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March 11, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-11

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f me ~ 3 et his needs. Credit should be given! Sensational Kidnapping. Banquet of Detroit Alumni._
4 +0f f "'IlIL # In the work dons in the gymnasium Tes
the tn o l t roard Tineisost sensational kidinaplting for Te teond aa tttlotbnqtloatthe
it o v2sxiyatrs has taken iplace at Btrown Uttiivet - University of Michigan Associaionit
Published Daily (Sundays excepted) daring Thrti-dutbu hi ttesty tt ruedMa-hI vtt h Detroit wtill be held at the tiussri
the College year, atshr sn ob u hti h ptadocre ac ,we h
gyinasium is ttib h e tofi as ninth Sophotioires soloed and boutnti the offisIt!House tionight.
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. value as poissible, those ideas tiltocated tots ittf the Freshiman ctass, lint titersl Hon.rt. Mai. icklinsoiniaill he the
t3 rccno Times building, 32i S. Main St. be- by Itr. latighanttinit ot be adottd. Ioit board a tug -itidlcarried titers to toastmaster atid toeffollowvin g willre
twesn Liberty and William Ste.
MAAIGECOO They ar itrcetat nitrier it o they- Neot. TIetoccoasiiin fur thit a-as thesp-ottiitd: Haos. :Levi T. tiath , tov-.
J. F. THOMAS, Dt L. instituitions oft lear-inig, atidlist sooerregular Freshman banqeiut. ernri Haoon S. Pingree-, At tittg-tresi-
ii ichganetsino lne he ttr.dettHarry B. Hutcinis, Hon. Wiliam.t
BcUSNEiSS MANAGERO il rhgygtiit iet o.Webster Meeting,
-.1 t,'t1 ----.ILQoiitby. loon. 'Millions i. s-iCokt.
EDITORS To Reform S. L. A. Tht-- iWobster Stitiety niertos aostrdiy trot. Richaard Hudstont.
HI.it. StILiLMAN, 'bit L., Athleties, ight oithiis weookoand owill hr-sent theWA
P.1. Gasas,'950. .0 lienive.'O I~totated oamhos tago. oito-itt iass-ram: Piano sit,l it11. I tF YOU WANT TilE BEST
BUTi~iLE ane,'00. T. R. Woinouw, '58.
1. A, CAurnoa, '0t. Allen CAMP13Li'nitii, -os.iitid hby the tPttsiditoif t-- lini- Watsont - sayJto it-i--so-eti -spei-it
1+'. ENEsue1cAsio,'to. i lyet. This tnttiter shatll -a- iw-, .. 1+' itt-ito; lii ic,mltoo.. Q. Adt- FAENT TTOEY
chairmnottift-th otliiiter. The itthertouts, Hi. llitvilsaot andi iIt. 1.Thoms; s BADGES OR PINS
iwomembetrs shatttliteapoinitedi t lt-thidetbtate, "Resolvedt tat tho iiited edt
The subscription price sf the Daily tos $.0tOhle hoard t t dii eii issofithe atitotit- tite,0-A.tai igitniery titd W. 0. Leo; SMITH, STURGEON & CO.,
or the college year, with a regular delivery inadoefo amn th en-cgiv [.AMorwid . xk;
before noon a-It day. Notces oteunlea- ttttti ittiia tte27,g2l,24tot-dadtAv..sDeroit
dses, and ober mtter intended frepulic- e1soth sP 21h 211 in the-ristAssntItuito
isa must he handed ino at the Dully officehbe- t 't it liii- andtitsiiittesiifurnishedtitonottsliwori
lace uop. in., or mooiled to t,eit o~r befsre 3abodyss , tianoasolotsM.t.iiitslitil of illstbind
p. m., o the day previous too tat on whichhtitit-olti fltto
they ace expected to appear. Ti onitosalrcietr h
.bscriptions stay be left at The Dully lts-ttoit--0001ttltf-o i
Office, Me yer'.s orStetfiet'sNciwsand0, aor- sit-r till l tiets pinoteld tot-it-i-
her favoassby reportin' prompitly attthis i-f le assor lti- i. ToestoticiBtis-l liwt ~ yrprig rbr ,ilcn -- t i e/S -"-i
sfficesanv 'failure af carriers to odeliver pape,- - - - -

