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March 11, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-11

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Ila+ C)Otln-

N, FRIDAY, MARCH 11, 1898.


At Wild's
Spring selections just arrived
from the East. Call aiid
inspect our..
'Suitings, Trouserings,
j Fresh every week.
* Oiily in packages-
* hc a pound.
3Lowney's if you

E..E.CPTo Reform S. L. A. the dutties of thiepresident, and sheould
v- -ite changedSnto rvleethai ihe presi-
u The iisttei(iovernment ("lub i,i 'r-tdeni shellCtu'neover all tickeis io the
To be Contested For. ettletiegeeopies ef ihe tollowing pro- anditing commiitee insiteadioto nthe
tised em entiments to the toeistitution 4ste-r-te sitieni and essistenitrteesure,,
'Ike IDelta'Kappa Epsiles fternity ti ite Sitideti'LecitturcAssctionst: as he loes at prtesent.
effers te otlyrize to the winnse of StetionttIII[-This teec ton tieclares Set' . --'; hsefer ene toitshie sli-
ass evet istat use stnnuial 'VaesitindoSod Ierxslitshsiall ite eligibtle Stto enershiip. ties tof She svice-ltresideni, and si 'uit
slieet. IS is in the nature of a silver it is itrovided by' She ('ensist iithiat ite so chatng'ed as tees urn ' hint 'teot
ruandit is givn ssin the high j tsnpi. The 'atn teersons, maleor femsale, swht is <a receiving thse tiett fes n ltepei
'nitwsnfirst tofteretiforeer~ssss1tt.>et etiuent itsanytof tee ssiartnsetit' tt detn tn itititstie tr ne.,taS lei:n
She ideatstf Sie D. K. Es biriagthat it'ttUniv'ersity ofttt thltgats, its goottelntndsetePbssde.
it' sotmethinsgoftetisi ikintd tsedoetie ssttjnsssle', attndit'ssttheowerasnsdlttll'et o See'. -Tite5t'tlstt les 5tie do 'wits
thue fraeitis'suttletotfer ttth erecus r5esetontickest tthels'itets tt is'testad th uit-s ttci 5rejeeet ssiilii ' kt
ore trttphit'ssandl thssworkssutp gret'leerstler entsertisnmssentttt Skis' etsttie - 5testsretr. it is sutfgested: 1. 'Thaitsi:
is~tsretlssstmog te cotst estineg'tlte~ts. Siots, asal ltb embss etrs 51'thin tts~tt'tt- lbondl lhttit~i Pt'b mad'ecue-t tovt tletSt
'Teothler frtsernsities ae'notse-'slion 1neniti tistSittt'tttedittoivitsetnd nolds'spp'ovl of eke'Audting niste'ni t"' l e-
spoedetl'butkslthe at'ctite 1). K. IN 's lice'therein."' te'et''letans't'. 2. 'lit t'e hel Is,
jetafth(nesit'covted.'toftsrlli Ike' fieldtI prosioin.tt tsilit' 'tttsttlttn s'esseirison5555ant iniglt'etltetissiomn) ensomite eand-
5v tl. ''Tere, i5sttn.e likenSli es ht tati teeepit tled on thIe'e teset icittg ct'sttttte, antditos ks' re'ntl'ntt-
oteslr tr'piesewtill let'offered tis ytar. icete'aesstaeentsto t.' s'fteIi asile fr Sheresesnder lt'etri.tsfat,)s,
'lT cu byte 5. statsntestu' ear's ago b 1such nitice 1i tIsne'.'esetet tetitl e onesscite. 3. Thatihitsuldts b e se'ssreto

