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January 27, 1899 - Image 2

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Michigan Daily, 1899-01-27

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211 2-~1 ~ preseint, there are threej patiet
f # 1. there under the care of this circ'.
all of thiem worthy cases which com
Pxihied Daily (Sndaysexcepted) during tim not have medical cat's if this char'
Coilegeya. t (l idk not furnish te means. 'T
THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN. Circle hopes to raise all inecesa
Otatto: Tret inlaid Patsi, Henning locnka. fundls this year by volunatary co
Boath Phos i"a,.14 tribitonts, not only from the tteoi
MAN< AcxGG I~TORt. anid stiadeits of Aini Arbsor, btut a
F'. ENGETIARDt, '0I L frio te King's Dauighters ttrota
BU~SYNESS :InANACSGER. tilt the State as patienits fromt ttd
0. It.liANS, 100 L.tace as wcell as ttse in AnnAt A
EDsITORSC. areassistedl. All conttribtttittns si
Atiletic Oi tita. t. i.Wootttota, 'ott. tatthe 'Treasurer, 'Mrs. Etoatis 1. lHo
P .W.Jass,,tt. A. i. McocLteata i '1:e, 1536 Hill street, will be most thItat
F. D. EAWNo, 'to, ('.]Ii. Lune, 'so0MA fully received.


Stilll Hammering Away
At te Stuit 11111 OveiCetat Stock-
Boundtto totet t he 5tocIk diow-
Profits tie tot cosiderttd---We
iv stit Cash iat tti issessbn of tie
yeltr, not ineittCttidis-If you


(x. 1). IIUI NL7TT. '01 E.

The susittin tpra icofte DAILY is t.50tft
tae aolege trattit a tigulat divetr'ty befo
noon11 eta. Naote, couitatutioats, and
aot atter iiitendedilfor' publicttatioauttbit
handena t otheItoILYofftcbeforiet8 p. am., an
tattled lto te edittrabeflma3 pin . of athe ay
priouto Ithat an whaictey areeetedt
Stfiiipion atyiittltbalele to it athDALofice,
May't, oato :at'sa atwtitd, ta with Bustinats
Mata.subsiberhtiln a l nertafaoritaby
repting- tptaaitly itt this oficeanty failitraat
Atlcangasain adveatisin" itanatt taut blin
the aoisy 41p.i. oat hitsay preisto tatit
Three Worthql Charities,
The Utt~es' tb (ffsstespat/tic)
Hsspitail Guildi swas organizied Nov.
1897 as a chtarity. Its object is to
nitd anly neehdy iperston who desires
treatmtetnt at the Hitaoopaitic IHos-
pital, atnd issistthose tpatieants in the
The Guildi is notatakitngan eff'irt
t, provide a free bed, fair this puar-
lasso, Mrs. Jarley's Wax Wtorks will
appear ini LUniversity Hall otn Satuir-
day evening, fai. 28, atdmtissiona 25
cts. 'We ask the sulapoirt of all for
this worthay chaarity.
Tie Frut ansd Iilower Misintwas
ua:ganized layte Womten's Leagute,
atad its airnt triginaallyits te name
inialies, wats tot furnisha fruit atad
dhoers Cs the patietats at telaos-
ptitals.'Note, altotagha this is dotne
at Christmas antdlat Easter, te work
of tenissitontis atucha tider. Last
year considerabale maontey was spent
a- furatisintg the sun-rons, and in
providling somte comafort ando beauty
for the ptarlors of the nturses' laslme.
At Christmtas, a Cihristmtas tree was
decoratedi, siimple presetnts selected
for the cildtreat, andt fruit atad
flowera givenatoi the other inamates ofj
the hosspitals. Besides this, te
board iof needy piatients was paid
whten it wtas sotatvisedlby atteatbers
of the 1~'tauit autd Fliwer Missiotn
Commtittee whotswereentgtagedl at the
hospitals atshstdetts or doctors.
However, the greatest ihart af thtis
latter wcork is doate by the Htospital
Circle of the King's Daughters in
thte Unaiversity hotspital (Allopathtic)
ad by the Hoitttpatliic Hspital
Gutild itt the Houioopathtic Hotspital,
btut the Fruit aitd Flower Mission is
'willing lit timles toi supplaeenit this
work whenithttetther sotcieties feel
that thtey-cana tot longer suappotrt an
aitieni. The chtairmntorfte fault
and Flouwer AM issiot iSl' appintted
yearly frotnt thet Litertary D~epart-
mooet of thte University, layte presi-
denttof thea Womaen's Leagute. Thte
work of te Missioin is initendedl to
be adivieedi betweenate Alioptatlaic
aid te Hoaitceopathaic Hospitals itt
proportison Ctote ateedis attdlnumber
of patients itt each.
Due University Hsspital Circlceof
thae King's Dautghters is orgataizead by
faculty anad town ladies ansd students,
fair te sole purpose of helpinagateedy
flak in the University Hospital. At

