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March 05, 1898 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-05

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- it . - t Cornell deeted the University of 1 -
Spigslcin utarvdDelivers an Excellent Speech Ble-IlPennsylvania Thursday night in d-" their Annual Indoor Meet Held
from the East. Call and fore the Good Govt Club. ate. ach college had preiosly won This Afternoon.
to dbtes from thel othe, anti so,
inspect or.'Oho.ottesto.ete.to teot-The annat Freshmani-Sophomore t-
1his0contesttwridge N.tFerrisnlethee su
Suitings, Tr'ou1serings, setofa,,Woodig e tooFtegoioslonsel- prom ot door Meetoccurs thin aternoon, the
TtotpeCinglecureThe Oquetioott h c aste.o erOt -enttot ie alledt promptly at
Top-oats tot nigto Room 0,Osersitg rcently efore the houtseot relrest-t- o(coc. The interet taken by tto'
i-Tatll. Hils soljeel setas 'OltlslotOthe ttisc, 'Resolvedo, hat immoigationria cleasstaes it geaoter than ever, ano
NO. 08 E. WASHINGTON ST. EAR MAIN IWorldtEette." itttoto t nted State shoolhe r- each expect too carry ott the hoaoner of-
too t~ort Ito ~ttto oteireot to srsons who cano rctoo ando (foodc too the winoer ty Ott-girls o the
I "Thtechoiefoohstoo-lek too1;)rOi ts "Iodott
1 rte t'- unitedi Stote.coosstitutit 0 tion ssoon ose class.
Allegrettre otot is huortan totfihnlosss, Nowose 1is nor soretooishoss 0Xoptto oo~eI t oot Saicc theot gsa e onts h til
' l eerrett' s pe~ototd o tit'osUited States a-re sni itr rtso solbemdft- canxhiio ecngTot.kas
mio naries tt'tto Ctinoo too Chiisitionino wllb
O oc tats tor t'Oioe.oo' o tol at tho' wane0ot to-r 5z- ltolimgronts.' oI Ottodth..otd. hbanotsooy beintooa-
ins" sar, fn te.sl e of palotritism. I s1os osss tco:t-n oss snioioife
Fresh every week. j 0 totelie anet'noon'adot tatg an toro5Rt toi ~ogttI ~ oc-'nsat nre oloo
Only in packages- -ootetoos iotilooio oelosO-Colo ltMiss0'ltcr oeliotnuttty heevnsiadntothresotlotw: e-o
liO a pound.grs'.a t ot-s so ed str ototiI"ot sst into 'hooioot I looir Itit, ihso,
Lowney's if youo rn-o si inbad eetpall ~l.a lno hmsnlcrtrDdeMi,4htob Jhsn
prfr -ecto -tosty nOt'' stoe ilsesr Crek, N. 5.,r Ittok Danorth. ,ordon; Sohlomors,
certoi opo r~le' whos arc oh-o)vatoo.) flod l'enntttyltttttt --Tio soottoot Otto-h A- lotarots el, Cobb, Medt, Preontis,.
PALMRS'PHARMACY. otoosih olcdl'ttla frto-c iltosisio-'lot' betctt so. tlotoo ooo otre loet ~-ssthovt
tauseteyO s-eon do-ttnodso write. tots lrhsootet . so rscyt'owo, P., to-tril Rot l osrto yarsot hurle: Fee'tment-
o s t ithlie imomigs'ontoI t s '0" tollttiat 00 oiotWh'lite, Richm odsIndoo. 1IBah, itnoo Balke Pitlth;Soshotooos,
J 05:000Ei 1 nx , stool thenoaslo tmif' it to stilt fe , is t-itonteretitg- otoots' lot s - W"Lst 0 Ell) , ooto, l'iogre'o, Hatc,
FORTE NEXT WsEK. Undrtos h rue Sts antd Otite s n eily oooltaLheIosOoudt tt0 ,ttPren100iss.