PALMERS' PHARMACY. 5 5 "1 \e's'tttte.'97. 'rie tfollowinstg y te to ot'eee intsth is' teel inse Cthoe' t sscit- it lz ttoksof t''turt tth t e ssesevie-
I it ss Stuettt, 'Si, seas 'sicle ntist. t'il" islr. ass aslle le''tll stchls leest t etit
lset yer Vernotr aeiss tress'Tie ne s Iss e wi"osee e s'memte s e seesee as si p} edieto letetisnd to thel let
poPf .L.7 J ISethnee' sil se 1s'''ss essI'.s is essslitlttase tsssel'ses- 5It'e''r lst l'teetste''etr '
FORTHE NEXT II WEEK.et's teCtestistissesel le'es'' eShisheoeuiltse tdhl ee ''ttltthiteitl' I t' iesllIt -'
It ereesed s rshettttl o li eptt osi 1 in tsthe Ittitrohy roomttt who',)t.t stel as cond1itn sofet tt etttslii 'tre. itasedifrotess Iis bittt nlyetIa'fteer his
Williams and Werners Chocolates. Lsrns'st lieepisies teisris lazte. '1ivfets.-Corternsings t-s lt'esonsssss l ise ueests ie avte' bt''sean eriss'sI adrl)
int he city.1}
Lunches as, all hours. ete. it is Sugesstred tlists h ues"seeSuli sIroe' byi te ticlt'tLing cot'tittil t r.
Jeffersonian Programme., t rsts i k ertts 'esse iita lie stitlse bestser teItsits siisst
simeilear lt tosetused tS he Chitt't lsste i Iti- 'tacco'uttn t srto It sis 5 tt e'ee',r ttit]-
loSTile ssth Staie Street. Title eesotniant Society ea:en l
'tts'ita'iseeurtts estnsstss''i tsr . zette On i theits sstb sotf schIti et s sltl it.ifie . G lie' stetotu le e qrs sr'ledt sit-
** s~~~~~~~ra ighi.S.C u li;s y, itS. isitei ls'irs'sst ste' tItit i'st
11 i ' s ri Gilbt;td oraton. L. S'Stht'eh;a n ;' CV..8.1thentih ai t lt'vte i teieettillt'df stathmenlst's'e i>i es s otheb e trtsll
nteisis, i-i. . Crtesi'ie; topesristlts u ds- ct esss~c:!u ti ssciationnts, e t;.t Iis tstt estis ts'tii eatio ''setleeislt . t s 'aingei' lr e
" , S rtits leM . Harsern: defeate, ''1,es ivedei d enc e otthIe right s of ' cwrtos 5 n t b isrsi t aeles's'es'e iy theIt" s'-
l t Sitte isreoptosed asnesde m e t tso te pareiil lte ris She selsetions. I 5)t' t -tttrittest.
Gootibijates, slid bcks, atle netitetitut eteodgthieg termoseo- snteelt llupon to51 Ssie lsstui t t kl teittt tlsts ls til
tierods'bris't'le-sis'solide'iddactPsetlmadee ts' c} t tt thls 111uti e si te e'ss't'it'e'ttssg'
gs'essmrte esteur 'eas shoustild e adopst- Iabesprovidedasbllnt'ttheses Isi istetb
to last and give satisfaction. sd," affirmativse, NV. Ii. Nerths eand 11. F ti lteholetir', isndictisgte se l'ri titet talerft'. tifsudggsted t sf s houit n ot
itlinis, negatlit'e, A. M. iRea andssi .t o lewhsihrheit'belottnge 't'i. isn, wseten I Illsperitteld lt'ac t'alollesis, mtin"'et
Almost every shape that is sal- Roldgere. Irsttsfs liforsite isset it's's see'11, set
enrp t he lat'' 'r lo te.ist t'stse sits t -eis it is
able. 5c to $2.00. Aleedium Stirrirng Them Up. ee', woeuldi sserv'e lt'e bord si a eie.th
prices aiebettei than cheapest. ' issis to appor5 S t i t'e ries~ss oftee e (- es s i Itsseei tt i's
She tflowing aieps'ets ini y'testlese'este tetstetlinte c5"trelis sheoustild ee mette stbjecIt'
- Iteis eli Jees'est~~~~~~ti : ~See-. >, Art.TIi, osethelBs y-letnes. elise5tit ft'eteesntt tls'tes-
Ants Arkbor, ilis'l. Marcil tV-SlIc SI 'Ileess tickets shsesitltoiu t e'le e ri esssseiieebfoter e ltey Pe"sreebinds-
