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January 20, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-01-20

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jI from the player who is to make a H v n o z
Whenever a side has tried a drop- ISETTEWR
kick for goal from a first dawn in- M ISET HEWR
Published Daily (Sundays excepted during - P o o' ak n. .AT..
the olee ear at side the twenty-five yard line and the- -
THE UIVERSTY -O MICHGAN, result has ees a. touchback the lineT h F e r m n S u i
THE NIVESIT OF ICHIAN. o kickout shal be te fiften-yard in-
OPx1:TmLiberty and W29S.iim Ste- stead of the twenty-ard lineh er y a S u i
Oweseus ietbuild i25.ai St be- ~
MANAGING EDITOR The ski provision nde the ten-yard (Successor to Gibon & Clark)
J. F. THOMAS, 100 L. lire the line of kick-out.
BUSINESS MANAGER - A'msot 'important change is that in 112 West Huron Street, Ann Arbor.
0. H1. HAwS, 'to rL. egard to the delayng of (le game by
-EDITORS takig tine out. Rule 31 says:-
H, B. SaILMAN, '90 L., Athletics- "NO dciay hall contisnue inre than Should the Governor of South
E. L. Osise, '930L. . D. iteuuaw'SO two minsii ,except for sii iaI r-a -"B R
Bnwsan LAE, '5. IT, . Woonnow,'8so -tns the refereesisay alow anl atdi- Carolina meet the Governor of
I. A. CAMBLL '05. A CAPBEL '. tiostti isuta.Nrt arln
F. NEL1ae.n-nT '8. NrhCrln
Thesold prls-plrovided or a. liree
esnute delay osn acount of sijimy,-
Thesubcrptin ric ofthDalyis nd iss omei'tteassave abus. I the rle On the banks of the raging Huron A
fThe bcrtolleyeriofthe airegnis$de50r Ogi iefr t ln d fhe would no doubt, say:
frtecleeyawtareuadlvrtogitiefrrs.Castdofbefore noon each day. Notices, communica- rule 31 is iiporant. It psavtis: "It's a ong time between now and
bles, and other matter intended for publica- Jl1adi o att eoeo "
face d p m., or mailed to the edior before 3 the boys-in other words, a liveI"iomutbhaddnatheDlyficb-"Wnvrterls u fefra y+
pp m., of the day previous to that on which distasnce penalty if the distancee 0'e wire-you had better taks the * As...""
be he exetdt par. scribed would corry thoi bal nearerSSusrpis let TeDly-A * OL N S
Office, M eyer's or a toffiet's N ewtand, or t~an (liefiveyard line the ball shall GU $IARl sBANOS
fer a avor by reporting promptly at this he down on te ive-yard line ecept U o f M .Da l
office any failure of carriers to deiver paper. (liat if a foul is 'aonsutted nside te GUIA S B N O
The tell-yardt line half thi' disanc to the And get the current college newo; The Washburn is the one and only
fh r r fte risua i tegso iesialbegu" It's a hummer and I understand he aeo world-wide reputation. Sold
Athle tic. Assoiaiou(anshoews (lie organ- unprecedented offer of $1 50 is made." by first-clas dealers everywhere frome
iation to be in a most prosperouo rasl- Must Ecag Tickets,. TikIwll"si h ohrgn, $5no upward. Imitated eiensively,
Eathane thintk wl, aidthothen r-t.so be sure that the name George
don. An iicrease in nensbership of an hytokadi-fAn Ar Washburn" is bumned upon the inside.
lv seiec fabatlygotsOwing to the ri. "t reseating of the boros famous water. A beauiful Washburn Book contain-
hail it becoeescisofsoaryaforhallrhold Leave your name and address for ing portraits and letters from the D
in the kind of interest ii athsletics tht ingresrved seat -season tickets to x- IYa regular es fmorning edelivery cll oflveyyerthe uckes, cian tCalv, hfEames, ouu rdicatsal-d
makes a masslxilling to back his feel- chlange Ilhe samei for sorrserve seat the U. of M. DAIY Office. teachers, mailed free upon request.
