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December 07, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-12-07

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r , . .


Has-received a full line of Novelties
for Fall and Winter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings
Al legretti's
Fresh every week.
Only in packages-
60c a pound.
.Lownsey's if you
Friday, Dec. 10, '97
Guy Bros' LSS"-
Prices..... 23c, SOc and 73c.
Just iReceived a Large and iEiegant
Ioie of Tew Pipes l
Hont and Oold Lunches at ali henrs. Agents
fir Huleris and Wiiiiams and Wen r on's
hco te R n B n. LY& O.
aoS:Snci State Street.

To Speak Before the S. C. A. on
Municipal Reform.
The I-on. Samuel M. Jlooco, Mayon
of Toledo, Ohio, will deliver nolaal-
teso this eveninsg apt S o'clock iiinew-
bonry Itll. Thiso lecture is the fotirth
in thoi sesiee, of t,4e S. C. A. coorse
Crolle1d "Prsenit Day Problemo1."
Mlayoir Josnes' bolie will be "(Civic e t-
fori." Prof. Galmms Taylor s-poke
froml the oitadpott of a studt'tt who
-lias :invoottigoitetl sociali questions,
Wosihisogton Clatltion froni the views of
tt theorist and ossisolar; anid tonlight
the speaker conttitues the diorssoan
,swetking wvith the inforosa-stissanod in-
sight of ai-po"Istietil 1iiOO of bnosiness.
Samauel M. Jones has goie ie tongts
ottusny exciting eanpaigito and is well
quta-lified to openkli of thte worko of civic
fetleratins aaid gsott go.-eriisent
clubs. He was elected nmayor of To-
ledo, to use hitsswit wo'rds, "to spite
of 6100 salons, tetr"- stnt alkiriy
'csaisntaiy nds!the -devil" Ie isas eaz-
rietd out ,thepsw-eepsinag efscistoi
pion'ssed in Isis vigorous casupaitga
and has pooved sthe iusost psliati
sutyor Toledo has h-asd for many ye ars,.
This eiisinesit reformier los also
overturned inseny. eustoats in Is, pri-
s-ate bwuess affairs. ' he o(lde-,i
ttile is Ihosted -ays his faetttey ia:Us,
-and ''lls essaptoyess tire trealted as
enuals and nat as stlaves. Fos' these
radlial changes Isis wos'io~gtsen: feel
very grateful toward -isinansai call hiss1
f tlit' fiosstt of the laser. tee has, sat-
orally 'apartictularly 1-agfollo iiig
1oasiasog tae nia-sses
C1 Athletic Board Meeting.
" The iseisong of thle Athletic Board
last nighit was oiie of I-leroWi i-
pirttta t of .the year. Masnages' H-sglsoss
stsinatted hIssreporvt ottthe tCslisetsosl
3game ns d showved a boalancee of $3,40t0
-ettired to -the treasurer. 'This bsrings
the finanees ┬░to a point where at piom.
hslog basebafll and track season can. be
n-ise tihe most of. Manager 04,anis-,
bell stated -that negotiatioasisast soit
yet beets completed. for engag'ing a
ts'ainer. Owing to Mr. Ilill's anot bse-
tng in college, the vice 'presidency of
-the Weste'naInttemscollegttste Amateur
Athletic Association fell vaeant and
Mr. ;Oannaiaol was elected to flil the