C ALKINS' PHARMACY. 5 5r50 time tois lsttimetebing 11e pastcSiraneoft stt'eauiting eei thn rsltssbe te iet i
tw ee s as rsumoer bets gaier]r ou~'tnde Secssi s'snssi'st le' itssi 'haststoldo e' etes
andtcountedeeyIthat cotedtiteibefore"-
_________________________ fthat the ad'itatioene 'comittee oItite the'iass'sueasteelealerrits fistiterisesug-
asti-taloonesleagterwsensons leetr) laee ietil seletrt ee feeeet
l~n wneiter hrogh he c lmz oteosreeehim fresis sgiusieathe'sits gi
h'eentTruth, Ike new'spapere organ]It of adrnet' b'itet ie it'Itt't. i s se~teits t iket.il' l s teeie: teet s
30 H T 0~ the league or by eretsalstiatemtents Ihis Pbond.i Ishetesetsshouttttld.et r ed ver eeIo
to he rtcity th na es f al tose Th geera 5knith e adtngtesl itteesieignsrie it.le
~~~~~~~~~ ln tces ue tdednts whet tere Isfond ptrsoizing tr es'-i't ste iCshai ts. ttesirmanteatestilte])lsis e t'b ttos till
NEW AND SECOND-HANID Ike ealeos at al~l. The'ffiernseft Site igse#b Serhasnassaurseardiig l h. sti'sbgesceesisest]swisth
T~ext B ooks I Pitt it it skon]tshatntShe' base a list eranelchatrgedto i em 1is e anseofthls essouldiSe alsloSet Ise nost insne
ofname's of coiniderable lesegtls. =sraeson ticeits. siatlresponssibility' iser whieh ts'trease-
Ittsfollostss frosm.ewhaItests Stressnsag- tre I is s's iittesee se'sttt
For every department in the Uns- hatev 'r She tfossedaiiost toleshutsaatgrateditests'realled She)0i1kto iasatuSk.
versity. Law and Medical Beaks a lBested'Sconeeitning the'gtieeletstthasettso
specialty. 'We can supply all your comas' may be, it is certain thatitifis president sholdturther vestree tofste',I~osl ssgetdta oec
nbeeds for the Second Semester at treating sotme liiithe tals here. "It then auditisig comtmittsee instead It thelite e- tosr shsoldPs' eligible' ts ann pisstiosn ont
lowest prices. )bihsc it"si " peietadassattesrr sa h or fdrcos hsfaueo
Second-hand Bookts Bought, Sold lnntsuks it, silapromint r sesientsis sitslSsettreiSa thseprsesentt drelan . is ee trtiu e
and Exchanged.sittist Suday, yuu till fissi in it the Cite ts-reeertofitcompl15mbsntary ts'esisii'
Best Linen tWriting Paper lcsand stamensoft tiereresetative mens ot She isuted tsmemberstotfte boasetiantd tseretoftorrut ione in Ski' pasf.
94c per poond. Univeraity, Ikeotess whn asre rersg- oterses shouled be lisnited, and a reeosrd 'The tfollowsing is sut gsted ,ssaes
The A. A. Waterman Solid Gold Fountain
Pens for $1.25. netted an the leaders in estllege aftair's.", sept of them Pb'y te e'e'asee r hrssscshtietnesiartiesin tthueiBy-Ioass:
#ik1stuld be credited twiths ttemi Iothee There thsilbe esn audtiting csteS-
W H ' O KSO E There will be a foot-ball meeting bookes oftIhe associaios.iee ofthSiree msemberenoest w
to-night in room 9 U. N. at 7 p. m. BY-LAWS.
Uip Town Dews Tows All those wishing to enter the punt-, Artilee. nhall be a nk sbet us te fte"tSn ail-
S. State St. post Cut lus ng contest should be present. Sectioen i-This bectilottn s tiesonille (Contined cin second ipage).
Ass ActrbrAaiat

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