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November 18, 1897 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1897-11-18

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i the increase in size of the libr ay for'
i i ctttli the niext twenty years and also lro- 3of re Having Your
vide a hionie for the gaduate school
PulshdDal Sudysecetd drngwih has grown to such proportions * 0 INSPECT THE WORK -
the College year at as to require special attention. Mr ..AT..
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. 1> is'etiated tine root f snrh a f
Oricsa: Times building, 32 S. Main St. be- building at $li(t.O(t).T e IflOa11 tu
tween Liberty and William Sts. The ow library lhis been 1ncieas.'d VMNGN DTR b 15 oue uigteps ya,(ucso oCia Cak
J. F. TnOOAS, 'M0L. this. large iincrease teing doe to th(ucesrtoGbo &Cak
BUINESS MANAISEIC Biuhl bequest of $10,000. The whole12WetHrn tetAn rb.
0.H _As,'50 body of rose law frons the earliest
EDITORS times is now available for the law
A, B. SKILAN, '000., Athetico. students, and someO $2,700 of the Bahl
BUTLwu LAM, 'H0, -- Tueday bequest is still onl hand. S d
E. L. Glinsuvv3 .'5, - - Wednday '[ituidesittbider ha ke
GD.HDDT00 Wensa 1heUne stbndrhabtoaT. R. Woonoow, '0, - - Thursday great sucess. Dining lhepast Yeair
A. CAPBELL, '99,-- - Friday U oltil 'Oiiii'5hose been bound or ie-t. ec
I. A. Ca 00si, H - - Saturday pair'ed at a sarinig of considerable Le itre
Th ubcipin rceo teDal i 1.5Tin'r('gents(derided to lower (lie A ss '
Thesubcrptin ric o th Dilyis£3250floor of University H-all twenty- Iwo s oc at o
for the college year, with a regular delivery inche, at the re'a by lessening lie -Oil °
before noon each day. Notices, communica-I
tiones, and other matter intended for publics- present inicline. This wil s-able those
-fore d p. i., or mailed to the editor beore a3' gallery hit sitaiss a .MM Si~
ti xetdtp., of the day previous to that on which better view of (lie platform, J'j 'yA ZD L N :
Subscrption e Dail at the tiiiic of the Miay Festival, when Nanseii----------- . Nov. e6 /
OfficrMeyers or toffiet'sN Te tand, io tin' big clissuis isseatedI"'_Tayor UUTARSAn BANJrOS.
withAiessMaagrMeyierrwilco-s . 0 ai.. Talou.- - - - - - Dec. 3
fer uiesMngr ucieswl o- culi sstels ihn a favor by reporting promptly at thinseFtventy*-iave iiore lockeis u-erc ordered The Washburn is the one and only
office any failure of carriers to deliver paper, for thle Worren's eyisuotssian. Thei Powers------------------ Jan. 22 make of world-wide reputation. Sold
'flelas'gsst crowod in tse bsios'y of folowinig degrees wee c onferred:-------tn------------------_ _ Jafl, 2 by first-class dealers everywhere from
th Tansgvig am Soud Washingtonal Pan P I gimsso n 1500upward. Imitated extensively,
tiill- ThnsiiggmGisndocn b . o4'rA F., onreesar . S oSusasBand -- -- -- -- -- -- -Feb. 25 s0 be sore that the name "George
ponly the teami to {'hicago this year. :lli 1 ho;A 1, 1 tog' K. Washburn" is hrned up on the inside.
Both teasis will hbe ot t in isaud JLawton. The regests themn djoisraed GOratorical Contest- (]larch 18 A beautiful Washburn Book contain-
Altei rn wll ned leny ,of sppot utli!Dec 22 in potraits and letters from (he De
1tcsg ilnedoet fsilor.uii e.2. Burton ------------------ April 8 Resks, Calv, Eames, Nordica, Scai-
finns the side lines. Rtegister' youri 1irf'I1FtC FZiNOIB. Chi and oo other famous artists and.
nmne at once. Snibs ription oe Nv teachers, mailed free upoun request.
open________Saturuday o.Address DeptT. U,
i1,a .ii telsrxso~ e. LYN SCHALY,
Michigan's Library. 2 t 9 a. ctlin in ltetabullein Saveyour money buy buying Csr. Wabtas Ae. and Adams St. Chicago.
