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September 27, 1897 - Image 6

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Michigan Daily, 1897-09-27

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TOld students coming back, new faces on the street, more mcving
to and fro-all tell of things forgotten in the hurry of leaving
home and of things needed in your room and at college. We
have been getting ready to supply those needs, and we moan to
treat you so well that you will come hack to us for future wants.

ilair Brushes....
Everybody woofs a good brash for a
little money-we have it-25n aod
M~iitary Hair Brushes
A fellow is noatis it" without a pair
o his dressing table. 51.00 to P.10 per
Of every description, from 5i cools op
to 10 cests.
Tooth Brushes.
The thing yea always forget. Oar
kiod don't shed their bristles. We re-
place them if tihey do. 25 teals for a
good one.
Nail Brushes
Hood scrubs, pumice stone, etc. We
cas't describe them, come and see for
- Shaving Tools.

Toilet Soap
Most all the soaps that are good and
nose that are not good. I9c, 0c, lie. 25c
and l0t.
Bath Towels.
You'll seed a pair for theo "Gym." and
anothser for yoar room. We have the
big thich hind that wipe dry, from 20c a
pair up.
Micro Supplies
Whether you tahe Histology, Bacter-
iology, P'athology or any other 'ology
whore you use a microscope, we want to
furnish your supplies. We tahe groat
pesos to get everything just right and
theo we mahe the price as low as we
tan. Bing as yoar list.
Photo Supplies
Everything that as amatear wants,
from a tamera to a pound ot hypo in to
be found here. A fall line of Eastmao's
goods and some othsers. We lihe to show

