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March 16, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-03-16

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f~ To Establish a Teacher's Bureau.-
W of ". ui * The Uiniversity seaate has lately
Publiched Daily (Sunaya excepted)llduring the unidertaken the establishment af a
Coliege year.a teachers' bureau, whbicha will have for
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. its abject, first, tlhe securilng for grad-
''1 at,'F The inland Press, Henning Black., aaatea of the University positionsaila
Bohalhone 147apultic sclhools, anad, secondly, the
MANAGING.0 JDaToac. obriging in closer tochciof tlhe Uiii-
F.oNFL D,'0 . versity with the schioils anid colleges
BUSINESS MANAGiER. of theacocuintry, s11 that the moci talitl
o. 11.ilAcS, '00 L. vaclancy occurs can the stall of teach-
EITOaRoS. cirs the faculty can lie ready to pro-
Atletcic Etditor, T.I. .Woonnowiaa, '00 L. pos the first candlidate fur the piisi -
P. W. JOaaa, 'ii, A. II. Mci~aCAii, '01 i tinu. There will also be a geinerlal
F. D. lANAo, '00. Ci. ii. Laa, '1000, cciiiiiittee iiadill)11 of the lieadls if
0. D. iIcaaU1a. '01 E. J. 13. Wooli, '00. tie different depiartiieiits to ochicli
the execailive committee will lie rc
____________sonsttible. No meiiiber of the geii-
Trha tlc'cciylicc prcc ciofltheDaaaAIL sz25 oricceri Coiimaitteesol libe a miember of
the collago yaeac with t -tla delitaryiboieathe execaitiveas110the iatent islto hovec
noonac cictav. Notici", commcaioaiianad,
ooher attintended for pbicat10 ioniimuIstcbeasiea r10ieptatiillfiro111the faccltty
hadeittoat ie thu l oili iiaaiacc b1ore 0311 '.1'r 'a11s ossbl.
1mailed tolthe e itorlbeoeii3 1pi fthic iday l~~~
prvosto 1 thati on iiwhich hyaeaepecitd t i e seiiatc las alsio iecooiimienidet
nbcitosmyblft lat thlILY. ofalici, aniothierI matter fori'the rlliisilla~tioIl
Manager.c Stallcibrcdicwill111 cnfer ii'aivrcb cithtec.bitarid oilrecents. Sinic tia
repor tin' rmtolythc in coff ieiiiy failuci. ci 11psy of alliowinlg grladuiates cif
Al clan-esi in adetsn atriiiieinatha Schiiols ohfa crainliistacdairitto eiter
oin iiwih i 0I ici iipihctiiyore tathair.tlI .U nivetyi110ilthieir iolplomas iwoas
-= - _____ ____ --intlliilltail the inumbier 'otf Such
IN cAi LofT>A' s~cols tias bcoetoaiii ar g ie that thia
oii .ii Di.ltiiHtU0DI t-TI'ta. d fa cu tyiiias1had.nithe ticircliors oiii
Boarii'aiit'is'edtact niihlt coincurricnit io on a1 ttu'ofiii spction.lTihe le i-
iii the 'iiactiiofthe 1oari oilContltstilit hias eh att heull tlio ndlaiiiloiiif
oo'ci'c' ci'tii'lt'iotillofiithiissuedbult hilly ofthe schooos ia' liiiiropipe 11101
Nill lbe pub liiei tomtoi'iiio'.Alsoi a stdetsic triing thii'efrioiii ioa
viite thak iliO extceniie'dtto r l o mei'kn 011 ilateqttl tl'prepa-red too take
0011illbelptublishicd.1up thie Uniieirsity'worik.It is 11100
p'osd tciremedyltil'histy ltn'ipitiy-
Sophomore Hop. ing a man1101of leariniigag11ifol-irce
'1his 0viarlihetSophiomoreIcHoptli00ill iofeliharacteri woiiwill givoe his till-
bicei al rit tll'fiithe Paliuimtt 1111iter-iide'il t -tenittiii to the insplection o f'
pities only1.' Up iti i lt yeari'sii'the dilomas chiools ill oi'r1110
hoip 00 Iscittoidctedi by thic 'iuhe'' UniiedolStatt",owithithe ooei'to
f'r'terniieit"only' hut lost tyil' a 11000'iteriei' i ca' ols asj Icsool as lie
delsmd ei 1 c iiooo iioglltotie toct indsi thiat Iioii'theycve iach t tie ie-
that liiiecianceo 1tiie'iteii'edoot iitoii oild t aitdin t itheta'wourk. Itt is
tiai ail ureI11t . Aconistitiitioniiwoil'believedl that thecoiistaiit extiertli
cti'uocoliup similar-ictiithe 011oil unde' tionol o itsit of l insection w oill kaep
111131ilictheJuiiiiilois10ciinduictcithte socihoolsiiiider a steaduy tenioin,
and by w1hiichieac liitoelily frteitciiy anid thu' iii the long 'un alliow' a
11111 thindependtciilonts owera giveiione igoeiei'al i'aisiiigcof the entruanca re-
reporese'nt'ative oil tilt.comminittee.111111ealtats.