iugs with good coin of the reams. A ticket esade out sis new plan of hal. Address Dept. U,
suirplus of $2471.46 in the treasury is it will be (isa aim to seat iasll r-32 O T I TET Cor. Wbsh Ae. and Adams St., Chicag.
as possibe whsere.hey wera beore. tte Phone SBCITO 15
iupreceented anisp rovs that the By preoeting (le old rserve tik.et _____________________1________________________
financial afairs of the association at Palmner's Drug Sore Sate St-i on
have fallen tnto goodly haads. The Friday and Sturday of isis week,
Athetic Board ihoud see to it t(l is erserved exickngs sissysttiechad.
henefrt a is eonoy uds-ies iiechnems be usde ei a d.order Stude nts' Lecture A ssociation.
-henefoth . wse eonoy uderiesto entitle blolder to a reserveds at in
its policy. Amnbitions but isdiscreet (le hal. Reserved seat tickets for ____________
nianager sould be curbed and re- remainder of the course will be on
srainedfrom any sipeulative venu-tasle at the ssnsa place, also sea-on C-OrIING
that light bring ack tle oft recur- tickets unreserved.
ring ,financial cloud. Tiestudent, AMERICA'S GREATEST IMPERSONATOR,
TO IN-Frost and side suites,
have hitherto colsesobly to the resui nodern Iumpovements. 727 E. ulver- F- {r
whena deficit existed, but iis Kiom- aily ave. E A D T D E S
dske might prove illuive at the~ next L L .A D T O E S
pnospecting 'for helpful nuggets. Ath- IF YOU WANT TE EST-
letics niust'not be sun for mney, but FRATERNITY STATIONERY
Ie takes money to run athsletics. Mean- BADES OR PINS " A PAIR OF BORROWED SPECTACLES."
while, thanks to the present treasurer. Send to--
REVISED RULES. SMT, SisTU EO 8cC.23,924Woodard Av.. Detroit. University nal, SaurdayNihJ n ay 2
Desifns and estimates furnished on al work Ngt
(Continued from first page). ftiknd
by the quarter ba~ck. Also a esga
is mhade whereby th lyt r w-io rcc'- Season Ticket for Remaining Numbers $1.50.
ceives the bal by a irectI pass plie- j9 Reserved Ticket for Remaining Numbers 50c extra.
paratoary (0 a poult or si place kick is' CNITIGO
allowed to step forward f rain wistre ,"
ha catchies tile ball islhis preparaion Waoington----------------------------------------- Jan 29g
for the kick. 'Tim rule reads in prant: Soua's Band---- ------------------- ------- -------Feb. 26
"Thne man who first recetis eiali Oratorical Contest------- ---------- --------------Ilrh I8
Butm--------------------- ------- -------April8
When snapped back ron the down Bro -------------------------- pi
shall not carry it forward beyond theba
spot whea the 'bal was down for (lie ATHE[NS THIEATRE $ oU Men's High Class Patent Leather and $ 0
srimage unless hie has received it $5.0 V-----------Enamel Shoes--------... 0
from a player who Is able by rule to TUESDAY, JANUARY 25th.
.advance it or unless isa has regained it These shoes are strictly up-todate and while they are univer-
enx a fumble after it has toucheid an- ~ ~ sally used by young and dressy men-they
other player." will meet with approval by all.
This makes it inposibe for (le 'V 'T T T 19H.WSITO S.
miuarter fack to evade -fle rule by /+ Al. J _ R ,I9E"WSI UO T
toubing another player with bee bal;
o sead he nmust actually surreder ]j]
possessionsof It b-fore ie can advauce ]SS b c i e To .te U f M al
it beyond the lace of the downp,.. $ -ub crbe fo! he U.of M .Dal

In rule 26.of the new code it. is Pro-25,jey dSe.
loast ten yards instead of five away $1.50 UNTIL. JULVY 1.

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