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December 10, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-12-10

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?Hasreceived a full line of Novelties
for Fall and Winter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings
Al legretti's
Fresh everyl week.
Only in packages-
60e a pound.
Lowney's if you

1 TilE WHIST CLUB. Dr. Gray on The Slums.
D. Ge. W. Grey, wht will lecture
A Permanent Organization IS nder thausiices of the Godd(Gov-
}Effected. emnent Club toinorrs evening, is
- ~speintndeint In citrge of tlbsoscial
The University Whtist Club hel its sttleaent sptttesl by :the 31'rwa-d
second, meeting last evening in Rose 5Movemnt in Chicago.
ii, st which tue a permanentitorgan- V'this "tttsvetnt" is sit orgatizet e-
izatious was effected. The temporary fort tswatdstriaitil rsftsrtts altng si-
ettsirntan, Mr. H. Bowen, iwto Ietiisatal issit itsi5sr ue
eover frott the previos eting, ecallet Posssd at Hull House. Dr. Gray Srings
the assenblage to rder. After ~ie Itois task a lotg expet ettc in pil
ritittes had been read atnd accepted stlsropisi and reforiti torik wich- en-
the cottumited appointed to frtinte a irttly dts -him ftr tie dities of iis
c'tsstittitisntaatle ifs report. lisitist. 1rotiinerttiattng tioeco-
The conttbtt on rcotutersed fo-teted with te oratizalon ae
lowed in geteral ouflineteft ideas Lutier Iatfitit Mills, C. C. ^Bonnet and
given its Tacodny's Daily. Its fo- D. Alice . Stockiam. fTse residet
]awittg additions, however, were'ntde ttdnons-esislet woerts nube 1)7.
ttpotnusotion, atid incrporatetd: 'lTe work is carried .ottlrstgi coa-
1. Thssnightoftef isregulatne eeklytimess, in ill tweny-six, oisitti'iits
tst teutigs was set ftr Thursdaty, sui- live departienis, phYysica, itsdustrial,1
jest to change atty ek tit lTittrs. esiteatisisral so:a id i siisunl,es-
day conlictedi seriotsly with ohisr in tedail stmphtasis ieing 5Plcedituo it'e
terests. various clubs and the kinderarfei.
2. The timne for oening pity was
bil at 7:30 o'clck: all players wits Dr. Novy and Vaughan at Detroit.
cmitt later are nt privileged to ctt in
ait any regular itieting. P'rof. Frederick G. Noy, of lbs Uni-
Terim play ias adoptedl . lthe versity, the recenty appcaed iien-
sorest method of develspitnig scisitiic her of bbs state bhoard of health, left
wshist. Vie usci lid of proceedurs ive ill Wesfiteday f or Detoit to attedt sie
tie in acocranuce with the rules for Saniary convention 'hellters tdy
duplicate play a4sustggestetid uin ts and tomorrow. Dr. Novy reds a
American AWhist League regublis. paper this afternoon n "Germs, Whats
-. No studtet while atteniding el- They are and How They Produce Di-
Slege can be mails an hontorary rn rsease." Tomorrow eveing Prof. V.
er. Other tifing corrections were C. Vaughan, idirector, of ts Stats'
sigegted and apps-vd, but this cos- Laboratory of Hygiee in this ciy,
sitution was in general adoped asre-addrlesses the coivnin in discussion
isoltiect iy the esniitti'e. si the subject, "Consumptio, Iits R-
As soon as ftse costitstien had been striction and Prevention," from ^a si-
0s 1tisfactoily atnendcd ansi accepted, nIffe sandpoint.
tnossatsiatoss for pesident wets called That Detroit Motor Line.
ftc r. I+. E. Burkitardt,'98 L, and But-
l er latu-b, '00, were the opposinig cats- That Detroit, Atn Atbot c~d Ylsi-
diae;Laut a lctdotacos hEetrcf lty ees nso'-
vote. Leotnarsi D. Versler ln&d tste- lylat lcrc. Wiestit ea tdifromiess tiss et
'toated cndl Ise itr sresidet w e rnted ia franch-iise Sy 'Iet fwsttift
mptiaa. d for the ' ire'sidSey of Wa ye. Thisals for a5Z2) cntt
S pon Sifr, Verder's delinatisis M, fistsfrotna Detroit to Wsyn with
Bsrklorst was declared tstnas- round trips at 41 cents. 'Ts compfasy
mn s i(ce. C. tF. Jons fot sectn- nst.ts-ll tickes for 1; ens pser5
fuary sit 4 D. Vet-ierfer t reasurer,sill. Te agreementstt is to hasve rie
hid tile unanluos vole of fts assei- lists conipeted to Wayne June 1.
Isisge. The four officers tamsed consti- 1898S. -Tiers will Ihlirtsremin~ais isi
fife the executive oseid. Vie en- Itsmilses before stdents stesy ite to
hirsisip cominsittee will e ausouned Detroit onthe i "tiotr.'.
!next AMosday.
Vise final hnrsisess before ts cish Inlander Board Meets.
was ftse report of the committee en-
trustsd with securinig roons. Ii thfits '1'Ine iander Botrsf nit yesterdy
aibsence of the chairman, G. L. Miller] aftertoin sitd tisusse. generl plsu
staled tht deeisive 'ant it had not for te ctiing year. ft is lrslsss is
bseesn given by 'tse University -auhsor- siksfts Deceitbe t isssber assa"-
fies in regard to securing a rootmsin pecissly 'inviting one. Tlese tmonhly
some one of the college uikld'ngs. 'boardl meetings are an issnoatiotsits
Pending their answer the committee ft ssoyo isisadradlsn
zwas intructedl to fisd out 'the co o taypovnqisstcssti ff
asecuing ,rooms off lbs campus. The hlr Ltsmn', '00, ins elected to the
1general sentimnest was that if outsideI ard inthe caacity of tassistant
sssns could e practired at reasn- ittsines manager.
aable expense, that woulti e the Freshman Spread Patrnesses.
acourse to adopt. The seeting ud- Vie following aie t the list of ptrn-
rjostrued to next 'Wedneday evening. esses for toe Fresltinen Sitrad, t-
Vie pane of thzis 'meeting will be an- msorrow night: Dr. Eliza 'Mfosier nass'
suttuceef late. te lb s enss Sarry Iutchins, As
- sAn- ivew ctangihis, Martint . D'Oag,
Cornell1 is reported to have received do'ont, W. P. Lombtard, W1ilits W.
ch<1allenge f root Vle and Harvard tos Peilee, Vctor C. Vaigan, IFred P.
row et spisng. Jordan.