To find it anywhere
else, try us ..
J. i Quarry,
Campus Drug Stare.

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I FF =-=::





lW's Golden Sceptre

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i r Ihe
OiLLEGE macevcercywhear ccaiciedto aed car the WahbcrniSouvcnic Cactog.
It conains earlyoo portraitsaoaitsanad colegiansbesides giing omeaaccount
0 fth onstructioof as urncistcumetsanaoapileeltonetiprices
Fislcasso sc ideales te wold over ellWahburscorisrumlc ec f.F-
obatined fcom t0eakoha

'Thiis r'angemlentI senis to hiuve
fallen othrcoughi,111101tiiyear the hiop
wcilh ticvoen iccoi'dig too thieold
managemcenl(Ii ti e dote igireodupotn
is Alb cii31, ind1theandocee oill ba
gitvoi at Graiiger's. Georuge Daonu,

Mr. Benj. RliTulcker, of Noe
Yoirk,oci liulih, i on Mar cii22,)
"Thie Ballad of Itoielug Gaol 'tyl
C. 3. 3. (Oscar Wilide.) It is 11110011
of iiiore tiiaii 1011hiies, dedicated tio
the imemoiry of a tr ioopeof itue Horse
(Tiarrlc is11 ¬ęTa liaicrpl infl 0p11a

An Artist on a Milk Stool. duinguoWiVlde's imiprionmhulent tiiere,
A replort that is stirring up cosidl- ondhdepicts the terrible soensutionis.of
i-able iierriuienit 101 the Unioversity the aluthuor and hihs felhow-p~risonuersa
camuisi is ho tile effect that at proifes- befiore andh after tile execntioni C. This space belongs to the Students' Lecture Assosciation.
sior wocse field lihes in the reuiliu of 3. 3. 0111 the hpoet's prisoninuiiber.
huigho oct, offcrs to) gitehprivate in--_ __
struictionu to a studet ho ii llit attendh New World Record.
regui larly toi the umilkiungcit the pruo- At a thdual inotor-meet ut Waslinug-
fe-sor's coc. iTheetountruast betoween toll, D. C., betwveeno the Uniiversity
sublimuie aiiis anich iuiile ean010fcc of Geotrgetcwnsnd01(1University of
aoccomuplisinig thuemi is frequeintly Ptennusylvaniuia last Satcurday, Mr. A.
seeni amon~tg Ainn Arboir studoeunts, buit C. Kraeuuoieiio estuibiheod a unewo
the tpichureotlf an eumbry'coartist bal- isworldt rectird of six seconlds for the
loluiall ih s delticate sensitiveniess 5e-tarothulo-he. 'Ihiso makes foouir
onii 10miikhig stool lill a stable his10toworlihsrecortdstie 110100holds. In iiCrset
aificult onie too conuceitve. the high jumoup Mr. Kraienzlein clenred1 99 C re c n s M. ST A EBL ER-9
Ncrxt Mconiduy evcninig Prof. Scott thec bar at six feet-Eehacnge. $35.00
wilt lechurue beofire the Pedhagoicacll - - - ----- Crescenut Bevel Gear Chiaii- Cycle Emporium,
Stociety hill 'Teuicilg of itthiethhic -^ 'TH AT E less - - . $60.00
i Mlue itigha School."' His subject' ATHENS TI AT E Juveniles, - - - 25.00 119 WEST WASHINGTON ST.,
willbe lietabrouidtole, embrai~cinoraii - TO NIGHT All fitted with Dunliap Detachable Tires. ANN ARBOR.
ea ofieoi.Alae iinvited.I $5.00 per Terua of 12 Weeps.
ibteetiiugsare held inulRotoma 4, iTappian COMPANY PROGRAMME PARTY EACH SATURDAY EVENING.
Hall lit 7:310 i. Ini. 1P PLON ~ rivate Lessons by Appointment. Belt 'Phone 246.
All thue cluass of '013ouh~lct to comie P UL J Nq E .So is ace foaous celeeembat
tthe BtorbaouarGymo., Friday aniuht; rie:10, 20, 301 L5c. t iffeale uloisaaohate cole
the commouoitee in chiurge 11110 licS it it gets he m15e o our crea
god tm.N~o onhui d nil-c this MAC WHITE,
oppotntes of iiaghi tlass- ARITANA. 110 SyouIwool..
opptuntfein ha hlO Matinee Prices-1Oand t40 cts.U 0 Bell Phone, 10011saSt..

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