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November 17, 1897 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1897-11-17

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Here is something, boys, that will get yovu. o
U. of M Pins in both light and dark blue. Block M
- -to be given away Saturday Nov 20 and Monday, ~ 4t
* Nov. 22, with every sale of $2.00 or more Watch for -MAHOPAC
our bargains
siouxOur window shows fine Colored Shirts for e90c worth
.. $1.25.
The Barker Collars are the best dress collars
-1 8 A K E W e h a v e a 3 p l y a l l l i n e n c o l l a r f o r 9 c e n t s .0 .
222 and 224 IVLJXciKX .X L L(,.),SoMAIN ST
Geo. S.
Nlot withstanding the 40 per P-rker
ctrse n.trings owing to Fon
the change in the tariff we re- LUU
tain our uifrm low price. tr
Banjo, st, id 3d, 5th. ic.
iiadoi, EDand ic.2tail
Miandoin, DFend , 5'c. Pe_
Violin, Gt, each i100 Pe.
Goter, E, B, G, gt, eaci iic._
Fine stiego a specialy frow Now is the time to join the classes at I . l . IYARTIN,
i5c to 2 'ceach,IN
205.207E._WasingtonSt. Gr nger's School of Dancing !' Embaineg a Specialty
05 E.WasintonSt.N).09 IOURIH 3AVENUE.
TERM BEGINS WHEN YOU DO. Aenoiunce night oday,
Ground Floor, Maynard Street. GRANGER'S ACADEMY. iResidence, 302 Fifth Avenue.
Ne annbalCg. Rfs oPa.HEADQUATES FOB
Time Tae Sunday, Sept, 5, 197.____
TIME TABLE: Trunks, V'ales. Dress Suit Caes. and
Trains leave Ann Arrhby Central Standard 110 rC~e 015 of lHarar I siversfy '111h' Isiveroly of,110s:ll ble ilcllT'elecopes.
Time. have eelitly teideh~d loo'olild ao ilWlheard. ofa.1 leciog Mosdya 0 i . Truks ad Valses repaired neatly and
SORTH. SOT. iscill logo fote it'ar~vrd bacseoll lcaiastilllll~y otd t' toi 5101 1 cheaply N. 37 S Main Street
8:4a . e:30am
12:15 a. im. 1:5 a. m. _ t l'oiis. T e list iso liis i .to oi .VGGG1t. log's ir01Oiosil sfor 0 otitil l.
4:45 p.m. :40 p~m. of whirls $2,tI(X)0 Will igo 101501 h he. Badl1s Rlger rs e suilii lli I £
'Run between Ann Arbor and Tledo only a0tu501 issilisig sod $ 3,000 :Will 1NViitory. foods Kni Iss .41(1 5/.
'Runs etween Tledo and Hwel.. This 51155sf(555stceams 5441aig aisscsi 1'0:1)Sag goffrs aiS ":1 1101 osmssnslie -------JEWELRY STORE
train Sunday only All other trains daily hlig.'ii oesl ) 4 :"44 olis. rsy i t"1igiiT '5 Buttons and
ecept Sunday, ilils h dewl e1i irp to tsy ntSafldU. 01fIM.Pis
E. IO.ILMORE, Todod Agent Icssg iby.60) w 'e and :20 Illll,' Ch ,lsstlidye4i15110 sso hn'is t o .18111iii I ___de____________________Pins,____
N. B BENNETT 4G. F, A. Tledo , siill~t I sos Ioil:ss 4 ss:g ~i 11 is1 .11011
Tf'TT Lf TT litc to s)econd1111. It i Xis ex l('td r fithel and15 srs it is 4 sussgi' thais de-,s L ,eysChclae
_________________ rrN jJt bpu.tiidinsg iill 1be' (omleted byiI FelI 1 51111111(1 a 'l a'il f ellsnc.1h s '1i iie L ~ e SC o o a
1e Nagara Fals Route." i11lipraaleei W ill lbeginsIi i ately'iI Ir s hs'isonis.- G TO""
Cential Standard Time. Istswhiterte (ige Will lntonya( gg tnsya s ioffer silisas a111r511 J W. W. TIJTTLES, 335o 5.
TRAINS AT ANN ARBOR. roniosssoiale Is il ssaIuii i ssii:l iWere441't1n1111for liii:gualrantee( I 011(1 'e1 ALLEORITIS, if you wish.
