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October 15, 1898 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1898-10-15

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1i f+~i.~ ~ tf, A h U. ol M. Riles. Beo e Buying I mis
+t AttemeigothU.oM.Pblishecd Daily (Sundaaayas oep c-) duingthe Rifles last night about thirty appli-FL.S I 0,O E P
Cleeya, a ctions for eilistmiet swere received. VITEUIVRIT OBICIAN OVEsdcie t aitanth rTn
Qicl I(: a Sal aabinaI P'- I aaacg i.iatiaii anil urill regularly until JulySe ns WegantehetyWokasli :)! ara.
1111111 Plae. ca 1HnnngBlc lo1t.Thelie 110qualifiictions as55for-
mIN(IGEiTi. ierly will le isisteilon. All mesa- OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT1
F. Eoia~cca, 1 L. hers mst be not uiiuer 140 pounds ______
F.USSNGELHANAGER1 . ini seight, aS:tiinder five toot eight ®
ii ii . xilso L. iiclies iii height A ciiniiittee sash
JaTR.appiinted to secure the asufthte Cutting, tI.eyt5 - .
Alaetiaior, T. I i soto,'0 L. gyim fr tswo nights each week, if 201-203 Sotlo M1ain Street.
P. w. JS.a 70 A. I. Ma-Deaoar, 'iaL, poscsle. MajorSue Souluee a short_____________________________________
F. D. EAWAa,'55 . 1. iitesa,'55 M, speech tio the hays, e oraging their a,.aa'a.,.a..,, .,
0..-iaa--- 'i. olc AMVPUS DRUG STORE.- {,
Caucus ofl '99 Girls. NE"TRE aNE TC
The gi~ls of'99 inet and And can- Sn fact, acrytlalas ac-cw bltathea'peopl-hey haveasl,
Th usrpinpieo he DAILY, s,.75 ora cussedl yesterdau fenonfrthe choangaed latsaio. --
ha.' loll agaao. le aoa', it t a~la la ryeo reloaca v lttrliil liA S. 1 4 p S i
aoncihlaay.-Noticea'.omaaaaaacatiaaa, ad electioniciflaS ufficers. They de- IJAS J 'v A, L
hlaaalande in a helDAILYlance beforeis 1>.am.aaor.11tiaedl Slt to co iiit thieimselveo for .'a .c.cuA a''a.ca a. 'a -.a
pcao o thea sisal c befoaeolapalan . ac hay'u a nyi-l aa diate fr presient sr aniy f
Olua oa Uecui a~~the otier ofaices'. IBl) te oiailteidA L OP N
Mey,..s, f 9ofla~ts nu~ln, Inc l isoBarnardl fr vice-presidet, 1an11
Maaaiaeoa. Saalacaaalaoo. wcll ceafav aSao ob ias price fr ausu es Plv
r calll1ng aahry a ica nyiooaaaa rSaaiaaccaS 11e cordially extend t you an tuvtaton to e ai155<1 nr i
1arei'. laalou laopiped. vstesd to) ssillport these two cndidaltes an aitr lse. Y01 vll111clatt seI a II
All alaaa.iau a alaai ias attrs tbeiiadNcuer Soaaaaawlotl([a[lf leawo e cr.
th nma l iya, . acn 'iauapaeios'o iaalaaiac far tile oiciesinamlied. lasts and with popular prices. HIt ilEMI3TlS a1 ii 11.
Kildi h a. '01 Oracle. ass . MAIN ST. WFtI &:II W SCaO O
Sao far as kniaawiifour U~niversity The '01 .raceiWiill be issiuedtoal
of Michigani imeiilost their lives ini Decembter 10thandus many origiiial i a $
theilatwa.Tewee JonAfetrsaepoie.Teanl hcp, Chailss A. F. Von IWaliuauuseiu iill le sold at the sISmeIPprice as in HEADOluASTFxsS
1V J. O'Brien anld Oliver B. Nortoi.als years, 25 cents. Th'le filliisingFoLAPofalkns
.Jahan Alert Rbbh, Ml. D '86woselai ries lre aofferedl.For the best orELAINS CftaMlItndsT.
sssian l s u~ii irgeaaaiaaltiac Flity. civer deign, $11; for Staebest story DIVRTS aInd FANCY INAT.
fourth Daehiganinfialintry, ied Aui- $10; far flelist poaem, $3. All cii- 115 Sot Mai St. Japanese Goods and Novelities
gustl 1J., on1 the tirasposrt Olivete triluitis lasto)le in bly Niiv. 15, toa___________________________
svhile eiiraote fraii Sanitago de Mr. Steveiis, 10 Csornwasll plaice. MAONEY LOANED MAKE A STRIKE
(Culpa tao onstaunk Poiiit.IHis final ScWSlao-Ooosi.Waaao-Is c
irauraa ue Is, ie, iifaar'Ini' coSut' Announcement, n5athe, 11aonscaaiaoei. rsthrcer
iiy lily regret is thia) I have not ao Studenuts iwishig toIai iile chainges WATCHES AND JEW/ELRY REPAIRED BOWLING ALLEY.
hiindredh iiire lises to ofertsr ter.'' in their electioanaoatstudlies shiio ldoca aat -eiancac, 5551 aLibetySIAac Aa- 30S. Man St.
