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October 29, 1897 - Image 3

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Michigan Daily, 1897-10-29

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To Cover Your Nakedness
Is One Thing!

To be Properly Dressed
Is Quite Another!

How can you be satisfied to wear ordinary ready made clothes, or chea pmeichant-tailored ogles, when you cani buy garments bear-
The SenBok Co's. and Hammersloughh Bros.'
Made of the very best materials, by expert custom tailors, after the most fashionable models, at about the saine price as the former and 'a great deasl
less than the latter. Our Profit on these Clothes is not as large as on other niake,,. They are better, and consequently cost us msore. But we
make more money in the end, because we sell more Stein Black Clothes and mars Hammerslough Bros. Clothes thain any other sort aid nevei
have to spend a cent to advertise their merits to a customer who has once worn them.
Yen cannotl get as good, except from high-class tailors at about double Stein Block and Hammerslough Prices. Test the truth of our assertions. You
risk nothing. 'Your money back if you want it" proves it.

Liundenschmitt' & Api el.


11i1E LARGEST TeOCK. OF Parker .
iitars, Mandolins tamY. =Z
and Banjos in the City. ti1_
The lowest price in the 51 ate. Pen
Agents car Washburen ad
Waldaow tasterumcnts. WALLER'S I OR-"" 0. N NARTIN,
Lowneys Ch ocolates it ( \FRAL DIRECTOR.
'st aseE. Washinton et. - ---JEWELRY' STORE! g I mbalming a Specialty.
, of / Buttons and W"W"TUTTLE'iSt~t5e St jNt) '00 3±(>IOU 1DMAX] NU1
of Ii PisALLEiRETIS, if you wish. Ambuanacenightor day.
_____________________________ lesdence ,I 30 th Avenuas
ANN ARBOR 1 :TO7R EI ANTOC ZT --, mT11r0 . i 1 ON T .2T -

