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February 19, 1898 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1898-02-19

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Men's Furnishings That Sell Themslves !

Pure Lambs Wool Worst-
ed. All kinds of StylesI
Sweal'ters ins al the -Comnbinations ofI Shirts.
Colors. The best from
$3.00 to $4. 50.

Unlaundered, pure Wam- LandonA lWool, a fine
sutta Cotton and 4-ply ;Q1 a- n i
. Linen Bosom 50c. The Underwear sot snn odo
best shirt in the mvarket to- any scrtcing material.
dlay. See them a lt(09J.

We invite comparison. Our gcods are what we represent them to be. We can save you money.
Drop in and see our stock.


___ ___ __ __ WLOCK W TAILORS
S o etion fulocald ___ alland__See__Us,___
and instrumental
m2usic of the standard Dr TCHE TH [ilG4PEta TEA KETTLES. Cleaning, P f 7 si~gid Re paiiring .
composers, suitable for lENTLI HLE, _______Work_ fo-r and delivered.
library or gift books just Telephone 140. ANN AJEBIOIt '21. &% E.~ . orEo aPhone S. 23TATIcy .. v Sonst
received. EEE PeeNo 4,ewSae
ANN ARBORMUSIC COMr. and Mrs. Ross Granger snake a business of teach-MA TN
lo acn.You c an jtoin the cittotses at any tinme, the FNRLD~4L~R
205-207 E. Washington St.,IT Embatliniug''a'Specialty.
.i term starting with your first lesson. Private lessons NO. :Q09 1 > 5E lf A-VE NUE.
_______________ a c given by appointment. Ofice, ground floor. Ambulance nlgitotI%,ly.
A N A B RJunior Hop Wrinkle. negro dialect andi entitled "Know I N
Time Table, Sunday; Sept. 5, 189 7. 'Em." The numsbertis well filed with --
TIE tSTA BLE: The Junior IHop number of XWriikei.Tanslae n rorb enrlStnadpity jolt eaddrollvese s, and is SIDl
TTlimav n rbrb entatadr matde its appearance in gala attire tin tertain ly a credit toi its edtiors, ~ EJ V
tORTE. cSOUTH, Thursday last. The number is oft-t
5:00 .t. aa. m double siar and one at the best publish- Commentn Repudiated. Football Glasidrsfo 1898
*12:15 am. 11:2.5 a. m. eit in recent years. -- - West Liberty Sie.-1
4:48 p m, 840 p. ms
'Eon hetwee Ann Actor and Toledo only The rover is the work if Walter Theaticit~l-s appearing in ltet isstti~
E.S. GILMtOtRE, Agent i Whitehead, and represents the coniven- itf the Detroit tiptersoerning lt U. of. ; l ying-Prirs and BIilRooms
W. H BENNETT 0. P. A. Toledo O. ticmial Junior Hopl girl in whiose tiomor tositress0of the freshinan Llawain-SOhSTT RE.
the edition is published. It is a ttalft- i ta i erptttny ii rodtg Ladies' artist-cif i e t-opn .ttairs
, U NT A tote tind printed in two etlors, red tind tot the bainqtet are eittirely uiiauttor_ Old friends.ii'call a -We -one iii enew
GI 62 CHGgilt. 'rhe 'most tiromninint feature ofiztted aittirepiidiaiteid bythe eotsttitti,. ;anes,... '0''l
The Nitgaralli ouate." the number is the dsuble ceenter patieTh i i'inef000 iiSiitiosFO
Sty T. A. Hardie, '98 L, and is suptiosetcehosein by the tlaesit-Id it is the desirec
Cetal sna TCeh~±ow e ocolates
t. retiresent a scee of the gsytonasiuto both if the cltas titid t o t . titt o n
TRAINS AT ANN ARBOR. flose from the bark grounsditt a fester- tat seip resi-e.
EAST. WES'5 . Mnity booth duetng thelpriogrese at the tAS. SY5ItNGTON ? .W.38ts.t .M.Mi ndE. --37B, .Y hi ,:?1 uio etviy h daigiso x5.3 .COVRE
N. Y. Special--4 58,Mail---------9185 erlent eharaeter and rmnssu o O. tCLTYDETAYLOR,. ALLEORE~i TI S, Ifyou wish.
G. R. Expres.---l150PacificExs-___17130 J ~1DIIDx{
'N S Limited ---- 8m10ePsu. a little ott Gibson's warkntotw so fain- J )NtIitt
Eastern Sot.s at47Wetern Es - .8ou hruhotAmrca05.5 1inO I.HAS
A. X., 0.It. & K .Ex .._---esghu A5eta5Mrtatiit0 t. l Nd, e .
