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January 11, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-01-11

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+ o * College Colors. before Having Your
ohe ollwin is a list of the eolors SEC"HEWR
-ftemr roietclegs n I9 a e NPETTT VR
Published Daily (Sndays excepted) during ~ Iennlt(lee T
the College ear. at 'unive~sities of the United States:--
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. o1 emhaerst, purple and whsity e;-I elwrt T e B r y a t d
tween Liberty and WilliamBotnniestTmdblig,39M St5be. iet and white; Bowdui, white; Brown err m a-St d i
MIANAGING EDITOR Invitt shy, brawn ani white; Beyn (Successor to Gibson & Clartl
T. F. THOMAS, '0 L. awr ('llege, yellow aind whie; .oa-
RUI5NFti48ANAGiltRt git nireisily.nmaro doti ll ige; 112 West Huron Street Ann Arbor.
O. H. HANS, '5 aL.(Cllege (ity (f ew York, laede'
EDITORcS olunbia t'niversity, light blue and.________________________
. . SKIILMAI, 98 L, Athletics. white; (irnell U'niversity, earnelian Should the Governor of South
g, L. OaS~, 'StL. 0.G. at snare. 'S. and thiite; tartinouth, ark gen
Beasee LAMB, '. P. SR. WoOnsow, 98 Eawolgldtertw U-
L. 4. CAPBELL, '0. A. CAMesIiEL. -taw ii ot tigtwntt aoiame h oenro
. ENCS SAR, '8 sit sity, btuetu i t Gia:irardt, sel North Carolina
anditgaine; inai eeba' and eat-li-;
Itarvard t iii:-i; lHarv'ardtl 0 iter- On thc hnks of the ragiig Huron1
silt' uois-wite tnt dtruInianttsa he wold no doubt, sy:
The suscrption price ostthlDaiy is $2t0ofit it. erinson iti It's long
for the college year. 1ith a regular deivey iitii"tt l It'sa ln time between now and
eore nusn each day. Nabies, essmusnic' - ri-i ity,tid o, lt) vatt. tssntditlia-;Juy 1, and if you want o e oieaf
on, and uher matte ltestded tr pblica-
tIsa must be handed ia atSheDaily oufcete- iltti Ititstlitiraher"sity, litit k tandlthe boys-in ohei'wods a 1ie
p. i., of the day previous to that on which oa rhtaio (tl ge it)zl itIwr-yuhd etrta teMY 5SsiSR~f
hey are expected to apta. tittlthe; tfyt ttt'C (tleemarooianda~
Subscriptions may be et at The Dlly T fM
ofic, ete'son Sofit' Nwsac whi {~ te;I-!rth iig: intrsity browtn tand U fN.Daily OL N
o~erasfailubyreocrnrtomdptlyer athaits rd eiittSaitr I. at-fAR OANryJOS.
- - - nlttl;Miti iHyki'o('ilet. hgit And gt te curent college nws The Washburn is thc one and only
Its a hutatnir and l' understand the l ieo ol~ierptto.Sl
h'Al ltbiga litmlisitl oti ti sits-sbtset':Nrth{teersit rist-ayC~itl toy iinpetcedented offerf$10 Ois iae. y frstcl-ssdealers crrywhrc f od
the attentit f ilt' saiioro tall t hiteturp; Nitte Diit'University, lit1 Think 1. will," said the other gent I $15o upward. lmitatd extensiely
te iillltrttiiee f itititlig iste lisot-i0gihttadtblte; 1)-hm ti. t'ohi iisnd -and they tok a drink-of Ann Ar- -so e sure that the name "Getrge
"i-hi; Pr'in etotn, tranlge aid laltt-; hrs famous water. Wa~shurnr" is hrned upon the side.
sentthemt-llat oieTit'.'t'helprat it-i'oftA leautilahWashburn Book cotntaii-
Puittdte lietsidy, od gtld aid eave your name and address for In" portraits aid lr from ltDr
plainglg a will.a(hs-titing ttmie t btt''tl ar; lntttgt-,('ollt'gt, siarlelt;'Kiitti a regular mrniig delivery of the RskesCalve, EamesNordica, Sca-
iiaolttoitts t the 'idios itandit') l'otletge, is-tilt 'yrac~uts t'liv'triy, DALY the rest of lbs college year at tIch itdd'oother aintus artists omit
havedo~ed o Cll n tese.sli, ui- rane; 1 uls. 'o~e, , boxoandthe U. of M. DAIn' Office. tecrsmaldfeupneqs.
illediatly.blue;t'n lio ~l tg-t'.grnett; 0nted.- 329 SOUTH MAIN STREET. ttYON & MIALY.
sits of ('alifornitit, itlit-atd o lgidi; 1ttit -I Ct Wabash Ae. asd Adas SI , Chcago.