Tisme Tahis, Sunday, Sept. a3, 18ssi. CORNER MAIN AND HURON STtICEETS 'j-11 ksIanliars. ?Dressa Suit Eases,. aunt
Tih AL: is the place to Reglistor. Tis' Register i always consutd first by 'iiehore
Trainsa leave Ass Arbor by Central Standard i --I ilsth repaired neatly asd
Time. Messeners-It'sIF E *Tranks ant ' yS. Mair- t
NORTS. SOUTH. che______________________________ _ 'asply.
8:43 a. m. *7:30. m IC
*12:lila. m. 11:153a. m. Freshman Caucuses Galore. Will Greet the Alumni,.AOR ( V"
*Run btenAnAbrasd 'Toledo esly h lclgnstltietlbs of tl' TeicI 'llebar ol drotasol'eIAll.n T he Ariistic' deorators
'Rusns between Taleda and tHawell. This r inclass held ta canals yesterday i to csocls isolt"-ill 1Isd t daru (liill av opet ieo
teals Sanday anly. All ether trains dailyHaeacmltlief
E. $.G1ILORE, gentWall Papser, Paints, Oils, Window
E. . CLiEAgnt fc'Cshlniictilo.Til.e'ioslll'iprise ' 0(1111 who rc IC'tnt' u(lie 11t 85 a ll 'itllcd- It~ SaeRo oligEc
W. H BENNETT 0. P. A. Toledos. Me iecuu nuto 0 eilel1;0i h odrall "'C-il-t hds omMudns t npr:Jne-Ier'o te i niilr ftl',.Seilyo ii neirdcrtlg
m - liltANIt ll 11111011 ll('1F paitingfrescoing, tintingand paper
IIfILG ' . j lxood 0001 lli1 8,111 olfull' IrcsidhI'11dTh'rio 0Is' iur:us u'n sd asi tin ii 0l1'u iIev' anging. OnlySthost of workmen
The Niagara Falls Route." restof le.1'ticketiiondlilatl'Ilis is, foi'111' llo lnlni. Iepr's('1lw i nsof lthe employed. 'Work guaranteed.
Central Standard Time. lsues: Vics oresideni, 'miss Es: lo- ie .tillili ks,l-cia (11) -11 1 iii i le't V,1c10'-
TRAINS AT ANN ARBOR. Hatcede, .Ann Arbor; s'1'1'(111'1 ii. 1 11111 11nihis 'Sal oil-y. Atse u C. II; . MA OR& C.,
PAT. W . tIl M. Diri 1(c5 sll"cII111 uu his 311'The Artistic Decorator,
Maili and Es----. 34d7 H., N. Y., Chii.--- 512 d. Dolphin, lsa5.s ct1': til:r ' llIs hlai ;Ig ill tak111 c, . g, -
N. . Special...4- 5 Mal-.-
*N. S. Limited... 5 d ''" " . M. nitreis h111elda ntllls 11 51< ' t' ('5' Il 'I;N(1th ll 1intr'odct 1it h nt-I"-a IllsenEx---10u etenE _- 11511( eldeie o 1 15otIl n oli.,11 he -1leMtfo 1111nn 1D A . G R .Ex--55
D.N.Epess.-.. 55005 1. Nt. Es.5-- 9405I elt iap14.lsl(( o inliaefr vl ieakdt arht Ieois r'
Atlantic E . 5Exn-due 0 aifcEs--"""'1230 15 Itat" 'll; 11111act1i ill di.11' y1 1(iell' (dcIt tih s t'. of 1 I'.'ld.Tll] e n
*Nrth Share Limited innsn extra care train i-eN1011het'cllcioscl' i c 1151111 ( I .1,11" hle(ll' 11111kg leat,. 511PiI ')'(1 lIg The iargest Line af Bicycles, Sun-.
tn be a chargeaofi$2.50ta New Yorktihan as
ther trains. IWtt'll Ii''11115Ill Iilll t wil lie ' 'istihilt.ti ming1111 the 111' 111111:1. drie s ndiSuppiies at
O. W. RUGGLES, H.lW. HA'rEe A:.caitCns ,(4 tile ticl"his lhi I'IIil -M. STAEBLER'S CYCLE EM PORIUM,
G. P. & T. Agt., Chicago. Agt A Ann Arbarr
e___________________________ '1at's ' vr 1111015'livo 'ill l1111 -r,11'' i;."' , AT 111,', ' IE114N. Telen.e Na. 5. One daor East a: Asmar&
U. of M. Sliaving Parlors and Bath Rooms I etl 3.1 .tl ' c____cshas
322 SOUTiH STATE STREET. City, Sain, ll.tllolllits' IshlIIil iI'li lte ' Ill lI' "'l'l 11i t'e11111111111.0 'lbs he andms Sho uaranire.
Ladies' artistic Hair lPre.slang up tt'isi u el a an1d51 i therII 11(il A1v5.5is hldul .ls1 a I hue istoftul n a 1 le fr'ill.Ii i"'"I'll' PALD IIG'
ones. J. H. TRSOJANOWSK, I Fo .liSupielFr 9
3 Is'hiigaui ck1101:.1 ' 1"siult I f. . .1. t sillpee iu' l thei'luux office':, eOrill'.1' ' EersySequiaite far tie Came.
islu'iii, , hiE1 Ii 11111111; is lcs il b lu isi furu tilie liii, ' i i S e will do well ma write
LI TH-POOGAHE for s'mples iand specialrate'
! tUl~f, iunt, 'Miss E F2 ln'_ i " (I shlilnliill 1011 dykei'..kb'. k' he A!'is Tdi lbfor 1101t~ ;
Telephone Ft0." ANN AltBORlsecretayl a lter idWe ly', D-_:roiC; Iccas- Saturday nl:hiit. '' The Spalding Official
ENOCHi DIETERLE, morr if K. Tiureof Sagiuao'; class Foe al
orador..0'. V.Howiell' leach 17aalor. NOT'IC.Fo al
E~tBLME ANDFUNRALDIRETOR 'Adoerd by Yale, Princeton, Penstylrvania,
riBAERAted aNDiUNRAh DRETO.Pat BHuahof AnnsA'i °; baseball cuiss tcain mlnilinagecs 111~ 11,111anl 111'?ilarvuard, Cornmellaed all ether leading sni-
C intiaedDaor lh.varsities. Each bail tested and packbed, and
Na. 116 East Liberty Street: Residence, .'33 iii~miago'l'W.3C. llarubcegei', Of Lai- a list of lii'heimn1luey intend tiI'ay ealed in sepeiate boa with brass imultor
South Eourth Ave. Phone 129. sing; ciassprophletessMJisKadtieriuu' 1.1 thei iIter-lss fooitall scrius lull Pi. Sas eas otHalGuide
thuine of Detrit; poetess, 3dhiso E. disc2- latrs'thani Salnlay, Oil. 0. 'Eiu's,' for 807 Edited by WALTER CAP. Past.
RANALL TE POTORAHER Iialit Ikniniue loas;~lasier. 1L. lists swill be IilIlisheit'll d ie lDaili111Caalogue af Falf-end Winter Sparta. FREE.
WASHINGTON: BLOCK. ANN ARBOR. I W etnilore, of Deiti. 1-Mnday amid 1all protelsts (llIst be' i11.hby A, B, SPALDING & BROS,,
Miss Wlidnesday, Nut'.. dam1.INew York Philadlpihia
KIDER GARTER, 9u(NEWi D9QUARTEllRS)dmts H. 'I. 1-IdE .1),Asst.31:111. CiaoWsigo
Call and See Us, Speciality. 23 Subscribe for She Daily. AGENCY FOR THE
Or'ders for all Fraternity -parties,' club a..niv'ersliy .'S hool of aning , Mandonsn and aGuita
dances. etc.. Leave ordern at Ann Arbor ~~A~5A
Msinic Co. er asResidene,i710 eddesnave. State Street., opposite Law Building
l'. S. - Will" take pupl1n an Plans and isn r, Smse ige ~ 5 tos
sight reading at above named Places. Terms $5.04a semster, - - Sigleevning e' ns . CC AED flU'S usic (s
A. 3J. Johnston. Office-42'7 Thomlpson Street. 11f W Liery S.,AnnAror


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