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March 02, 1898 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1898-03-02

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Closing Out ale, to Make 00 forur Spring Stock
Puffs, 4- in-Handi. j X8.00 1$th l ose - - ta1l50 Pure Worsted, - % T -
Imuperial String's,- ------39C 1 zl .75 Scotch loce. - - - 125 14.100 Pure Worsted, - - < ,1)01
We aguarontee cur stoeck and Staind 1-tcack of( ty tluu, wo(sll.
>The strings would not break Call and See Us, O UC TAILORS
so roqirertly, your'
imandolin arid guitar TllE lTE riliAilDT V T I~ Cleanig Pie-sit,anod tlsp intug
wold last longer it it R NT CH E HEPHTC1iPHH lT A ET LS, rXoi kesit tforandeivii rdd. v i
was trotected by ail_. 312 STAr I i7 vrRoes
CASE. We ]have aso Telephote 5.0 ANN AXi.U1'tO ar0jd 11tDi
extra i1-rge stack ta
'~ANN ARBOR MUSIC G .BL.' S I t 3i I) E;-riiuhblnlirnri.a I ia .lt;
.0-270 Waiii~tiiIs s ut scito utirilissei tie l Irsti r u t a d al Stun,- udedd for Ni. u) i t111 AXIN
i3Bcterology, IPatlology. (Histology, Etc., Etc. Arioliaici cot or truys
____________________PRtICESTd 3.-.ET ilectsris n h 302 ifthAesse.
ANN A BO R Adelehi Returns to 010dtMethiod. AcSiheAthens. CNFIII UI FFRTCAS
rime'Table, Sunday, Sept-,sar1 sec s e E osidtaAir lt AusObs
TTNISXIITA3II.Itr 0I'h Ad iir tsex rotc lir I l la- d to 1to ricO i . t ii.- liii tw m iliiniO tr th ntissleco r at e i ider i ti as ave..
Tstses~orrsi i~rt~itn~r oti u-o i Ssis rc. I 1. i i , n.iis'suo t- i ll tabs pupsils onsr n ic'iri i,
Trtslav n rime. inra tnad ~bc oterl] ie~t rcprt ~.I 1raci, np~, tobetinii aigataoverinamedrPacesi~rr
NORTH. conan cr(1 iSoswn inShw Irs <,col i Cr l i ir(. rice, iof, i.sr. iD rg. r .. 'rorci tri-At rdayA. J . nston.
843n.r . J rsl]~rui e rrc rt oe IIi c.-.(i ri ght i-r-n l oI t re ruissi trilc eot fM S aig alradl om
he4rp.ess:40Ar . Arietillrrihisn Iernyn ,iis1r1iririr slsritrs. iri a t iri a - iri er c ars er ShtI rs t i iiiiir t c n vs;'. U{i. M ,OiJn 5al TL Q S d1TR~Th Q.
I:. S.Q oItiEoioAgentrt.-32..O't
W.H HBENNETT . PA. Tsld , e.t4le irinyic iii i ois hiirr i si-- rg lOly fi Ei itt-ic 10.3it -s, Wiles Ldiies rtrtis uarns i155 msr t ai rs
3 O~~tlrns tl adiasi. Vs ciim. ~a.
q !g ' '7' ' 1,n tribc ri o tter-rrr i litr- ll ciii n-r i I) aii i ni - r- y i-s is(ins c t he lut Is n s..tI. TT170iA0Nllit 1,
R 01G ANGM liFNiii-Ti rpri ii n g torSill i s, PSit, rsi hiIrf ncis, C)F
I'oejot or FailSeRsts.re i onis Iri i 'nit I<In I uu ei ]ry i l S titrii iMr ,hid teSi ir L w ey Ol t
Contra]l saurd im.o r N ii tit. Slid: m t is eyeeii i . lrir ir rrcr tirta ,r.imt a' iii ccL wniii siic' h~e
TRAINS A1T ANN AR13OR. ri i iiu-ii crri fn nnitcniritiirtitirl-GOiTO-
7 ht ii(iie i'trtt 5Ie;ic n itrt tar ALL. ast tTrUTT E'Se, i'[yp riSg
AS~T .i ratir ~ isostsh - 1 cn0fr ii r l ti t a r e ei - its l t I rrrrr is .r . tfr''~ ro at
ari ardrn x.s. i3i4 PR5,r-- Yi - -Chir-ii72i1- a--str I--nSi ii Ii
aasternWext..r_ lEs ntOl t .t brrt .5 . t.
