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March 09, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-09

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A t W l ' COMED)Y CLUBmans;Enineers to Eat FERBEiRT TO COACH.
Spring aselections, just arriyed Makes Pla. t 1C.ns to Surpass tal I rE canineot.wihe anillhehed the erlyg itl I-fall Will B1,ul paSrn
from the East. Cll and Vious Efforts prt 'Of May, are fast assuming deiite,'feam
inspect our ...."_._frm Thse in charge intend that it!
hathetnsurpassedl hr any afaner
SuitingS, Tr'ouserings, It is gtlifyingt1oanoteltth:intetriest sal eAt the hireling of te alh,-ttbard
TtpCot. hal is bein takeni in the teroImcetmeairndharekmakna tr.nW. Whitneylast tigtt a conratiwas stililelrbty
afthue Univeseily Comedy Club, shichri , i himt n h scit r-i tatnager Hetlit taesgge .I. i.er-
as'the iienctagiimantofthtteii iiiits 1 tn 5 asnisl
NO. 108 E. WASHINGTON ST. NEAR MAIN onteevnn o ach2,wilp ly ite, iwit I. mith snul, 19s8f i tattllrrl s trPh
oi the Atnens Theci.rt XXWiliam it -Beaith 9',F-'.f. SVil r, 99. J. it ii ac- of 189. Intilth " wrl.which
itesfate " 'All teCIk t e t 33aWtScwatzc00,(coh - as 5(o thrtugh tutu rrns--enliasts i,t
cite." Frsfor ysrs Xe I tXerrknaria wi'11erue-bord byail.W-t
"u e t 'a a lt,'ilLetiirdtSitow , tsi utcwl hrtrr andetit l Xlu
af stutlent'compirisin the rea iiiclbaJh I-tk~r Oasasc~te al fo r the hin tld ft'brto,ttr it,
Al gar ehun gther and t aannetrd Toramen, itlit iii'wilt ae a lairtfj -aha
hocolates.... e aihsiun tiriwtteItti. p n Whist Clubio Continue Tra in hatrcannotabe1wbhatein in lii wet, i
en y uaifedtop du~aa at alin t e hiritctuntry . nrsilti-
liii y mactie cide itour ent 'ft i 11'Ie V. uf 191. XWhtst('ltus'ill hl it'in f Ferert is the nasttrislina
Frsrvesh e. everiyk r e trneits a ti-,m swnn-efIenka.ctla tri t ral tr ithtita it ~t
Only iin paka- ic s irtin hnpro xr a eodeeig ftunn r lypeeo okfrfobl hthsbe
hOe a pound. P n ontie iiinc-rasces-vr ic Ie('htlairyla-night. Tei'same boartssill intsince themseastnitoei last fall.
prefer. o "ooccks itbepliledsacit ithe lasiimeetin, this There willite a flitbtlalt ntetitgtinext
thu+ -- titirn tland''LendilMr9Fi5e'Slilin ta itte Nrtrhi ail Stthtleant sill Ie tFrtiy nihtitota stir up Intertt in lici
PALMERS' PHARMACY1 -wh'h t :redtthe beginnting oftl1k-' iiini try -tiid-ast adtitti Westiam in ihgcrn test. All itetr-str e
chi's 'i'a heanttxi aear 1S ca isill -miotit'alt-ti. Allast 'fhnruday rgrctolttr issrtbretrili51
tI {e'was lreriii initteriigias layithiantt'iessanad CBuklaritt llctisld-iianaember ofthel- tl fCo'inii t-i
L T. ,Athitinisand etthisiastit approvi atIilerad amtItriel itisair highscr
(OR THE NE-Xr XEEK nttiona f (le stitientsn ut iof tI ti tiiWifu'lra ssi aiu-Unity Club Lecture.
Wtthamand Vest. These twoates.int- , to- .
SIat, Ireetveuta, frenth isuplyof Aertian tilty as welt attdlwheni, lst y-ic,"fillas n~reshooae.La~.s ie Iaelher swittheitwotuteamacwho-lak ntie
it the city. Pirtitae Se cr.trtir as i rs t edtb', l i hgthei'a-i'iiirda r ett s-l li' let-lit a "F r eccei,''tti" sl-i
Lunches at all bourn. highs swertunext. STttdsraaiden-aregiwill
th tb it as efore anitaiiiii iii itilitti'aft ftr liri-hthatalt s it. G rrd u drln i n f
R. 1B.,JOLIb-Y &CO©, Aftira-riPbrunt-ce ast ftrttrti-ta' rs i-i'
.v .X "cuipelile t-tislt'Athens 7lit-i" -bAftr timnorroiw ight the rnttrguard i n iris tinttiurseiilastiSafrdak-yitssri-
Th8Suh tnatre ft ipIetformttc, nre thaninythingiplaly-silt eicteinuited as tsul itt Ii
liesrvdtesttbihthe-labin tieII ats- Etnsionuiritrse't Fintti, :Mih,
- i se 5( i t i~ii ii Thiurisday- night. Titant-atbershipcot-I
favitsoithIe AtniArboriutbtlilc, :ii tatI e lin' tatTTanes has lii" (tllwsing' to
AU Iof Ithe leiatureisasiiittwas the lali in
i swtotduttefns Piirn plctos ni o h lb.am ittit
5 o tin ia iiiactinag eersientiakite-Str i-al ttsatlt-ctttoll
bo. So agai this ycr Ie-tit- otitra -- I- serietate niFiloreneti-I' 5w'is5the
IIfitheuflns adicollege wllha 1w nd Junior Girs to Receive. t hreot a er'netainin iur
lete are Allth Cra-.atso Net.Strdla eetin li atWil- I-i alarge attiietice t the t'oniiregt-