lt eceive(]i tofresht sopost af Alleg ett, and c tsosie, stoo its'loytaltoodwl ou-p000-Ittso o eootcii- ttot'toOt o dt't-t it tol 1-otsi-L 't
Williams and Werers Cocolates. Luricatlo r citineoeeiaetry fbst, tots -tttan foe- lltt,', i t o hotti oOto etOostl,,, 1 otttt 't n otorf' St
ton the city,n h tti stefrttm h tt ojPlw 0;T'rtn 0,a dW orf,'0
Leeches at all beers. lt is oms-oto-I b'sothers havtoet-0- leoeo-ootd totsu'tle rotto'al mle roo: VntKecorsn, '1;
IR. 1B. .JOLLY & CO. Otushanod atodt wite'tot e marred otlie:I osot ytsoi;I o '.,0'to
50 Suth State Street. owit every hop. Ater atoews-s ei IsOto odo o ttt 000 tss-o'ot
lmat005,'at.t:'sot'sy r at' rootel , - stoi'oo oi ot P~lstoooooto Ooeo-vaoult itooos, '01 ; M C ltele 't
'eause ot slishnetrs.____ tl to 0
"Tihescoosof tot tloy tre t1Wt, er I Comnedy Club Recognized., f 1High toump~: Hlt'tt. -100, 0 Onto 'tt
cesot i-tto-c t oot thooueot37, ys',roo01; [ tke 01 Witomh '1; Johlnsoo,
The isetsto ofsn inog' tohoy J o eloooI te 5. o t ACooeyclubtiotlo lt-,
1 01; IlCano ti'0; Ilitl, '011:; Itisley, 'O:
to thoat he roaon sotales'a lilo iv lt '0ls-s ot t itttto rn Iosstout 1Chawgo, '0; Mosd, '00; f'o'ototls, 'too;
tiotoos~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hiLoto orotn i ol~ o - iero' sotoero to 'ls -ot 5od'00 1tngo't't' '0; tewis, '0000
H ELP WANTED. The poseon'is toomalts'hit snooor use O Yooit"eompa0000y. Osto tlr' set hstlos t c,'0;iorotoo0 0
Abo t pri lt sh ll fol, ano tot too give' toit, sy sprir thirci ioefsotoane )t oot disoos Zi- arc 0t.o
AboutrttttttAtplltloriro-soooIiooo Otoalloeso WhOitomboto t0t; Huoff, 'I; M5liigt, 'Ot;
need two noore young men duocatioosogreaote potnt fh uhrcgiine i opn
to work at theo-soda fon- moo's iit eiooooroogt, of ligho Staondlog goes t o sos o tosI"so 5 1ioino 0l seo Ot
ti Roty acetot: F' co'_hmanoto-Is-lari,
Appliation wil toe n- -The trooubhe with religion ontodoytseellnovotr-ti-lioo' ol t i oe-(tto t O 0Otho
ceived flow iosot le too ngeosoll, 'tots Painoto' - o- moteoor thetrial, tr is iilofits'r ~ e ta -M- t., 11)i ige
sno otolOtonly, utOs F, lots'-t is liinentttoy too ho- stodenti on i inr-a-oo ~tot, it
CALKINS' PHARMACY. self Lttetchorchoce dooaway ti on bh'ito-loet oes:arj' oh 000- ttrns
tll silt e well,eearas wl e hl evr nig t ern, 9
_'ooo en tr ie to'osool no to-ton tos tso to-ar toe loo tc I l
Youonge toOnearFotqsi'ttoosotot-lootit Osott I eloot lotl, tO
,oung omoen sdesite l t heift on he isisasPofst-lrltElist' isrt.-wshtot-it-ts t wel tt0 Toool-
contrary. (ire the oys equal ttot- foo T', mTit otlttcooolsil oos ttt fot-c lnt, '001; :t1c ,ttilloto-ti
Surpassed by souogrtseoros'osoo -
andotheiore swill 000000 00' 1as 000001' tc oet-a- (Snith; Wotosltt 0,
W A H R ~ou 0000nt toss won.o ( 'ocoo 1,oe 001t0- M frs FLdlth ('sools Makino't at Noo-f Ptnooone-Tiuetlott-d
tion oth0oe0gae.P ttecltl r Freddit tieraey te' ttonoo, thel
hotto4h osr:Juoe e Ot ittItdge' ot W ltitn -Tom Otsto.