n i.NEstur- rn E 1 5 ,Si c i--~lii t .: t erioli 5 ii V Obirsiuiilii rbe!eet
Atlantis i h Li t s-A 7 iinil r i rs i
.. It. Expres iis
ts-N hiosr 5 i es Ottr. i oldi sri.rri r . I :i rs ii 1 i.. in.ti lh Sh ltici i.'rrl i rtriri; lirip. ili o 11f O ,NSitAD(NNE Ni
to ,eth r ests. t SwYorkthaunc, rireIIir-syo. (e _hs1:ar. o_ I nii -irro (10I rl'oruer t it. sM'. .UD T , i IriS AND
othr C Itt=Lairr5t
l isti- r ilNSill.r. iin 5r itmo. si' d-tsOKi Soi . " ,1 ST'A r.E LL
! - BMSarch .-LLE I$D TULUC fhil1)Y1i-itts I 1\ 5I .[ i s tc '... Oi tirtt i iir sn tr r iti ' c lto .0M5S P3.-i i 55 r tr u sc i i irs i .
. - r .nytsstssi. iloi isuu titutarit- ri~nri nIl rutiserlit. rtriiay-itii cit : , i"n :i. ,a ] tahitnSre.Ptn
siheo l e fr omss- sstieToleUts o nt- IiiO niisnlli' lii ui -- i - r it r itril, -lt..A 7 .,tr is 'tI 'l ; ,Nt s A ien17ttt rr .an
dsneity n dte u eOh irisrrrad t o u tisotbe 'ienratrytrust hnsTetre next s I-ti t t ii li 10, r "ist. aityssiio. A.; G SNALin G & BROS...
them too tie un-pret sieted ists.osIthrees'Ii-v M rc t,-O toia o ts
ittoss. Parlortcrs onitlat-tt en et5 . 5 s n ois- 'hirlst patitiisill irrilsiOis tir lscast-.t ofOurert'- "srttiilo TeNm ' th soot si'e.
ret setul doseperssuolnSut trains.rI is.lar s mult liili-s r e'1ut 1 Ii ~~Unsttc i il Stir - Officil Otfnittes to th Lrain, Csier eAttn
Studecitsdtrisir ueiti-taled fartisittoit-- -- ucu--i--tuli-rtClub and School -onus runtheiU..S.
. " raN Txnllsl I Every IReqtisite Str iBass Ball,
cntreate tsit parttto-riOtOt50ticcurlin.)lotncr-sudlttter sioltANNr-liilA'- I0t)1 AoA tt si~t
tt cat tiskt sa OlgtStt.er mAirrtiThei:reiuti ispranr.-cnrrusnon uoolor's-ty Athletic Sports nd Pastimeos.
7 ,I. 1. ) A NUISUN, I tin5olio of uto1rn trsirie tlss . trso I .1 ly la e w r t rpry I
Dist. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~Ii :elx r a s.Iss gn,1oeo r1priiae nb aisa la er ly-antst Closo thttig titghst Tile Spalding Official League IBall
list Vas. Ateis, Tiied. on tttotu~lirtt'r innIry r~lcs O cs--liis gst-Aoptetii ty Ntisesl, ISinis, Collg atud
U3 1 1 1 0 ,I. I. cd 'I.A., ItIine is t .iso undescrsrt btlunl e t t r t lrir ain t urcin it ttsh ansi ols-cc .'I7I st oruiegus,
n iesmhnbs, Oli.tt~tnr r arus ti5ue s ill organusi n to tendii. I ni t., ilrsusatt (<'o. Osi t e ii Basitl t Unforms, flas, C(010c,
___________________I Mie, Cietl oleetor, Shoe,i-le.
;,nvrst c oo nigTE SADINIRAWIii 0 L-
Athens _Theatr+e ; f Ui Ve rsit J cnoi oi ancrng11 nd for Ilustated Cataiogustfall a
- ... u~rar nt~-eTXn tnrt.Athettc Sports
PUNTIL MAY 1st, 2 LESSONS PER WXe.K . NoDYrk Philad& BO.,t
y AUDyYMARCH by 98 Prsram party evsey Saturday esoinog ilthohstro inssi 42 I npueSretChisago Washington
EMIBALMER AND FUNERAL DIRECTOi. Bessinmer Steel Mandolin ad
Calls Attended Dayor Night.+ Guitar Strige; Washburn and4
No slr Fon~st Aherty I Av. trest tsPee .1521).John Chureh Co's Metronomes
C oed istes SohOutAcPose r,Bomn adln n utr
__ __ __ __ __ __ __ siloeat4
$Matise 10 an 25c. gt 2at RANDALL, THE PHOTOGRAPHER. 4

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