'lit board lit regents held thir regal o rd. ________tiket
lar' smnthy mseetisig yesterday, tranls - RDI NGRMN r
acting verylittle businss soof a iblicTheD fourtIesi n r d tlt o Tt.sMiteANh.cend
The fourthsessionI r adjestisonswtof oc-ieynsd ues v asie
s.tr.Ts nrinsesss-socads-asset reoit istGerman woill beheld -mne. Blickcnsderfer Prc~as' , ..
teitlssis i'1sassulieoiof Ioos0111B. Saiurday, Nov. 20 from oTye10tr Mchne
l ibrarian Davis, of tse tUiversity TYeitrMcie ' '
liss'ary. 'Ihis repot cesithiics oume to 12 in. 44 .equa syeof lks igh pried ahir caci
end quaitysf worad ssltmIathesi eame. ;
mo~st intoerestisng statistics wois regrd N(Y't2(tt - - Piraca.lohwprhced, prabe, kybsrd macbles-vt
to te nuber f boks tow n th .. wssi ax>ste Araasees aa'
hsti isub'ro hok 150'i5ts' These owill lce a reiear al o: h feorift. Noeyald tied rrssi e af
library ansd (lie rsatifying turease dur-c k 'vriyde 1b(isgrtc '-o- - igas.ti - Unive. rsice Muss.
Isng the tast yeiar. ~. ltrhncbe j-
Ap csiese th i rlot tm iat zsharp.ay WhuiieddItla.iiisi 24. . mat
pm I 1s.)SI t)voloiiiices, t C_ t'p 5~~s55er a~doe, Uassidi
c~~l ICI .. 'c Trentr rawe astsp tiggpvr
lets andil12T5 imaps stibsten i l sin ibe'sNrit!t sf'.. weOre. 05 brhistly d ale- -
Aill vauosemrbseeurtecaspms oft)Pfootbl leaim t - ' sliw~ares- don.
oef estshd toebe atbfist. mosis'stosisiS olss d.. esui n wo YafieS std a bl a eb
ntis additiotvrous nsto tharesal(l oftue raq tdtwea h ynwsua ciaa.vti .pe ihS-t
is iorbisut literary aid cteustiti- pm-ira- Tiisly Ns.i.c - 1p i. ~ .t!w~~nf . saa.
teals are e hilrly re cived. Thi'ere___________ani9d lrnwld55. Dtril Rtb. '--"'atetraeegm
Mc.hav's beess added to t(elietbrary rtig "Kilaritydd leItsis"a ts' . % . Ail1AM,48 5. Frth Ae.. Lscal Aaeat mart...
the. ipast yer 6.419) olutes. The Aitienss'('(ealer tosigist.
-sorris Piiilosopsiuical Library has beens
steadily incre:istig amd isow nuimber', IF YOU WANT THE BEST A NOISY NOISE ANNOYS AN OYSTER.,.....r
tI elsb-e oue cou FRATERNITY STATIONERY, But Saig's Corn Plasters nox the corns of-SOMETHING NEW-get
ug to hu Diost he soie [iitykesits-0 BDGSDRPN a free sample at J. L. SKINNRR's, 306 South State Street; or at your
librh ary iii tesiritSns 'ie ng- S BEnd ORPN shoe dealers, and try Lit for yourself. 1 dozen plasters 2c.
'l'ls'ougis ~n'geisrsoiy o Mr.Itise 872 ,39,141 Woodad Ae, Detroit. 208 Randolph Street, Chicago, ll. oeSlin gns
E. Scmriups, of Detroit 144 (ooks of of this ind.
RiomuassArchsaeologyiaove beeonsidoeod
to (lie libray. '?'?e libhrary of English
literature has been iniresss.bly 15,
dran urtogthe irary.5 Thoosesi9eav js rceve te CLOTHING, BE IT UNDERCLOTHES, CLOTHES, OR OVERCLOTHES-WE HAVE THE
draoso ut f (ie hbra' Iit 550 the finest lot of chamois 0
agse nuit s' of sd luts usm-isg ei th at eIvetbd.Bybu- LARGEST LINE IN THE CITY.
l(rtory daly has (eess.10. tOf these :iu5 lrenubrwegtCUTN, REVER & CO.,
pier cent were ien and 4 iper tent them cheaper than we ever ' 201--4d203 South Main Street. -. - AnArollc
whesme onteutelfiedtoshe susoet' - bought poorer ones before.
theolane fnn lme oe t slt els- We have marked them to
tive systemo of arrasgtisg (lie hooks 11,18 sell at retail as low as some9
heels begun. Tis systeti will bse'fuw- wholesale dealers sell them _______________________________________
therextnde duisu tie pei~t yas. by the dozen. If you need
The librarian reporteditat sn ex- a chamois of any size for "1The Bean Who is Born Rich - ..
tuinfteisryhsluone2 any purpose it wll pay Is luchy right from the start," and the man who in ,fortunate enough. o own a
retessity and sugge ste that an ap- you to see these. S5c to $. pair of Aprills famous ftuing shoes has a "sound fssting' _that no0111 luck canm
p xal be nsadehoouse alsumnii to build son ever shake from him
addthen to e knoewn as Alusnh Hall.* AKiNS DADll
In~ aditioss to being a-us no iscall - iIEDIIIIVIFIPHAR AY.VAITI . .' A.FIII
sutch an extesinus 'ould irevide 01' - 0wew 116 EAST WASHIINGOoN STREET.

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