D.N. Espresn .--5 5asCdi. Nt. Es. ----7 07 also furnishes a desiring at Wrinklte's _________oiiitt
Atlantic Ex.... favorite, not the eo-ed met in elaso- Robert Downipg at the Athens. I
*North Shsre Limited in an estra fair rain itom, but she who "met him on sums- .t.(itAM---Z VEsOF
to be achargeoof s2 50 to Rein Yorb than sn
other trains. ee silts;" and aniothier depleting aim This atternoonit, at the- Athens SIASID, SOFT.1, (ANNElL ANI)
0. W IeoeiLts, H. W~. lAVES, out-of-diior srene near thi- gymnasimim Theater, Mr. Dowrninmg will appear aa S .lKLl &.OI
0. P. & T. Ags., Chicago. Ags.. Ann Arbor entranee during the arrival at the Igmar,, lia savige thief of the fierce A N)01:
THE BUCKEYE ROUTE. guests. Mr. Whitehead alsti turitishes and warlikse Allemiani, in Marie Lovellt's' j,\ A Salag fl ag raig fte oleebeuiulSar ti oe fAhtlmEB1 . ah LE<Ree.11,I1e8
COLUMBUS, HOCKING VAL[EY ANiD TOLEID RAILWAY man as he in nupposeid to beand limo The ttletit tsrlove tat angomar the bar-
to the only line from the Toledo Unloti feminine eeompanion. Among the otherbanoan, and Parthenia, thetGrer maid- ITFIen, istineTofithebmost exquisitel'etoo-ic
en ssu fthsmsNeaiitlDea- 00Iiie 1(Ii.s weto'Ev3?.animrnuoox FRM
Station to Columbos and points beyond, artists are Hub Wagnier, with toe'pits- tiful i the whol'etiange of dramnatie NTIVW f . -
uoing Uniont deeot terminals at Colombs'adrnsfurt te dawng; ceortge,.."Hurl- literature, and the sitmile hires: A." G. 5SPA & ROS
asadrnforfast express trains .tyie drawings; S
daily between thin points amel, two of beetIt. T. B~owmamn and Benson. "Tosnosls with but a siugle thioughst, "The t =a $la e'a :ater."
them in the on'preeedeiitrd tim e of three Teltrrnoauei hr soy Tohat htba scn.
boors. Parlor earo on day trains, sras2 ieltrr etr saotr si~Tv ersta eatas ne" Official Outfitters o onfie 1&ai Collage, Atli-
cents;tPulman sleepers o n Ight traino. Sty A. HL. Smith entitled "preso! have made the play immortat. 5 tc Clab animf :x?,ea'Tamseof tie U. S.
aruen diniri ne the Booben Eacltes Ihage"athe evenineg Mr. Downi ,ng will ap- Ever Renst rEaeSl,
atoentsedi rfonue nilBcey oae andlt ang'"andreatisoan titter epiioe otear in "The Gltaiaotr," one ofthe t t 'i a3 y sae.Bal
oan ebtain fhll particulars on appiloation itt the annual promenade. C. M. Hush." nest tanisaof the elaesical tragedies. Athletic Spoeri15anod j astilnns y
tolcltfe iet.ts.rnishea a sheet poemt written inI Written by the ireeueb outhur, Saumet, The Spalding Gii..l eague Ball
E..It. DAVIDSON, ".o ,e.,. Adopted by Natooitlltf"o>r, Ontlege and
Dist. Pasn. Agent, Toledo; or sctood _,Sges
W. H. FISHER, Go. P. and T. A., H ase Ball nfueanee 6. 1o er,
Columbus, Oi.Mit,(Chrest I°rooieeut>re, theen, Et
FIRT'CLAS.Send for IIlntheatedinl a2gue of all
Orders. for all Fraternity parties, club SCN SEMESTER. At1 13 rsen,
dances, etc.' Leave'ordersata Ann Arbor(scn
Musnc Co. or at Residence, 1110SGnddeo ave. A SA LBIIO !&bROS ,-iltae uis nPao n nMehm aeso gnis
sigh re-ailtat aboe pnpmteonPanoadInMesi aeso geceNew York Philadelphia
dbrednanaoenmdlaeGreenleaf on Evidence, Vol. 1, ci'icago was-hington,
A. J . Johnston. I Cooley on Taxation,
IHolland's Elements of J'urisprnmdente, " "" l-
EINOCtf DIIITERLE, High's Extraordinary Legal Remedies. FINE aNEWl OT OF
EFIBAL'eR AND FUNELRAL DIRECTOR. All the above ols can be fon t.' n "
Calls AttndedDay or Night. bohs fuda
No. ISO EastLiberty tr'eet:' esihdence,53. SBEp8e n TM iiT
Sot Fourth Ave. Phone h2S. Loes-pics n-- A gj TiM
i14 Wet et b,.aiA Ans .



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