hedn
ing throuigh the microhscospe 11,1) then i hsct nMrh3 n pi
in its manllliied formlou isgh the cam-an Thseioswlbeedsos
Cr lns o th sesitied late itrcnlit with ineither thtse of the
('lassia Coferne,shch till hitt
thin matnner It photograph of fity tthutsi osonte.1tan ,no
sndimtrcabescrd Frmthese pates are made the slides tsed wihth cdemyoft Sciene,
in the steropticoni lantern, y mealn h eea rga ilb fsc
of swhilchsa great many' of thi' scieniira'naturtas totaplit t ll high schttl
courses are illtstrated. ertr,'h ii tvu tltsiiti,
Sto deitate is the insr soont ttiti
chattging thi' weight itof t tithe o isfosn h uueo teShomses
onefoo t th oherwil cus ittoCluh, cotniitedfrtim tho'ptins tf
low of te supteriltnt 'ints, tt' high
vibrate entitgh tit thrttow iiit o tt tttou.
To obiatesi-this a nutmer it heavy rtn picplteuiest n
beams hasve loesninserted i intt' brikthNomlClge
stallttf hrhthborattry, 'antd (11110turns ihScolcosd
cests liii'levilling tIle o'f t' pattr- ee ihrfrnet h usino
New clestigatitits lare bengcintiii letand scialife.lli~tildc'ttt
caltyrcarrietdI tn by the tn esotrs ntI' h ricpe ~defht h
ossstoit tt te sutpictItitaleo Maingof t,1Cotttre tSiiy tor Se-
assstats f te zoloica, btancalMtittry Schls, presenitedtb aliv 10 0)11-
and buttlgictl departintts, and the i-
suts are nit natifactory and o aingtoofhgscolanbyrpset-
of isle 'aitd lbotr that itsuset' iiltetrso h ecnayshos h
-- __- - I ttfore's-swsill le heltinisEnlitsh,
Chinese Maidens, Hitoiry Mathltemaitics, I em: , A-
nt> C'itntesi'gil line ti-f h s ion The 5111i1al features' wtiil itlud' acre-
'chottlo unless hticfetPreunondtto ital on the C(t~il 11111 orgn, te rn
At firsl tt'girls' pairesowiere tnw il-itio otmst oft te1 1111''ciett Grek
ills tlitt hei'rcidren attendttst'ti mustiicet'at,antuta rec'tt'liontbyttthePt
ititter tillseIcoindition s,tut no t I iltersits alitiIy tthlit' ciii ai 111
sctoos t ae flledtt sith girls wititi t-11i11ng'orgarizatiotns
Ural-sized feet, DrIHut Kling t'ng, whot Yae Froics.
hoc just beeit graduated fromtinhi - Vt
loan's Medcal Cllege in Philaderlphsi, O h aycsoshl nrvr
is n1110the only Chinese swomns that c y'al negauae-oei
hasobhens eduated in America and gne mr oua ~ hssao fteya
lick 'kslme tIswoskor tthe IC od o1 thani that ot sinnilg tts very lue
her peolpe. Mary S'toe ant Idia Kahn lfts'sn11110durigathe los sek in Fe-
graduatedit otthe IUniversity of Itt h- ruary' and the first twottin March, t'
gsn, and lre nowt teaching iti the ltlrraselrbtese inn
sthools of Shanghai. Mary Stine is the tolstn the cllege camplu tor n the
iauighter itt Chritian parents, andI she corner in fotril of Osbo rn .Hal, thi'
is the fist girl amontg lmillliositt en- sute ot the olitolene. Th' students doi
titit China sthltsas alsed to gro~w lnt appuear in putbl' as tp niinnes
t wom~lanhotod with Inattral feet. Ida untilthItey have Iperectd the rit,
Kahn, aiccording ts the Chiness' fortune They pratie in the dortmitory hal-
teller, wsanorcliunsder anttlnanuosiciousnwsays, lin the ampis, illtheir owny
tar. Astroilgical scienceeinterfered rloms, 111nd1illothter 1111utf the wiy
4ll her etrtothal beore she sas Iswo plaes on1 the univ erity goutnlds utilt
mn thlis of age, and her dinetitraged they are able to mate the 11111silo
ptarents swere persuadedt to yield her eery time they thrwt it, t is nit u-
tp tothe care of ito Americasnmil- usual ight tsee frtmitweentyive ti
sissary, 'With Mary Stttne she etoeed fity ntudets, big, strapping felows,
thte medical deparment of te Uni- many Itt them senir, in frot of O-
versity in 1891 and graduated in 1896 itbrn h1a1, wihi their tps sd strings,
Reserved Seats Going. for ati hour or tsto at a im, They
drass a circe and is that circle pace a
The reserve seas tr the Cmley
Club performanee have beets taken very tsp lie two that they peg asay at with
rapidly since paced on sate, but thre the greatest hilarity,
are stilt a numober to ce had by tilefirst At this seasn of the year also an-
csmern, But swing to the rapidity other raze amng the students is rol-
with which those reserved are being
taken, the management has deided ts ing hops The fun ott hoop rlling gen-
asoss renerv'e the acony at 50ce, None rally assony during the Cirst tw'
need have any fear of taking seas in weeks in March, and ncorenolituhtdents
this setion of the huse, beeaue are en te seen pleasant afternoons tear-
sil be taken that the deeorum a] the
gallery Is of high standard Rehearsals Ing though the canpus, echasing their
with be hed every night this sweek at hops like street urchins,
the Athens Theatre. Success in every Another diversion in whih some of
detail is predited (Cninued nnl second page)


.W.AHR'S ,BOOK STORE'"-When set up in working order the
Up Town Down Town microscope is ptaced directuy in front
S. State St. Oppoite Curt~otuse
Ann Arbor: Mats St. and tce Is the tuhe of the eamera,

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