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February 27, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-02-27

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VOL. IX, No. 108
Will announce that we have Dow
received our Spring and Sumnmer
Woolens. Our stock for the incom-
tug ea ants is the largest we have ever
showi, is exclusive ad confined, in
both foreign and domestic goods, adl
is composed of the best fabrics in
every line that cn le obtained. We
carry the larget line of Woolens in
the city. We invite you to call and
inspect the same.
t08 L. Wntsliig tou St,
Fresh Today.
Wolin DayUad MOIh.
Durin the ret of the olgeyere
wil ser e nhe oatl hones. day o
ight. Fol in oe of Pipe, iigne, and
R. E. JOLLY &irCO.,
3015 So. State Street.
Nobody ever leaves
a glass Of our Soda Water
unfinished. Woeter le
buys a live ccit or tens cntt
dri, lie dritiks it all-anti
comes agan.
Odikins' rdId u
Law Books
For the Secn Semester
Text Books
For att the deprtment.
Boght and Echanged.
Best Linen Pper, 5, 20 and 2 s perthL.

117 1
ff:. II




Held for Profs. Walter and Coole at
Unioersitmi Hall Yesterday.
Utniversity Utall wts well filled
yesterdtty afteroont, the octsoit
beitig the nmettoritl exercises giveti
in hotter of Profs. Walter aitu
Cooley. Prof. Huodsono deliveredth de
address ott Prof. Walter swhile tdge
Ketnt, to lifelontg frietid of Judge
Cooley, spoke sit the decetsed jutge
anti hislife oork.
Presidett Aitgell mntode sotoe ittro
duetory remarks after whichlo Pf.
titdsont spoke. Ilie sowed Mr.
Walter too a shiolar, tetcier atd totot
respectively attiledwelt ott ilawovrt
ott the Univesity atd the betefit lis
todentsito ito derived,nout oly fromt
lila teanttg bit fritm his fpesoatlity.
ils ardett zeal for leartnig tandicot-
tre had beenth ie tteus of isp~ira-
tttio ttto tttny wo hadtouatfterwrd
rtsett to sutccess. In SMr. WValtero
deathm the Utiverity atd the world
suffered ato oatoost irrepatrble loss.
Juge ent tiok utpo it detail Prof.
Cooley 's early life atd his strugegle
to sectre an ediucutiotad aplalce inot
the worli. Ie tout was to mitumwmo
lied doune moch for the Utiverity
and~ especially the Late Departmnt.
As a jorist ttnd ott iterpreter of
kntoty legtal questions hsfiamttte wsto
niit boitded by te cottfies of Mic-
gant. is legal works tre statidatrd
ott legtal quetiuts. I lpriviate life
too wechl005 it1public lie es irreproachl-
able. Seldotot till his equatl be mtet.
Baseball Matters.
Th'le tpitiad cotcho ittve select.
ed fle followitg list of tmict to reort
for lprtctice at thoe gymtocags every
day. T]here was a large list of cadi-
ltes anid ai oeedingot tas necesory
itt erer thttt aty beteit at ali could
be derived from thle itioor practice.
Anty otauo whose ntie does ntuiatp-
pear ontheo list eed nt titntk imti-
self excluded front tryitg for the
tetott, bitt tiy cootitntuie to dcsts out
if lie feels thatothle is the necssary
stuff int hittfofr itt plyer. Te select-
itig wariobligatory oi the purt of thoc
captanmamd coaci, mucthl as they di-
liked to do it. Te following is the
list selected:
Pitchers: G. A. Miller, W. C.
Miller, Lelr, MGinniis, Gillett,
WVitt, Wall, McNeil, Megarge,
Ytale, Lijoleitier.
Catchers: Lutnt, Molt, McGee,
Spoor, Blanese, Bennett.
Fielders: Ciodomn, Mattesomn,
Wotlf, Snow, Fleher, Streit, Worley,
Sullivtan, J. C. Taylor, KIt. . Taylor,
Rogers, Bidwell, Davies, M1eris,
All cadiidates whlo have not as
yet giventh ieir nites itt ttust report
at otie before it is too ate.
Newo Books Receied.
The general library has received
frot nEtglantd acomoigtneit of about
300 bosks. Attotng the 1ot are 100
volumes of the Tempe Bar an Etg
lish literary magazine. Thios set is
cotoplete frotm its fict volute to this
year. 'Te othe ooks in te com-
sgunett were on diferemnt depart.
ments of study.