Medtcal Department News.
Thie Calsissi wi rfHecht iiig Co.
hats recently 'ittlt it'd euhiiluippe a_
miodel htospill containingitrty beds.
piratest to stresistwlio of its gras-
Vise mesical staff of this coitiopny ias
sadie a poopsition to lt' sedical Ri-
tates each year for a trsm of seivce
of one ytiir. ervie itill begiss on
itie 15th of fJly. Tie aipttisfntns
are to he tmasde on te romumneusdta-
'ion of ftse faculty.
'PTseDeanssof fist medical detprt-.
mient was recenstly inform~esd lat Dr.
E. W. Moors, of ftse lass of 18-,
isnpiraciticisg meiinite in airitegu-
lar way in a stmall fewinisnrthiesin
Mlieligan. To its i nfotitant fts rely
wa sasdett Dr. Mfooes is Pmhtio-
isgistit itsh ICorese, lassteist-
setfs, Innus Asylusms, and hus never
itrtfisesl stesiise in MIiciigas. Is-
vestigation sfows that anotier ws-tnan
liy st sssstefisastiissof Dr. MoYnets
andsfhas obttsinted Fromn tsftsivsty
'a cettflcte -satfisigtat sits gtad-
uatedlistslit 1S84. Tbiswmnossas o
fbeen arrestesd for perjury, asd ts
ease will soon esisse to tial.
Dttcor, Novy, Iltubsertand Mcsr-
rich 'were 'apiointeds a countitfe, at a
seust isesitig uof the steticl c tulty,
ft confer witis a comitttee frthe b
lifersary fsety, to te-ew sissil resr-
ga~ee iteoittinstd course sit this'it-
entity asn ittidictl dep rttets.
'Thets re now tety studensts ttktng
tis scotminetd courise'. atnldte medicll
fassity is sissrsus thtitfit boad of
regenits sfittl astitouce that after thie
yeart 1902 lbs cominedssi cosie will e
fts' osly costsse givest in the' nesissi
tdepsartmensst, or, its other wrs, that
biefore astudetiicsttrusesiterthis sedeti
fhs'latlxtse esnts'favesti' aeo a
ttlres yeiuts sors its thelieriry te-
partmsent or in ons other iversty
of eqoal standitig.
0. W. U. on the Tie Score.
The folloswing, taken frsnmftse "Col-
lege- Transcsrip,'"fts tieklyotutt
of Ohb Wesicysta t'siiesity, i S is
cosstisenfry ott itself. They al wirP
1o expisin Siswyit hsapiese:
"Assetnext carts Mlcitgtnonstl,
ovcr-rossiiienf Micligtts, nt caring-
tntil after the gasti-wihto Sietlayod,
so losig as their ciutcnsg for a godf
hmi rlt'gatitwsrsatsisid. 1 ie
sell they were satisie musy e see0
its thL itftchthasuthuiey-were iayed. to to
stuantishihi1, the oval remining thelb
msst of ftse titms witlliniIt.heir terni-
toi'y, snd i it eelyasoptssssion..
Tisehissundf cry which cassss frown
Mliehugan after ftse gstme, asd the su-
scletaeit oion of list Athletic SBoadi
si ofControl, are tar eeathi-her ig-
nity. All untfairniess watin t itS
ganssfatvor, 'sod 50to t0 wat still ie
store. Mict~ihiis afterwardsi hit Obe-
lin 16 to ."
S Mr. liager read a very ineresting
Impler onClouds Sir-sstte last szlight t
lbseseeting of te Phlioogictal o-
ciety. 'Mr. Effinger was reelected see-
seinry offtse society for thisesuig

Best linen paper per lb. ...1Sc
Best white bond paper per lb. ... 26c
Envelopes per box (260)... 250
Envelopes per 1000... .....85e
Visiting cards engraved and 100
Visiting cards from old plate 500
Monograms' made to order ironm
$2.50 to s$5.0
Always the best goods at undes

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