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December 09, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-12-09

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-A-7TI 4

VOL. VIII.L No. 58.



- __ S

itas'received a full line of Novelties
for Fall and Winter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings
Al legretti's
Fresh evry week.
Only in packages-
6c a pound.
L owney's if you
Friday, Dec. 10, '97
Just Received a Large ad Elegant
Lisc of XNew Pipes!I
Hot and Cold Launches at all hurs. Agets
fr Idyler's ad Williams and Wresr Co.'s
Chocolate Boa Bos
3OSSeth State Street.
Btest linen paper per lb.......1c
Best white bond paper per b.... 25
Envelopes per box (250)..~.25
Envelopes per 1000...... ..... .85C
Visiting cards engraved and 100
cards .....................10~
Viiigcrsfrom old plate 100
Monograms made to order from
$2.50 to $5.00.
Always the best goodsat under
Up Town ow Tw
aState St. Oppoit Cortouse
Ann Aror Main at

The Mihiganensian Wants a List
of Your Honors.
At a recent inecOting of 111e 'h8 11kb-
igonnush~isBord.i.1comitlter. wOO a1-
1poi11ted to compilile the Seio' stas-
tics. This cesintissitcans!sids of 1.
ite-k for the IEngieerinlg l.etal'ttlnt,
M. WI. Turnr of te Lieary, ad J.1
Q. Adaoso of the Low departmenit.
Eainember of the ommrittee will
collect the sfititicli' of the Senors in
il.10 own lelloltlllclt. This hs a large
usisderaking and in order to facilitte
the work, it is desred tsthotlseieh n -
ber of the class of '8S aslsk out a
complete list of alIte onro or office
tie las held dusring Ilsts ttedoss' att
the Uiver'sity, cud sh lor deliver
this lit to te coinsthe u, for hisi-re-
spetive deparstmnst. Itoolt senior
souldlsend sibitbis tiolist hiilone ill
full cud 'Iis hoime ddres. If he
shtosuldliave 1no lonorsle soudoi10.-
fy tle comssittee of thiss foti.
Thiss manter slrst be oteade to liy
the uembhers of Ite clsso lis the
vacantion for disc holidy. ITe list
sest itsty ecolsesiorshosls te s
compsilete hs Iosiblse and solton-ii,5
taissthhorronrs ,cids offies of all kids,
isolsdiug atiletc, scia. it tossry, ai
smussil osor. Thisiinlues piss-
teoss lelsi tosoy s f the borsi of nil.
lege puslicatiosns, winners in istereiasss
cil ttersoiety deaoitg 'ssd osslri-
calt eo'ilests. silid titers of all clubs.
aFsoiatioiss, acisiorcllir-!Bsli ofss1'isy
kissd Cosneteil willshe its' sivi"'siy.
Alsc slate whsther assesitse:"of a
fraternity or not.
Ann Arbor a Musical Center.
1ou1sictr Lssolrme, of thse is' sis'al
detsrtssent of Corniel, in eisiv,'o-
host withs Jtotns Gerry, ithe ellist,
ti-id a vry warsmstributse to Asss Ar-
tir asosoceniter of mission]ist'ere.
Speaking to a rearter of te Detoit
fie Press,lie sid ltit'I ,lseiclst
cities displayed little or ni e islilis
csttlscsisssacd tat ev'sthtle mussch
vaustced Mosson.wss cild in its allt-
tusle to isusiti'so, 'u lst AnnssisAr-
buor was the nerest ike 1-111r-s in Is
snssical f'rvr of oiy iy i Amser-
til. He statd tls,%t hsehalssieft Co-
sell because of tiss vry ilack of in-
rest, but would not 1havc done so'
lssd it been like Anni Arbor.
Webter's Program.
The Webster Society will old ito
lst meeting before vacottaniitosurro's
evening, at whlich the following pro-
gl'iss will be, given: p eo, 1. C.
Rheldon; impromptu, G. N. ell; ora-
tion, L. L. Thompson; debte, "Reos-
ved, Tht the tariff should be settld
Sy a non-partisan comnmissin"' f-
firsutive, G. M. Bush and L. . Ass-
derson, negative, CG. . Barrow cd J.
. 'Haskeatt.
Trisity, Osgood Hal, Mciii Univer-
sity, Queens and Loyal Military Gl-
loge have frmed a Canadin lIner-
college Football .Union.

