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February 11, 1899 - Image 1

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Michigan Daily, 1899-02-11

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94 PaiI 4




Have just received a large
line of Fancy Vestings for
Spring and Summer.
. They are Importations
direct from London. Please
call and see them.


*W 111 i
Fresh Today.
00 Da .d .Nigh.
During the rest of the college year we
will servl oenhees at nlthears, dayaor
nsicht. Futl line of Piper, Cigars, ad
R. E. JOLLY & CO.,
308 So. State Street.
I Witch Hazel.
The extract that we sell at 25
cents a pint is the same quality
and strength as that which
sells at $1.00 a pint in bottles
with yellow labels. Some is
weak and watery. Some is
made with wood alcohol. Ours
is the straight article-20c for
a pint in your bottle.
GalKins' PhdrmndGU
a new Sweater or
Gymnasium Suit.
We have a large variety and at
Special Prices. We always
carry the best grade.
Of every description.
Up own Down Town
State St. Opp. Courtluse
flab St.

junior Hop of 1900 Not a Brill-
iant Afflair.
About 175 Couples Participated in the
Social Event of the Year.
The Junior Hop of the Class of off from previous ones, no more
1900, and others, has become an than 130 couples joining in the grand
event of yesterday and one wonders march. For total attendance, be-
if it has been for better or for worse. tween 175 and 200 couples would be
As a go-between to connect the great a conservative estimate. Schrem--
parties of future years with the ser's band and orchestra, of Detroit,
splendid ones of the past it has alternated in the 59 regulars and
served. It is for better that there intermissions.
has been a ball this year. But it is The following persons were enter-
for worse that our present Junior tained by the various fraternities and
Hop committee, under the general- occupied their booths.
chairmanship of a sophomore, has PSI UPSILON Chaperones, Mrs
succeeded so poorly in maintaining Longyear, Detroit; Mrs. Turr er, Ann
the high standards set by their Arbor; Misses Georgi and Frances
predecessors of 198 and '99.. Eldred, Newman, Bennett, DeMatte
and Carter of Jackson; Misses Long-
In arrangements the ideas enter- year, Faulconer and Atkins n of De-
tained by the committee were unique troit; Misses Derby, Clver and Hall of
in the extreme. At the entrance no Ann Arbor; Miss Clark of Battle
covered walk shielded the guests, in Creek; Miss Frazer of St. Louis; Miss
coveed wlk hieled te gests inHeeler of La Salle, Il.; Miss Cooley,
evening dress, from the cold breezes Lansing.
that are to be expected in zero THETA DELTA CHI - Chape-
weather. The grand march was be rones, Mrs L. I. Bidwell of Ta
gun at prompt 10:45 as arranged (?) cusaeh and Mrs. P. J. h innucan of De-
hile two of the bootis were still troit; Miss Stevens, Elyria, 0.; Mis
r ilued, Toledo, 0.; Miss Jackson, De-
without occupants. While the presen- troit; Miss Sheehan, Niles; Miss Smith,
tation to the chaperones was taking Niles; Miss Caulfield, Grand Rapids;
place and during the earlier numbers Miss Paddock, Toledo; Miss Rivard, De
the ests were trsit; Miss Donnelson, Buffalo, N. Y.;
on the program, guests were highly Miss Bose, Toledo, 0.; Mrs. F. O. Pad