Hours flar Track Candidates. re'a> ot tiW ta
Ct'rack Manager McLeatt anatotancesv
slates torthie varioius trtack possittins. 'r ryl
Shott put, Monday, Wedinesdia', itid1
Frdyfot4:45 is 5:15; pole ' r1lin
vu ti n the samte daa'froi toa Nobe's 01 Gthi IIOusO
e4; sprinters antihaurdlers, es No ,uuluiuI7b
Thuarsday al Satuirday froit 4:45 to / 209 SOUTH MAIN ST.r
5:15; bightJutmtpers, froit 3 to 4 ont
te same slays.
Antyonbe whot cait not comiae at these
tiates is requested to report to te
still lie irraniged.. ' a ' LI & n'.N
_____________ taiN1ORTh''5S 5ttttMANUFACTURES Ot'
Bryans Date Fixed. CHE.1CAILt c and PYSICAXL APPARCATUS.
Presidlent Mulholland, of te Good 1ICROSCOPIC FINDINGS. HealdqutCers foanlILabor--
Govertataetat Chub, received a tele- tory Suapplies
grati frotan ii. Wins. J. Brytaityes-i1125S.aMain Staee,.Ann Armaa, Miab,
terdhay statimag that either of te
thates, lFeb. 18 or Feb. 20, could be TRY HOT CH C L T ,
hiatd for his lectutre here. Saturday Nontalitt it tesawert
aight. Fel. 18, wits cotisidered thte 200 EAST WASHINGTON STREET,
moast dlesirable unighat, so it has beentaSUHSTT TET
peormantently settled aipota for the Tatnes3SOUH TAE TRE
lecture. University hal has alsomtaade 1 owryry ss~ytcitytevvofC
beeta definitely sectared fsr tat aight. ___
Manatager Lisetaer fears that ticket BOY(S! STOP ! MILL~ARD
spltinfrtegetSlSihATEFussell engagement itt this city niext KINDEDrnDTM lTHlE
mnatlamay becsine rampthant and has- LUf11L PitNTERt
teats Cs make te annuntcemenat that
postivly otmor thn Bg ickts ORA GAME OF POOL OR BILLIARDS-AnAroAik
trill be sosidhis ainy one persota. Y psi'-__Huron____St. ___East _ _of___F.__and___M.___Bank.__
anti hats already sipokeit fsr 150
tickets, 1)exter for 75 and Salute for

Gr anid Souvenir Nighi
I Happex
To Jon(
Pit",25tt50c'7lo 6


tirtis spiace belngs to the Studsentis' Lecture Associattin.

Jan. 28th.

r- =7b ALI

Drugs and Olpical:Goods (0A L .. t~t~ I~L
Cook House Block. Huron SI. M. STAEBL ER.
Peninsuiar Granger3s inderdeanimagealaf MRS. ROSS GRANGER.
Beginner' (Classes-Gnittemn, 10 a~i. Saturdaya;;Ldiasn 4tpat.Sate day4
dem tot ematdati Cass-Motday ev'nntgs. Advantoad Ctss-Tansday evniatgs
iic emt Programmn Party Each Saturday Evnng,
" ~TICKETS,$S00Go oadt12 we eaaromiieofsating;t.


In closc Pace~'vA~"
With the earning and gaing of the snasons are the fashibons
in Shunt. T'he Styles of yesterday ate nate fargatten in the desire far
that of n-menass' .Senear windawn;fne uhe hesi np-la-date linenof
the styies fur intorrow. 1 abntmS
Rf1RILt'8 SHOE STORLY ntAr.. t



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