3 OOHST~0 P *Edres-towechl sto-olotod Onthelget! solooists to taItteo-part mithOe--military Fo-il Jotg-, -it-osIl sie
alog alright oointes at toe Athenn Teatre Toe-
T 'otl wos0seof isiis tolu tottod Wenesday Sixty-eih ti EF!osruoso
"ThefolylfaltoAprily stilt-tis t ( --- -
NE N SN-AND ge(tihe indvidulatto laytside sotnitc of l eS in reied Song oand d 'totsn l(rtI Prof. McLaughin at Chattanooga
I i efsnes h achodo h ecitations, comni sonogs, fancyrtclog'ttosto -
' '(lX B ooksdan-ettiyshneofesToroc oroto-loinoord ttoOhtheor
f./x I nin~~sooetenth centoot'.se o rvc-it- > c g>beutftnmlittoot 9 A-ldrprte l o te nsoghtiooof Mtor
fineOOrgument."nooteneelthing thatgoes too molctipot a atated
For every deartment in theUslni- Tt etoerht ffritl tys ist-clsminstrel terorano-glirn ettensidh 'Oeetitg Of tire-
verity. Law and Medical Books a I cltsof Ss-eritsndceofo'stohe0,
spcat.Wpa upyaly utsttingthionogs, and his ilustratiosoodoor Stas, ao0css-s'vdcol sotthsn-NationlseityWecnupyalyour1N toalEoucaotitoonl sso'oiotolslo
nleeds for the Second Semester at oert- peculoiaroly tellogototextra charge;nuostooirs, I25, a 'otntgtTo,}'hcoyI-I
lowest prices] . -ooiits lrt-orSottt h ii-atoofssotta oicTn ,letrt-itrees2-
Second-hand Books Bought, Sold lltIlei.Drco tno h h- rfso ~.~ugii ersne h
andExhage, ary arh, icign' cac b-!caegt thettr Associotiono, till sootootcommittee sofTw'rot-atto-ionitedi t 0000-
Bet Linen WVriting Paper l&C and cycle rider of to years ago, and ahot Make ito tour of the wesernt nootesi-Sieth adofisryatecn-
25c perpound. nr1c se shools, and offerd a.t report atlo 10-
The . A Waerma Soid n~d ounainso successfully trained last year's 'Vle tie in qet Ot athletic maoteriati for theettoOt'stioofhaoooomto-tic
Pens for $.25. sity riders, is e-pec ted to reuce here tratk teamo whcho silt reresenOtotis ing the C'hristmso lolidoos,
AH 'so-8 TO E itlols two or thee weeks from Atlat- cuhtagaint te -tw ok Athetis -'-"_____
.W H ' O KSO Eta, Gergia, where he has been winter- Cluh in theconing dtual mnet's, eisCrelhsanucdttsehs
ing. ~e wil. trin hre uner To Coxagreed to raet ollColmmbi. nd tetoga
UpTown Dewseo ig t iltanhoetne TomCoolooking espeialy for potts'vsultos oand vrity of Pennsyliai at Sratog-
S. State ao. Opposite Cortleuse anool may ecoach the icyle cndidesoaco-ies btei tn reryttAot
Ann arborMale St. qatrmlr.lt nJn reryh.ny

. - V i 0 n '~ '' -
w - '- P-- - " - t 0 0 -
. '- "-- o '' -
.. ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -- l. :. k. .. ,.S! .', . ,_ .e.rba. 73 .c* . . ... ..., _. .. ,_Ic -so. - L" .~t. ,:

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