EAST. WET "11111 so 411)er1v' for irl etpill ll r, wilisg t11 eetl inCt;Kss' ew i 111441 Is
Sail and Eu_. 0 47 B., N. Y.Chi...85 2 'besides ilrosi:ilsg iin txel ill'51.:rilAh Ahn
N. Y. S ecal.,.. 4 58i Mail . S1 AOSe th ns
'N. S. Limited... 0 diP.M. ::Cilfor ue Ha~rvrd Riles111
Eastern Ex-----.05 40 Western Es..,.1 5 a1 1 1.E. 10o111'an151ti ,llean Dllil e1
D. N. tExres___ GCal &fit E--.... iR4 Harvard's Acto . olf h1 vii beautrlsiful il iserl111:. ALl. 003050 0
Atlantic rEu.,,,.7030 Pacific Ex.......ii 30 I dramalin 1 "Kili:55s1y asnd11'iltlo.'.',"" IAtRD, SOT, CANNEL AN)
0.0 ures..115issssiIl 1155411 av t asstafe Iee dew m l 5 is ioin 1[ 1111' S4sl'aid lr y let'1ai. I. OKFCESS COALS
*North Shre Limited le an sates fare train
to he a charge uf 9050 to New Yok than nathleics15of V'ry 01iOliisiC IC' V C'sl s e.plhhi n e15ivC1y nV417.al11141 AND CO :.
ohertbrains, usLiiw ofil111 05to1 0 sco'l',_tins Wheher it Ob' vIV'ie 455ds lslillil l 1/. 8TIA jB ILs.ER,
0. W. 'Whih Havardanew..asATaES
G. P.& T. Ag~., Chicago . At. Ann.fSrbre , 11.Iil7i il15forgr i ~ 11 115sei''Gi l'5511t' nf51'5, as0 1 54115r' 105W. Wasinton Streeti'Psone8
144-lly 41tlefeat, 111'eIWKsIsoe 1b(1n5 114r 155 ex lositiono lll(11 talent :1 Is'in aofse uaanee
U.o .hvnProsand Bath lRooIis movedlfromslt1111ell'ossi"llt llllri'o s1ildl The PatheGaanee
U.o .Shaving sarslirss,(If lisr 'oea. lic"y
322 SOUTH STATE STREET. - 04.1,111 iOf te IisppiliI eilf ho I Mr \n. 'oo1e11i11410olrret not1ion o f 5rFootBaliNppiesr'97
Lades' artistic Iair Dressing up stairs 'Pls teli 515b555 10 tI 1 55 fi ll 4455111'Ia r-,11 44Foot IiBali'tSupsplieslliForis 197
old friends talagain. We welcumenewdillnd 5iss5De Every Requlsite for the Guie.
nus"0 5.TIJ o S - or' 11 I lsMtl5iianagero will do well to write
1m4011' :dyi'r1' 11 io'rhe r i'55 ill thel'fl-I1ibeihesisoss il ieorttt Mosy s lit-ilfor sampes and special rues
R[TSHL HE POTORAPRR ,before purhasing.
B EN-HE T1 OORPIRI ~I ~iii511 1 eisd ~ ssg 11 ~eslg ~loIi~l h pligOfficial
Telephonae '0. ANNARIBOR NO~TCE. iise plo,.aoh.of whischsreis.'iTh Footal all.
ENOCtI DIETERLE,Al illIl'If'lif:IIi101 110 VOIStiIsotowirili4 Adoptd by Yale, Princeton, Pennsylvania
EOAL E ADFUERLDIE T e''illlediVAss' a -lt,( mm imt snit Ille' teid of till' bill.-Ile:'5to. Barvard, Corell, nd all other leain ni
Etteaded AD FUNERALDIRE1TOR-t. I 1:', eb.h2. Atqthe111' Lls '10veritsle. inEach praball bxtestedand sipaceflaand
CaItsAttesdaI Daysr ight.11 su1; sealed in separate.boxiwith beam Inflato
_I- ihtOr tmorownigt.Spadinlg'a OfficiFet alO Guide
South Fourth Ave. Peeis b'i s~s far507EdtedbyWALuBas. Pst
No. ISO East ibert ye Street: Residence, a30.0" paid~ or1 . Eicents. ATR(TM. ot
RADLTH-HTTRPE.Iniv'ersity School of IDancing, pCtalogue of all and WInter Siort, POE.
WASHINGTON BLOCK. ANN ARBOR. State Street, opposte LAW Building. A.ew.Yor AL PhiladeBROSa
Terms '15.00 a semester - Single evenings 50 cents. Chicago Washington
KINDERGARTEN, Offc-427 Thompson Street. Gek o a
Call and-See Us, j sea GeeYOUuca
__________________l5earn it while buying ET~1.4
CA..NIHMSC FFRS-S. merut and candy at the Greek Store, ..! 'a h urs 4
OrdeeFURNIallUIC FPraterntyais, club201 North 9an street, opp. court Jst received.OresfralFaent rtecubhs.Preom mdeadis Lwt-ie nSTIGadTRM
dancem~a etca Leave orders at 70G Ann Arbor " andic cream, fin.Caifoni fruits, MQSefor all Istrument.
Hiuslc.un endneliOt wies TRI;
P,. DO-Will take pupils on Pano and in veysial for presents, and we
sight readng at above named Pacs mPI know you will want them fortht SAEEItSMSCSTR
tht SHEEL, UI TR EDN TTOESI IH party you are going to give. 114 West Libery sf., Ann Arbr.
A. J .Johnston. a, 0JAMES IKOTAUS.

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