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March 29, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-03-29

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Published Daily (Sunays exepted) during the
Colleec yeat, at
IFFY ;a : Theoinand Prt--. Henning Blok.
Both Phone-y 047.
F.EaI+tNaa,11 OI),1L.
0). II. IIANa '00 L.
1010ITO 11.
Atthletic Edoitor, T. . Whtoo, t00 L.
P. tW. JONEo, t99, A. 11. AMoDooo;ALot.'01 E,
F. D. ttAtioto.00, .0C. 11. LUNDo,'00 M,
G.D. Ieoaeoa. 1010E.J. . It Woo,'00.
tlhe ootubscttripti rc of te DAItY isa0.50 too-
the coollgeyear, oath0agutla delitvery b0fore
nootchoy. Noticooo.communttatonso, tant
other ottertendteofor to blto tontoaotbet
handdit ttheDIYtoffiotte bhfooe Stp. in., 00
naitod to the oditoor tbeforae 3 to. in. ofthetoday
prouso ottt ltotttota nwihthety 000etoxttctedt tot
htohacritooayb.etoleft at toe-DILofficeta,
Metye-ac, 10or ttt~of tt-' ewtaor wthd usi00 s
Manaogor. Subscr~ibers-. aill conofera tfoavoy
reoroot rompoaoottly .1atto-oothiot nyfailureoof
caresto odelioer ptoot
Altlochangesoin o ooottsaooootootter0 0must tbe in
theoffice byto4tp. oo. onthetcoaylpreousttto thtat
Senior Ciass Meetingq Frdatj.
.lo e seniior lasof 1h1 li-eoay
deparotmt oi tll let;Fridaytl atter-
no otlti t Ordertoo try andtreachtll t
agrtemet( lovo-r theonitotrtof (01 e-
umoriati. At te lost omeehtng ofth ie
clot-s th.- tlorots ~Ial omittetto wastt
insotruoctedl to co)n0fertoth thte settior
clatsses of floe othler depatortmtents ino
regatrd to thie lproosedthoplant of a
monumentttiho tottt tltiiganttottowto t
diedl intthla tte 1wa0. Suchi a monuot-
tttt-tttwou tldl he two expensioe for onte
class to erect, loot it woao thoughot
that shouoldthetooseniorclaosses of tall
dlepartmotets o -eop~erafe thoe pla~n
wouoldlbe feotoibloe.
Tae comomoitteeoa vo cotferredl with
the ottier claseo asiootructed. Witha
what ouccesosFthey met istnot knotwt,
lout it is ruottoredth ioat thtalanmto
wtithloulott le favoor. IIflohat is tre
theo th laeclasostrillcoonsioder somte of
tite othter iptoposedl utemtorialo, stuclh
aso Iifittg 1010thoe tropty 1001m, estab-
lishintg a sclhorshoip or presentinog
theo Uaiveroity witit a btust of Floe
sat- Prof. Walter.

Notice, Seniors!I
floe Calo ando Gowen Comoomittee
trill he it oRomo 2, University .Hall,
fromoto05 1). to., IFridlay, Sforch
1,i toao mmoe odootate ttose owlho hatee
oleloooedol iteobgtiteir orolers. Thosoe
ft-I w000ish othir caops antd gootntsoit
timoe fool'thteoswingo- ottt oouot lake
advanotaoge of thois opportuntity.
1'. AV. Joooos. Chaoirmoano.

fihw~w LLII2 SUjtS and
~+3~~22HTop Coats.
~ o~(...oL3.and1 s teo5le obout
o~~ if clothinug thatt )yau
00 1 oolereeolse.
! ?. .. loe mot o t h
of clotlhes is tn
't tloemosot of a fit
~f ,.Sso>. . Fle collar anti lo

00 Girls Notice.
Every 'Oft girl souoold ttenod the
"recepotioons"' leldl fotr tloemo at tloe
Loodies' Reainig Itoomo, Thoursday
and Fridaoy of tis weeck anod Mont-
daoy, Tesdoay stoo Wedntesday of
next, fromo 9 to 10 a. 100. Plese
britng yotur lurses.
34 ANNA DALE Y, Viee-PreS.

a cerltaint air
otor kindti"
don't get 0Oty.
oe fit lnao tsotit
Floe coat, anoo
in tloe coat 1-.
apels. 'IToot'-
sowos thaot it

W~e- 1101k( clothes i I(Ot easue if'

is the host moade.

H-arardYale Debate. tt(1rltyo 15)1 k. Suits and Overcoats. $7.50 to $20.
01h1 odoteofthoe tinttlo te-Hoot-
varol debtet till be Mooy 11. Hot-
vooro loots thtoelohoice ot souhjoe0ts. Sloe
oWill alobm ooooit alhot of 20) notame
foor judtges fototowhiclt Yale oillSeetsxanfrm hsehedbe
oooilgo o toill be olcho.
1).IR". IHopple, 0'93, woooaootbooeo
toeoiong ino Weot 1B,,y Cty, lots re-R ~ ~ 0 ~ rc
signedol 010slposititono otod hoas retuorIotinedt~ ~. .
to An0010Arhoot-to 100010 lis catmpaiogno 0.tO'O0OR.OAN0D00 lNttro'ACTUREOF
for schooool cooooooioion oof olWoslolo- CHEMIC AL andot 'IISICAL AlP AA US
0001 Coouty,0for whlicho offooce looe0w00s 1MICRFOSC)OPIC FINlDIN (AS. HGettd(ilOrt-s 15)1 ti L Uboio-
rece-ntly o-m000inoatedl by- Fle Detot.tor.y Supplies025.MooOo-.AaNet. tct
cratiec3party). _________

r_; RAINGEhA'5 AC-ADLoo1Y.-MrS. Ross
Grotoger ionviteosFloe stuodoentsto t aot-
toeto ano ittformooal party, Rooesoday
eveing April 4, for tho eoe efit of
0100 Coolopo y A hobos ion Couba.
Datocinog froooo 8:30 too F o'edock.
Mutosic Foy-Cl equoamaegono rchtelestooa of
001000 1000000 nla0

None lke t elsewthere.
Thte Oooo-O assortmenotoof Canodiessintoo ityo~,
mdetoohory. Oysters sered inoany yle3O.

