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November 17, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-11-17

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c he . o'f



Has received a full line of Novelties
for Fall and Winter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings
Fresh every week.
Only in packages-
fl0e a pound.
Lowney's if you
Just Received a Large and Elegant
=310e of New Pipes I
Hot and Cold Leeches at all hours. Agents
for Huoyler's and Williams and Werners Cue'
Chocolate Bon Boos.
308 South State Steet.
Air. J. E. bole
Killarney and the Rhine
PRICES: 25c, ~Sc and 751c.
Students should try us before
tmaking any purchase. "We are
bound to satisfy, and please. Our
lare tock t-rof Taw andeliiedeal,

He Tells of His Thrilling Adven-
tures in the North.
Dr. tritjor Nanseit.the geat Nr-
wegianl explorer, lead the studntts of
lth UniversityotIIgan last eve-
tug from 'his honme in the -aota~tinl
fastnesses of VNotway acosatate e-
bound legions sf the north soQott,(of
the most daring exteititost ivet tit-
dertaken by ma1n.- In coseuece the
namof Dr. Natsi'n is to lit fotl
hieadinogfthelist of ftonins uen of this
still)."The Fiato." for a loilder 1f
swhichi le sart-lid Eulrope' n adnsu--
reeded in havitigbuilt w hat I' consi-
crestlte stroligest ii that ever en-
tereid the polahr regions. H-et lines
wre, tlell that ,whein aught betwen
tile efloes, tlii'ipressurec raisedter
(it upon the flow tutu-ad of ertsitti
lie. !Dr. astetis idea of entering
tile le asoil itrfting across lt'e polar
st ea sotaied froithe idrifting itf
tke rcage fiom tie eannete ex-
pedition,ticsreasoinedlthat thert' nost
b3 a crret whicith svwioul ary hill
from Siberia scents tis white exansel
to *Sisirbe-e . Aorittgly liDe.-
eenber1, hdle siledl alontg tte oast
of- 'ieria utnil le' hadlrisaheillt'e
toil of the cst trteb of pet water.
wvhein lie fastenedt his ship tta large
flowv, ande then began ftat long wvari-
sonie voyage of slowly moatilg east-
wart toft' ame place rots whithlieli
bald ;started.
Dr. ,Nanseu spoke at lengih1111011the
life spsent on ostel slop, tateithe long
witer ilgits aidf five monts of con-
t'uual daylight weeepassed in Si'la-
In g, eating, aiisilelsfnt5 andttseolitic
stork. 'The ay time was ustinly del-
votedt to mAtrenointa, imagetital tnt
atmiospheical observations, deep seth
sunding.soil til taking of the tm-
peratiure of teseolar seavwiclie
fnod to beconsider. hi anarner st
dept 'fthtban that of the north Atlantic.
'l'ii heexpslie s thie eitof the
sworm waters of te gulf atreamilint-
lug ito0 tileiortherii egisns. I
speaking of the lose of fielong sui-
iser, he lienedl the fading fiiligi
ii hich annoonced'the 1,0 lng of days
of elaskess to thes light of dreamland
painted iuoost delicate fiuls-if is the
last ray of the dlying dty. The otie'h-
erin lights Di. ansen said Wemest dur-
ing thils period of datkess like the
message from another world, is they
foamed themlselves into miany fantastic
fotin s, appering like great fiery se-
Pilts craing aetoss thle sky, or dying
out and reappearing as fouitaiis of
slver 'pay Thce polar nighit is wo-
tetifllybel~atifl, said he, and one
never for gts it, and i is te agas en-
ticed into those desolate aeginsns by Its
magnetic influence on the Imomoin[in-
geatloidgsf di a e
ThMe exployer then told of hoe he
m'11es, exerting a pressuire that woud