edified by being enabled to glance dock and Mrs. J. H. Husted, Toledo, o.
through the open doors into the CHI PSI Mrs. Gott, Detroit; Mrs.
Woman's Gymnasium and see there Vincent, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Miller,
the r i fo h Mrs. Church, Miss Brewer, Marshall;
te preparations for serving th es- Miss Lewis, Fairbury, Ill.; Misses Trow-
tomary "wafer and glass of water,' bridge, Itoag and Taylor, Toledo; Miss
while the familiar lumber of the Payer, Windsor, Ont.; Misses Glover
gymnasium was gracefully arranged and Miller, Battle Creek; Miss Wright,
. in one crler of the roii. Des Moines, Ia.; Miss Sherwood, Chica
in 5 heap go; H. Kirke Whie, Jr., Albion, and
Due to no fault of the committee, Herman Hegeler, La Salle, 111
let it be acknowledged, but to the SIGMA CHI-Chaperones, Mesdames
inabilitof the decorator to pr Orla B. Taylor, Detroit; Orville S. Brum
iabilitoperly back, Toledo; Francis E. Kelsey, Ann
fulfill his contract and to settle in Arbor; and Herb-rt W. Noble, Detroit
his own mind what the colors of The Misses Ethel and Marian Moore,
Michigan University really are, New York city; Charlotte Smalley, De
kept uessin b troit; Olga A. Saling, Manistee; Mar
strangers were Ptg sgby te guerite Latham, Detroit; Caroline E.
striking combinations of the different Day, Detroit; Emily Venor. Detroit;
shades that the maize and blue as- Una Palmer, Big Rapids; Sadie Platt
sumed. The chaperones' booth was St. Joseph; Anna Harris, Ann Arbo;
slecoraled in a dark blcie and yellow Florence Widman, Detoit; Helen Bach,
dkAnn Arbor; Katherine Whitman, De
that would have done credit to the troit; Mayme Russell, Hart; Virgini
University of Illinois. At other Nina Eastman, Detroit; Thadd-ss.
parts of the hall bunting of various Taylor, South Bend, Ind.; Clara Dean,
shades of blue was sparingly di- Ann Arbor; Flora Widmsan, Detroit;
s Miss Stansell, Detroit; Miss Gunnels,
tributed. The electrical display con- Toledo. Messrs. Newman Miller, Albion;
sisted of an M over the chaperones' Robt. Louis tevenson, Oxford, O.
booth and the '00 over the entrance, BETA 1HETA P-Chaperones, Mes-
opositeThe lighting was poor. dames J. L. Lathrop and D. B. Cady,
oppoile.Detroit, Misses D. B. Cady, esoe Cdy
The handsome undressed-kid sou- Oda Lathrop,H enrietta Jennings end
venir program that departing guests Kathlyn Evarts, Detroit; Etuel Towne,
have carried away from past Junior Edith Ebbert and Bessie Atwood, Chi
Hops was supplanted by one of hard cag; Winnifred Beman, Ann Arbor;
Ps wa suPP Y one Anna Merryman, Aurora, N. Y ; Grace
dressed-kid which one fears will Horton, Princeton, Ill.; Dorothy Fowler,
break if bent %nd which looks like a Des Moines, Ia ; Charlotte Pond, Ponti
cross between brown paper and ac; Mary Bunker, Muskegon; Marriane
leather. But it realy is leather Franklin, Chillicothe, and Alice Boyne,
lemon silk and a block M and 1900 Stevens, Grand Rapids; Misses Levi,
are stamped in gilt in opposite corn- Hatch, Pierce, O'Brien, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Shepard, Walter Shelby, How-
ers. ard O'Brien and F. B. Stevens, Grand
In point of numbers, the hop fell Rapids; Mrs. H. H. Smith, Misses Co-