T~melittary ttltlor it' cietefi rstutyof Chittai, ii~ttstitn;nier- Sate Phone s SUBSCRIPTION $1.50 ____________________
hetarty chatskofiialil iii saffi-err of sill o f llinistio. iltYbitei antdi oranget;
u'ivert'tsity of Einisscreisitn; 1i-
155 yees io li' tlairtsttnet t'it i s-eit' of il ttt'estt ol, ' tdti .n-itt tot N.5 ?uea tit Scietiic *I, I
prise thity hats-' txhittitl ini seoaar n aoiti; I'iis'itoily issttii, to;tt Kebord OWet , asdfleCI' a '...
lights fot' this'eloek-to-e.'I'll"arttvold agit dai ititit Itletik;l ly 'otyuf iitt~as- - Typewriter Machines
Ilelelsfort llit tii''lt 1 uhii-liuittttt tutu- is, sutl lt utld rettilanyitofe tteifhigih-asy ifedh machinesdea ihle caaacityl
Ps'ltilsh-tttil, 'ld andtbluet'-; li'iitr- . - ad qally I f lisiad excel thmisn.civeine.
ilig eom neeu en t ivekatitelii' sofill f o h it tDakota, {at-'ilittli;Ui- il - - Prcilm,lw-primedprable, teyoard mahies. *
reat mlil oftitntle studsmi ha ud esily tof Textts, sthits'andildlttitgl; taa'Fith - sstoaes tstt StnttS
leftN, unitltthtt ' t arkness,-i to sit ltiveetstofi ii Itgima, ttit' tititRwlm atsi - titerami nobad.
brooing mhenlight st-ts mit"det. fPe- o ne; }lgt t'imsi ofiWiontlsi.ciid- mTiee eai.
h l fuue gulitettiontmms se ,a illi; .II ihittly4e au'utiit. l'tk Z1ti1s1i1 dlenit
titnd oil); 'titii ('uthO l E Ig n mss ul I ( Cmi intuseny eseethudrei dollar ifoldig pser.
Zettliig 7itHtainitua e'ii'tatttt tiui. grtl aibmguat mm y.it'ltis''toiy, : atiket .. t -g 5115157 ietiii5,se-
black limitwthile; Wt 'liesla'y (allhee, hSooSl nTw Yrs. Msdo lssteadhoa i'ij2 n i ,
'Il liittigfitmlthel iti it)~ Itiu ttt; \'s igtl'ymPe-i'n-y, O'ht tn ied. appral to a n e.pnniti made ,-- -
syla ilitl illy t' ttteieustila _huret,oldg t uti-i-klit lot;i': iliil, intuit °F.FAIRBAIRN & CO., eerl~si'' .".
Atliglt al whterti'{si-i'ei' sitfret'efmot irmite; Yale, itok tlutt. ~S eri nh Soperioannehunetd ,dllarS
tth Harvrd ttte{-mlsof fa{t-iridtssitud nS.AlA,48 5N iourth Ae., Local Aget .,mrkt.
Netera ndffrnIC E. platht h
evils of their systut is clutoili'- thbetk'ilat Rt'itsililur's Sturay'
haek of ti'llinig it tie iun t'rgraduatlt'mtrHaing at 10. All playero s-o hite 'a The English L:.anguage
mansiages cannmotttpy sit tlnlthe ill''arsity It1iaie exuu'i'ttte Ci
fotee I-to usmiti yet tim uen o Ia - tesent. Ain't strong enough to express any feeligs," says the farmer as he
looked back down the hill and found his load o potatoes had slid out
aging athiage ectllege tetm i sitte-tvy F YOU WANT THE BEST through tie open tail-board. We advanced the same setiment our-
that althtotghi is' lhae.oftinetI est vaslves awile ago when some cuss from te country with feet as big
FRATERNITY STATIONERY, as the side of a barn stepped all over our sore corns and bunions,
systems of studtent iutugenct ~to h ittSO FN Happily, however, we dicoveed Brg's Corn Plasters and our feet
!fudaywee leettlett'-we du1t1 SedGSoRPN now fel fine,(eta free sample of it at J L Skinner's Store, 306 S-
fsmsd aytvtt''u' 5edtoSae Stret, or at your shoe dealers and try it for yourself. 1 dozen
ouraselves touriimg towardra. graduto~tt SMITH, STURGE~ON .& CO., plasters 2c.-
liameger as the suIttit tofiltie 1tttttt 237 3241.Bt*oord Ave.. Derot. PARISIAN REMEDY COMPANY,
]eeegsin thetnmatefuturesbedohsatkiwork208 Randolph Street, Chicao, 111. Sole Selling Agents.
Harvard Track Men, " le''- ' ''r r S
The ral for catndidutes forrrthe track A THEATRE Wed, Jan. 12th A GENUINE CLEAN-UP -
a to i 'hlitly hctmgeimtmiistr of mit n- at Gaiety Gir, comes just once a year and this is the "once"! Styles sacrificed are
Nearly '-0 iten havte hiamidedutii titIr CI~y THIpANCE tenas 5' Ptent Calf Shos- -- .------_.-.$.90-.
((toTs-s r ntito Trd qu dsQUEi.m-r $.0 C lfShet------t--t--_m--t----mit1------------------------
he nmsgun exercisingi'niitheimetun- FJTZGEiIALD, lWle.'sJ.tAsitsnse
wa 'mail.Prsinalle g wYorksGreatet '~ EAST WASHINGTON STREET.
The question of sedig it Inter- "THE FON1DNG,
-ulle iats tr-ack team abroad itas bmi iiLsoFON IGByWof"ae
dl~u~e amn51e seggaua? SadE M ohnon, (asorproduced for Salt bscr
The general I seitnient. is inl to, or nights aoytuTheatre, New Tork. o t E IS IK l
i __res . , 55 Stand$ 900
A meeting of the Atlhc ihe Board isill Pie Seats now n sal.
Sheld toqligt, $1.50 UN TL , JUTLY 1.



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