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October 29, 1897 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1897-10-29

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VOL. VIII. No. 26.


Has received a full line of Novelties
for Fall and Winter in
Suits, Trousers,
and Overcoatings
Fresh every week.
Only in packaes-
60c a pound.
Lowney's if yen
Just Received a Large and Elegant
Lin.e of New Pipes I
Hot and Cold Lunches at all hers. Agents
for Hyler's and Williams and Werners C's
Chocolate Bn Bns.
R?. E. JOLLY &t Co.
305 Sth State Street.
The Prodigal fahej
Prce... 2c,3c, seand 7c
11/N'1/M -V1M
Students should try us before
making any purchase. We are
bound to satisfy and please. Our
large stock of Law and Medal
Books, in short, Text-Books for
every department in the University,
new and second-band enables us
to sell at the lowest price.
Blank Books and U. of M. Sta
tionery at low prices.
Make our stores your headquarters.
Cp Town Down Town
S. State st. Opposite CourtHouse
Ann Aror Main Xt

Verv Enthusiastic Meeting Held
Last Night.
'Thel(opilligmeetling oi the (is)ad
("overiiuieut (list was heldlaLst es 'In-
lng ililie' law lecture room. ilove
than 150 sitdentsis-iere rsent. 'Piho
imeetiing wsas sup-ned by a siot-s astir--s
cuts,.AlMr. Jryri i.'fhens tollow-ed Ithe
pinieipal btalkof the ieia'ii i'by sA--
lug President Ilctiehus. t'- slots'ill
tart. as follows:
"As each ecmibiesl student leaxis lthls
1"niliersily a5rgreai(sllccsiitiliiless
lipon liil to ei'er the poli~iieal life of
his piarticuslar eiisircini-iit. tie 'Aa
tbeienlduaoatet :theliipulic-e(xlpins"
and iniiieiis ixitectest fro is ihi. '-roe
lerst duty of . siideti-i uson teas-log
vsstti'ge is to hiself; lie 'ns as
imiself t siieiss ill the spec-ial s-s-i
dol ci li as ehcsenifur lislaife'is Will-i.
Incsidental u to ndaisoiitaiin-ighila
iis' ipuriseliei'should liolliss'as'tf
'always iii readiness is (as-o,-- ono .and


ArGood Concert.
Thle Slayton,(rand Ccii 'arit's,,.is-ill
gise the seccud numbeui-r t(ie S. L..
.A courset lUt hiisersily - Itohtolui'r-
so's-nilghtiat 8S c'(tsk. Tlhis ecotpany
is coi'pcsed of Ccax Belvlix. violiist;
lts, trank Ormisby,. 1enor; Miss tinny
(Oshorn. scpranoc; Miss Isiry Aug 'Ii,
p~inistOustnd isse if thes- sliest
miuisical o c iaotlicut ii tli sciiiil','.'
aini it xii w 'siset a pis i t'slist still
tie ar itsiiovet'his' si- eS . 1.A. '(-in-
fos' te-nyeti'rs ecucertltisi-osr if ' !hi 'u-

lvilaclegislaioun and ti suppiiort s--ili
li:(assil's'atuii'iiiou i- shispubsiic
opinicnias iill ibeIsfo' tiec oisbinon
'I bice'hat hs e ll-ostrilig sif lie
gis'at natioiinai n lliciisiti irobh' 1"us
l's 51 witilithe tttiveity's''l -"" t 'i-
'Oto e il smaller mtitter's :at isissii si MalRD
lidilocal affairs wsie it' 'a'lrsiels' ii(Cll'elToias'l vrliestrat. "illyear is
u~iffereut; si-cabsent osrs 'a I 555151 she lie fircist imi(' lii ssiili'lity hiss li's
pocly; ansifirosmithieiris s- .On f ieu of Heitni-iiltsnisi lr'ly co-'st
tins- miost prsfitasle'lhues 'sf ,o1 itha' eert ivork.
(.ulsd he sindertaks'styith uias cu is 'le-l iso iiiheult's' tineuii't irks'
tic study and stilsisia os5ss leri' no-icilses fcolss's:
iiuniicipail pi'sshtsiis. Mr. iBendix is stio iAistihsss'pl11y'
Fctolosslu,(.As-slug Pitsnis-sitIlisis's l- lg risusponssose; it issthaltsit a
Iis, Deani Hsudsoof h is' iri ri d- true arist. is ithrasiing andiiiXi"'5-
rissimesut. Itousi'hedi riutls' nit in t-iti liii tr"eitisks-si ty g'ril sleli'-st'-y and.s
stoaet'heo'cretiscal phistlis' fst it -t1ili1erssfe'ction.-l'slises oIlerald.
"i'fssi'si. Hito iiitli t'ia(lii'ilcfitlis' Ilas Osbsornis Is leifor: Inai' pos. as-
lie ?laste cf this' exper'iensccifsither QOr cf sa beautisfulsoprano5sii.lvois'cwikii
isles aissiof olther' sitisisis aid 'tTes
lefsieally delilit ls'iliaicgs'is siadesis
lii i'sinlg tivie sadiiliis.i-uiissi of sulty
laisge ellis's.THe saist. "Wesigliht'r-
lire snoothe soliit'esof stir roosssmt
blinsk foso'sesr,Ibust we wo'usld'intut isi
'tssssr tso these' irottle-ms. Ilty byII
takinig use combilined and suified ex-
lierissisco of socetey for miassyceeuies
east iwe arriv-e at jst antI rs'asoialle
After the smeetisig about 25 joined ecub Ason mei-wlle
hldtiwiithinsi forlisisist..
Journal Club Meeting.
At a mieeting of tlie Jo-unisal Club
lst night Dr. Cooley psresided and
sciological subjects is-e in order.
Prof.- MeLasigllil isgae at "ex-lesiof
Prof. .Moses Colt Tyler's tlook, "'IticMSS S30N
Literature of tis Asises-is-sisRevitis-
tioni.' Dr. Pillsburythis'sreatdla p~a-ssesmsitoiave tx-sr requsisite'. Itiso 'f
tier oin "'T'eiSocilConsc'iosnss< > 5iargOtompatss, situhisnd full th its
listlssgsislsest fronit te Instisiidut aloit i-lire synipati qu litiy sto
I Coiioeiotisness." Mr. Maras s sde uch, cft'en imissiiig.Nt'ws Yorsk -Musite it
last sississer, lh-lit a a s-lslrslipiiC'ourir.
at the Chifcago socil t eles-lt' cl'td Miss IMary Ansgell gaives s'siil'e-' of
Cicgoepo o s iv tese.Ptrofa. W'antuhte tPrAi'dslig" renroig fb
iiigeortCofistheswokOillsr ittlest-, sisseliWaltes Pi, Slidtierouti rth o
hliiisdate, Dixoss, Taylor saund I-ths greatest aptplusea fromthtie auid-
Sithitook Ipart lits tle dis-u~ssoiois. t it'ttt.-Cit'igo ' rie-15s ss.