Debating Societies' Preliminaries.
Sc tsssday nighst both. thsssAlllsi Nus
o cil Atteltoli Societies will bldsithiir
fineal ps~elisiussarieo 'for the B iclgoi-
thieago delsate. Vise winssers ef thee'
contests owili lsens debatcfor lie issuer,,
of TO) seoiitislg 'the litersry Idotist-1
ia~t iii the finllUniiversity debate.
Is thse Allilsa Nus Socetys'tIlose whsi
have woen in -thse tvo formser lr'Aitil-
nrtes clod lsave thius gained iplaces 011
thei fisoal, togctlsor willsthsesiroder of
slpcaltilg' ore (no folloovo.: OAtfir-isitive.
3Iosei. Wlesstear, lt 'Infraink sssd
tisetr; sogaotit e, 1'. IEssg3losrsl. Miss
QIIIsisssl-aculd"W. Scisger.
'ThescAlelpsi speaoikers sisl their psisi-
tis slre 0s folleots: ktiistolivc,
-Messrs. Ii. L. Nyc, ii.t). 'Hlissiosi, ansd
A. 'At. Huley; siegative, Messrs. I. 13.
H~urrey, W. B. Has-noon rsidh C. D.
Improvements at Regents Field.
It is exp)ected lisat sev~rasl ictiirilvI-
isess viilhe issoisle at 'iii' 11.-sits'
tield is thse'netur usr.'. 1 1rr
rooissfsr .sitoss l l sia saS a slitgrid-
troll ohere the cltss ls':sis.. s-wsit
are isowv prohibited frosss pla-isg ll
thss ciampustl, isiit t 1110iI,'. 'Tlis
grouinidis roulghs illpre(511 ancooi-

The Henschel Concert.
T11itele Iregrainfisr the Hterschel coo-
crt tosssosroocv evenisng is ss fillows:
i-Paset frees "Giannina e Mernadase"-.
------------ - ---Cim arisa
Mr. and Mrs. Henschel.
I-tat Sacred Song "Wait Than Still" (1680)
.--------------T.W. Frank,
hi) Serenata from Agrippina-Hands
let Aria franm Almira- il------ andel
3-tat Canzonet "'My Mothser Bids Me Hind
My Hair----------Hydn
1b) Song "Nymphs and Shepherds'"
--- - -- - - -- . .. . . -- - -P rcell
(c) Song "Where He Golset._Old Cornish
Mrs. lienschsel.
d-(a) Cantata "Vittaria".-------Carlssliu
(b) Song "oois--------Schubert
let "So Willst Ha Das Armen"-Brahmas
Mr. fHensebsel.
5-tat "His Lorely----------------Liszt
(b) "Her Nushbaum"---------Schumann
(ci Tauseudschsoen, Op. t6, 14o. 0-Hrsssche
Mrs. tHenschel.
6-tat)ODset "Oh That We Two Were May-
lag"- - ---enschei
Mrad Mrs. Henes.el.
i-tat "Auferstehen" l(Resarrection, Op.
57t. ---------------- -seschel
(b) Hallad "The Rained Mill"__... Laewe
(c)lBallad "Henry the Fowier ---Loewe
Mr. Henschsel.
0-tat Song "Mi01 an Vsllage" Goring Thomas
1b1 Song "Mago"___.......Hd French
(ci Song "Spring ---i l-----enschel
Mrs. Ilenchel.
9-Dte from "He Nouveau Seignear de
Mr. ad Mrs. Henschsel,