The ptriolosedl i-to-itdme-tts tlithIt
(tiisttliti ti oteS. f,.., st-tilt-Itar-
edits vita. hut t sin, av
evidentily otthliiiroit path 0ito aoinsso
itf \\--1.0 verbiage. -Undetr tie cti-
ed a,4totasiloytihifnot m liesot lmn f~it
arnttdnoo O.lia thei-itons tittitsit
(tt its nt pFi~t, thetiuties itnl-otneit
u-onswstool.hnetsaliti-ot tictothtito roei
c(It tof fol -eyrii.aiei Fo t-siiiittit -
tatosnglitho saioitt tirto to he r
boatrd tat aliy'"dtal" is- i-tot loti
iiipiosiblesuitoss iteisisole tuottrdis
inluiodd Init. This so~tttm -os ite-
toiltby rovid- tot Aog-ll, tool its sl--
(tim hastoee(sorts e n-itt Hitut iose--
tirt rthe-lipruosedad menorito ts lte
ttic ittoitickt-s wouitldt e r'illy
tittolrltheiient-i-ecot fthe trews-,
tn r --er ily nitil -i,,Ipan IIh
ii si it totsn utinilg citilittois -al
righots fritstnoes btiit iit ow
iii at llkethe10 historicr Atirotoii' I-ti -
ti-- tet.le ooateri otteot c ihas
.otto ts ountilt utoe ast boon tottoil
oandiany cit-i-lontlososthttoo otigo 0 arise
wou-ldt ho- carried ouviitot it)e oitoli
v- tdi r tirjuisittion.t
1f the (clubh is really in tarncst ahoust
to-moatter, let it agitate atistonienil-
mtent thoot still tplacetes loat fitticlt -t
ini the chasoof ttTreasurrSoule anid let
its haose dosi'aitho stihnt asof tcomt-
plitootedt ietailstoas iso-c heinsg urged.
'tloe o orttisithresxeptiomn's' woultd
1-ttservoehtoittrtter compllicate aal-
rady tintilved system.
lDl. Vaughoan is gitinig soum-iintrest-
inog lettur -s to te medical s'.udtlesoits
Iis coturse itt Hygiene.' Testersa'y, its
discussitng the gtuestioin at exercise, Ite
totuched uon the quostlois of -"college
otthletics. The doesttir is -'in tas-or'itt
romulsotry exercise in the gymnasiumt
and behaeves thoat a year or tag will see
it put into practice. Every student, lie
rays, ehould receive a phyei ,a1 oexam-
notion uipon entering the University
attd given snohbesecise aesvwill best

totur tonidilverittoittetolrtsrer, wosii

AWk mmik

st~all thereupi Io - hargedh tith iitom- S e p rate IB reeches
andt stash- responsibleio' the)li-i-ott
the terofoi tlishbtond I.
ihit- cmntesaludt ll kills / G olf C aps, G olf Hosi
aconsoth smainadi.Vshal ho its ( te ot i-exainett londti--
hitrl li- Iit- to utortoo-h it i.mo.t ~These have booth otibjects of much thootght wi
ntotie f-rt heassoc,-raltintotnd, i ifoun
voatsact-Ory , I - approve the sane. l p- 1 its-Alent whose gtarments tre critical iii t
on treir - matter of Golf Clothinga declare ours aret'
the treasurer the stevvoati iffthi t;liii-rtl thitug.
terolls- cshall bhi, ittist cca o~i~ -.;c( . We se'1 ll hee Golf Suits ftom i 5.OO Up.
toot ~tte toan hisli-ith. 3The tnewest ideas tn tCans taid Hose to f
Salarie-it ivsiogtgeviod tht:teflir -U -1
flioootoh.~. llo ou ith i-it ot - with them. ~ ~ - ~i ni5
Friday atntd Sttuosrdaiytot E.. I 5lkiir'P
So-tit o ntsaini. 17
usititt e ftrto he lDailt.


The last volumes of the Warner Library are now on the press anid will soon be retody for delivery.
On the delivery of the finished work, the hlreasehlt club rates will be withdrawn and the Publisher's regular
prices will prevail.
These are the regular prices: These are the present prices:
Cloth eilition- -- -- -- -- - t 3.350 pnr vol. Cloth edition------- 2.35 per }vol.
(quarter Hussia editionll,,,1400 per vol. (Quarter Hussir edlitioni 2.65 per vol.
Htalf Morocco edition--- 5.00 per vol. Half Morocco editioiin - 2.90 per vol.
Full Morocco edition---- 6.50 per vol. Full Morocco edlition---- 3.90 per vol.
The library umay be now secured for almost half the regiular prices and it is only too evident that intending
purchasere will oat's nonety by placing their subscriptions now. We cannot impress upon this professors antI
students of the Uuiversity too strongly the fact thoat the present low price will NOT prevail much longer and
that prompt action is necessary.
The plan and scope of this monumental work, its schrolarly character, its wonderful variety and readableness
and its immense educative value commends the Library to every lover of literature.
Professor Wenleysys: "It is a work at once entertaining, useful and wonderfutly accurate"
Professor D'Ooge says: "The -work as a whole will, I believe, be a source of intellectual profit and pleasure
to any who may be so fortunate as to possess it."
The-Ann Arbor Office of the Library is at 318 South State Street, s-here the first twenty volumes
nmay be* examined and where subscriptions are now being taken.
The attention of thel readers of the Review of Reviews is called to the eight page advertisenment of the
Library in the current issue.
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