laslied a new Iandttooh cntaitninig PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY.
tese faces evisedl to date. Ant
aisst'ndsssest was adotted to lthiter- Prof. Cadwell, Its Honorary
class gamlie rles providingthIlat 1'So
al players-issst be ;shand+.d to t' President, to Lecture.
ebsassr~oaf thlist' ootitet' isaving-
cliarge of that teiartoteat, fortm' slyc Tie Plilossahictd Soie-y swill 1-e
before Itissuae, asndthe 1pcloio adressed tonight by anaotdtcc isiet
mut;stbe Lo.in sot less thasstwo ttays r11's-tisa, 'Prof. Williatia thtltlv 'I, 'S. D.
fore thse gatne. of Nats'tsovctein'ss isive~sily, wo will
Manastgr Hutghs-.atstttsicesl thteivraplwr it'ed:"hosIfy
lt' gaisnenext yeas' wotilloave Is elvratpresittl"slooty
'1Itt oss the Satutrdasy eore Tisxasshs- andth-e Noee' Soiology--at Stdy ii
ivissg, .as Presidestttaretr is sen.- Contelstpoaay Togt." Cadwel is
slonsly app~osed tos'ally isore Thsansk- theso ionisy lresidat of ,tle society
gvilg galie. Thle idea Is to get the for the year 1887-8,. sssd le -higslpwd-
reg-ints to grant sa olidaiy aIFriday tion -11e111halo s log conteispttrary
beloetass''Pssksogvissg ieis's-to 's, Aiemicusnkllhos owscestts the state-
ablle thse excorsioll1 to be t'ss to Chls- miet-lat thilt sl'etig ill e oe of
cago.thte Isost noale of 'the eries.
P'rof. tosltvll lelt a felotwsliii
M and H Sweaters Apportoned. tNotnillgI' and in Cambsrige, tog-
Muanger ughs anouncd l s hnd.lHe ws 'an ^intructYrat('rell
nigtshnas'mises 0tos uwowld Unvestyand before 'tkiag the
nit-lit e 'oslysetsanwhoevps.d (lsairiof noralilphilosophtl lNorth-
aces-tie 'Voasily sweastersnllci wsei was professor ini Ile Unive-
All thsose wolstayetd itseithert's'
iussesola or' (hsiago 5l0O sty ot ('lssag. In all -these positios
It~~~~ ~~ anestis Ts eis fs tas ise itews a tilsgtiiotldeatnstu.
lI seatrs.The isst o men ias liss woik oi cloisensansr is ce of
foaliow's: ('thsrinsamnr, C'ale'-.Le'hrto setosis astp~on el
sow, Bakia, t orksvoo'. B tit'ah ngniiad rBam el
'le el, ieeu, IHogg. Stuaot, Pi som wslsIlshat subject aod contittedl
hsssssthe'atority ,is Amcieictin tat
lee, Hannian, Egan, -lttler, Ayt's, e I aue osieal ics
Bsarallee, S-hckles ansd et'a. Thoele. t sdcoidrle'sa-
siOtS 50 ss ahpeaa'ace.
-s-hintll lre'ceive reserve pssven9 tt'se PrIof, Caldwell will lectro this even-
asn follosw: Sivage. tlalohttsls Ais Ii>}ga o'clc nTp al h
SMar'clack in T'ap0aasrHall. 'ais
Mhaclos, Syissosso, pehrdoAno, 7igeatre stet oty isinvited to lae
(iedon, Thsoms,l-toilgtssaa, Wlzputs a-
Mo-oae, Pagelsos, Anderson, Mesas, S. L. A. Speakers Criticsed.
Tll, 10'111 andl tHeary.
.[hte 'assit Sw'eatt--sswill Ito gist-ms A -orrt'sitot ntOf tse'Washiteaiw
ott ietyear to Iwoses',11oha t~ve'Evensisg TimsionIsa, 5kitk solmg n
playedthiSa, iftllIshalf of 0on' of thebQiss ~ le tdelhvesrycof te hs-eales' itsPsver-
gamses, that is with the seven colleg' sity Hll. ''he folloig is wilst le
-ts'hrt'ee~etlits the west4es-s coifreise. ths 'ossay:
'This lansihi iucord -twith te tprt~ig tittor Timaes:
poed 'slo that sll who l- havplayed There is a defect inLtsa delivery
is half a gamie will tasteuds's- tse of lectures at Univesity hall that
four year rule as to eligibilty. sight be femedeot .Tat defect is
the habit uany_ speakes iave of
The Church and the State College. loring to their nigt and addressig
the people it hhe soth etd of the
Prof. tFrancks 'W. Kelsey, of this' I 'ii- hail. Frday night fully oe-half of
vorsity, contributes fo an sriele 01u1 Governor Taylors lectr was dliv-
"Stite tniverstties and Clures Cotl- red to the people -sittig to Iis right,
logs," in the. Deceanhes'r Athiltv0usaking it viry unllensat, ot to say
Mtothtlly. Sptakhog of thse duty ofte dtlicslt, for fully ne-third of -hIs aud-
csursdss towaid te state uaversitieo, Itors to listen to Iis words. Hid hso -
Iseha2 stood in the center orf this ptformi
"It grows out of the geneural dluty of gid talked to those in frant of 'ism,
the chu rches as guai'siais of -he high- every one hin the lage audience would
et interets of soiety. Do lomateave und'rsood witls pefect ease.
Chlsitan people pay tea-s? Een if IPresident Angel has not a sreg
i were grauslted thart the ahte unlsve- vohce, ut he c'an -make sery peson
ities have an irreligious tusophulere, ho the hall sbear 'him ecase he talks
to whsou.ssould we lok to elsange it? to thos directly in frnt, iturning
Sisoudithe churches aplroalols ote nethr'to 'the ight nr to the left.
state OriverBittoO in a spiit Of (cit-Tles' amo ha true of Acting President
cl-sun, r with, a deep feeing of r- IHtchins.
spensihiity and a willingness to co"- The president of the Lecture Aspo
operate in the promsti.s of abtesan elation can do the eatire audince 'a
prerne interets of youths? At the sirvice by, requestiang all lecturers to
vry 'least, it is rewsonable to ask that adsiraess tie people directly in1 front of
the 'religious boies see o it that mooa thom,adat thse to th right r
of marked sprittuM and aitel'leuhisal the let. G.
power he placed in the pulpts of runi-
vorsity towiss.' But In more thsan one lM. liramk I". Ieed, of Cicago, no-
nisiversty town c-hurches fail oto keep resideunt leneer On to~yright and
their footing, Beot bcause of was n- rade iMarks, will letre 1o the pos-
favorahble environment, but because gsaduate stdsenir law lsses every
the wet-k is left tn chaurge of imen nho day tsis week from 41 to si1)p. iul;
are nt equnal to it." j tthe law leture eom.a

a~ny cnnl ovSPECIAL SA STATIONERY. t o
M Atkimsdong Mr. tlreem on il Mr.
Best linen paper per lb.. . .ide Sinioans was appohsited to_ get data in
Best white bond paper per lb... . 25ct-regard to the graduatte na-na ger sys-
Envelopes per box (210)..- 27cts est-uait exists- at Ohicago and WVis-' Evlpser10.,...'".85
Visiting cards eugraved and t40 esosin. Thie sentimenyt scentis to he!
cards .............. . . 50 'thait such a. manager is necessary -Is
Visiting cards from old plate too take care of Michigais's athletic f-
only ... ...............-.. 9c
Mongras mde o 'I's 'iomfairs. They are growing Iseavier each
$2.50 to $6.00.- yea r till now it i sa lmsost inspqssible
Always the best goods at under foar an undergraduate to huandle the
price. lea toes sadyet nanke .ny shwhng
in oolleg-e. A !onmi tt ws al s'p.
W yH.SB O T R poited -o abite thevarious.- osond-
WAH BO K ST RE v~setheConnstitution and Iby-lttvs
Up'taown DonTown th. '-haye Iseen pas-ned for tho last
5. State st. Oppusie Courtiouse
Ann Arbor IMain et. 'r'two years. Thsere will then he, pub-

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