ii us ci~wo t Ns is's is -a'ois '0 i' ' Baneball Men to Have a Cage.
lta lot It ill propesr Aolle. 'lwreilso
seesm s ts'ea dsire tollave5a'ris ner lt'' It looks oery isssiolsas lisots~glsthe
to reistsilisiheedusrinsg lilet'o't~ld' 0 t'r0baseblsl Isslddtes wouldrlint-c a
inseteadilof ju~st Spaiyisng tllts'ttsg'sisie cage to psracticitt this yeiar, ais 1120'
foo tll andi.basoballsecason. Tomsiii ssssioss lstss beensscured ifronstiso c.di-
(isa, whso lhndledtihle fooitball teamis rector of 'the ga'ilcnaoiut, W-1s will ai-
thtis fall, is' tallked of, hbst a10 tihere'w'' low the siess to psractice in it .1s1t hes
o, hir s'tosdidttss fur lt' jsb, noitinitg fore hart of tlso oftsornoosi. It will
'this Issoi boidl it dititi' ly' as yet. isoeutlilt''of uttissg caidiwill aes oso
0'nerutes ia itsloii Ollibe remsovedi wlsci
Jeffernuniana Program. Ilse gylitaitl halss'sobe osed-sfoir
chooses, f1its wiltl sly a wsot lonig
lT'ets'fferssuioa i Society oill hrstisiiifol toby tse basebaill iplayers,,wohadisit
thei folsowiog lprog'ramit twoasriowformserly to w'tilfist'-v--s'itsweasthser
snighst: iletslhiss, F. Cltsrlo's; essiay, T. before the'y couildS lisiber ull.
If. tGeor'ge; imopromptls tu < sssshi' s..81.
stflistiecltive, Ai. ' Hoy anti W. tS. iiert, Dual Meet With Chicago.
ite'gctive, 0. tRippey aind I. G. Husrdt; 'stsin isis rooseeof ittheuedimeset
iiibaste, "hlesolvedl, 'Plvtisstssigrsstio555eiohltSi Dero t iser inisead
shoulld be fuirthsc'rstrieteo,' tlir';11-of is Chicaos osrigiitl'.vinitendeid.
salo's, N. Bfiaiee IbiSdIH. T '.Cartrglhit.' 'It Citaosueik tbasis si c ry 5115-
iss'g'ttio'e, 11r. F. Daisies andiS ('. I.Chis- itts to, e .tipi ' =as 1ada
4E__________an.i aag'seets nowstatedibit hstheiJr
Freshman Spread. seets owill be held inii to'. ilhs
?iehsiig'atstesoit goso }t'siesg. far the
All those yong laiss's, udentts ndln f isct cany howsanissisits featuire
tie I'niversity, woiedo net teceive instill stot appseal so strongly to shesis.
viltotiossto lte!i'eshta.s SpreadolIf itis oo'rt'sitts'it t gis titni sgh, ill
toill ploa~se osdiostsotsst thart theltc (1155- isrs~ttset w oill be sssa.Se simsilsr to
isitte iohave net 'beess able 'to sceraittof isst ye'ar assila ('issibilsed basse-
thleir address.'heeco lnlsitlecowishtes tall anid track nsctudw0illlaoeIfild.
hoIxse girls to feel thast the.y arso ioa
eissdiohly itivited tisasteadth ie sjsi'eod Who Pays for the Dance?
netx Satutrday eveniing int usTe gylssi-
m. lthe senios' class 'at Wisotansiso issIdis-
otissitig at lpreosnt a1ustioni iwich
Whint Club Tonight. tl~rcssts'oss to bs'tstat1e 1,Us iiportoiss ssne
r- . ....-. lore at A Mi,-gan texas sprinig olsen
The second mei-titg of shle Whilst thte senior obsl rtakes uis a dise assion
Club will be held ,this er.'yaing at 7:311('of the sctihtrrec'et'liin. tihis ques-
in Rtoomc 0, University H1all. '.ise chief ison is ovNlier ior not thse class soall
business of the meseting oill be ithe assumne finiancial reesonsibilily Of the
adopation of a cesistitution and election ricelstteni cosussittee as it ha~s doass. in
of officers. It'has been prropesed thatot'hse post, or .shall the cstn.1isitlee itself
the clutb join the Ameriesat 'l lits: be solely restosie? rise ossbconsc
League and a Westeris Intercollegis~te of this discussiesi oill be scabed wills
IVWhI Asssoiaxtiou is being discussed. j interest by edr senior's.

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