Plans for Chicago Excursion.
'fite Michigan Cettral Itailait ('o.
offers a,$5 rtlcto Cicago titdreturn.a
good frotm Wednesday monigNiv.
24. until 'Mondtaty night. Nov. t). lao-
vided'201) persots can be slot i-cd in go
oii the stiesil exetrsion tanovi ls
Si- lll~ay liii-tamis tnd itill leae~
litre oii We'dniesay, Nov.24, at t)i.
ai. Tflistromi still carry a 'btus'-ag-'
diiingpalior anti snukigcasr, tiint
as imaniy ittay-couehisasarlener,.'t.
It sill tolp only at Nies, 5i3ed st. adt
39iii S. ('Iictigo. misng flii'uniias
quickly as possible.
To ittike-sure iof le ixcursiothetlt
fooibal timaagemteit lhaplaced at
Slicehais, (Gaodyar's. aintllittilt'
tisisof he tespetimeteritts it
t'e athtleti-eibotrtoptional tickets
svorthi$2. svhir-huwill tpply oa thet'ritil-
toaut excurisoit ticket, or else bt' re-
ltre tacit h ie iue-se. Ifisthopedt
that all stun'ttenalfri go to(Chictgo
sill inreluise these- tkets, So ie' ttan
Secure the iira ttt acd tisttnmdati'le
crowdu. WtARII lI1tl,,
Fresh Life Bet Fresh Laws 4-0.
'Tlue FreshmanttitLits coitituted their
Mculig sretak yestrdtiy. dfeitua
le '00 Lawss by a sior' f 4 iii 0)inia
xe-lltlyed ,gatie, the soerbeiing
itaite witl oii ne oo-httlf mitei'left
to play. NPi'playing wivi thliii' i-ii
tioni of tiel'tsipt of tit" game,otis
quite even, the bll tics- 't'in;tunitaret
either goal than te 15 yardulinie. 'The
Lila,;ought nt to htav' esred at tll,
as the Ltitssbaditleldltbmisn owitss
on5 the fLiss'I3 ytrt line. tninlstead
of piatitg out of datget,ilt tic ine
fist titagaits suitthebtall atitttwsets
it fie fit' ossessiot. It;vstsquiltk-
ly hushed oser ht gotl tvas iistsss'i.
"At Home."
'Te first of the mothlyiit~ "A-i foits"
to lie giveno iy Ithe'XWomta'Leagie
isill be 'held at the WNoan'ts Btilitg
front 3 to ' aonarSaturday, Nov. 2:51-.
.ilThereception ontmitteesill(Ois-t
of le followivntg faculty ladies:tis
dattnies Martin L. DOoge, A. B. tes-
i-nt, -irtreti P. Lmibard, =ftoury S.
('arlart, N. 4S. Hoff, Y. A. Watling.
P'aial Freer, It. L. C'opeltndeldite Scott,
Iedf .A.Lmn.J .IeihrV. Francois,. McElroy, Byton, Cheevr,
Israel 'Hal, ottd the seniotr girls the
:Misses 'lfcttauleys-Kahineitbfrown-i
and Nachitrieb.
Good Government Club.
Wednesday night at S tchiek in 'au-
ian all let-tre rotm, Prof. A. C'Mte-
Latighin will tdlier an adressle-
-tore the (tood Goventment 'hlub ott the
suibject. 'Civil Service in Jrekon's
Titn." Ie meeting is aitnispe ote;
it is hopeJ that maniy studnts swilt-
Is-ld aislt tae out ueinbhaiips ii thee
W-a hy pracice sassetres ysr..
day. All of tie regltr -en vere ut
andl did good wok. All iive recoverr-
ed fromx the effcts of the ionnesOa

He Will Lecture Here Thursday
Neettefs-ic Waretethe etimit hiic*
suiecotsmin etr andthschtnlar,ishasisao-
teaudy beati amoeitees, will Is' gietn
a pulic shereeeptoitiby the Orttori-al
Assac-ittionT'hurtisay tafteno t 4
o'lot-k ittlttis'-'sihy HaLil ii is ticit
only alit of the 1ipest ISiiakspe-ttitit
scholars itt this tcouttry, bat le is as
sit-aket of gle a powsei'ntointteet.
'To litar hitt let-ure. esiei'istly whtet
lie' take's his thtemes'frout the works tf
the Itmotft l ard,.is al-ost is great
a, tretat as to see huituatte.adh his gilt-
-louis tetditess to sti'utfrotm lue stagi'
to thue platfoetis to helpxtny sworthy ioh-
jeet, is one of the evtuses of his ecef-
titnsl plsoatrttyswiti 'te itelgeutt
andt ctttued. pceo stofthis cotutuiti-
ty. lie is siae of te vey fewv actrs
st-io thitk mtose of theit and1 its
promtotions thatn of -thetmselvscsatl
their iersotnal eovenitinr.
On the stage he is a "- mseudstous
atis, eser reegiiitg that ue plily
is'of higher hmpotncttec thatit the play-
er, andi ever 'reaiy to sacrifice hus
iteefity' to ft'role hut'assuts.
Fsolowitngtre somte pemsts cottotteusia
ftromuihis recemnt licture ttur:
'SNT.watte's iersonalm ttguatisium
apptaras inohlere stotger tithan he
he is edelivertig :alet-ure. Heritnuty
bra sal to lie :Mu.'Wiu-el's greatest
c-atin a a dpltfor-mtseike-lie hra-
fti's siiitfy, sthuch after tll is tnt'
of the best of lts, ntl oie of tbi'
most diflictlt o maste, io."-Sara-
mueuto 'Bee.
PMise iroees ofthe' celsti switulhi'
gtivcn parly to the Womsan's Gytn -
stu'matFundinil a rdl used is trioas'
for fle cotimng debatitg ei-hist. Hlftl
of the tuonco takent iifromutsingle ad-
Oissian sill go to fhelatdies' gymnaui-
sltum. 'flue prizesthus yetar for thes"I-
hales will prbably he- $71, $)0 and $0ii.
isead of $0, $30 amd $0 as was fliii
etse lust yeits. If is hopee that ta laet
crowd w sill be inatl'tluiuueetoinmsaei
Ihus thucease' possibe.
D. K. E. Convention.
'lhte 52ad annuasl conventaionu of thus'
-Delft- Kapa BEpsilon frttciuiy sill
hoilheld with liii-Dellt Delta laut r
ini (hiesigo, Not. 22 to 215. The head-
quatitees during fle convention wil b'
at fle Palmoer -ouse. 0mm Mnasy
esvenimng an unformah eettioms wilhe i
tenderedthe delegates andetalustnit
flue moorns of fle Detti Dela chuttpte.
A- ball will lake place at Ioaniuue's
Tuesday evening. 'fle regular bai-
quet will be ieldl en- 'ideeludy vn-
ing. Thusday tftenoon sill be givel
up to stitnessimg fle fooball gae bt--
Iteen l tie lUivesity of Cicagoani
Uiversity of Michigan. A theate
party ems 'huosdty evening nill e te
closing feature of file convention. Tie
Chicago salutmni will atend thle co-
venflon in a:"boy. Augus.Sfilh will
rc le en - the K Ilgciia tlpen at Ithe
senveuin z
)WInI will e out ntxt T usday.

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