lioe' s a laghale s 'l~ei~r ron ~rnnsim wil b th scne f a sioal hurcth fr the enelt f the,
Good bristles, solid backs, made huii s'slugtil s"fu'i-mngisistn utic(i cuei
ctte Seurettay," tand if relic esits f- sukalfuntionhuihto iisate liastlUiversta- I- tensini etter Iniher
to last and give satisfaction. irtay tetns f jtdgingte lit-frm-will be udecidedly nouvel ad origita ifigh anti mitigintl reatn 't f tirr
Almost every shape that is sal- f anire f it iiwirll Pras cleer sia i taturse. The1Jutioritrgisa f the t'th -sabjec hi' etiireeskuoeu heref
(linh t uof hi Ltter tia etr tin'- 'fur ersiya wis-ittgirt' arecep'ttion tu the1 tisissid tutrentrktlt e t'iriptici-
able. 25C to p2.0. M'edLtum r'emediyclubtaytins-wtt-i',cesaid iii Pr Juioremen fittin 8 tilt It. Otiyaeminreutoserl anti i.lne tdisariiitalfacti
pricesare better than cheapest.I an establishted fact-ihen- in clegettcand l ers of the ilass f '9iswill le iv iitd k gruining- f hittitic'irs
asitlliinstitutioniwhose oilijeicurandIo this recepution. MThe 'utoimiittrer'fsk'i-irk iof1kh' rig-iaiin d sro tf
.aims tre as muchcaalint- lielirof ru- 1'99girti, swhicktis chatrge-f thin-evni I'lorenite formet anilintereting oiti-
oluosrttianasant-emni, iis(le dutyishas idecided tketptll ceiriiag _hlt cuthliiiitsurse, ii swhich Mas
CALKINS' PHARMACY . flt-e studenmi body t esie il itit isetissecret unithi etSaiituay' nihsttimterlntoluhof themtgia
heartiiest supotAndaSmihamtiri'lixits-ktit as letiked outm t ite CTniserilegenads wihic h eneiloi the e rir rclai
pre_______________________-1itstiitn f that suppouirt aIestu l Gleat e ,Cit altnjot adMndohli litubIoftheliii-y;athats fllwsedt the mre
shon n ttndig he prfoniulo stnill git-ta small sieth toncert dui nguoctexutaccunts gtherel frmtiuer
tengh f he 2hl. tie tilt'-rttut f the evening, It i5-writeso huc ctuae l hiistouuul ry ttitut
"___- __aiiotknown-utthathshadotw pantoiuimesuni 1 lchustscneighborhitsod lwarslltitg h
33OO1EST O It~a --.Kraenziein imitating Corbet. Ianotegmeofilkentrwillicildsnin;isupidngb
e idulgedl iin i muse the tiunrmm- amensu ntlmi t-- t i es
Av intenein, he aimatchmuuuur i te fa lif its ancienittnobiita- a nilthe
NEW1 AND SECOND-HANDAf tarthils s uter dancing sil t he 1 ltisuu u i rs i''l''uft-
1 ii tl- fIe riesta t ns-ui- hdr uf the esetaig until :ii duec
T ( extI ^n at yendiitnohissof the Vgretsita 'MissaFldenceSudrnthte Pie, ir dwsn itothe tundrmtuininig-f reittlihetii-
andsqeer-sountding latties tothlia 't encieptioancommitte The adieneewaystesnllun ucsiited
For every department in the Umi- es at Milwaumkeeswhere he lists. Ii b Mis SnelntanoiimndernmFlor-
versity. Law and Medical Books a The arius rlay toens re ard a
specialty. 'We can supply all your hus last letter he speaks itt ete eig 'trmimm -n lmi aeldit emmue, mnd senery, arc'hitettr, shoptu
needs for the Second Semester at figured oni hal he silt eat homier, f wstin'n tieutrak- in tin-tmarain fr iamd art galleries see broumght toi iewi
lowest prices. Itearcard nteitrolgaecan h Vriytakme h rs.Itruhhrrr
Second-hand Books Bought, old ei i h ttrute'i i itm ie' ust imt et fi rs-Itilg e aegifiittgrathic na--
and Exchanged. insshitin in New York, and al-it as'stiati law cassilt prbaitily etr Ialumtio. No letureeiof the currentminit-
Best Linen Writing Paper 15c and if they aant arrange a machrnac for(enin.Tie Stilttiimtres cuampon thim edaecus anfudmr p
l5c Teper pouh l aend. li l F- ta him at Mitwavaue ftr Hurdler hatte. fttm lust yiar, are pitctud as lietay iwi- ei' ''' tinenr,,orestie a moire
Pens tr $.s. Pennsyvania seems in e oking fr iris Peane mf thei ir ioayotirtela delightful evening tan id Miss Stil-
( fnothem athlete' -stil, fr raenetemm ireshmuten Tie emit r 1ave.esemunewmm ieland in lien pleasat tllema, "Th
W'y AHR'8 BOOK 8TORE sass Mike Sw eney, ihe wold., rcrd nen otnt]ndwillundubuhtdly try ifcoit i ~ii
GpToo ow Twn hihmmcc sil psotregaintheir laurels. The '99 ctinsalsonitysfuloer.
U.pSTeo. pstownrDow ouTown atih-Oater, illp-iby e theninixtias'is i'representaives tndi mbie- The Day W11 be deltvered the re-
Ass Arbor Mant- re ps eeed tim e herd fromii matder of college year for $t,25.

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