Oberinns False Charges.
'r'io Oberlinss elit'slitof tis wes''k
Constatininsg siltsss'esssst f lIst Saisi'
risy's gamie listsbhs's'eiie'd and
foundsi t sositainosting buttabsit'
osd isi ill tiihost of tie ' 1~st it'sorat.
lSysft henssiew is inpr:
""fihiisigs u n sporsmssalietteIlits
xisre ecseiallty appasiriit in tli: eassd
ihalf of the gatiii. Itsin lOherli tplay-
ter s-sahurt, CoaTho'mptsions'stxas hi-
u Cristly seizt'diand fsreihy rests-it-
edi frotmsigoisg to his sassisase. iTe
usssiee holsinug utfor udakness. If
in Obe'ri tiilst-is atisilying 055 bus
groiutdsfter a serimiuage'h tisas site'
tos tI'x gleeste'dwi-tiltasistrautof hiss-'"
antuitjeerinig.l'hes-noses sapplitd o the
(listslist mt's, uder this-guiseaousten-
cuss-sgitig tli tmuitteamss. sre5unti1 foi-
picati'tioct. I it' os -bof oottf
te Michiganmissis-twhio sias in the
game;tt' w a sitsilutsly "necs'ssary
tuh t'oshstoul sit, itsrcyst hitSlio5
wes hhai 10tol"Ig andisplayst sxeedingy
i-stsghsansituusifis hil, andsieisills.'
't-e Micigasns sit-sires-oicozd tietoazt
baif tesivster'a sstresoutof the
gaeis'L. f i's. c'haslicessof stceiss
isoittdibhi'greatly impsiroetd.'Thets'twsis
wresfsallen sut supon ind slsgtd its a
motst openil andi tare'fscted manner-'l.
Fiilly IW. louiser bhisla-i, hmihers't,
sld uscut5f is esd isas cosmpielledittt
rire froim i tthe am. 'fist Michigani'
imitithast patially asco-oiplisiesi tiris
i'srtcs'. Alltis ws ithtt tamte.sas-
cortding o thet'in~rterrlatoniif this'
ruleshby thits Miehigsts ciias. A--
cordsiig o te ft'w'fsir ti. of _. smts',
lt'estire titssrisi tamtwstetiedltt
ill st sietcthet-d mannlser, te trestetisi
of lthe sttixr'a hing estecilly Ia."
('achstuis olilstii tas si-t iceous- v
astinetdlfromustgoingtsIthe sislaass'
of -a ptlayr thamt iis1huts. Iis tirds
t hast ic 's forcei t tse ssit'ehisss,
hut it ists ttecause uofrhis oeisathe It
plsysrs mulishfuss' sis otiesresason.T't
sasy thus' leastt thuttcis "emptled ycto
lt'eOterlisn tplsytrswti-s'-uspiciso,
sluhd Iitclokedttliketey wu-i'e paitntg
for dsarktnetss, forwsitheti'score iwas
(6-0 andihiiten 6- iOhrini's favors,
scatrcely it scrimmausge hiased witout
one ofter ttlayers having i',liecalted.
It issnociceabhlt'thatsheiite otisnc
turnedinhisMictilgatn's favor Il-hfewv
were te ocissics si-hen O -slistt-me
'sere "hsut."
Thtequtiucat~in rs'sit-' tsi Mihigua
playr is false hut eery partuiclr.
'"t'Tre s Inostdosut itht si-thistie tb'is-
ves'soutsoif tilt' gtmet'Micigan's
Chansst ostf succsscwesres'.'greatlytin-
but it is equally truthlat til ethinsit'
wossul hti'habei s uc suh isproed
hasd ethier ('le, IMshlse'.r iuEgle or
Wasitogin hteen osut tf i, for tey
sereo forthe motica trt conisent
groundstgaies. 'The satementu lstha
tlii' Iutuers usre slugged s Ia1lie,"tale
asui iittts. Nt oce utscurisgsthegmse
tor ishilethIus t'samt was5it t hititybitt
they' s-tsougt- Iii-ign wis-htslsuggng.
ttt-hres' ntncue snd ts' leie-i's'otwsi
it. If is isue thathlthe plsying wss
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