C t
. 4/.
. .

Ao Flere io a possiility of Mlieli- BOYS ! A H STOP 1 ~I~~I F R D
gan meoetinog Cornoell in a track tneet T~
thiso year, it iositterestiog to knote KI DLIGIART THE
that Cornell uill he trong in Flis KINi. PIUNTEIF
departmoenot. The studlents recently FOR A GAME OF POOL OR BILLIARDS.
contrihtuted ahoutt $600 for Floe ouplo Hulon St. at of F. and M. Rant, AnnoAror, Bict
port of thte track teano.
There twill he a cauteno of the 60 ARTISTS - 60 STARS 60
menohers of tihe Oratorical Aaoocia B'iggest Aggr egatono of Students Evter Gotteni
'ion of Floe literary dlepartmoent, for-----------'togethier on One Sftage.

Harvard-l Coioeroit 'hao lately re Floe purpoose of uzooouiuatiug a list of 000wi00001 htillt totyou cvy, aOdthen logagoain. ruatny Jokes, atooioay g00
tielt oovlttoliooety getoo candidates for Floe departtoetot, on Ilocal Hots, Matvelous Feasa Ciever Danctng and Booleague.
mont, estaoblishoing twhoat is toobe heularsday~, ito roott 9 at 4:1.5 too. . U s.0 F liM . lvINiS T1 R E L S 1
cale aProofessorsltilo Hygietne. A c-ablegramoo tas receiv-ed froto
Floe prtofessor is too he a omedical.Pt-of. A. A. Stattley yesterdaoy mtornt- Ahn harM na vng pi
frientothFle ttudetts, a okillfuol adstoo - - - --BrAtenslT eatreMondaiEgenI,'Apile10
experietncedl phy)sicianootwlose advice tgfoo osesaoooco sf. An Evening of Rip-Roaring Fun-Take Your Boat (irt.
stoo sytmpaothoy te stuodetnts too seelk Te college haoehall season cot- NO-c-The management wants a house frilled to ooat;seaeso will go aa follows:-
at ato imet. Te etowmoenttstaetnces today twitho a gatme bettveentad1tRwDesCrl--------------o
boogoootootgo to roide tltttotes-Rulgers aood Pritoceton, at Pritoceton. aqe nd1tIl~ Dress Circle-------------------------------------------50c-
00 saloaryhlighoer thtan is nowot leldl by~ A. A. Forsbtee, '98, owhbo is sccn- Galler) ................................30
atty profess-or at Harvarti. jyinthFle pulpit of the First Baptist Io order to give all an equab chance the tckets oill be placed on sale
__ -Chutrclo at Dotrand, is spenading a few Tuesday, Aprl 4.sat ngsterfer's,State 't. and Wahoos dCown town).
Te secondo eighots of Cortoell aood days ito Annt Arbor. BENEFIT-U. OF M., BAND-BENEFIT
Floe Uoniversity of Pennstylvanoioa will Ott1Atonday oighot, Alontzo H.
trot olie Schutylkill River May 311. Rtanes alatw studentt of Taylttrville,LI Q Best Chain Wheel, - $35.
Te trootble Roale and Harvard are Ill..,tmarried Miss Annta H. Weaver. BvlGae hils,$0
of raode mooy itoduoce thte Pough-Staoto- street, Ret'. Ar.lootogoffcoot- 'leei o etrtleloaeotso oio s roeo ilr
keepsie IHighlandtlAtmtoteutr Rtowig ootghr snobte helmd taVrc.AkCrsetrdr
Assotciationtoto extend sotitovitoationt____________g____________ if thoio is not sot. Mtake your selection oon aoto Crescent.
tot the Blote aond Crimoson to rott M, STAEBLER'S Bicycle Emporium.
teir race ott the Hudson._ ATHENS THEATRE ; 119 West Watsingtoni Streef.
'Tle cootcert t be giveto by Souoa' s G A G R SS_ IO F D N I~
hand ito Unoversity Hall, April 8, Daly Stock Company G A G R 3 S H 0 F D N I G
comtes undoer Floe auspices aood for Floe $.0ie en 2Wes
bentefit of Floe Woont's League of EVERY( EVENING PROGRAMME $PA0R T EACSA TUofA12EWeeks.
the Utiversity. Part of Floe pro- S'ktt oudty Matin01ee. Private Lessons by Appointment. BeblI'Phone 2465.
ceeds will he tsed toward farnishoing 10rio-s, 10, 20, :30 ets.T H N
the roos in the Woman's Gymno- icesowngaefrntrwek
slm tteGeronotUtiversity of TONIGHT-lot Patenot Leathet Shtoeasloor Sporing, is tite English Flat
Heidelberg an attemopt is beioognoade Why Brojwn Laughed. Lost. 'We hate IthemtiottBtuttont stooLa~ce. If youo want
to introduce field athletics for duel- toobesuoccescsful, book succesotul andtl teaor ocor shoses.
litng. A iaea ooooy rRL ' B [~TR, Ann Arbor .

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