UNIVERSITY NOTES. I tenson, of the "Timies, is the business
('of. Weinstein is in towu. Prof. D'Ooge, late deau of the lite r-
The Chi Psi's have bought flit Chas. ary deportmnent of the University,
It. Wiitnian fplace on Horan St while w'est, at iTacom a, founid his
The Siguma Chli fraternity iiasovoA 1}ocet pickced of money and transpar-
from No. 1 Volland St. to Glci oisn'tls ation tickets for himself and wife.
The mDelta -Gammna's save smoveol It is a pleasure to annelsiscetehat
froms S. University ave. to 130 Wilonot Rallph C. 'MoAllaster hiss been ap-
si. pointed general secretary for the eon-
A nesw fraternity, Phi Rho Sigmna. solidated U. of M. Aluseal Associa-
has been estabtlishied in the medical, tion. This action was taken receutly
tepartmsent. fly listboard sand was tunanimouss.
A. snu'irisiiigly large nisber of old work has been pushed oss the miec-
stutdents sire already bock and thelitic light plant all sumnmser, font it swill
etnap of freshsisesn is gre~at. grTobatoly not be ready antliDa'. 1.
'l'sss Drsssssller's, '97L, qsua:ts' Prof. 'Carlsart 'has suspetessnded list
back on last year's footbasll tease, is work osid about i0 students have been
psracticinait ?Seattle, woos. emplsoyedl.
J5. A. Leroy, '0t1,fursserly siasaging 'Melvin P. Porite','14, has resiowesi
rsilor uflteDsaily is sow sportisng so Desroit to accepotlt gesieral soon-
eitor of lte Dtrit Fretel'ress. agesient of list Ness York Life Insur-
Mliss GertrudeitStundserlands left re- asset Cs.sit thastiplate. He is accoms-
tieitly foot lFlint Itiasosussin 'tslouties isssiie toy isswife, furmierly Miss
as teachier il'lie isigiSchslo hesr. 3Mallen Otils,'97.
Prof. 'H. L. Wilgs,.oflist lass (le- '1'he streetsiosusbers ihave bfor'
psartnisent, wassmoarriedSeptot. 1 tos Miss chsangetd iduriug stesummeisir. Tue ii in
JuslisaGoy 'Pomoiisyof t'silsiyra, N. Y. aopttetid s is te 'shiolelpohia systeisn,
.. F. Lsssise"-,195, swill loteosne of lt lst'efirst slotk beginnisig with 10(),thit
instructlors iso t'e tit ano eataimt seconsd with 200, etc. Glens V. Mills
this year. Ite will isis" charge of ste l sts e', ietrysoi
ensginoeerin etsg 10h'515Mr.Es'i ID. Hesojasiss aswho giaatloesd
Thst'Uiiworsity librsiry iiso'sn from froiisthitleloso i OiOO'lt ,C phasmaty of
9 so L12so. Ino. aissifrom2sos ) 3i). iii.lst'e nivtrsity if lisi75t5 to lst year
Blegininig I'risdsy it sswillbeos'piess froimi sill retsuris to. Ass Ar'bor thsis fasll is
8 i. iii. to 10 p. 5m. actept a poistlion inillhitelitheildc-
H. ('sleisa. '97,sissyesitlir oflte partmenst. is duotie ss-il be Itiose of
Oaoklaindl Countsy t'ost, andsfMils Miss all assistanil
Rihlarsds, '9Gi ofthlist sy, Nvettl'mar- "'Tie sougress of the Presiodent An-
rietd durisng tistl iilit' srescarse as Mrown nivtersity llas
Canidoates for thit 'Varsity' foo.5oall isoarked by thoese stages: First stage
tami will appear cth e lithlletic Fiel -'Floe.presidlent resignss. Setonisolstalge
for practice every afternoon a5 4 -"floe presidet withdraws ilsignoS-
oclock, toegisiisg toy.Iis andidecktles to go baoktk o :osoi.
The S. C. A. liaisduoodiliss oil iiii'rThir'd stage-fist lpresident withidratws
toy fsasrlteoesitiossmoer of rreent y~garsith swithidraalof his resignsaioss and
both ini mastter asidlappearncse. H., asserts that 'he'll be tolaied if hell oc-
0. Sewerancse, '97,o-woas t editor. ceit a joto fros ucsosi aoit. Fouirthi
The Ohio Naoval Academiy of Tooleodo, staoge-Th'ie presidenlt witlidrawsss lis
Ohio, of swhichs J. G. tlatlisis, '9.i, is wsithdsrasssl of thit withdorawoal of tlis
fc-unssoer asid president, 150s issoseod its r'signations sndS tecides that old
fiost annuassl sannsousicemen'.t foi 97-118 friendos are'ths' test frienids, sifter sill.
A gloss cos-eredl anniex 5wa5s addedito __________
thot Uiversityhospiutaol dusring tileva- Dosit for'ge t e SateS. agesncy
ctioss for se as a ii lslisath llnss'ork swhen yoare sn'lookinig tonr roits They
is ios il orgres 01 lo Iosse or fe will treat yous right.
Proof. T. C. Troseblood wsill rosiotriloiw All studsiens d oesiring fusrnlivsl'd or
tli' ladng rltirIshoeNotiito'runofsrnislhed soomos should tall on thse
issue of Wersier's Maguzisie, beinig a Staote St. Agesity, aisl' get their coms-
history of thse Inteorstate sOnolttol ilMete list of rossis.
"Tuck" Sliesosi, '117. will isot toe bashr
ts iplay blllthis3year. lit go's los d
Rl'sisgtons. toll. 1, to acrolot a gos-. A h n 'h a r
ersnment ipssitions aod will later iaket 1yid
usi liestuody of isaws.
Thse Grand Opera House in Anns Ar-
Tli'he rasid Opsera 'Howe his' bewn 1 boo has been rensvated and a number5
ls~sosli bytuis . ~isso. 0eslsts i ofThesine cngemesave.eLouisde
boiightby oui J.Liseoredior ofdTessne aagemhen, ee.so mode.
ise W'shitna'yi Te, It 1hasloteso Losemer has succeeded in boohing cur
thevseason onsly the so andard plowsso
re'namedosbtihe'Athenss 'Il'.5ro 'fTo- lise day, end be invites she fatuity(
Ot~gly eneed nd enoate, i is and stoudent body to hear fhem. Pop-(
ossohly eisesedsoos rtsoositol ii s slar prices will prevail sod order will(
nisow suchoass ioera ''houoeas Ann r beopetseve'isnwieeseotssos
n~n s lins vessng viti 5iall er
toot has long desired ands it oks(iervos lolfesode in. "hiosulct."
liberal stsodent p~aronage. E1. C I is-1 A 1NI^

Rtazors, Brushes. Strops. Sosop, lugs.
'Veil suit you on these tou. ShaiSs o daloteg
:lroso cests and apward. ISoaW tr

Whisk Brooms
stoany old price-5 cents to H5 tents.
You don't issose to bunt up a shoe store
for these. W~e have T. Al. Hlaching,
Ruosset h'lsho, etc. Polishing brushoes,
and dausbers separate or in sets orcom-
bined in one brush. All sorts of peices
except high ones.
Postage Stamps
All you ooant, hsways excepst Sunday.

There is only one fountain in tono that
draws the crowds and that is ourw. We
save nmoved it hock but are still ran-
sing it. Peaches and cream are on tnp
now. tot drinks later.
Loovney's and Aleoretti's. All hinds
of packages. Alwtays fresh.
City Water
Den'tIaseeowithlotofugnew consers.
Helter drink rstal wales. Its pure,
1armless and palatable.5'.0H a dozen
(halif.dozen bottle,).



If you wont to recoive your telegrams amid want your friends
to find you, the only way is to leave yonr-addreos witho no. No
charge. The postmaster won't toll people whore you live.
Calkills' Pharmacy,
324 (34) S. State St. at end of N. University ,Ave.

FANCY SHIRT to displace thue Sweater.
This is flhe verdict fte eoeming seasun.
In vieworfo this fact wt hausenoade heavy
purchases of the mostsiqu500 and nobby
colorings and tatterns frees theeeastern moe-
het. They aoe nest open tor your ionspection.
i23a8 Alain St., - Ann Arbor.

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