lins, Smith and Kate Smith, Jackson;
Ars. Fred Sldges, misses W)etmore and
Marie Wetmore, Trowbidge, and Lee,
Detroit; Mrs. and Miss Freer, and Miss
Winnie, Chicago; Miss Waterman,
Southport, Conn.; Miss Greening, Bay
City; Miss Galisaith, Pontiac; Miss
A est, Port Huron, and Mrs. P. C. Freer,
Ann Arbor.
PIll KAPPA PSI-Mrs. G. Fred
Rush and Mrs. David Tilt, Chicago; Mrs.
Walter Hopkins, St. Clair; Mrs. Henry
MuMoran, Misses Clara Mtctoran and
Harriet Crane, Port Huron; Alis Aabel
Sliller,isaiamazoo;MissBecker, Battlie
Creek; Misses Jones, Conklin, Moore
and Bartleme, Austin, 111.; MsesaJenks
and Jott, Chicago; Mlss Paf, Detroit;
Miss Laud, Wellesley; Messrs. Fred
Sush, Moore, Hecox, Chicago, and P. G.
Bartlese and George Davis, Austin, L.
S8t AA Pill-Airs. Putter and Ais
Gibson, Chicago; Misses Allen, Omaha;
Coffee, Kenilworth, 111.; Farwell, Brod-
head, Keena and Holden of Detr'it;
Henry, Cincinnati; Fitzgerald, Louis-
ville, arid Ronerts, Ann Ar or.
dames W. L. Johnston, Detroit; J. H.
McDowell, St. Louis; H. C. Corbin,
Eaton Rapios; S. A. Barker, Chicago,
and Kidder, Kalamazoo; Misses Adelaide
5yiington, Jessie Johnson, Genevieve
Lennox and Florence ayes, Detroit;
Misses MabelRichardsonandlroaPeter-
soun, Owosso; Mica Lihian MDowell
S" Liiis; Alis harriet Davidson, Tole-
do; Miss as innired Sunderlin, Lansing;
Miss Jenneatte Lowrie, Chicago; Messrs.
soarry King, Detroit; Jerome B. Har-
rington, i hicago; hltred Craig, Detroit,
and George Hamilton, Chicago.
ZETA PI-thaperones, mrs.Carrow,
Ann Arbor; Airs. M. H. Chamberlain,
letroit; Air. and Ars. R. . Curk of
hicago; Ar, and Mr. Stuart, Chicago;
Misses Chamberlain, Quinby and haney
of Detroit; Misses Field, Mans, Fair-
;lii B, ,Hughson, steele, Bonton and
Ellen and F redericka Shumway of (hi-
cago; Miss Mould of Cheb- ygan; Miss
Zook of Goshen, Ind.; Miss Moore,
Alegan; Miss Kirk of Zanesville, O.;
Miss Hyatt of Flint; M ss Cooley of hay
sty; Miss Howell of Cassopolis; Miss
Keiley of Milan; Geo. P. Tremble of
Ellsworth. Has.; Messrs. L. C. Whit-
man, S. B. Tremble, Robert Grinnell of
Ghicago; Robert W. Norrington, West
Bay City; Dwight J. Turner of Bay
City; B. R. B. Townsend of Detroit and
Walter Seavey of Fort Wayne.
Pill DEL'A THETA-chaprones,
Mesdames A. R. Thayer, Saginaw, and
t. E. Ross, Toledo; Misses Lena Bailey
and Ella Glinsan, Lansing; Misses
Ethel MlcCornac, Marie Poylion, Edith
Fren is and Julia Mumford, Detroit;
Miss Pearl McClelland, Bowing Green,
u.; Miss Bernice Thayer, Saginaw, and
Miss Grace Steele, Jersey City, N. J.;
Miss Loie Richmond, Grand R pids.
Pill DEUTA PHI-Chaperones,
.Mesdames Conrad Seipp, Chicago, and
icLean Tilton, Jr, Annapolis,- Md;
Miss Burdsal, Evanston, DL; Misse
Connett and Donovan, St. Joseph, Mo.;
Misses Lefens and Bennett, Chicago;
Miss Yeager, Kansas City; Miss Braley,
,aginaw; Miss Osborne, Kalamazoo;
Mass Huzzy, Syracuse N. Y.; Miss
ruce, Detroit; Miss Montague, Ann
-rbor, and Miss Wells, Mt. Clemens.
DELI A UPcILON-ihaperons, Mrs.
. F. Thompson Dt oit; Ars A. A.
urrie, St. Clair; Mrs. Pound, Pontiac;
Mrs. C. V. Tower, Ann Arbor, Miss
ritzgerald, Detroit; Misses Pound,
lontiac; Miss Cobb, Kalamazoo; Miss
Henrd, Freeport, It; Miss Walker, Des
Atoines, Ia.; Miss Ferris, Ann Arbor;
Misses Pollock and Nichols, Chicago;
Miss Wylie, Saginaw; Messrs. James A.
.eloy of Detroit and Levering of
Snow, Misses Davis, Pingree, Geer and
Robins of Detroit; Mrs. and Miss Bns-
tield, Bay City; Mrs. Barton Smith and
Miss Melvin, toledo; Misses Law, Henry,
il.; Miss Ilurd, Cleveland; Miss Knight,
Kalamazoo, and Miss Weber, Ionia.
The U, of M. hockey team play
the Windsor team today at Windsor.

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