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November 22, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-11-22

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alIjc U P

, ' I i .


___,___-.------ 1


Haereceived a full line of Novelties
for Fall and Winter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings
Al legretti's
Fresh every week.
Only in packages-
60c a pound.
Lowney's if you


Wittenberg Eleven Defeated by
the Score 32 to 0.


Just Received a Large and Elegant
Lin.e of ZNeMPipes I
Hot and Cold Lunches at all hears. Agents
for Huyler's and Williams and Werners Co.'s
choclate Boa Bees.
108 south State Street.
Special Comipany in
Prices. $1.50, $1.00, 78c, 30c, 23c.

IIn 111ePresece'of the smnallest
crowd that ilas attendled a gamei this
season Michigan's Reserves easily le
posed of tile Wittenbaerg ('allege eleven
Saturday, by a ;score of 12 1to 0. -Note
at tile regular 'Varsity player's w-e
ill the lineupl, the tIoleh5tlots (1wishling
to take any chfunees of l)ossiltle in-
jurries. T'he Ieserves potti1l11 it sur-
pirisingly strong game arnd ccored. al-
mlost ait will and( at a-l l ilt 05 kept
their own gal from danger'. Abott
ill of the Ite-cirves antd Selb-litites
"ero given will otpportutliy to play, t~e
line'-up in tilt se"ailti htlf, 0t11 thllee-
e-xceptions, billg ei'i t y ltaiiged
from that of tile firsti half. A feature
of the g~llne -was the kit-king of twot
field gtoals ity todgi-nl. The work of
alt1 the Miciiga.aitacks was of. a tighi
ortder anti-tthe line imen 'hoAdt well anti
ofteit tackied the visitors far a, loss.
The Wittelihergers, wrhile' clearly otit-
m~atehied, nevertheless playedt a plucky
"OisT toiuchdowns u-cre ceeellthIle
first halftf'oim which ni rgeals wone
kicked, making the score 16i to 0. tn
1110 second 'halt, two hield goals. ti
touchdown and goal dioubled tile scar-'.
Mharks (2), Thlomas, Juttuec,, Paglesoli
ndKennedty1h.-ve Itie.ia~or tifniak-
ig; tine touchdiowns anti lotigiaii1 the
pleasure of kicking tilefielid goals.
Thim1110oftte hltirrawas 115 inuiites.
Joltu Duffy andti Teeiti wtrere tile sili-
't'he tine-up follows:
Michigan Wittenherg.
Ayers- - - Ic.........lBill.......Ring
Juttner -i.......lt....... .Kyer
Lehr and Alien-1....Ig.....Laffblam
Savage and Hampton.c ....... Gardner
Egan and Moore-...r g -........Haumne
Marts and Symons. . .11-......J. Erhard
Ganochaw - 0. ...re.......D. Miller
Kaspar and Tlcott. .........Ort
MleLean and Gordon. 1llh.........Meyers
Thoms. Brain and tr he - ... Miller
Kennedy and + e.....an
Hodee an - fb..........Ias
"Pa," tienninlges'atitendedthe110gillne
and will remain here tis week lto as-
sist in the coIahing. "flutiie' aic
olf Uhicago, is expected today.
The Pronouncing Content.