IHe seas5 hiirriedl it sea. obsersvs'this'followisnugpoints: b og A. AllnSaab sconf1111 ial.a 1 iiaa' T IIHO E , - P op itr
111to11300m:1nd ioc0ndop Cs.iTs. n11iN 7~ tr
('laaries Auigaust Fredl Vaon1Wult- Fron1)111 uintil 11han1ksgiving h per. iai coaailaaalJ5oseCaa Wattaadslcoaoa. (pn 0). y igNhtpr
Bagi nScn-adwlhsadDf-nhauaaein P C.'16 9 0 sitrivate I inla',noadrsopilhiwork'5wsll Ihe r~lanted___________
ihia r ut irst 0) ileaigala illfa lut ')'.iluuupa 5-alltatialaof goa d su ff11 icitlel5
Ileit d iltulCIampllThoaas, Chicka-asonsl111. Rs' talatu ucs.tulleho ts shouuuhhd
mill III I XU II 110, latthe ageofat23. lsiiau wlushher their' seork issuolhevy C L E E S U NT
Ila, atern11'ins-awere1'taken oe foual sr r 110. It is naows'too11late aotake 111p
hulil. newsourk'alwsitlihlhp'eaofucces. Alier f~
Pu iihliIaias IO'lReien, withi Sieothis ueeks tulltsllla be11 Ia ahhasel o i 1111
itrr alleys'' ~o.98 hurinugIthe v<yasirohu Iit'iew cours' ta their eetiai ol'f('IIUN' It
Rtaoagh bitaers, dhealat Jaueksuonvilhe, flu e xcepuioally 'stronlg uasOuas.'heliioait
Fhl., Septembei hur 13, (f mallhia'ilhfever. fact uet lau h iha is beius isult' SMO) IE
Ilcolege hise5'l'wa sus a e'rcutthe tenisalee 515 on allurseithutllhavingl
Uuivsersity 1'rluilhiICcub, eeted it, will lia)otletthe sheciion gap Np
Oihasre l aighu Naletuoncof the oh he Boardl . GoidJ1il
meisal eitlais o f 1901 SelSsilted 11y a A. H. PATTcEGILL,
Sl uerlusllet J uy 1, chalrging up Chalirmsan of the Admoinstrativeo
thas San ium 1 hill nea11r1'Santiago awith hBares. _________------
Itauaaset's IRauaih listers, toa Shicha ________________________- ouXaatOr Bandng,1107ulcing oanythng n one lne, no matter
buuh ahorwls u ihsigi heluu small ar hlarsige,
bulletstsreuk lim uill the hueatialdle ATH ENS THEATRE. a Job of
sied withusinintearll ies in thtians luauennOc,1. E C N O I
of hibrather, t aalsosa belosngeshd 5 - uhtoyvusgOl.If ri tng tr 7011 CallaW EtcainedO I
teou h Raers. Naortonu's hauuue BELASCO & F'YLE'S P itn
ws' lit Esoace, Flsrida.lie ursa26 IPiar h nlnaresoulauc WactDruama, . 'T'1hs nlluit Ps-e,
yeas'of sge. Iuonig iiuk
'Old Grads" Line-up. THE GIRL6ILEFT __________
CaspS. "a" cHenuniager lf the E I NDM E 30 S STTE
Abllllbla teamusuhassglaae he liue- 4ISITAE
11l) tha w~ilill apei this' gaunofor' thac Prices 2, a0and 7e.CL.GH N C 19pposit am Buildig.
a°lua ga'a" 'lltiss' 29 . FTle miost Scaonca sloa watersI n a iS t., nd 51
notieabltue featureO at pr0es5n)is thait iIHan tre Ola I a tci Scal 5
belw wasii pabricilatete gamie,j Secondhand books for net emester- cheap. Special bargains on H
bull tidea' are the uones faa he counte d .~ Wilson, Bacoun and Bunrke's " ors. Erskine, Cm-i-au and
uipon~. fle line-up:D rouceter; School of IDanci ng Webste's Speeches. Greut speeches by great lasyers.
Hallnd Dphn oguards sa GrngerS-Acdem.liosher's Potica Economy, etc.(alt for new catlogue.
1111 aind Halley, Itas; Hayes an FGangers mu c~myOur Branch Here Closes About Nov. i st a
I"5r11111111i,.ends ;JimciBairdhsad Ee-l.
ver, q~uarterbacks; Henninhuger and =-Gi-eu --T-sS =T:-rP
Villa,hlfsibacks; Holiste, fusthIasel Who zeii
fOtbhermeted illthhsto v rour heuisnoho SelsSHAKE THOSE W(' YOUR FEET
to be' trset sre: Morrison, Dyer, Fued sla caLlGN OA S l71 YOUR FANCY,
Price, ecnd uof'94 aid '95 teamis, Mac.OPARKERAT
PIsrel at 8 sdts oebiity . S. P R E BY COURTESY CALLED SHOES. fi YOUR FINANCES.
of Woom~singslonuand Hutchinison. 315 S. Sate. Call in cd see inm. W. J. APRILL, S1S E. Washington St.

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