Secured boy Choral Union For a Came Off at the Cook House on
Concert Here. Fridaq Eening.
Tuesday, Marcch 7 Teresa Carreo The latecostoto of holig a ban-
wiii give a contcert lot University Hll. quet ditcing their first year ith le
The ptrice ot tickets imcludoimg c-idepurtmtettwtes corried along Friday
servetd sett is 50 cemts. Tickets oni evemnimg by tie lrsetitfreshmman
sale at Scholii of Music, W. W. class, twho held their fttnction in te
Wetore's ott Mtinm street, timd E. E. large and welapspoited dimig roomn
Calkin's on State street. Sale of c- of the Cook Ilouse. Tie Commmittee,
served seats beginstisomtorrowe at 9 Messrs. Olds, liogers amd Verdier,
o'clock at W. W. Wetmoiere's forbhad woroked hard itimakig tie
souttthitalf of main floor amd south mecesory arranigeiments amdtas a con
half' of gallery aiid t E. E. Clkins sequemce everytiimgmoved off tech
for torth hatll a mai fioor andh mortho anti core na deserved sumccess.
half of galery. 'Tie affair trus a little late in stat
Thib great artist, us trite Ammazonmsof lng, twing t e absencee if tie toast-
tie keybouard, is at tie very apogee master, Mr. Deiches. For a time it
of her fame, ectrt mamiilie life.hloed as if lie ail beets kidiaped,
Still otto of tiemosest ftscinaig, but aving had tie foresight to con-
most str'ikintg-uappjearig women oin ceal himsef dering the duyle had
tie concert platformi, ee charms itanagedl to elude tie members of
have melowedl so that ir druamatic tie rival class who owere after hist.
persooniity hustatukeimanass dtedu Abut 9:30, Mr. Deiches having
tenduerness, to sueetitess that is somme- apeared, those presemt, 60 its oumber,
thing rare antud itingishet. esaosetsamd until 11:30 were ocu-
Curreno wais it wonide-child anti is pied with tieunomocos dishes nmaking
a tvneule-womano~. She hus literualy nit the lage amd vuried ments pro.
greownmoui before this public, for sie vided for this occasiomn. At that tisse
weau ini shot skirts, us tiny child sithi Preidet Ker introdnced tie toast.
appealinug eyes, wvhensmhs caine ere flster, Mr. Deiches, owo, after a
froinc Caracas, Voeezuela. Fromtuishortt amd oitty preelimimnary called
Gottschaulk sle ent tRubiinstein, upon IDean Hutclhins for tie first
aouc Isarumethfroin the Ruissiaumstter toast of this evening, ''ThisLawye
this art of piano necromauntcy. She, timd Sciety.'' Prof. Wilgus tl.
tot, cams contol thus thtundter of the loweud tithiam exceedimngly witty
stormu, umd un ydo the itmp~etuotsity impt~romptutowichohe cuolled "Fireh-
of ec temphteamoent trus tremuendouus matonLaw,'' iii whicih he arated
Yet so sterno has beens beslf-disci someo very lumutorous aswers le had
plinte that HiansmonComBiulowr waso received to some of tie questions
forcedl to confess that she wis thus askedthtie first year classes during
emly pianist ocf the fuair sex Ihe oh the recnt exumuiations.
eer heard play Beethovenin iia suts-Tho 'ie prograi cut speeches and
faictosrymannue. Carreno cams give tosts continue until muealy 1 o'clock,
her pcubluic this glory amid glitter osf a whemn this affair broke up.
Liszt rhapodlcy, amid tiemn with philo. 'lbs folowig was this regular list
sopiic calumireaud a Bacho fugue cr of touasts, besides whioi th iers eccar
interlpret theinmtlectul cntet of ssmie imspromptum:
a Besethoevent sonatfa amdpicture t hisTtc Lwyer and Stiety ......
twiight and sultry splenduors of o ." ".".--"- enHhings
FreshmnLa.......IrfW gu
C'hopuinu. iler proigraims tre richli iiTe Dignity ofthe Proetsion...
variety, timd vuarious ucid vemtatile .f.t.. ...t.apt W M.Shuaman
ace 1er readimgs usf Bach, Beethoeni, Art and Sincieit Law ......
Schuumanini, szt, Cholisamd Boahtia . e .MCndles
Sheis minntl ' 1biroresiveartstThe IFreshmnin muthets.....
Site ~ ~ ......... iseumsstl.a..o.s.veatit C. .Widnan
hainimg aitlistimctive horrorucocthtie Our Alma Mater and the W....
rut, of thisecsonventionatl, of main .""......-""u M. Thomas
traveled thoroughfaes. Ilie grat Our Professr .......V Newcomb
vitlit, wrm eat ad ken rai there~Shman_. ..Prof. . .. Knwton
give ir enoursmouus advantages over Concert bm the U. of M. and.
this mes virtnoso, welile lie bil- 'lhe S. L. A. lines arramged with
iancty of style, dash amd resmarkahl this Uiversity Bad to linestie
technsic stampillie as this piamist boric atter give a concert as a regular
to wear the urime. numsber osn the ousrses. lTe date has
There is a troipical color imo her nomt beeno defimnitey settled is yet, but
plauyng-a color that corresponumds till prbably be sms time in April.
writlie glowuig beaouty andusuthuerns lie program till csnsist emtiel of
birth. 'lo hear iem- play this first pouiair airs, such as di nst require
muovemensmt of time Rubinsteint D minmor a~ thorough acquaitace with Class
Ctoncerto is to listens to iubinstein. hal mutisic to apphreiate. 'lie bad
He said so himsel. Amid withs what is worokig hurd to prepare for tie
unmpralleledl uudacty Cacreumo at. evemt amd will no doubt render a
tacks a Liszt elhapsody! Her ntives musical ret to thoc fortunate
smduancesamd powe of restrtint sum emoght to liear them.
able ie to preserve a fisetonual Omm Irdoy evening, March 3, the
bwhms niprfnirld s senseo of reiose Fruit amd Flower Mission will give
orflleridngthe ianro.paod Sofe mu -adamusesat the Gymnsum. This is
emi msters of the pam.Sm s ~ mc escote
umnique artist, a unique indeiiclu the first dac hchte ave given'
slilty. this year and promises to equal those
- -- which proved such a success last
Ferbert loss returned romt his year. 'Tie admsisson fee will be $1
house where le was on account of Iis per couple. Single admission, 51)
sister's illness, cents.

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