Prof. Taylor in University Hal. I First of the S. C. A. Lectures,
Sunitay eveinilg Prof. Taylor againl Te filt letre 111 the erie. a ad-
Adilesed tn Ain Arber atldienice. idtesses to lit given by tie S. C. A.
'is huh' it wasla nio1101 tetitig ittewas delivereitStultrday evenuisng Ia
111 thhucheits, ii'ltllr tie otus-Newerhtry thail. Te speak-, rf.
Iies of thie S. U. A. t'niic esity flail GiulaamTtyor, dwelt tupon a 101110
tas pat-edi-ti;tetrowd alniost alt- iniitat'ly onnettei uit ilt lIft
troaciing in sieth1a1 t.wichLisltelli-d wok, 'The 'Social Aseit of Peronal
a N>aust-,la : s-ctek. Tile .subject of ItProgress" The t1ll1k was uf at.ill i-
'ref. Taylrs adiress eas "Thne Basis tesely pracical chr'ctelr, anti en-
or PersotiltRtesptotsiiltiy." I Ilasicetl the need of social reetlera-
The emiine-lt soialn reformer-frt do- ion.
hknete in'creasinig ipesimismn atilaig iPrfsTaylyor egan isfie iistlsion
Il1 -lases. lHe gave sonme of the ten- -witi a hisorical prisiltatitn of lthe
lteii")'sof teliii mii-ec-hich wrire the devehpmetto Inidiividiuatl osesis
imbjeet f soi Iuchl criticismTlI.'Ie e lL'
iri- the tnelitcicof'Itheil'i-inependntt .1110 esekr tie-lipaisedliw O 111rutb-
to turnl Ii)interdeitelaece,Itt tieIi Ject of1110 sot-ial lift' it tie coleg.
iiidtiiil totlecime merged in tie- c- "The college worli--how wilike the
iertlive. More favortuble is ilt' relwldii it is! It is a utitie'esiintg
'Illange -fr10111etlisilIues to11syopatli-'. iprocess'. tIaate it as by noi ltlsthe 11
w-lic-luSlteitcr cls the maark of 11:0 iast of the avttnages of at universiy
-cntury ci-arier,te 'belnging toealch oiler ito
Prof. "Taylor- nelxt fixe-td diie lilie this little repttublic of liters. But it is.
fo urrsoniiit.W ms1b e temsslvngI tevrybut fpnsbefi' a sial ideal, tot' an ii- batit' ithle otiside worl til't makes
iative ani d ~l fr copoate action,tHe it posiblitiforus5 ite hiere i hfi' l-
dwieltpatilialy tipon the first point, v-irity geting tilt' 'ery 'riai and
that of reepaniilily tot asocal ileatl; sweets of lifi, andiiililkt'5 it ort
intl gave mnalty ilustlratins of the sehle for tie to behere."
anner ini which college mn louhd ty in cosing le eait: "it is our dly
iringtelia l~gintionlt ipired an }#to raise the indiviutal 11nd1 iareseeth
ideal ithIle udeatd tnt alintit v'lt's power of the ommitliy. 1-anls-
hody poltic. Willard has sa: 'Pls grat hlus-
At the closer of tPiof. Tlayhor's ad-jtril problem is so alie that yous 'an-
idt-se'rof. A. C. McLatglii mltade It hant touch it anywhere wifluot it bleed-
tew r t ri.- emarks, adotating iii' 1ig.' Ihet utielsni iair i'itrts to help
tneedthof a. cholarship at some social- slve oetti'of tflu' vilal ocial irb-
settemenolt aiid tecommllending the atid- iiIis wcithwichh e p110irs'nt cenury
li'iiceto repoundheatily o that soniciis s r dtl."
stutiiiitgifht e sent t Chicago ('o111 At 4 o'c-lioek mi Newersry uHal liof.
lions for the ftill colege year. Thayai' miet those evilscre. st-ciallyr
It ougli iilauy ceas trised to nitieotine rstis inIlloialniselaintet wvork
ie, amaintining of the sholarship foand10h pi-nt smtlimef11 in answerintig te.
thils yin. qetis that wes-treeelted at film-
his thorotighiknowted-ige of stcisogi-
May Festival Prospects. -cal suliy madi'tisi an easy tsk for
himseli'f, anitftrnisid healthy anet
It 1isimpiei10tthliii]risint swit srrlutitfat~l in toi 111se0who nt-
ig to attouettdi'tisiofthe collitngItlee.
Maly Festival. It ciiilit'e5se11 oiire-
fierrisigIo the formeitr feativals that iii Saturday's Games,
every ins-tance'liie expecations1is h(svt' iiuuis eas defeaed 2 to 6 by the-
teenu moe luan realizedi, andtthe tat- Carlisle Ieiast-Satuday night.fle
vrsity'Mtusical iScietyy glaratclei' first half entdedh withithe score facoring
that st'hecouiisg fsival wilcr11 epsent t1liluois 6 to 5i, but un the second halt
tile greatest artiste avaiale. NOonoue the Inians tre the tlliftios line to
tail form anl tea fthe amuount of peces and won easily. The audenc-
labor necessary ha sucli an undetak- was ovrwheintgly partal towart
Inug as giving a series of concerts of the Indians.
tht' magnitude of the Choral LUlon ale fooled thptophets by dofet-
tories. Were it sot for the fact that ing Prncen Saurday. The seere-
all the work iti conection with the was 6 to 0. Reports say that with
lusanagement is done without any re the exepton of McNlBride te ale
muneration, 1110 seres wossld be fn- players out-played Princeton man foe-
possible. The mnaagement hopes that msaR. The physical conditonof Yale
the response in the way of sale itf was vastly superior to that of her op.
tickets isill be such that exensive ad-' ponents, also, which speaks well for-
vertisng throughiout the state may snot Fitzpatrick, Michigan's old trainer. In
hie necessary. Reports from outida Itin game, as in that wha Harartir
indicate that larger numbers thanlt o'tevery Yale pilayer played througout
year from out of town may be eix the entire game.
peeled providing there is -room. The As was generally expected, Hurvad'
numbher of tickets sold p to- Jan1Ut was defeated by Pennsylvania, the
wialde toecrm modahtreffth lae en- re(Oter igame1rsted asfoo
willde tercomine w e the effrts ca b1, ter ams regs1tod s ollws
iole throughout the state. {Pudue 0 Alumnin 0; West Point 42r
Brown 0; Annapolis 28 Lehight; WI-
The Ann Arbor tHigh Schrool team' c-isn 0, Alumni 6.
iturne,'ithe 'tables on Orehar4 akes
by a score of 14 to 4. . .a omeetig tomorrw atA . in.

__________________________________ Tiae "wite ut" of thto ulroahiuucisui
contest and several other articlecrvre
W A H R 'S crowded out of Saturdauy's iDaily by
W A U I\3 the lsog reply of the Blord of Control
to the charges from Oberlin.
3 0 3 ST 0EN The pronouncing contest eras a sue-
~~eess. A-s ats lnte r-deusartusaent contest
_____________ it wan won by the lacy depar ent,
lad the prize to the individual wsinner,
Students should try us before a'tWWehsterts Internationtut Diction-
making any purchase. We are
bound to satisfy and please. Our ary." wan awarded to C. tO. !.anw'hls,
large stock of Law and Medcal eg L.
Books, In short, Text-Books for fThere were 26 contestatsh froint thej
every department in the University,
new and second-hand enables us law department and 21 fromn the litr-
to sell at the lowest price. ary. Mr. T. A. Berkebile was capttain
Blank Books and U. of M. Sta. of the laws -and -A.It. Stuart served
tionery at low prices. in a like capacity for the literary sie.
Make urstoes yorheaquartrs.Pesident Hutchins presided and at the
- close presented the winner with the
VW &HR'8 BOOK STORE prize. Prof. Truebloodt officiated as
Up Town Down Tewn , jdge, and Prof. Mechem, Prof. Walter
8. State St. Opposite CourtHousoe I and 11ev.:Iiilroy an :referests.
Alan Arbor Main @t.

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